Arsenal fans dreaming of Quaresma

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Recently members on the forum have been asked to name players they would most like Arsenal to sign.

A group of players including Akinfeev,Huntelaar,Micah Richards,David Villa ,Nuri Sahin,Benzema and Agbonlahor were all named.

But One players name came up more then any other (85 %) and that’s was Portuguese winger Ricardo Quaresma.

Linked with a host of clubs all over Europe Quaresma is regarded by many as the hottest talent in the game and is valued around £20m.Wenger has proved in the past with the signings of Walcott and Reyes that he is not scared to spend big on a player if he feels they are worth it, Yes Wenger likes to sign players who not many of us have ever seen or heard of but the Arsenal board have said there is money available should the boss ask for it.

I cant find any credible links to us being in for Quaresma but many Arsenal fans live and dream that it will become a reality. Personaly I cant see it

And here is the reason why so many gooners admire him.

We all dream and hope that one day we might get to see Quaresma in the red and white of Arsenal.

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36 Responses to Arsenal fans dreaming of Quaresma

  1. TimmGunn says:

    He would not fit- he puts himself before the team. We play one touch football- he likes the ball at his feet he is also petulant and failed at Barca. He likes being a big fish in a small pond.

  2. G10 says:

    People should try watching Quaresma.

    Falls over all the time.
    Can’t take a corner.
    No left foot.
    Blows hot and cold.

    His style lends itself to compilations, which I’m guessing is what most people are basing their opinions of Quaresma on.

    He’s not as good as either Rosicky or Hleb.

    £20m for a squad player is not Wenger’s style.

  3. Max says:

    wouldnt fit into the squad, havent really got the time of day for these primadona footballers….stick to our team free flowing game

  4. gooner plain and simple says:

    y are you talking about 20 mil players when we are top of the league with a squad that only cost 40. Not a chance.

  5. billy isadia says:

    Porto should cut down that price as I really admire the guy. For sure hes’ near to perfect, and whatever is’nt fine shall be polished, but at a prce ceiling of 13 million, no extra penny.

  6. Rock says:

    Everybody is right here, there’s no need to splash out on anybody with how we’re playing. The only fear i may have is for eduardo who has looked a fish out of water in the prem and seems quite homesick judging by his quotes and demeanor. There’s one person reliable and unbelievably talented enough to sign for us in january – Karim Benzema, the boy has everything in his locker and would set the premiership alight, i cant stress jut how unbelievably good he is. He can play upfront and on the wings. So just a thought if either bendtner decides to leave in jan though he is super talented but lets face it he believes he has a given right to play every game and i cant see him ahead of adebayor just yet.

  7. dangerousme47 says:

    I haven’t seen much of him, no, this compilation doesnt impress me except for that goal from the critical angle….seems to be wat that “diver” ronaldo used to be before….a selfish player, trying to take the game all by himself with some pretty tricks, try to make a compilation with the same music for all the blunders he has made when trying to show it will be a long long film !!! No way, Wenger will never sign such kinda person, and even if he comes here, I don’t think Wenger could make him play the “Arsenal” style !!!

  8. timao says:

    I’m not that impressed with Quaresma’s contribution on the few occasions I’ve watched him on TV. Anyway we don’t need any more attacking options at present, with Walcottt, Rosicky and Hleb able to play wide or through the middle. RVP can do likewise. What evidence have we got that Eduardo is strugglng to settle? He had average game against Bolton the other day but not a bad one. The problem for him was that Eboue was not giving him any ammunition. We’ll see the best from Eduardo when Walcott plays down the right wing and knocks balls across the six yard box – which he can do for fun. Dudu will get a few premier league goals and grow in confidence. By the way, was it my imagination or did Gilberto play a blinder when he came on in the Champs League the other night? I would not be surprised to see this happen on Sunday against Liverpool…
    Ade, Dudu,
    Hleb, Gilberto, Cesc, Theo,
    Clichy, Gallas, Kolo, Sagna

  9. Goonerosa says:

    Rock, you are spot on … not sure quaresma will make it here .. attitude is important to arsenal, and I not convinced he has the right attitude. Spot on also on Bendtner .. I think wenger should just sell the guy in january .. his attitude sucks big time, just like lehman’s … terrible for team spirits.

  10. shaunyshaun says:

    Rooney. He is an arsenal player already.
    Rooney is a pacy, mobile, hard working, team oreintated, one touching, early twenties, premier-league adjusted, world class, first player on the english team sheet, goal from nothing, heading, fighting back, future walcott partner.
    his team are something of a frustration to him i’m sure. knowing that arsenal play the football he was born to play.
    manu are good, very good, but there better on paper, can have who ever they want, but its not the team roy keane played in. its all about ronaldo now and they just aren’t as interesting or performing. I like rooney and have more time for him than any of his team-mates.
    they have enormous debt. and rooney has no special allegiance to manu, and has already played for his beloved everton.
    Who else could he play for? who else would he play for?
    I’m not sure rooney will play abroad before 29/30.
    Arsenal don’t need much right now. they do need a striker as good as van persie or better though. arsene would love a superstar but would not want a limelight player. We could replace Ade, as indeed it may come to be that eduardo is replaced because they are just slighty short of the quality requiered to be the very best in europe. Thats where arsene has set his sights. So why should’nt rooney.

  11. gooner_85 says:

    Rooney would never go to arsenal, Man U would never let him go, and i’m not sure how much Wenger would actually want him. The RvP/Ade partnership is working fantastically at the mo, and they both have et to reach their peak… I hav no doubt both will be world class.
    No point in Quaresma… too many people get reeled in by his flair, but it wouldn’t benefit our passing game at all. At the moment, wouldn’t mind seeing Boruc, and Barzagli to play alongside Toure, but going forward we don’t need anyone.

