I’m Over Thierry

Now of course I don’t mean I’ve forgotten all about our all time top scorer. I’m just over his transfer to Barcelona. Most of you might think that this is only due to the fact that we’ve had an amazing start to the season and don’t seem to be missing him on the pitch at all. This has nothing to do with it what so ever. Ideally I’d have waited till we got a poor run of results to post this, just to prove my point, but I reckon that’s tempting fate a bit too much and the last thing I need is to be responsible for Arsenal’s dip in form. Also, I didn’t feel like writing about tomorrow’s game against United.

Back on topic though, the main reason I was so angered at Henry’s departure last summer was the way in which it took place. The similarities between his departure and Vieira’s were uncanny, except that his happened earlier in the transfer window. Other than that, both had many summers of extensive speculation, fueled by both their agents and they’re non-committal responses to the media.

However, there is one other exception that really took me by surprise. Many players have left the club over the years, as is normal for any Premiership club. Most, if not all, had something to say to the press about us. Snide remarks, slagging of the current team…it seemed to be standard procedure once you’ve left. Considering some of the comments Henry made during his departure regarding the take over and Dein, I was 100% certain that he would be following Vieira’s and Pires’ model. How wrong was I? I must say, it’s lovely reading over all the things Henry has had to say about us. Not one of it has been negative. Even when people have suggested (and perhaps even wrongly so) that he was one of the reasons the youngsters haven’t played football at this level last season, Henry has managed to take it gracefully. I’ve combed through each and every interview he’s given, and he really has nothing negative to say at all. He’s even taken time out to mention players like Theo and highlighting his potential.

He might not have been the best captain we’ve ever had, but he’s sure as hell being a good ambassador to the club at the moment.

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9 Responses to I’m Over Thierry

  1. jamie brockwell says:

    100% right, Thierry is an absolute legend, sheer class in every way!

  2. John Goonarosa says:

    Hear hear, me bro .. Henry has been a classy ambassador, and has remained a fan, and thereby cementing his place as an arsenal legend and in arsenal folk-lore …

    Many happy cheers for TH14 … He should stay calm while his attacking partners play games of denying him the ball at Barca .. he will soon get over it, and become the main man …

  3. Damian says:

    It was unfortunate he was made captain he never should of been but if he wasn,t he might of considered leaving Arsene needs to set a rule that only the strongest personality in the defense will be captain.2Henry had a couple of months left on his contract he could of left on a free before this season started but he sighned then left doing 1 last thing 4 “us” Arsene/arsenal 16.1m.

  4. […] I’m Over Thierry [image] Now of course I don’t mean I’ve forgotten all about our all time top scorer. I’m just over his transfer […] […]

  5. Quartz says:

    Henry has never said a bad word about Arsenal.

    If he left, so be it. It was his business and he doubtless had good reason.

    I reckon he knew he was losing pace and so the Spanish league would be better for him rather than the fast Premier League.

  6. Gus J. says:


    Have our expectations scooped so low? Are we actually praising people for saying something nice about someone else?

    Arsenal made Thierry Henry.
    The fans adored him and he was given everything.

    And we are supposed to praise the Lord because TH avoided scooping to Ashley levels of retardation.

    Get real!

    I was sick of the Primadonna and was happy to see him leave. He played for himself and for his own PR enhanced ego.

    Yes footballers are mostly idiots, but let us all expect just a little more. Shall we.

    In the meantime. Isn’t it clear that Thierry was on the recieving end of an amazingly talented and determined team which played for him.

    How good is he on his own…?

    Still a great player, but nothing compared to what ARSENAL MADE HIM.

    And the nice guy act. BULLSHIT. It is as calculated as his affair leading to the divorce with his wife.

    Spare me the bullshit about this guy.

  7. Agree that ultimately the transfer was similar to Vieira’s, but really there was only the one previous summer of speculation with TH14; with PV4 we had to endure about three years of him trying to wriggle out of AFC without looking bad before it actually happened. Overall I don’t think this statement is accurate : “both had many summers of extensive speculation”

  8. rb says:

    when willu lot see that he left arsenal because of the personal problems he was going thru….ie the divorce. the whole wenger not commiting and david dein leaving was all a smoke screen for his divorce. that only surfaced about 3 weeks after he left us……isnt it obvious?

  9. wondernbanksecrets says:

    Actually i’m not an arsenal fan,but Henry was a player to reckon with during his stay at arsenal.Sometimes he played selfishly which I didn’t use to like.All the same,he made an impact during his stay at arsenal and also won some trophies for ARSENAL which was also a sort of motivation to younger ones.

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