Some Arsenal players need PR lessons


Over the last few days Lehmann,Diarra and Bendtner have all been Quoted in the press saying they are unhappy with life at Arsenal, Well work hard in training shut the f**k up and you might win your place in the team. I’m sick to death of all this crap. The TEAM in on a high playing well top of the league scoring goals for fun and we don’t need s*!t like this from selfish players who feel that they can use the press to poke Wenger and say play me or sell me.
After the Slavia Prague match Wenger was interview and rather then talk about the magnificent 7-0 win he was asked about some of the comments about what Jens Lehmann said to a German newspaper about Wenger is ‘humiliate”him by not playing him….WTF

Gallas has also been known to cry to the press when things ain’t going well,But just lately he seems to have changed his tune.

Diarra has done this sort of thing before likewise for Bendtner, I just feel that rather go the press and speak out they should use player like Gilberto as role models and work hard in training and try and force the manager to play them based on football.

2 Responses to Some Arsenal players need PR lessons

  1. Chris says:

    This is correct.

    I mean seriously, if they are unhappy, they should speak with the coach and if tells them there’s no place, then they leave. It’s very, very sad when players speak out to the media like that.

  2. Rainham red says:

    Jens Lehmann is the most arrogant nasty piece of work who has ever played for Arsenal.He is only on a years contract so it should be paid up and he should be booted out immediately.The German should take lessons from Almunia in how to conduct himself while out of the team.Get lost Lehmann your a disgrace to your profession.

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