Is Eduardo the new Reyes?

The Signing of Eduardo da Silva in the summer came as a huge surprise to many Arsenal fans, Totally out of the blue Arsenal announced the capture of the Croatian goal machine on on the 3rd July 2007.The fee could rise to approximately £8.5m which is a lot of money to what Arsenal have been spending on players over the past 3-4 years.

First time I watched Eduardo play for us was in the amsterdam tournament and I said then that he reminds me of Reyes with he style of play, And like Reyes the little Croatian was hardly known outside his country but yet Arsenal took a gamble and brought them to London from a small City. In the case of Reyes he could not settle into life and he soon wanted a move back home to his family and friends.

So whats the story with Eduardo?

Yes foreign players who are new to the premiership need some time to get up to speed, And Wenger’s wants to easing him into the squad slowly.but with Van Persie getting injured many fans including myself saw this as a great chance for Eduardo to show his goal scoring skills. We have hardly seen Eduardo in recent weeks and I cant find anything on to say he is injured? And when we have seen Eduardo start games most of the time he has played out on the wing? Funny that as he was dubbed out new “fox in the box” Another thing that I find weird is that he always seems fit for international games and always seems to look the part and score. He is without doubt a natural goalscorer and something we have been crying out for, I just wished we would get to see more of him.

I really hope this is not going to end up like Reyes and come January Eduardo is loaned back to Dinamo Zagreb.

I feel Eduardo just needs a good run in the side playing down the middle and he will show what he is all about. But like I said with Van Persie out this was his time to shine.I would like a reporter to ask Wenger about why Eduardo has not been given more playing time in recent games and to see what the boss has to say?

Nobody can tell what the future is for Eduardo?

Is he not ready yet? Homesick? Tired or Rubbish?
or maybe our new hero….time will tell?

Arsenal career statistics

(upto todays date)
Club Season Total
Apps Goals Assists
Arsenal 2007-08                   8 4 5

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38 Responses to Is Eduardo the new Reyes?

  1. GRIMANDI says:

    Those stats say it all. Hes gonna be good.

  2. KING MALTA says:

    this is ridiculous, eduardo has been here for like 5 months
    give him time

  3. Sue says:

    Give the bloke time to settle. At least he doesnt whinge, moan or sulk like Reyes

  4. Stanley says:

    Unlike Reyes, Eduardo already has proven he can adapt to a different country. Just takes time for him to adapt to gameplay and the speed of the league. Plus he’s not been given a lot of starts although I can see him being a really important cup player for us this year. Would have preferred to see him alongside Adebayor against Reading with Eboue dropped to the bench and Hleb and Rosicky playing the wider areas.

  5. thegoonerforum says:

    Stanley, I would have loved that mate. Start 4-4-2 with Dudu up next to Ade would have worked like a dream.

  6. rubbishmen says:

    if he fails eventually as an arsenal player, i would be quite confident in saying that the number 9 shirt is cursed

  7. Leebo says:

    Its not like were struggling at the moment to win games or score goals. Its clear that Eduardo is being used sparingly as part od his aclimatisation. The argument is the same for Bendtner and Walcott too. The reality is that Hleb is excelling in the No.10 role, and this is the rason that Eduardo, Bendner and Walcott are being limited to sub appearances. Every player at the moment not in the first 11 is only in that position due to our success and not their ability, there will be no loan move back t o Croatia for Eduardo in the summer and there will be more goals for him. Come May his goals per gam ratio will be very healthy.

  8. Goofle says:

    He should start against Wigan with Rvp/Ade

  9. Goonerman says:

    I think he is a No. 9 but Ade is the man at the moment.

  10. Mark says:

    You are right to ask the question about Eduardo.

    I think he some of the games he has played it is clear that he is not up to the pace of the game.

    International football is slower than the Prem and he knows that game well.

    I believe he has the skills to make it in the Prem, but it will take time.

    Remember it has taken Hleb 3 seasons to make an impact.

  11. GoonerSkill says:

    The guy needs to settle a bit more, I dont think he is unhappy here in England well apart from the weather like all of us from time to time he he. Reyes was a little rat, he was happy to play with alongside our invincebles.

