The Importance of Key Players

In my opinion every team that has ever played football has key players and it is time to face the fact that we are no different. I have heard people say that it does not matter who is in the Arsenal team, they are all thought the same trade and no matter who is playing in the squad they will always be top class. But can I ask? Who was saying that after games like Middlesbrough away and Sevilla away.

Today we got key players back and the difference was there to be seen. And as much as I would like to be wrong, when you take people like Cesc Fabregas, Robin Van Persie and Alex Hleb out of the setup, then we are a different team. Let me go back to the Boro game. It was probably one of the worst performances seen from any Arsenal team in a good long while and it is not because of fatigue, it is because we are missing key players.

Don”t get me wrong it is the same for everybody. Take Steven Gerrard and Torres out of the Liverpool team. Take John Terry and Drogba out of Chelsea (as we seen today). Even Man Utd who think they are, are not perfect. Take Christiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney out of their team and they are just like everybody else.

People can say that we have a great squad and I won”t deny it I think it is as good as anyone else”s. But when I hear people who have said that “they all play to the same standard” they are wrong. When you take Cesc Fabregas, Alex Hleb, Mathieu Flamini and Robin Van Persie out of a team of course you are going to notice the difference.  Boro away being the perfect example. The most important thing for this and every other club is to keep key players fit. And we need to keep all our key players fit as obvious as it sounds.

But on a positive note our squad at the moment is only going to get better. So maybe in the future when we do lose vital players we might just be able to cope more. I mean look at the facts. Denilson, Walcott, Eduardo, Traore, Bendtner and Fabianski can only get better.  We do have great young players coming through if needed , I take people like Fran Merida and Carlos Vela from next season on and we hope they have big futures ahead. Also Diaby is great cover along with Eboue when everyone is fit. People like Lassana Diarra if he stays put (rumor has it he is unhappy at Arsenal due to lack of first team football) would provide great cover. But lets not get side tracked, as I said the most important thing is keeping our best players fit and available.

I feel the only way we can keep going with this challenge then we need people like Fabregas and Hleb fit unless people like Denilson ,Walcott and Eduardo turn very good, very fast. Don”t get me wrong it is the same for every team in the world so I am not just talking about us, it is the same for everyone.

4 Responses to The Importance of Key Players

  1. Emjay says:

    garbage article… u don’t come out and speak the obvious… and whoever told you all arsenal players play at the same standard is crazy. so i am assuming u hangout with a lot of idiots… pls never do any writing again. This sucks… badly…

  2. Hinserin says:

    There are always first eleven for every team, no doubt about that. But the difference is too big when you play both uncreative players Giblerto and Diarra in the central of midfield. Toure read the game well, he had to kick a long ball forward instead of relying on these 2 OVERRATED player. I consider Denilson and Diaby or Song our second choice of central midfielder instead of the 2 headless players.

  3. cheesetype57 says:

    Taking away big players doesn’t make as big of a difference as you’re trying to make it look like. You can’t really compare how the team plays when they’re there to when they’re not. You have to compare with when other players are gone.

    If you take anyone out who gets a considerable amount of playing time there’s going to be a large impact. People have to play out of position, or someone who doesn’t usually play takes up the slack and doesn’t have the chemistry that the other players have.

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