Arsenal have their eye on Yohan Mollo

Arsenal eye another French starlet as they go head to head with Tottenham and Internazionale for the U-19 Frenchman.

Mollo, 18, is yet to make his senior debut for Monaco, but his performances for the France youth teams have caught the eye of Arsenal and Tottenham scouts. The young midfielder has played 25 games for Monaco (B) and scored only once … rumors have been circulating through the weekend about the next stop for this player , and even though they seem practically everywhere they look like they have been generated from a story on “News of the World” that has even made its way to the BBC’s Sunday gossip section online .little is available about the player even in French and the fact he is a reserve player makes it even harder.

Update 18/10/2007

As the fuss about Monaco Ace Yohan Mollo grows, more information is surfacing about this young Frenchman who is determined to leave to England if he isn’t offered a professional contract at first team level at Monaco FC … the player has excelled for the U-19 winning the Sendai cup with them and impressing the fans … he is a left footed offensive midfielder who can play at both the left and right with the same efficiency and in many ways have been compared to C.Ronaldo when it comes to style and game play. Monaco are being urged to sign the player a professional contract in fear of losing him in a similar fashion to what has happened with Traore. His ex team mate who has been lured down to Arsenal in 2005 … Arsene have 70 million pounds to spend and won’t be hesitate to do so once he thinks he found a player worth paying for
There is only one video available for him in action

6 Responses to Arsenal have their eye on Yohan Mollo

  1. Vandif says:

    I think its really hard to believe this. Being at a place like Monaco (no offense to the Club) but they need all the help they can get. If he is a gem then i think he would have already played for them. At 18, some youth players have already been shipped out of arsenal. Then again i might be wrong. As fab, arsenal spanish has never played for barcelona senior team. signings like adebayor and RVP had never really hold a regular place in the 1st team.

  2. Arsene says:

    Yes, I have had a look at Yohan but maybe he does not have the technical ability yet. We will review the situation in January and perhaps look to see if he has made some more progress then. You will be the first to know.


  3. billy isadia says:

    Still rumours yet, but I shall wait and see what comes up at the open of the transfer widows in January. So far, we have heard of so many names coming up, one does not know how to confirm the truth. For Merida, Arsene does not have to sell him, because this is brought all about by Barcelona, who everyone knows by now, is a selfish greedy club.

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  5. Samuel Ewoi says:

    Its good arsenal are eyeing on the teenager and hopefully he will be available in the new year. My request is; can wenger look at Juan Roman Riquelme (Villareal player), he is currently not in good terms with his manager-Pellegrini and so its the best time to lure him. Infact the guy recently was on target- i mean he scored two superb free kicks for his nation country.

  6. […] Arsenal have their eye on Yohan Mollo Arsenal eye another French starlet as they go head to head with Tottenham and Internazionale for the U-19 […] […]

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