    Eduardo will shine once he will get in his english stride, it’s not easy to do that when come from a completely differenrt background I can speak for my self as being foriegn too.

    Time will tell but I have a good feeling about him…

    We love you Arsenal We Do…..

  12. Reidish says:

    Listen to Mr Wenger. It takes six months to acclimatise. This isn’t an estimate. It’s compulsory.

  13. Wrighty7 says:

    I think Eduardo will be a great signing for Arsenal in the long term. He is a mobile and very clever player and scores goals at international level for fun. He is a typical Wenger player and im sure he just needs time to adapt to the pace of the premiership. His 2nd goal against Sheffield Utd showed how cool he is in front of goal, i’d love to see him play more but Wenger knows best!

  14. frichie says:

    Reyes was a pansy, Dudu is made of stronger stuff. Its just unfortunate that Wenger has decided to stick with Ade upfront on his own, i personally dont like the 451 formation, but hey! we winning so i cant complain.

    Ade is such a confidence player, you could see last night, that until he scored his touch and passing was terrible, but after the goal he was playing more relaxed and making things happen.

  15. Dolomite says:

    What is it with this webshite that it publishes crap articles that supposedly ask questions about things the authors cant comprehend? Eduardo has a big game coming up for Croatia, AW in his wisdom KNOWS it isnt worth the risk getting him injured and looks to serve the players interests in the longer term.



  16. Trickster says:

    If we are all waiting for players to acclimatise… wots the story with Sagna? did he need to?

  17. shooy says:

    Eduardo has been here less than six months. He has been injured for a short spell earlier on, but is not now. There is no doubting his basic talent as seen in his appearances in less frenetic non Premier League games and by his international form. Wenger is using him sparingly and has already said that he lets new players settle into the English game gently for six months without any pressure at all of unrealistic expectation. Indeed, he takes anything positive in a player’s first full season as a bonus (evidence – Hleb and Rosicky). As usual he is dead right. Also, Wenger often plays a central player out wide in his early Premier League games on the basis that this gives them a more measured introduction to the pace, physicality and other demands of PL games. No one can foretell with any certainty what the future holds for Eduardo at Arsenal, but there is no obvious cause for concern right now and quite a few reasons to be optimistic.

  18. Jags says:

    Are you stuuuuuupid? he scored a few against sheffield united so against man u he bumped bentdner of the bench and against Reading bendtner was back in.

    I would much rather bentner get a chance than eduardo as the togo king looks like his finishing against top notch teams wont cut it.

  19. josh says:

    he can’t get in the team becuase the rest of the lads are playing too well, who would you drop? ade/hleb? walcott, bendtner and eduardo all have a lot to prove but i think at least two of them will feature in our first team regularly in the future.

  20. lc says:

    I really want Rosicky drop, Lehb on left and Eduardo playing just behind Ade (in a 4-4-1-1)and Eboue on right (bringing stability in middle). You have no cloue you, who want Eboue dropped for Eduardo. Rosicky is at the moment the one who needs to be dropped.

  21. Arsene Wenger says:

    Thanks for that lc. I was wondering what to do next.

  22. Jordan Elias says:

    I see irony strikes with Ic.

    Eboue is the first to be dropped. Let Rosicky come into form — he’s a much better player than Eboue.

  23. Yomi says:

    I dont know why Arsene Wenger cannot make Eduardo a direct replacement for Van Persie since the latter has been injured . He is a natural striker who’s got the idea of where the net is , either in a short or long distance from the post . Adebayo looks too dull out there alone and we therefore need a smart striker like Eduardo to run things there . WENGER , please give this guy the chance to blend on time .

  24. matzyzy says:

    No for excluding Rosicky from the team , I like with this Czech guy direct play , a lil extra option for Arsenal for a moment of magic . Eduardo is in a position which only goals got to be the main indicator of his performance – a typical striker’s benchmark. he’s in a big club and in a big league at the moment , unlike sheva from glamorous AC Milan of quality Serie A, yet struggling so far with Chelsea , Eduardo got a bigger job to do.
    And dont compare with Sagna , he came from a decent league -Ligue 1, already a big-name player in France before coming to Arsenal. And perhaps his french-speaking friends are doin good job in helping him to settle this quick.

