International Week

By Sp1r0r
Many of us Gooners will be thinking this is the week to look at some other teams besides Arsenal. Some of us might even support opposition players like Ronaldo for Portugal, Rooney for England etc. Well, some of us, might just think its a waste of time.

France used to be the country many of us support when it comes to internationals. That’s maybe cause Henry, Vieira and Pires used to play for them, plus the mercurial Zidane. Now, all three have left the club but we still have 3 players in the French squad, except that all of them are defensive.

Diarra, Gallas and Flamini are not allowed to play the Arsenal style of passing with the French team. Their job is to defend. Even when Evra plays, he rarely gets forward so Clichy wouldn’t enjoy plying with France.

All the other countries with Arsenal players boast only a single player as all our players originate from all over the world. Hleb is from Belarus, Rosicky from Czech Republic, Fabregas from Spain, van Persie from the Netherlands, Toure from the Ivory Coast etc.

This makes watching our players in action very difficult as all of them are playing in different matches. I used to watch England as the England matches are broadcasted widely over the world and they play in the afternoon where most of us would have free time.

Now, England lack quality and that is not down to the number of English players in the Barclays Premier League.

However, next Wednesday, the England match would be one to watch. And just why ? Eduardo will be playing and he would be the main man to prevent England from qualifying. Of all our players on international duty, Eduardo is on top form.

He currently has 10 goals and is second in the goalscorers list behind David Healy on 12. With two more games to go for Croatia, I’m backing him to score at least 3 goals and emerge top scorer. Don’t be surprised to see him score against England with the form Paul Robinson is in.

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