Arsenal 2-0 Wigan (Ratings and Report)

The Late Show……Reported by Dazza Dawg
Two late goals for Arsenal have kept them top of the English Premier League table following their 2-0 victory over Wigan Athletic at Emirates Stadium. It looked as if it would be a frustrating game for Arsenal until captain William Gallas came to the rescue with a 83rd minute header finding the back of the net. Rosicky put the iceing on the cake meeting a Bendtner pass in the 86th minute and finishing clinically to put the result beyond doubt.

In the first 20 minutes both teams looked lethargic and there were no clear cut chances for either side. Arsenal’s first chance of the match came in the 21st minute when Adebayor did a neat turn 20 metres, followed by a one-two with Walcott and a subsequent shot saved low by the Wigan keeper. Arsenal only had to wait another 4 minutes for their next chance. In the 25th minute Denilson did a slick one-two with Rosicky and proceeded to shoot but his shot went wide.

Wigan’s best chance of the half came in the 33rd minute when Bent headed over the bar from a cross. In the 42nd shot Denilson proved to be Arsenal’s main threat again. Another long range shot from the Brazilian got a deflection and sailed over the bar. In a lacklustre first half both teams went into the break scoreless.

The second half started in a familiar fashion to the first. Arsenal’s first good chance of the second half came in the 67th minute when a Denilson free kick was cleared off the line following a good save by the Wigan keeper. Wigan continued to frustrate Arsenal and they were forced to make long range efforts. Adebayor’s shot in the 74th minute didn’t trouble the keeper, going comfortably over the bar.

But then the Arsenal we all know turned up. Bendtner received the ball coming on as a target man striker and passed it out wide to Sagna. Sagna proceeded to cross it in and find Gallas on the front post whose header flew into the net to break the deadlock in the 83rd minute. The floodgates opened as Wigan threw men forward in search of an equaliser. Just 3 minutes later Rosicky put the result beyond doubt with a calm finish from the edge of the box that deflected off the post and into the net. 2-0 might sound like a comfortable result, but there was a lot more to it than that. Arsenal didn’t play their usual beautiful, attractive football, but more importantly they fought hard and grinded out the result. Attributes that’ll contribute to making champions.

Player Ratings:

Almunia- 7/10. Didn’t have much to do.

Sagna – 7/10. Great cross for the first goal

Toure – 7/10. Solid

Gallas – 8/10. Lifted the team spirit and scored the late winner. Wears his heart on his sleeve.

Clichy – 7/10. Overlapped well but got caught out a couple of times. Was indecisive when he got around the box.

Denilson – 6.5/10 Not his best game.

Diarra – 7.5/10 Great game.

Rosicky – 8.5/10. Man of the Match. Was consistent throughout the game but became much more effective when Wenger moved him into a more central role second half. Got on the scoring sheet with the sealer.

Eboue – 6.5/10. Frustrating to watch at times.

Adebayor – 6.5/10. worked hard but no joy.
Walcott – 6.5/10. Showed good pace. Taken off injured

Eduardo – 6.5/10. not enough time
Bendtner – 7.5/10. changed the game completely

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16 Responses to Arsenal 2-0 Wigan (Ratings and Report)

  1. yash says:

    walcott much better than a 6.5!

  2. johnson says:

    Yeah man nice game, good to see that Fabregas isn’t all in the team.

  3. Goons_with_Guns says:

    I believe Diarra and Walcott had the best game trying to create chances (even if they were not always effective) and chase balls that they lost to win some back. Great work.

  4. robert says:

    Did you watch the game properly, walcott was better than 6,5

  5. CruEL says:

    Walcott was definitely a 7 at the VERY least. Personally gave him a 7.5
    After watching his performance wif the u21 and today, I’d rather give him more time than take on Agbonlahor WHO incidentally is the REAL TH14 wannabe, pace, control, shot, All much better than a certain ADElosedaBAllYor.

    Must say Wigan did a great job against us and it was very obvious our stamina will wear them out at the final 10mins (as usual).

  6. HorSinn says:

    Could Clichy ever knew he could and allow to shoot at goal? His final ball is as poor as ever too. Often promising when running forward, but end up nothing.

  7. Bernard says:

    I thought that Clichy could have been man of the match. He played so far forward to try to break Wigan down but he always came haring back to cover any breajs Wigan made down his side. Toure, as well as being solid, was magnificent as usual.
    I hope Theo’s injury is not too bad. Is there any news on this?

  8. naz says:

    “Could Clichy ever knew he could and allow to shoot at goal? ”


  9. gunnerstripe says:

    i agree with your ratings, possibly not walcott

  10. Titi186 says:

    what fcuking planet are you on mate I watched the game live and I can tell you one thing: Rosicky is the biggest pile of sh!t I have seen in years. He cant pass properly, he cant shoot aswell as Hleb let alone the great bobby, and his ability to take on people one on one is non-existent. Nice goal today but when the chips were down and everything was tight for 80mins he wasnt anywhere to be found.

  11. Bill(oz) says:

    Do not agree with Toure score as he hoofed the ball forward to many times instead of giving it away quickly to midfielders. He is starting to do this a lot.

  12. heskeyhater says:

    Rosicky can’t shoot as well as Hleb.

    Lulz @ you sir.

  13. Thana says:

    Man of the match should go to N.BENDTNER who change the game, create the 1st goal and assist for the second goal

  14. Niyaz PK says:

    Hmm… I think it is a decent score.

  15. lauren says:

    rosicky is a pile of shit? dude. get a life. there’s a reason he’s called the little mozart. not all players are labelled that.
    hleb cannot shoot. no wonder both combined goal tally of both of them this season is 8.
    hats off to your observation, sir.

  16. HorSinn says:

    naz? Don’t know what i mean? Did u watch that game? Clichy could dribble and run at defenders skillfully.. and as usual.. he picked the wrong option and past it back to opp instead of F shoot !!

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