  25. Sweet G says:

    Dolomite, If you dont like it then dont read it and fuck off.

    Fans have the right to ask

  26. Hurley says:

    Wenger has said before that he believes it can take up to 6 months for a player to settle in so hes still got some time. Wenger might just be easing him in anyway, to lower pressure from fans, media etc.

    Btw, a bit off topic but thats my comp!!! XD Wooo = ]

  27. smiley says:

    Eduardo will get his chance, have you seen the fixtures for December, the team will playing every 3–4 days. Hopefully, Eduardo will feature then and make the most of the opportunities

  28. RG says:

    Has he really got 5 assists? I find that very hard to believe. If true, that excellent.

  29. ballbag says:

    no he’s not reyes – but you are a twat.

  30. irish gunner says:

    i love eduardo gonna b gr8, give em time 2settle nd he done well in de games hes started ,, sheffield 2 goals ,sevilla got 5 mins and scored pre season a couple of times just give em time

  31. cuLKin says:

    he only needs time to adapt it……..
    the cool in front of goal as he show, the ruthlessly he show after score………He is NATURAL KILER

  32. Diamond Man says:

    Eduardo and Reyes are two different species. Reyes problem really began with Aragones getting into his head with that Henry comment. The truth was not that Reyes never settled, but that Henry was too big for him after that stupid comment from the Spanish manager. Eduardo, on the other hand, would have settled by now, but for the bruises he suffered at the Blackburn game, for him, it was a shock, it really unsettled him. For you to understand what I am saying better, look at his performances during the pre-season games and the after Blackburn. He will settle well and make Blackburn pay later.

    It is unfortunate that refrees allow those teams to kick Arsenal players all over the pitch. But it will only continue to stiffen the Arsenal boys!

  33. Ad says:

    I hate it when websites speak for me. You say that the signing of Eduardo was a shock and a bolt out the blue. I had been loitering around forums spreading his name around for months before we signed him.
    Eduardo just hasn’t got going yet, he can’t stop scoring for Croatia against anybody. Because he’s had time to get to know the players he’s playing with, once it all clicks into place he’ll be banging them in like he did against Sheffield United. Just wait and see.
    I wish it was Adebayor who got injured not RVP, with RVP out Wenger jsut won’t play another striker up with him, but if it was Adebayor out we’d easily be playing a 4-4-2 as normal. Lets just hope Adey picks up a knock once RVP’s back and Eddie can get a few starts.

  34. St. Mostly says:

    Yes. Right now Rosicky needs to be starting on the bench as he really offers nothing from the left. (a couple no-look passes here & there…). I would even let him replace Cesc after 70mins or so…
    Hleb looks SO much mor productive on the left, as he can actually go wide! AW let Eduardo (or Bendtner) link up with Ade in the middle!!!!

  35. sasa_moto says:

    Eduardo is not Ryes for sure. I don’t think you’ll ever hear him complaining about anything, he’s really such a nice person. Being nice, that doesn’t stop him from being lethal on the pitch. Obviously, he needs to be close/inside the penalty area, so in that respect he is vasting time playing left wing, no matter how good his crosses are. Pace is not his best weapon, put him where he can score, and he’ll score, and pressure will go away. If not under pressure, that volley against ManU wold not be wide, for sure.

  36. denny says:

    5 assists?????????get your facts rights, no chance.

  37. Lars says:

    Im telling you, Eduardo is the most natural goalscoarer ive seen in a long time. I cant figure out why AW hasnt given him a fair chance yet. I hope his time will come soon tho, it would be a tremendous loss for Arsenal if he were to decide to leave because of the small amount of time on the pitch…

  38. Nicole says:

    I can’t wait until Eduardo starts playing for the first team again, with the amount of players we have out injured, it wouldn’t surprise me if he needs to start playing the reserves! Nah, not that many, but still, the reserves are pretty good!..

    Either way, apparently he scored a hatrick in his last match with the reserve team, he’s fit, now he needs to get match fit, and it’ll be awesome when he does, because Eduardo is one hell of a player, now I’ve never actually seen Reyes play (I’m 15) but I know Eduardo is an amazing player and will do great and awesome things at Arsenal.

    Come On Arsenal!

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