Whats the future for Eboue and Hoyte?

Things keep moving around at Arsenal and fighting for a place in the starting lineup couldn’t be any harder. Get injured and you might as well miss out the season because somebody already took your place.

Someone moving up will only mean someone else ready to fill his shoe , this is how things have been at Arsenal and this is how a certain Justin Hoyte is hoping it goes, the youngster has seen some first team football last season when Eboue was injured but then vanished once Eboue was back and with Sagna signing for the gunners in the summer,And performing as well as he has  could only have meant a step back into reserve football for  Hoyte.

Sagna is now performing at his best and Eboue, the former obvious No.1 for the right back spot, is back from injury But something is different about him.

Playing on the right hand side of midfielder ahead of Sagna in two games so far as a right winger and he seems to be doing an OK job,Yes he is not a natural winger but he pace and power gives us a great option on the break.

Yes Eboue is not as  good as Hleb or Rosicky but there is obviously something out there to made Wenger play him as a RM instead of a RB moving Hleb to the left and keeping Abou Diaby out, As in the Bolton game.

Wenger seems to be getting ready to turn him into a winger and bring Hoyte up to fill his boots at RB. When everyone was calling out for a winger, Arsene went on to buy a full back, maybe it’s because he has this in mind, maybe because he foresees Eboue as a winger?

Recently most of the manager’s talks have revolved about getting Theo more involved and bringing forward the talented English players in the near future, this comes at a time when Arsene knows his team ( in its current foreign dependent form ) will suffer most from Platini’s new regulations of forcing clubs to have a quota of local players … Arsenal only have one English player at first team level who rarely plays as well as a handful of others in the reserves … in the near future Wenger will sure be moving things around to adjust his game just like he always does but and a certain Justin Hoyte will definitely be hoping the manager’s new vision will include him

6 Responses to Whats the future for Eboue and Hoyte?

  1. dan says:

    eboue is no winger full stop. he is not good enough, theo should be playing infront of him.

  2. Farrukh says:

    Hoyte can stay to be second choice right back. Eboue can hang up his boots and go and play for Pompey.

  3. Tony says:

    Utter nonsense to use Platini as a reference point – most Arsenal players have some form of European passport so those regulations will be useless. Plus given the # of African born players in the French league – many will go broke using Platini’s regulations.
    Arsene likes versatile players: Eboue fits that bill. Hoyte, yes has a great work ethic but very limited technically.

  4. rjp says:

    I agree with Tony-you are cool Tony.
    Are you trying to say Platini is a fucking wanker. Because thats what i think with him and his shitty suggestions

  5. dan says:

    arsene likes versatile players which is all well and good but i would rather see specialist players on the wings rather full backs and centre midfielders who can “do a job” at best. the diarra issue is very telling how we have 7 centre midfielders and only two wingers (assuming wenger wants to use walcott upfront of which helb and rosicky are not actually wingers either but will include them). we are doing great so certainly do not want to complain, but the squad is completely imbalanced, diarra is a great player and it will be real shame if we lose him. when we bought him i wondered what he was going to do with him.

  6. mike says:

    I dont think either will ever make the first 11, as other players have better potential. they will probably stick around for a while as squad players but eventually move on in their mid 20’s.

    As for lack of English players we have the likes of Gibbs, G.Hoyte, Lansbury, Randall etc. looking promising.

    Also something to think about. Micah Richards will probably further his career with a bigger club soon… And Gallas has reached the big 30… you do the maths.

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