Lehmann out Jarstein in

This Weekend will prove if Lehmann has permanently lost his place in the starting line up or not with Arsenal, but despite that the German keeper has sustained his position as the No.1 keeper for the German team however this is all likely to change as he is being urged by coach Loew To either play regular football with Arsenal or move to a club that offers him this.

Manchester City (Eriksson) has expressed his interest in the German and is rumored to have £1m pounds ready to swoop of Jens should he decide to leave …

Arsenal are now being linked with Norwegian keeper Rune Almenning Jarsteina, who has been making solid performances for his club side Odd Grenland despite the relegation threat and his young age of only 23, the kind of performances that earned him a call for the national team. Reports in Norway are saying that Arsenal is ready to offer the youngster a trial at the Emirates and were quoted as saying “They have seen me before and of course I want to go. Without doubt, I have to concentrate on Odd Grenland first, then other offers. Arsenal is a great club and they play fantastic football. Of course I would say yes if they offer me a trial when the season here is over.”

11 Responses to Lehmann out Jarstein in

  1. norwegian gooner says:

    the above picture is not of jarstein…

    btw he is NOT good enough for THE ARSENAL… please sign someone better.

  2. Ralf says:

    The picture is of Haakon Opdal, the keeper in Brann, Bergen.

    A picture of Rune Allmenning Jarstein can be found in this link: http://www.oddrane.no/spillerstallen/?spillerID=265&x=stallen

  3. Kloakk says:

    The picture is off Haakon Opdal, SK Brann Bergens goalie, not Jarstein !

  4. mykle says:

    Hiii There…

    Picture above is not goal keeper for Odd but Brann (league leaders Brann) keeper Håkon Opdal.

    Good Keepers both of them!!

    Gooner Mykle

  5. Thomas says:

    The picture you are using of Jarstein is not of him, but a picture of Norway’s number one Håkon Opdal. Jarstein is currently Norway’s number 2 or 3, and had to withdraw from the latest squad because of a minor injury.

    Jarstein clearly has huge potential, but he is not the finished article yet.

  6. Ole K says:

    Funny how you write about Rune Jarstein (please drop the A in the end as its blatantly wrong) and then have a picture of Håkon Opdal from Brann (which happen to be Rune´s biggest rival for the spot in the Norwegian national team.
    If you had written about Jens and then there was a picture of Kahn he would have killed you.. doubt that would happen with Jarstein:-)

  7. Alan says:

    This story is about 2 weeks old

  8. Flick to kick says:

    You’re picture is of Hakon Opdal the keeper of Brann and the current Norwegian national keeper.

    Jarstein looks like this

    All the best


  9. Baby Milo says:

    I’m actually pretty angry with this decision… =/

  10. bigBoob says:

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