What’s with all the negativity?

its not that bad!!

We could pull a late equalizer over Liverpool at Anfeild and do the same trick on Man United a week later at home and yet all you would hear is how s*!t Adebayor is or what a bitch Eboue is and how crap Almunia is.

Seems some people got so used to whining they don’t know how to keep their mouths shut, Even when things are going right,Some of you need to chill out and enjoy the show.

It’s by far the best start of the season we had and it is a shame that some people still show less faith in our players and some are doing opposition a favor trashing our squad for them.

All this negativity will probably draw the end closer so should we just give it a rest and spend a week without someone starting a topic about Adebayor or Eboue or whoever they decide to bash next ….Get behind the boys, Its a better start then we all dreamed.

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9 Responses to What’s with all the negativity?

  1. LB says:

    I’m not negative at all but I think the manager did get it wrong. There is no reason to play one striker against Man U and Liverpool. Wenger must trust Dudu and Bendtner. But he has said he will rotate a bit now so that should let them come into it a bit. Plus Diarra of course. I firmly believe in this team and look forward to playing Man U at Old Trafford. We will beat them.

  2. TA6 says:

    couldn’t agree more pal…oh to oh to be…

  3. Charles De Goon says:

    spot on, me bro …

    gooners get behind the team. If anyone is selected and is playing for us, back them no matter how they are playing .. encourage/rather than discourage (or are you tottenham fan in disguise ?) … our match wear is sacred, and its sacrilege to boo or villify anyone wearing it ..LOL … or you will suffer bad luck for 7 moons … True !!! u can check this with your local Guru …

  4. Alex says:

    Hmm – life isn’t all happy clappy matey.

    Wenger sold out to his principles vs Man Utd, and the nervousness shown by the manager spread to the players.

    Playing 1 up front alone (AT HOME) vs Utd was not the principles we’ve been expressing all season.

    To be fair, Adebeyor is sh*t. His first touch is awful, his link play is awful, his heading is awful, his pass selection is awful. The only thing he has going for him is his running speed (note: not speed of thinking/anticipation). Given all that he beat Vidic for pace TWICE all game long (and amounted to nothing). He receives the ball whilst hanging off the last defender perhaps 15-20 times per match, NEVER EVER EVER does he try and roll the defender – he always hammers it back to the midfield (badly). Bendter (despite being slow) is 10 times the forward that Adebeyor is.

    Eboue DOES NOT TACKLE, watches as Sagna makes a great overlapping run and steadfastly ignores him, taking the ball infield and loses it (leaving Bacary woefully out of position). He does not pressure the opposition left winger or left back, and his crossing (which was excellent last year) has been awful this year. Theo or Diarra would be much better option (offensively/defensively respectively).

    Rosicky, who is a much better player than current form is showing, has been VERY VERY ineffective this season on the left.

    I would play a slightly less attacking formation, utilizing Gilberto height and experience to supplement a fundamentally short/immature 1st team. This would give more license to the full backs to attack (Fabregas/Hleb will play the best option, unlike Eboue). Diarra is a dynamic, athletic destroyer that can change defence into attack very quickly, meaning Fabregas wouldn’t have to defend as deeply and as a result would reserve energy instead of running up and down and burning out.

    – – – – – – Almunia
    Sagna – Toure – Gallas – Clichy
    – – – – – – Gilberto
    – Fabregas – Diarra – Hleb
    – – – – – – Walcott (Eduardo)
    – – – – – – Bendtner

    Walcott could play from a deep position (coming unmarked and playing of Bendtner’s flick-on’s) in the first half, and then hanging off the last defender in the second half when the opposition are tired. You would have something similar to ManUtd’s quad-threat of Rooney, Tevez, Ronaldo and Giggs/Nani rather than playing 1 up front and hoping for an early goal to open things up a bit. Wenger alluded to his tactical error himself recently.

    Rather than have a useless lump running down blind alleys all game, you’d have an intelligent forward acting as the the front pivot, with Fab, Hleb and Theo all giving deep-running options.

    On the back foot you would have Diarra and Gilberto hassling the opposition, or even if the full-backs are out of position – Diarra can drop to RB, Gallas to LB and Gilberto to CB.

  5. Zickar says:

    Well Alex I am not gonna defend Wenger’s tactics in United’s game cause even he admitted he made a mistake …. its not just one game though and its not just one player who ie being under the hard burning microscope here … its just about everyone …

  6. lc says:

    Alex, on Eboue I don’t agree with you; you are saying the opposite of what he has been doing (tackling, stealing ball from behind opposition players and proctecting Sagna). That’s why when Eboue went off for Walcott, Evra was surging more up front, combining with Saha, which’s led to the second goal.
    At the moment two players are not doing well and they are Adebayor and Rosicky.
    I wouldn’t mind AW drops them to give a chance to the like of Denilson, Diarra, Eduardo or Bentner.
    This is the only thing missing from Eboue’s display: as he runs very fast up front, when he is at the edge of the box, he just crosses the ball without looking weither it’s worth doing so. In my opinion, he should enter the box and try to score or play the ball back to a late running midfielder to do just a taping in.
    Also, in my opinion Adebayor is making things difficult for him with his wrong timing run, which wasn’t the case when TH14 was playing there.
    The formation likely to beat any of the top three is:


    Sagna- Toure- Gallas- Clichy(or Flamini).

    Eboue(or Denilson)- Diarra- Fabregas(or Denilson)-Hleb.

    Adebayor(or Bentner)- Eduardo(or Walcott). 4-4-2.



    Sagna-Toure- Gallas- Clichy.

    Eboue-Diarra(or Gilberto)-Fabregas.

    Walcott- Eduardo- Hleb. 4-3-3.

  7. shooy says:

    Hey Alex (and lc), why aren’t you managing a top Prem club? I know the answer, but do you?

  8. Ted man says:

    its very easy to critisize after the game isnt it? i have so much respect for those analysts that can analyse a game prior to wacthing it. Had ade scored a few goals…he would be a hero and the analysis will be different. For me most arsenal fans represent humility and respect in the way they always act…even in defeat. Now things seem to be changing…and we are not even losing. why give our players stick when they are doing so well. Lets enjoy it while it lasts…and support our boys all the way.

  9. Sp1r0r says:

    Come on mates, discuss it in thegoonersforum. The link is up thr. Some of u have gd points. But dun jus argue for the sake of it.


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