Favourite Arsenal memory?

By -Shaun-
I have never been to an Arsenal game, as most of you have. However, my favourite Arsenal memory was the Champions League run in the 05-06 season. Before this, I had lost interest with football for the past couple of years. My Dad had almost forced me to support a team, which drove me out of football. Anyway, back onto topic- Real Madrid at the Bernabau. I thought that I might as well watch it, as I always seemed to have a slight liking for Arsenal. Before the game, ITV were showing all of the great stars that Real Madrid had, at that point, I was thinking; “No way Arsenal will win this”. Then I heard on the TV; “The Gunners have only got one man, his name is Thierry Henry”. Of course, I allready knew what a sensational player he was. Watching through the game, I have never been so on edge and emotional. The Henry goal really touched me.

After this, I watched every game up until the final. It was if I got a buzz, the excitement- I could not control it. The Lehmann penalty save- I could have burst with happiness. Then came the final. My delightfull screams when we scored, hurling myself down the stairs shouting to my Mum; “They have done it, they have scored!” as tears welled up in my eyes. Then my emotions were flipped, as to my despair, Barcalona fought back, and eventually beat Arsenal. The final whistle, I broke into tears, and collapsed in a heap on the floor. It broke my heart, as if there was nothing left. That was the moment when I realised I was a Gooner. Now I know almost every football player under the sky. This has even launched my own football career, playing in my youth team. Football is now my life, and the team that was down to that was Arsenal.


3 Responses to Favourite Arsenal memory?

  1. Isaac says:

    yeah that sol campbell goal was one of the best moments of my life… lets hope kolo can score a goal in cl final this season =)

  2. Taran Johal says:

    yeah sol went out with a bang, but that ‘one man we have called thierry henry’ missed two sitters in the final! we’ll win it this season

  3. ants says:

    hey shaun, that was the same way i became an Arsenal fan!

    1) ive always liked arsenal somehow in recent years, with their beautiful football. i was a neutral supporter since i started following the premiership in 1995 , though i did like Chelsea when they had zola, wise, and desailly but was never a fan.

    2) Champions league 05 / 06 changed my mind! Somehow i began to like Arsenal a bit more and more under the influence of a friend. I somehow stayed up to watch the Madrid hame and then the Villareal one and was particularly impressed with the youngters, gut, esp with flamini covering for ashley

    3) CL final vs Barcelona when Arsenal lost, I was also devastated, but it was then I became a true fan. It was especially saddening to know many of the players, like pires and sol were ending their careers with the club, rumours of Henry leaving, Henry’s failure to win the prize has hasnt yey won, and that they lost to two late goals, and with 10 men.

    4) Now, supporting Arsenal got several-fold better than when it began. The club, esp Arsene’s commitment to technical, beautiful football unlike most clubs, without resorting to dirty tricks like the mancs or sp*ds (diving, time wasting, cheating, ref bullying), and without lambasting other teams and keeping professional unlike a particular Stevie G or others who claim to whoop Arsenal this season, makes the club one of greatness, even an honor to support.

    With economic stability from the stadium and players loving the club as much as fans do, its a wonder why neutrals dont start flocking to support Arsenal. Im surprised that rival fans hardly see the crap in their. Hell, even rival players support this club!

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