  12. ballbag says:

    Quaresma is a pussy – a one trick pony. Shit player.

  13. Steve says:

    Maybe he isnt an Arsenal player but he is a fantastic player. He is great to watch and if we were to sign him, he would give us something different. Personally, I would much rather spend 15+million on RQ than persist with Eboue at right mid

  14. Done says:

    If money was no object Ibrahimovic……

  15. Gunner4Ever says:

    Who wants Quarisma? Fans who want him just want to sign anybody regardless. Dream on, he will never play for Arsenal because although he may be talented, he is not Arsenal material. Quarisma fits well with Lehmann with an ego the size of the globe.

    Arsenal just about been linked with every player on the planet and the fact is we don’t need any players. Wh have tons of them that are good enough but they can’t get themselves in the team.

  16. greg says:

    team is alright as it is… wenger will buy some more unknown youngsters and bring them through and make them stars

    we have carlos vela to come to us still and merida who will start to get a place in the next season or two at the moment wenger does not need anyone in my opinion but there is scores of talent in our reserves that will start to come through why do we need anyone else.

    they should invest the money until its needed instead of silly spending.

    most players take a season to really settle in and i can see that being the case with eduardo aswell, hleb is looking more and more like a fantastic player and he has taken a while to settle aswell.

  17. Tim says:

    blech. no. no. no. no. no.

    no quaresma. he’s selfish and childish.


  18. matteo says:

    We should get Akinfeev since Crazy Jan have to be on Arsenes last nerve. He doesnt pass with his left foot he plays only with his right foot and will hit it with the side of his foot. I dont want a C. Ronaldo wanna be on my team I cant stand the one on Utd. anyways. He would ruin our youth

  19. Quartz says:

    I think that two positions need extra cover. The first is wide left, because Rosicky has dodgy hamstrings, Hleb i sneeded on the right when Eboue goes to African Nations Cup and Diaby is much better in the middle. I think that we might actually be well off trying Armand Traore and Kieran Gibbs here, in front of Clichy, rather than buying anyone.

    The other is a left sided centre back. I have worries about Senderos, and Gallas seems to pick up more injuries than I am comfortable with.

    Who would I buy for here?

    Well for now I would buy no one.

    I think Nordveit looks a good prospect, Song may yet com egood (yes really, he was decent v Newcastle) and most of all we have Gavin Hoyte coming through. He is still three years away from regular first team football but he is the best prospect I have seen in years.

  20. charlie says:

    Tevez will be a great addition to the club. He is hard working and technically superb. Arsenal type of player. Queresma is good but for the money Tevez is a better buy.

  21. Spot on Timao. i also watched Gilberto in the Champs League. Unlike Flamini (who passes the ball to hleb or fabregas every time after interception) he started his own runs with the ball and passed the ball well.He should b given chance. no offence to Flamster as I like him too.

  22. Mark says:

    No final ball, enough said

  23. Goofle says:

    Were not “persisting” with Eboue. We use him because Rosicky is not totally fit. At least Eboue doesn’t complain if he isn’t in the team.

  24. GILBO says:


  25. jochen says:

    Der zijn er veel die denken/hopen zoals wij !

  26. junonly says:

    I think the teams is very good at present,you can say that it is perfect.And I think the France Lyon’s winger Ben Arfa is very good player.

  27. Bronze says:

    More than enough competiton for places throughout the team,
    Gilberto can’t even get in the team right now (and he was Arsenal’s player of season last year), and this guy will cost the kind of money AW just won’t pay. Even thinking about this is a total waste of everyone’s time.

  28. Damian says:

    Left footed wide left option Ben Arfa wide right option Simir Nasri not Quaresma Carlos Vella in january sell Djourou another 1st option CB makes Senderos a 4th a goal keeper

  29. Damian says:

    i can,t believe all this AW won,t pay that sort of money i drive a 35000 commodore cause i wont pay 15000 4 a porsche cause i haven,t got it Aw hasn,t had it he payed 13 which might of been 17 4 a 20 year old Reyes of cause he wont pay 16 4 Bent He payed market value until Abramovich turned up and was prepared to pay anything like paying 10m over the top 4 SWP.At that point he relised he had to find another way ie Fab 16 carlos vella at 15 denilson

  30. GUNNA MASTA says:

    It has been made clear many times that the Arsenal board has a pretty healthy amount of money for transfers, after all we have jusy recently been voted one of the richest clubs in the world.I think its time to think about something here,we are having an impressive run and are 5 points clear at the top so basically,the current squad is working together well.But one injury to one key player and will we still have that confidence and flare?I think a few more talented players like quaresma,robinho.They are worth bidding for.Watch out for the young talent of JUAN CARLOS VELLA (the next Ronaldinho with no question)

  31. Ben says:

    Arsenal don’t need to spend millions on players like Quaresma. Our first team is already good enough, we just need more depth. If he was to spend millions on one player I’d want it to be Samir Nasri or David Villa but i don’t think we need either. We already have two players who are going to be quality in Fran Merida and Carlos Vela! We do need people to get back from injury and buy players to cover for them however should they be injured again.

  32. Adis says:

    Quaresma is the best he is good as C. Ronaldo but he is not as quick but he is as good in his own way.
    him coming to Arsenal wouldnt be good because he wount get game time and i think the English will clean him up just like Eduardo.
    Quaresma should stay at Portugal because he is the best player there.

  33. ismail says:

    all of u r right so lets decide which one we pick my friends.

  34. Quaresma says:

    You dont know him.He can really good player in premier leagur

  35. He will not fit in the squard,we need a player who will cop with team work

  36. Andrei Arshavin says:

    You have me now, no worry’s.

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