As Requested by the fans : The Arsène Wenger statue confirmed

A few weeks ago a thread started on the forum by Arsenal fans who wanted the club to recognize the achievements of Manger Arsène Wenger by making a statue and a online petition was then set up.

Our wish to have a Wenger statue :27 Sep 2007 08:15 pm

We are pleased to say that the club has listened to the fans and have unveiled a new bronze bust of Arsène Wenger,This was unveiled at the Club’s Annual General Meeting on Thursday.

Wenger with a tear in his eye said “I am very touched by this gesture”

Well done Arsenal FC and Thank you to all the people that signed the online petition.

Just a few of the comments that you made….

Sep 28, 2007, Den Taranov , Ukraine
I have been an Arsenal fan for most of my life, and i remember the times pre-wenger, and the way he transformed the team is just amazing. Love Wenger, he really does deserve a statue and for the stadium to be renamed to Wenger’s Ahsbarton Grove


Sep 27, 2007, Wade Pruss , Australia
we should also dedicate the stadium, or at least a stand to him. ‘wenger end’. or rename a street in his honour, outside the stadium. and when he passes rename the stadium wenger arena, or something similar like the bernebeau


Sep 27, 2007, Michal Bartlomowicz, Canada
He has revolutionised, not only our club, but the way people think about football in the whole country. One of the most monumental managers in the game, and who knows, he still has time to become the very best…



Sep 27, 2007, John paul Gleeson, United Kingdom
The greatest manager ever to the grace the English league. Bringing a style of football never before witnessed, and yet to be bettered. A professionalism to his team, on a and of the pitch. Is an example of how to build a world class team by developing young, or relatively unknown players into world class superstars. Winning nearly every trophy there is to win. The man is a genius. Created the basis for Arsenal to become a football club respected across the globe. And nurturing the talents of players such as Thierry Henry, to become one of the greatest strikers in the modern game. I could go.


Sep 27, 2007, Clarence Chin, Singapore
He’s a living Arsenal Legend. The only ”Special One”that we Gooners have ..He evolutionised the way Arsenal play, eat, train and breathe football from the first team down to the Academy. What more can u ask from Le Boss??


Sep 27, 2007, Paul Griffiths, United Kingdom
Not only has he brought success to Arsenal but he has completely redifined the entire football club and how it is percieved. The only other manager to have the same impact was Herbie Chapman. He is class.


Sep 27, 2007, Emmanuel Fyle, United Kingdom
Arsene Wenger has done more for this club than any player or manager in my living memory. He is a man of integrity who has given British football some of the most breathtaking and technical brilliance it has witnessed- in stark contrast to the series of negative boredom the likes of Mourinho and Allardyce have given us. He went a season unbeaten, broke numerous records and has turned Arsenal from a good club into one of the biggest and richest in the world. His name will forever be associated with Arsenal and his grace and integrity will always make him the perfect ambassador for Arsenal. A true Legend


Sep 27, 2007, Charles Dukwe, Maryland
My Arsenal jersey says “Wenger-The Mind” A stautue is just a beginning. We should hold the Wenger tournament every pre-season after he retires having won us two champions league tittles !!!


Sep 27, 2007, Michael Doyle, Ireland
I went to higbury to see the bust of Herbert Chapman – but some idiot had only put his head out on display 🙂 Seriously Arsene and the Arsenal Board are the last sane men in Football and fully represent the tradition and values of the greatest football club on eath. Give us a statue of Arsene

7 Responses to As Requested by the fans : The Arsène Wenger statue confirmed

  1. AusGunner says:

    I believe the bust was commissioned 8 months ago, so I doubt an online petition had much to do with it, but yes it is excellent.

  2. Radgoon says:

    errm, the Wenger bust has not been made in the last 3 weeks after P Diddy read thegoonerforum. It is a project that has taken months but nice efforts anyway

  3. Keevo Lim says:

    Try out ‘Wenger’s Diet’ believe me you’ll be a very healthy person.

    The groin of a statue will be connected after finally conquering europe and i think, why not? A few times over even, with this bunch.
    Fabregas can leave. I can’t believe im saying this but its true. Read : Denilson Neves

    ”I could never quite use any other team on winning eleven with more effectiveness.”

  4. leekh says:

    I will wake up at 3.00 in the morning to watch Arsenal play.

  5. Str8Goon says:

    Wenger will forever be linked to Arsenal. For evolving the English game, or the game in general. Also for revolutionizing how youth systems, scouting systems, and academy’s are ran and viewed. Simply put the man knows how a club should run-he is pure class, he is pure genius. Forever a GOONER. Forever WENGER.

  6. AWlover says:

    It is kinda late, isn’t it? They supposed to make the statute to commemorate a decade of Wenger’s contribution in arsenal. Anyway, AW has transformed Arsenal from a famous club in England into a famous brand worldwide. I’m tired to hear comments about how Wenger didn’t contribute to English National Team. Heck, who do you think brought all those world class players so the local players in other clubs can have a taste of what it feels like playing the high class football?

  7. Kathy says:

    I enjoy your site very much! THANK YOU

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