Newcastle Utd VS Arsenal FC Preview

Newcastle VS Arsenal

Starting 11:



Almunia in net. He has been excellent so far, very solid.

Sagna really deserves his run in the first-team, he is our best right-back, and should be playing in midweek.

Toure and Gallas to stomp out attacks. One thing I would love to go away with, after the 3 points, is a clean sheet. This season they have looked a lot better playing together, something which they still have to work on. Two world-class centre-backs.

Clichy, again, playing great. I am really confident seeing him in the team, he is amazing.

Eboue for a chance. I would normally say Walcott, but Eboue played really well in our last Premier League game. Hopefully he can continue that great form, as it looks as though Hleb will be out fot this game- unfortunatley.

Diarra to have another chance. He will stomp out attacks. I really hope that he gets a start. He has been playing really well.

Flamini to recall his place, after a Man Of The Match performance in our last Premier League game. This man has done so well this season, he has been one of our best players. He should be so proud of what he has acheived.

Rosicky to start, we haven’t got much other options, have we? But he is a very creative player, and if Hleb and Fabregas aren’t playing, we need him. He looks as though he is finally starting to settle at Arsenal, in the Premier League.

Eduardo needs a start. He has played great whenever he has played for us, he desperatley needs a chance. He is the player that could grab us a goal, at any moment. I would be absolutley delighted to see him start, I really would.

Adebayor up-front, hopefully we will see another one of his goal-runs. After a while of not scoring, it is about time he is regulary in with the goals. He gives 100%, he is one of our massive players, we need a goal from him.



Score Prediction:

2-0 to the Arsenal.

Allthough they are letting goals in, this will not be easy, so don’t expect us to run away with it. However, if we play well and do everything right the result will only go one way- in favour of Arsenal. We will win this game, be confident.

Come on the Arsenal.

7 Responses to Newcastle Utd VS Arsenal FC Preview

  1. jrock says:

    This is my guess:


  2. -Shaun- says:

    Can I just say that the Starting 11 I put up are the ones I would like to see play. Allthough this week I think mine and Wengers choices will be very similar.

  3. UTD111 says:

    Be as confident as you like, but United need a result. We are not just going to roll over and let you win. Love the language you use btw “stomp out attacks” – I hope you do…….and you get red carded for it. ho ho ho – merry xmas

  4. Stuart says:





    I’m not sure we will start with Edurado and i believe Arsene will use this formation because he has been favouring five in midfield and when we attack Rosicky and Eboue can support Ade with Flamini running from deep. Flamini and Diarra can maintain our fast tempo approach this season whilst Gilberto’s experience will be used to clean up what remains of Newcastle’s attack.


  5. Akshay N R says:

    Man whats the point in doing all these previews?
    Arsenal is going to belt the shit out of Newcastle anyway….
    Looks like every game Arsenal play is just a formality…

  6. Matt says:

    Well Flamini’s injured so he won’t be in the starting line-up. Sureley Walcott has to be given a go seeing as our main striker and 3 of our 4 first choice midfielders are out?! Rosicky ain’t good enough playing off the striker – whereas Theo’s made for that role – and there’s no need to have such a secure midfield against a struggling Newcastle side. Surely it makes r more sense to be balnced and use our attacking prowess to expose their numerous defensive frailties!? So a straight-forward 4-4-2 does it. Wish there were more Englishman in the XI but I won’t complain when the current bunch are playing so well. P.S. We are so gonna miss Touré when he goes to African Nations’ Cup!! Imagine Gallas got an injury in that time too – we’d be f*****!!
    Sagna Touré Gallas Clichy

    Eboué Denílson Diarra Rosicky

  7. Matt says:




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