Arsenal’s Unbeaten run comes to an end.

Tuncay was a handful and scored the 2nd goal for boro… 

We have 2 reported for you today….
Reported by Number 8
Well this is what Sky Sports and Co. have been begging for for quite some time now. We finally lost in the league, and now our next “test” is going to be to bounce back, against Chelsea of all teams.

Can we complain about todays result? Well, not really. Yes, Alliadiere took a tumble. Yes, the referee made terrible decisions all afternoon long. But that really wasn’t the reason we’ve dropped points. From second half against Villa onwards we’ve been really really poor. There have been some glimpses of hope from players like Diarra, but its just come few and far between.

Rosicky had his chance in the middle due to Hleb’s and Cesc’s absences, but he’s just not taken the opportunity with both hands. Last season Hleb got some deserved stick from supporters. He’d had one and a half seasons at the club, and he didn’t perform well consistently. Its going to be Rosicky’s turn soon. He too has had one and a half years at the club and he’s yet to show us what he can do. Its disappointing because we all know that the talent is there, but he just hasn’t done the business regularly enough.

Adebayor had another game to forget. He just didn’t chase the ball enough and his passing was, well, crap to say the least. One could argue that without Cesc, Hleb and van Persie around he’s got a lot fewer passes to pick out. How valid that is I don’t know. He’s there to make a difference, he’s one of the regulars and all he’s done is regularly deliver average performances.

Eduardo looked clueless as well. I’m going to go easy on him. He deserves the same leniency that Adebayor, Hleb and Rosicky got when they first arrived. Its not like he’s been mouthing off in the press like Baptista either, so no reason to be overly harsh on him.

All I can say is that as good as our back up is, they’re just nowhere close to our regulars. I really hope that Hleb, Cesc , Flamini and van Persie are back for the Chelsea game. Otherwise we’re in big trouble.

Reported by Dazza Dawg

Arsenal have suffered their first defeat of the season in a 2-1 loss to Middlesbrough at Riverside Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Boro took the surprise lead in the 4 minute from the penalty spot and extended it to 2-0 in the 74th minute through Tuncay. Rosicky scored an injury time goal adding respectability to the scoreline.

Middlesbrough came out of the blocks firing. In the 3rd minute Toure brought down Aliadiere and the Howard Webb awarded a penalty. Downing stepped up and converted the penalty to give Boro the shock lead 1-0. Things didn’t get any better from there for Arsenal. They were making countless errors and were being largely outplayed. Arsenal’s only chance of the half came in the 36th minute. Eboue’s free kick found Adebayor in the box, whose header flashed wide of the goals. The other notable chance of the half came in the 38th minute and it went to the home team. A Downing free kick from 30 yards was hit well, but straight at Almunia, who saved well. Boro went into the break deserved 1-0 leaders against an unorganised Arsenal side who were lacking any real passion.

Boro continued their dominance in the second half, and in the 50th minute Tuncay met a through ball but his shot marginally went wide. In the 60th minute Aliadiere played the ball across the penalty area from wide, and it fell to Boateng who fired a long range effort that failed to test Almunia. Boro landed the killer blow in the 74th minute, extending the lead to 2-0. A Downing corner ended up falling to Tuncay, whose shot took a deflection before finding the roof of the net. Arsenal were determined to find a path back into the game, and in the 79th minute Toure shot from distance, but it was wide of the target. In the 95th minute Rosicky scored a consolation goal, but it was little too late for the gunners, losing in a poor performance.

3 Responses to Arsenal’s Unbeaten run comes to an end.

  1. samkeliso says:

    arsenal need to go to the market and buy ronaldinho

  2. -Shaun- says:

    Buy Ronaldinho? Guess you don’t know that much about football.

    Oh, nice write-up guys.

  3. smith says:

    he is just a mad basterd to say” lets go and buy ronaldhinho!”. Dont mind him. Our 2nd half performence against villa was poor because we lost our slik man hleb. toon game was a poor performence, even poor was this game. Remember the away game at liverpool where we were untouchable. Let’s hope rvp,cesc,flamini and the great hleb comes back to play chelsea. If they come,

    3-1 to THE GUNNERS!!!!!!

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