Arsenal vs Wigan – Goal and Player Analysis

Arsenal won yet again and Man Utd slipped up, leaving us 3 points clear at the top. Arsenal were never in danger of conceding, but had to work hard to break down a stubborn Wigan.

The referee had a good game, as he tried to let the game flow. But he didn’t do himself many favours to get the support of the Arsenal fans when rash challenges by Bent and Heskey were left unpunished.

In the end, it was William Gallas, our own Captain Marvel who eventually won it for us. He derservedly should be named Man-of-the-Match. Here at thegoonerforum blog, we assess the goals and each player’s performance.

Goal Analysis :

Gallas goal :
When all of us Gunners fans thought Toure would push forward in the dying minutes, an Adebayor pass found Gallas on the edge of the area. Taught like any other Arsenal player, he passed it to Bendtner who in turn fed it to the overlapping Sagna.

Sagna crossed a great ball into the centre to only one Arsenal player. Gallas leaped forward and directed the header into the top corner. Arsenal 1-0. It was a great cross and a great header to steer it past the keeper under pressure from another defender.

After the match Wenger said Gallas was our forgotten striker.

Rosicky goal :
Inevitably, Wigan chasing a goal meant they weren’t as compact as before. And that’s when Arsenal are at their best. A fluid move when Almunia released the ball and then Bendtner got it past a defender inside his own half and ran at the Wigan defence. A simple pass found Rosicky outside the penalty area.

Rosicky’s first touch took him away from goal but his second was inch perfect, hitting a shot onto the far post and into the net. A deserved goal for an impressive player.

Player Analysis :

Almunia 6
Never in danger of conceding. Yet another clean sheet keeping a certain German international out of the team.

Sagna 7
Made runs down the right flank all night and his cross reminded fans of Lauren and Eboue of last season. Improving with every game.

Toure 7
Except for one mistake, Wigan never had much chance of scoring. Many would have thought he would venture forward to help score a goal but his presence at the back ensured another clean sheet.

Gallas 8
Defended well and scored a vital goal. Except for the heated moment with Heskey where he tried to get Bent booked, Gallas was the model of a true captain.

Clichy 7
Made some amazing runs but his final decision making seems to be lacking. Never one to give up, he is certainly one of Arsenal’s best attacking outlets.

Eboue 6
Poor touches and didn’t link up well with the other teammates. Needs to work hard to keep his place.

Diarra 7
Good game and showed strength and composure on the ball. Went forward alot to try help to breakdown the Wigan team.

Denilson 6
Had many touches but nothing too exciting. Lacked the creative spark which Fabregas provides. Limited to long shots.

Rosicky 8
Worked hard all afternoon and his passing was good. Started out on the left and then when Eduardo was brought on, played in the middle of a 5 man midfield. Ended the night on the right and scored a deserved goal.

Adebayor 6
Disappointing not to get a goal. However, his holding up of the ball and general workrate was again at show.

Walcott 7
Probably the best player in the first half. Was tightly marked all night but still managed to create a few goalscoring chances.

Eduardo 6
Quiet but looks more confident than he did a few weeks back.

Bendtner 7
Good on the ball and showed he can be a team player. Helped out in defending and set up Rosicky for the crucial second goal.

A thoroughly deserved win for Wenger and his men. Three points is expected at home and with Man Utd losing ground, Arsenal can smile and look back at a good weekend.

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10 Responses to Arsenal vs Wigan – Goal and Player Analysis

  1. nightmook says:

    It was Bendtner, not Rosicky, who fed Sagna who in turn crossed for Gallas’ header (credit where it’s due & all that…)

  2. Lowy says:

    actually when gallas scored gallas passd it to bendtner not rosicky who gave it to sagna who crossed it in. bendtner was involved in both goals and was looking impressive even thought he only played less than 10 minutes.

  3. Hasse Palmelund says:

    It was infact Bendtner who passed the ball to Sagna for the first goal and not Rosicky ! So the great dane actually had influence in both goals after coming in.

  4. GunnerPete says:

    Who could argue with that? As I have said too many times since last season…we have the finet squad ive ever seen in 58 years of support. Old Fergie was boasting last week that ” he cant wait to see what happens when AFC have injuries” Well red nose we have six of our first eleven out and still won easily and still played the best football in Europe……Question.>>>how did Manure do without two players ?

  5. Eboue 6 says:

    Eboue’s problem is when he’s running into the box with the ball at his feet and time to think. He has no confidence shooting and he needs to work hard on that.
    His strong point is his ability to create space in a tight midfield. Him and Sagna snuff out the opposition’s left side. Plus, he doesn’t react anymore when fouled so he’s growing up.
    I reckon he needs at least 3 goals this season to remain an Arsenal player long term.

  6. Bergkamp's the man says:

    Generally I agree with the ratings. Adebayor is aggravating me to pieces and though I know it’s too harsh I give him the default 1 he get’s from me since weeks. His inability to win a header against anyone taller than 4 ft is … have no words for that. Sagna is without doubt one of the best buys in recent years. His workrate is at least on Ade’s level but his effectiveness is beyond that of Adebayor.

  7. ismael says:

    I also agree with u that adbayor is not a class 4 arsenal but 4 african clubs hence wenger sh’d sell him

  8. sp1r0r says:

    Thanks guys, I edited the “Bendtner” part. Thanks for pointing that out.

  9. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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