Sevilla VS Arsenal Preview

Arsenal VS Sevilla

Starting 11



Fabianski deserves a chance. I think of it as this- we are allready through. Why not give him a chance? He has been excellent whenever he has played, and I would be delighted if he were to get a Starting 11 place, it would give him so much confidence.

On the subject of confidence, at one game could really boost Justin Hoyte. He hasn’t had any chances to prove what he is worth this season, and he deserves it. Again, I would love this player to be in the Starting 11, and have a brilliant game.

Gilberto and Senderos. Straight-forward- William Gallas and Kolo Toure need a rest.

Traore- what a player. I have so much confidence in this young talent, he is potentially world-class. Clichy needs a rest.

Diarra to have another chance. He will stomp out attacks.

Walcott, needs a start. Definitley play him in midfield, as also the front-two need a chance, (I’ll talkabout that later). He will provide that amazing, blistering pace, and offer a brilliant threat for all of our attacks. A good game from him.

Denilson again- prove himself.

Rosicky to play on the left after his performance in our last game.

Now, Eduardo and Bendtner can have a world-class partnership. Whenever I have seen these two they have blown me away. They need to start together- both need a chacnce.



Score Prediction:

1-2 to the Arsenal.

I have just got a feeling that with our young team we will get a result there. Bendtner to score in the 10th minute from a header, and provide the pass for an Eduardo tap-in on the 76th minute.

Come on the Arsenal.

7 Responses to Sevilla VS Arsenal Preview

  1. robert says:

    Traore wont be able to handle Navas and Alves on his own, you clearly dont know how good they are.

    Diarra Senderos Toure Hoyte
    Walcott Gilberto Denilson Traore

  2. useroz says:

    even if we have qualified one doesn’t necessary risk losing and that’s exactly what it’d turn out to be with such starting 11

    backline’s going to be very shaky and remember we are not playing wigan; what has denilson proved? lacking sparks and forward momentum perhaps

    with only rosicky driving the attack and walcott again not proven at all it’s a relatively weak mid field

    eduardo could be marginally close to world class; what has bendtner done so far to be called a world class partnership [with eduardo]? it’s not bad but would struggle

    these players (suggested 11) hardly play together in such occasions and would lucky to come out unscathed

    i feel robert’s starting 11 is more close to reality – it’s not a computer game after all

  3. Jon says:

    Fabregas will play over Diarra….can’t understand why though…!?

  4. Dan says:

    Gilberto is so flexible. So flexible in fact that you have at CB and on the bench….

  5. sp1r0r says:

    How about this lineup ?

    Sagna Toure Senderos Traore/Hoyte
    Eboue Fabregas Gilberto Rosicky
    Bendtner Walcott

    Certainly it is a good lineup.

  6. oracle says:

    my guess is we will win 3-1

  7. JS says:

    Is Nasri injured?

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