Did we really need to sign Diarra?

When we signed Diarra I thought to myself do we really need yet another Center midfielder? But then I watched him play for us in the Carling Cup and though I was wrong this guy is mustard….But how are we going to keep him happy. After only a few months at the club he is already starting to play up and make some of the same sounds that forced his way out of Chavski.

I now am back thinking why did we even need more cover in midfielder?
We already have Cesc,Flamini,Gilberto,Denilson,Diaby ahead of Diarra.

Out of the six Center mids I class Cesc Diaby and Denilson as Attacking and Flamini Gilberto and Diarra as Defensive.

I can totaly understand the player is frustrated at the lack of games since he signed for us,But like all players at Arsenal you have to fight for your place, Just ask Jens and Gilberto that.

The only way Wenger is going to keep Diarra happy is by letting Gilberto leave in Jan. Ether that or Diarra gets sold and I cant see that.

18 Responses to Did we really need to sign Diarra?

  1. melvin says:

    We did.

  2. StevieWilliams says:

    You will see if Gilberto plays CL tomorrow.
    If no he will go and make way for Diarra.
    Diarra can play defensive mid at a higher tempo than Gilberto. Wenger wants a high speed pass amd move machine and Diarra is a perfect part for that.

  3. nando says:

    i think youve hit the nail on the proverbial head. Gilberto right now is 1st choice cover for both defensive mid and center back. If he moves in Jan, which i think he will, that will free up that spot for diarra and for djourou (though he might still have senderos ahead of him).

    for that reason alone, i think hell move. also, getting 7 million for a 33 year old is a layup, especially if he is no longer starting for you

  4. Neal says:

    I knew as soon as we signed him, Gilberto would be on his way out. Expect a season to get Diarra adjusted and then he’d be no.1 in that position. I didn’t expect Flamini to be this good though! Diarra will be one of the world’s best though!

  5. thegoonerforum says:

    nando & Neal I have to agree with you both,Thanks for leaving a comment

  6. Rob says:

    Of course we needed to sign him! He was playing for the Chavsky wasn’t he? Anything to get one over the chavsky is alright in my book! I rhink, seriously that the reason AW got dDiarra was that he simply had no idea the Flame would go on so an amazing run!

  7. nick says:

    I think Bert will leave in jan, it’ll be sad to see him leave if he does because he’s been the most consistant of players we’ve had for a while (part from cesc and toure). Trying to think how Diaby will fit in cos he’s in the viera mould but cesc playing the way he is I can’t see him replacing him plus the fact he can’t play on the wings and he’s not really defensive minded as Bert, Flam and Diarra are. Be interesting to see what happens with Cesc in a few seasons time thats if he’s still here.

  8. lc says:

    You can’t push for a place when you are not given an opportunity to play. Diarra hasn’t been given a chance to play even 10 minutes in the first team, while I actually rate him above Flamini and Gilberto.
    They are players who need actually to be given some times of play and rest the like of Flamini, Toure, Fabregas and Clichy; these players are Diarra, Song, Gilberto and Denilson. AW has a duty to help settle the players. You don’t buy first team players and bench them like he is doing at the moment while it’s clear some of the current players need a rest.

  9. robert says:

    We bought him for 2 million because of his short contract at chelsea, so if he wants to leave it will not be on the cheap. Once again Wenger knows.

  10. Sean says:

    Everyone knows that AW’s #1 pairing will be Cesc and Diarra.Gilberto will be on his way to Spain in january and Flamini will have a dip in form,so yes Diarra was a good signing and i can understand his frustration as he is technically far superior to Flamini?But he has got too bit his lip and wait for his chance.

  11. Tommo says:

    A waste of money IMO. We should of signed a winger

  12. Ronald Kirunda says:

    Gilberto with his Brazilian flair is my hero, i enjoy watching play in our team and in the national side. If the man is good enough to be capi of the best footballing xtry in the world (atleast in copa america) Y not be a starter at Arse?
    In my view diara simply has to wait coz surely AW wont sell him coz he’s just bought him.

  13. MagicHat says:

    Don’t forget, we haven’t signed Flamini to a long-term deal yet, either. It may be that Flamini leaves. As of January, he can negotiate with anyone he wants to. For someone who’s been as patient as he has, it would not surprise me at all if he took advantage of the situation to test the market for his services. It’s completely sensible from his POV. Whether Flamini stays or goes after January will also determine Gilberto’s fate.

  14. Blobbo says:

    Don’t forget that had Flamini not found his current excellent form, Diarra would be playing a lot more frequently. He’s probably a tad frustrated but that’s what happens when you have depth in your squad, ultimately someone’s going to have to wait their turn. We could go the Benitez way & rotate them every game but I don’t think that’s the answer. So, for now, he’ll have to bide his time, train hard & wait for his chance which I’m sure will come. Don’t forget that the media have almost certainly put their spin on his comments so he’s probably not even said the things that have been quoted!

  15. Karl Alan says:

    Whatever happens with the other midfielders will not remove the fact that it’s time for Gilberto to go. I always felt there was something missing in Gil’s play. The way he breaks up the game plan for the other teams is next to none. He’s the one most likely to get the ball back. His interceptions are great but his distribution is not as formidable. How many times did he get the ball back with sheer determination only to give the wrong pass? What hurts me most however is seeing myself writing in favour of his departure when loyal players are what I respect most in this sport. We tend to lose the ones we’re desperate to keep and get rid of the ones who’d like to finish their careers at Arsenal. I beleive that Flamini is doing a great job but the way he plays will sooner or later get him injured. That’s when Diarra will come in and from the few times I’ve seen him play I guess he will then make that defensive midfield role his own.

  16. stuart says:

    Gilberto has just turned 31 (therefore is not 33) ….if we lose Gilberto and Lehmann in Jan or at the end of the season it means that Gallas and Almunia at 30 are the only players in our squad of 30+!!

    I think the next oldest batch are Hleb, Rosicky and Toure at 26 ….Wenger is really culling the experienced players in this arsenal squad… a far cry from Ac Milan who pack there squad with oldies!

  17. mamad0u says:

    Flamini can keep the hype for a season, he showed that already at Marseille (best players from the year they made the uefa cup final vs valencia).

    I’m happy for the guy wheteher he stays or no ; he could finally make something of his arsenal trip ; his LB position for our CL final run was a service to the club, not to his career or game.

    But the main point everybody seem to forget is that actually he’s the team’s leader on the field. In every other game you can seem him talk, replace people, get their attention. This is something we can’t analyse being out of the squad, but in one recent interview, Arsene talked in a positive way of his bossy attitude.

    This is something Gilberto has kind of lost; as he did for the armband ; we won’t find that energy from new signing diarra ; he’s too young in the club, and has yet to intregrate on the field.

    Gallas injury enabled Flamini to emerge as the field boss. Wenger probably didn’t expect that but at the moment, he just can’t break down whoever legend Gilberto, promising diarra or anyone else knock at the door.

  18. XM says:

    I don’t think so.

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