Arsenal VS Chelsea Preview

Arsenal VS Chelsea

Starting 11:

———-Bendtner—-Van Persie———–


Almunia in net, as he deserves his run in the team. I highly doubt that we would see Lehmann in net for this one, and Fabianski won’t be playing.

Sagna really deserves his run in the first-team, he is our best right-back, and should be playing on Sunday.

Toure and Gallas to stomp out attacks. One thing I would love to have, after the 3 points, is a clean sheet. This season they have looked a lot better playing together, something which they still have to work on. Two world-class centre-backs.

Clichy, again, playing great. I am really confident seeing him in the team, he is amazing.

With Theo Walcott out of this game, and it looks as though Hleb may be as well, the only option we have is Eboue. He can provide that killer cross for our strikers to score from. He can be a real threat for us, he plays with his heart on his sleeve.

Diarra to have another chance. He will stomp out attacks. I really hope that he gets a start. He has been playing really well.

Now, no-one knows until the very last-minute as to who will play, but of course I’ll go with Fabregas. There is a high chance that he won’t be playing, but it will sure be a massive boost for us if he gets a start, it really will.

Rosicky to start, we haven’t got much other options, have we? But he is a very creative player, we need him. He looks as though he is finally starting to settle at Arsenal, in the Premier League.

Van Persie needs a start. After a succesfull comeback, he definitley looks fit enough to make the difference for Arsenal. It would be absolutley amazing if he could get us a goal, it would undoubtedly give him so much confidence.

This decision may be disagreed with, but Niklas Bendtner deserves his place in the team. I don’t even think it is a risk starting him, as in our past couple of games he has been great. I am sure that he will perform well.



Score Prediction:

2-0 to the Arsenal.

We are capable of winning this, and that is what I expect us to do. They are a great team and are playing great football, but at home we really should be getting all 3 points. It would be a major positive if we kept a clean sheet as well.

Come on the Arsenal.

7 Responses to Arsenal VS Chelsea Preview

  1. artful says:

    i hope your right with that bold prediction, go the gooners, its ours for the taking.

  2. Bud says:

    Adebayor all the way he is the premier leagues top scorer why would you leave him out? if flammini is fit he has to start Arsenal have not lost when he has started in the past twelve months. Go the lads!! Wenger has a fantastic record against Chelsea go Wenger!!!

  3. Goofle says:

    Fabregas was supposed to be the least likely to play the game so why would he play and not Heb or Flamini?

  4. If all three are fit:


    Ooooh!!!! what a team!

  5. If none:


    Still… what a team!

  6. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  7. Chad Kroski says:

    what i’m interested in is way Lehmann doesnt play anymore. see, living in germany, i dont watch premier league. but “our” newspapers claim that Almunia isnt really better than Lehmann. so IF that is true, why does Lehmann not play? only thing i could find is that wenger doesnt want have an untrained keeper in Almunia if Lehmann leaves the team into pension, cause he will in a possibly near future.

    so i’d like to know what the “experts” think about Lehmann…

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