Mad Jens is a Legend

He’s got a lot of stick this week from Arsenal fans for his recent comments. He doesn’t like being dropped and seems extremely angry about it. A lot of people seem to be going on about team harmony and respect to the manager and fans. Bollocks to it. Its entertainment that I want. The team and manager seem to be doing extremely well, top of the table, 7-0 win. Doesn’t get much better does it? We need a bit of drama here and there otherwise we’ll just end up with bullshit transfer rumours and endless speculation on what formation we’ll be playing over the weekend. Neither of which really interest me. Mad Jens on the other hand is a comical genius, and I just can’t get enough of his interviews.
I challenge Almunia or Fabianski to come up with gems like these, let alone save a 90th minute penalty to send us through to the Champions League Final for the first time in our history:

“Wenger spoke of three world class goalkeepers. One of them must be me. The other two have proved their class by winning titles? If I think about that, I can’t recall any. I guess today you’re nevertheless world class.”

“Thierry came up to me and gave me some advice but I ignored it and stuck to my plan.”

“If he is a superman who stops everything, then I may not play again, but from experience, I know I have played constantly and I am not worried that I will not play again when I am fit.”

“Your interpretation really annoys me.

“You write something and then you read it again and think that you were right, so then you ask me what I think of it.

“Don’t ask me how I should interpret your interpretation.

“You were in England (for Germany’s game against England last month) and have read the English press, which I don’t read. If I did read it, then I would go crazy.

“The English exaggerate everything and how can you understand such an interpretation?

13 Responses to Mad Jens is a Legend

  1. Bill says:

    I tend to agree with you. He’s a very funny guy.

  2. jens is mad says:

    mad jens is mad. that’s why he’s arsenal. i predict he will win back his place.

  3. rjp says:

    I totally agree that he’s a legend. He has been great for Arsenal but this season i feel he has been very poor. I remember some of his great saves but now he has to go. He is also the most entertaining keeper there is by his often lack of control of his anger. At the moment though with what he’s been saying i think he is spoiling his past great moments and will leave Arsenal on negative terms. I think it is a great shame that Lehmann will leave with everyone angry and disappointed with him and his attitude.

  4. ballbag says:

    he’s a legend but he’s also an arrogant cunt who made two awful mistakes that resulted in him – fully deservedly – being dropped.

    he should be made to lick almunia’s scrotal sac as punishment for this latest outburst.

  5. johny came lately says:

    I agree the most with:
    “The English exaggerate everything and how can you understand such an interpretation?”

    spot on ! hahaha

  6. Dave says:

    Jens was the first goalie we could trust since Seaman, but just like for anyone else there’s a day where the skills start going downwards – it happened to Seaman, it’s happening to Jens´ national rival (Khan) and it’s happening to Jens himself. I’m still not convinced Almunia has surpassed him though, but maybe AW wants Jens to get angry and fight a bit extra to retain the place and then keep it – you never know with the prof..

  7. eaststandgunner says:

    no question jens is an arsenal legend – apart from some breathtaking saves in big big games he also starred in our un beaten season.

    that said, if what he is quoted as saying is accurate then its not acceptable.

    the greatest thing about the arsenal is the arsenal and ALL personel can be replaced, keepers, star strikers, even managers

  8. snuff says:

    i’m done with him tbh, he arguably cost us the champions league final, is a fu(king liability at every corner and recently his mentalness has been detrimental to the team.

    Attempting to unsettle a keeper that has played an integral part of the 13 sucessive wins is not in any way in the spirit of the team, and whats even worse is he’s attempting to do it in a very public fashion.

    i’m not convinced Almunia is an ideal replacement for him yet, well for the Jens of 3 seasons ago anyway, but he’s by far the better option at the moment

    jog on joker jens jog on

  9. Keevo says:

    It’s true, he’s alittle over the top but deep inside im hoping he’s actually motivating almunia to step up a gear to prove him wrong. slavia prague had a few decent chances which really looked like smashing in. thumbs up almunia!

  10. Naija Don says:

    “He has been great for Arsenal but this season i feel he has been very poor”

    How many games has he played? Arsenal fans can be so fickle. Lehman’s comments might be out of place but we didnt see anything wrong with them when they were directed at Oli Kahn. The bottom line is Almunia is a disaster waiting to happen. I might not be sure of anything else this season but that I’m positive about. I just hope it’s not the sort of clanger that sends us crashing out of a major competition.

  11. drgunner says:

    I’m still with jens. He would have saved either or both or the two goals in CL final, even today. But how do you replace aluminium when he keeps clean sheets?

  12. Ojariko says:

    Guys u need not be harsh, Jens was outstanding in pre-season he made only two mistakes one of which cost us points and that is it. So it is too strong to even isinuate that his skill is downward. Almunia has so far made two mistakes, one against sunderland fortunately it did not cost us points and the other against Bucharest, all hail king Toure he saved us the embarasment. So where is Alumunia’s comparative advantage. I like Almunia forhis excellent reflexes but his positioning is still wanting. At the moment he is still a fill in keeper. I guess Lehman will bounce back but Le Boss knows exactly how to get the best out of Lehman Bench him a bit and that charges him and motivates him. His utterances are just the process of charging the battery i guess.

  13. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?Thanks

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