Aston Villa VS Arsenal Preview


Starting 11:



Almunia in net. He has been excellent so far, and definitley deserves to keep his first-team place. Sagna to be as solid as ever….

As will Toure and Gallas.

Clichy to keep his place. He is a fantastic player, he has really emerged over the past couple of seasons. Defensivley he is solid, as well as in attack. 

Walcott, needs a start. Definitley play him in midfield. He will provide amazing blistering pace, and offer a brilliant threat for all of our attacks. A good game from him.

Diarra to have another chance. He will stomp out attacks. I really hope that he gets a start.

Flamini to recall his place, allthough could Diarra and him play together? Not sure, maybe Denilson could start.

Rosicky to start, after his last Premier League performance.

Hleb in that second-striker role. He is so creative and could supply Adebayor with all kinds of passes.

Adebayor up-front, needs to start scoring again.



Score Prediction:

2-1 to the Arsenal.

This game will be very tough, they are a great team. If we keep it tight at the back, we could well come away with 3 points. I think Aghbonlahor will score first, with Adebayor scoring just before half-time, and again mid-way through the second half.

Come on the Arsenal.

9 Responses to Aston Villa VS Arsenal Preview

  1. Jim says:

    Ade to score? nah

  2. Goofle says:

    Come on…

    Poor blog.

  3. -Shaun- says:

    Why exactly is it a “poor blog”?

  4. JOCK says:

    Cesc Fabragas won’t be playing today – he’s named his teddy bear Barca or was that Farca

  5. Top boy says:

    What a terrible post… predicting when and who scores? Naive.

  6. sammy says:

    amen. thats all i can say but guess wat, agbonalor wont even score. villa 0-2 arsenal

  7. Fran says:

    Poor blog

    Adebayor to score 2?

    He’d find it hard to score in a brothel these days!

    Bring on Eduardo!

    Come on you gooners!

  8. Sp1r0r says:

    And why is that ? We did win 2-1 didn’t we ?

  9. Sp1r0r says:

    I think you people should look at yourselves. We did win 2-1 and Adebayor did score before 9 minutes before halftime. We’re here to discuss Arsenal, not the blog.

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