Gilberto’s downfall

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Gilberto was one of the star performers last season in a miserable campaign for Arsenal. He led the team well in Thierry Henry’s absence and even scored more than 10 goals. His first contribution to the season was the equaliser against Aston Villa in Arsenal’s first game at thier new home, the Emirates Stadium.

When Henry left the club in the summer, everyone thought he would be automatic choice for captain. Gilberto at the mean time, was on national duty with Brazil at the Copa America. They won it and it was a huge honour for Gilberto as he was the captain.

However, the bad news came when the manager, Arsene Wenger appointed Gallas as the new captain, much to some’s surprise and to other’s horror. It was reported Gilberto did not know about it until he read it himself on

Now he is considered a fringe player and when he does start, he has bad games like the ones against Sevilla and Middlesbrough. It is coming to the end of a great footballing career of a great player. However, here at thegoonerforum Blog, we analyse the mistakes Gilberto made that turned a possible dream into a downfall.

One big mistake he made this season was probably not skipping the Copa America. Yes, no doubt he won it as captain but it led to 2 things :

1) He won’t be available for the first month of the season, so Flamini came in. Of course, Gilberto could not be blamed to be thinking once he gets back, he’ll get his place back in the team. Noone thought Flamini would be this good.

2) Wenger wanted a captain from the beginning of the season, not a vice-captain to temporarily take over. We saw how Gilberto did last season and when Henry came back, the team’s performances didn’t improve and the change in captaincy was confusing as players believed more in Gilberto’s leadership but Henry had the armband. Therefore, he appointed Gallas.

This two points have led to Gilberto being dropped and no longer automatic first choice. His time is nearly up, and if he still fancies a football career, should move on. Good luck Gilberto !

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3 Responses to Gilberto’s downfall

  1. Eye says:

    I am so sorry. Gilberto just has to go, his clumsy and mistime challenged yesterday almost cost us outside the penalty box with just 1 minute to go.

    Each time he play, I am extremely worry, I fear he would give away the possession cheaply, and give away free kicks in our penalty box area..

    Darira wants to leave, he said he doesn’t understand why he is selected in the French team but not Arsenal. I think he is comparing himself with Flamini in the French team. Dairra has his chance to impress, but he fail to do so. I remembered he did mention being a full back is just running up and down, and therefore he doesn’t wish to be a full back, a very disrespectabe statement by him. He is that kind of player with big ambition but small football brain, please do go Diarra, you are not appreciated here. I don’t know how to spell your name, and I don’t see the point to find out how to spell it anyway. Good luck to you, because you need it.

  2. justin says:

    Gilberto has been nothing short of the model professional and yes on merit he doesnt deserve to displace the outstanding Flamini but its a real shame for him to end his career with us like this. However if he decides to move and i do think that would be for the best, i wish him the very best of luck whereever he should choose to move, unless its to the chavs or the mancs of course haha

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