Arsenal vs Reading (Preview & Prediction)


Posted by -Shaun-

I really did think about placing Fabianski in the Starting Line-Up. He has really impressed me, and deserves a chance. However, Almunia should rightly keep his First-Place spot. Yes, he did make some mistakes in our last Premier League game, but he does still deserve a place. Apart from that, I have to say he has done well. For me, as I am sure many of us think, that Lehmann is out of the question. I think the reasons are self-explanotary. Almunia all the way.

Sagna to keep his place- he has done amazingly well so far, definitley Arsenal class.

Toure and Gallas are our men. No reason to doubt there performances, they are both world-class.

Clichy, again, one of our performers. A very versitile player, good at both attacking and defending.

Theo Walcott. Some could argue that he should not be Starting, but it would boost his confidence. He has the ability to give their team such a hard time, and I hope he plays well. A big game for Walcott.

Diarra all the way in that defensive-midfielder role. In the games that he has played, he has been immense. Such an engine on him, he has got stamina. Fabregas, the centre of all our attacks, love him.

Hleb has been another outstanding player this season. He has outshone many, played great. What a player; Hleb.

I am going to go with the partnership of Adebayor and Eduardo in attack. Adebayor needs to get back onto top-form, and it will come. Eduardo has performed well recently- keep it up.

A must-win game for us. We have a game-in-hand from some others, and we can really show people how good we are out on that pitch. We should be top of the table ater this game, no problems. We love you Arsenal.

Come on you Arsenal.

Possible Starting 11






4-0 to the Arsenal.

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18 Responses to Arsenal vs Reading (Preview & Prediction)

  1. robert says:

    Whata hell are you talking about. Eduardo has not been preforming very well recently.

  2. TimmGunn says:

    How can you drop Flamini, of all our players he has been the most consistent and hard working player. Diarra is a fantastic player but is a Carling Cup/ FA Cup player for now. I do agree that Eduardo needs to play to get confidence- his class is undeniable but has not found his scoring boots for Arsenal yet. Perhaps a game against a team like Reading will help him get going. I do feel that Diaby deserves a run as he is skillful and powerful – and has height.

  3. Bergy says:

    I really can’t see wenger dropping flamini from the starting XI. You have even dropped him from the squad. That won’t happen.

  4. Michael says:

    dude wtf thats the worst line up at this possible time. Diarra isnt all of a sudden starting premier league games, especially not by himself in a defensive midfield position. Where the hell is rosicky its been confirmed he will play… and yer robert has got it right eduardo has been playn low peck and wenger we’ll surely jus play either ade up front with hleb as the centre attacking midfielder or ade up front with wallcott.

  5. IziRascal says:

    Err, no room for Gilberto or Rosicky in the matchday squad? Wouldn’t Eboue get in over Hoyte?

  6. Bane says:

    Where is Gilberto, Flamini and Rosicky ???
    Almunia, Sagna, Toure, Gallas, Clichy, Hleb, Fabregas, Flamini, Rosicky, Eduardo and Adebayor; Bench: Fabianski, Diarra, Gilberto, Diaby, Walcott.
    Sanderos will not feature in this game. He is not match fit.

  7. michael says:

    Diarra plays well but no way Wenger is going to start him in front if Gilberto and Flamini.

  8. it amazes me that how people how know absolutely nothing can start blogging about Arsenal.
    if u know anything about Arsenal and Wenger, u know
    1, wenger will go with continuity
    2, diarra and eduardo will NOT start
    3, walcott will only start if Rosicky is not fit enough to play
    my prediction

  9. Adam says:

    Rosicky will come back in & play left side wing. I can’t see Flamini getting dropped for Diarra after Flamini was rested on the bench at Prague.

    Walcott is more likely to get played up front with Ade than on the wing however with RVP still out and playing away, 4-5-1 is a possibility (perhaps likely?), which leaves the question of who will be the 5th midfielder? Diarra would be a good option but I lean towards Gilberto as a more likely scenario.

  10. Adam says:

    Or Eboue right and Hleb in behind Ade.

  11. Van Perry says:

    Is Rosicky Injured? If not, Id start him ahead of Walcott, and maybe even play Walcott ahead of Eduardo up front. But i aggree that Id like to see Diarra ahead of Flamini. We should win, but theres more to Reading than what youve said, a lot more.

  12. vardaplaya says:

    Take a look at that first strike against sheff utd then start talking, robert. That kind of think is exactly why he got bought. And beware, lightning can strike at any moment.

  13. jamesl says:


  14. Amado says:

    Guys what matter is to bag the three points we need to go back up the table… bear it in mind we are two games in hand.





    Let’s keep it simple 4 – 4 – 2 Arsenal 3 Reading 0

  15. geoff says:

    What happended to Perry Groves? Surely he will atleast be in the squad Shaun?!

  16. clockendjim says:

    Perry Groves would be in he squad, but he has picked up a very nasty complaint called picking-up-his-pension-itis. I am afraid this could mean we do not see Perry in an Arsenal shirt for a very long time.
    Speaking seriously, I do not think Walcott is ready for the starting line-up yet. Bringing him on 25/30 minutes from the end of games as an ‘impact’ player seems to be working a treat and I think the softly-softly approach will progress him best.

  17. Taggard says:

    Number 1 is Perry Groves…Number 2 is Perry Groves…etc etc etc

  18. Pauly says:

    OK. The Keeper and Defense pick themselves. Midfield, we will go with four. The five we used against manure was, as Wenger agreed a mistake. Wingers two from Eboue, Hleb and Rosicky. Fabregas and Diarra or Flamini, if it was not the international break I think Flamini would be rested, but as posted earlier Wenger will go for continuety. Forwards Ade and Eduardo, Walcott will get plenty of chances but dudu needs games now.


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