Clichy and Hleb came close to death

Arsenal stars Gael Clichy & Alexandra Hleb are not only gifted football players but are lucky in many ways as they both have had neardeath experiences.

As a child Clichy survived a seven-hour operation to reattach a finger that was torn off when he caught it in a fence? During the operation, his heart stopped for fully 20 seconds before he made what doctors described as a miracle recovery.  Clichy says: “It was destiny because I might have lost my life and would not be sitting here now. It changed the way I think, I now realise every day is important and you can do great things in one day.”So I give 100 per cent in training every time and am aware of the people who support me, because tomorrow maybe I won’t be here or they won’t be here.”

In Dec 2004 in his homeland of Belarus Hleb was at the wheel of his Audi A8 when it came head to head with a speeding BMW, The smash killed BMW passenger Dmitry Komar and left driver Yuri Alshevsky in a coma for almost a week. Hleb escaped injury after he was saved by his car’s airbags. Hleb was cleared of any blame for the crash and admitted he felt “lucky to be alive”.   He said: “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.
“This was a horrible thing I don’t want to remember. It was all over in just a split second.
“It’s dreadfully hard when such things happen to you. You don’t sleep at night.”
He added: “The airbags and my big car saved me. I immediately grew up by ten years after that crash. I started going to church, though I didn’t even know what it was before.
“My attitude to life completely changed. I understood life is a fragile thing and extremely complicated, unpredictable.”

The Wrecked BMW

They are both lucky to be alive and as Arsenal fans we are lucky to have them.

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12 Responses to Clichy and Hleb came close to death

  1. alf15 says:

    Great players, Helb has the best feet in football, its like he has a magnet in his boots and the ball is metal! So glad we got rid of Cashley Cole!. Clichy is better than him already and he is still so very young!

  2. Sweet G says:

    God bless them both….And The Arsenal

  3. jamesgillesp says:

    they are both playing so well..up the arse!

  4. Dereje says:

    Thanks to God they both are not our opponents. Thanks Wenger for bringing them.

  5. Oh wow, that picture looks horrible. They ARE lucky to be alive!

  6. Nick says:

    I agree, both great players, and Helb was definaty underrated going into the start of this season, I even managed to sit next to a fan that wouldnt shut up abut his ineptness for the first 85 minutes of the Fulham game.

    But… slow news day? 😛

  7. dvotee says:

    I think this goes to show what’s mean’t to be is mean’t to be.

    I was (I admit) one who underrated Hleb at the start of the season but can admit I was wrong. He is having a fantastic season so far and long may it continue.

  8. EthioGun says:

    we could have missed them

  9. Braveheart says:

    I once had an identical experience as Hleb. I was in a Mercedes Benz and yes, it happened within seconds. Oh, such was it – your entire life flashes before you in a split second! Btw, I have the pictures to prove it, it was just exactly as Hlebs’ and I was sitting at the worst part, with pieces of shattered windscreen being removed from my eyes. Yes, it was horrible. But I survived!

    The greatest lessons we can take from these experiences is that life is given by God and can be taken when he chooses.

    The second is that we should appreciate each other and respect what the other person has to contribute towards our life. Thank God because the energy/perspective driving Clichy and Hleb are in Arsenal’s dressing room as well. It is bolstering the team’s never-say-never spirit.

  10. chaba says:

    very lucky to be alive, above all i cant bare to see hleb leave for inter milan he’s a player with perfect vision and skills…

  11. Nicole says:


    Both great players! And even though Hleb doesn’t play for Arsenal anymore, he was an amazing player when he was playing for Arsenal..

    Clichy still plays for Arsenal and still puts 100% you can see the way he plays he does..

    Both amazing players with incredible ability and skill with the ball!

    Come On Arsenal!!

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