Wenger is at fault, Time to ditch the 4-5-1

Yes the man is great at developing young talented player but when it comes down to tactics he has been found wanting.

Bendtner must be thinking what more he has to do to break into the first team. And why was he only given 8mins last night? He is full of confidence after his derby goal and should of got on sooner. In fact I fear that Bendtner will end up like Bentley and move on to become a great player.

As for Wenger’s faith in Adebayor again you have to question why he has not been dropped on his current form. Last night we all saw the worst in Ade, His first touch was very poor, The ball bounced off him time and time again and he was caught offside countless times. The only time we looked like scoring a goal was when Bendtner came on.

This 4-5-1 is clearly not working but yet he continues to play it, Even when we have 2 fit strikers in form sitting on the bench.

What is really confusing me is that Wenger himself said that 4-5-1 was not working after the Man Utd game.

Wenger 05/11/2007

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted that his tactical decisions isolated striker Emmanuel Adebayor during the 2-2 draw with Manchester United on Saturday.

Sometimes Adebayor was a bit too isolated up there. Maybe I could have played Theo Walcott up front, or Eduardo (da Silva) or Niklas Bendnter. But I went for a different approach,” Wenger said.

“Without Robin van Persie the balance in the final third was not completely right. That’s my fault. I’d look at that again.

“In the final third, we dropped a little bit too much off and that took something out of our game.

“The game didn’t reach the level in terms of technique that I’d expected it to reach, but it was still an interesting game with contrasting styles.”

So why is he still playing this way? Clearly the man is stubborn and even after the lost to Boro and the current poor show of performances he is sticking to his guns.

Start the next game 4-4-2 and go out positive, Drop Eboue move Hleb back out to the wing and go 2 up top. Its that easy!!

Its all very easy for Wenger to blame the other team for not allowing us to play football.

Time to get back to basics Mr Wenger and play 4-4-2 or you are in danger of blowing our chances of winning the title

13 Responses to Wenger is at fault, Time to ditch the 4-5-1

  1. Wally says:

    Gee, what are you doing writing blogs on the internet? you should be coaching England, “Its just that easy”. Wenger must feel so relieved that you can solve all our problems. Mind you, we beat chelski with the 4-5-1 formation, but just ignore that irrelevant fact.

  2. O.O.U says:

    Yes this comment was rite.we gooner need to stand up and talk.because we cant fold our hands and watch like this again.bendtner need to start b4 ade because he has all the quality a good striker must have.so why is wenger benching him.no more 8 mins game

  3. Charlie George says:

    Spot on.

    Wenger is a stubborn old bastard who is great at spotting young talent and letting aging players leave the club, but he’s a right prat when it comes to tactical imperatives.

    Point (1): 4-5-1 is a load of crap,
    Point (2): Eboue is a load of crap.

    How on this blessed earth are we supposed to win this championship with one striker (only competent at best!) up front who has no clue what to do when he gets the ball in a non-scoring position?

    The Togan can play, but while his best might be very good, his worst is absolute and complete shite.

    Players like this can take you so far but no further.

    As for Eboue, what a waste of space.

    How on this green earth does he get a game ahead of so many talented players – let alone players the club could actually go out and buy?

    It baffles me to the core. He gives us next to nothing.

    He couldn’t manage to hold down the full back position yet, by some stroke of incredible fortune, he can sidle up to an attacking position and despite not scoring a single bloody goal (never mind chase back), he can hold down this position.

    It defies the most basic of logic.

    Do not be surprised if we win zilch folks.

    Until something gives, viz the above, we are doomed to follow in the ranks of the great pretenders.

    And all because of one man’s stubborness.

  4. Titi186 says:

    Listen mate who the fcuk are you? Do you get paid £4m to lead s top 2 premiership side? Do you manage a sunday league team let alone any kind of real team? And no football manager 2008 doesnt count…

    We know Wenger got it slightly wrong and Rosicky is proving time and time again he is over rated and adds nothing to our team but allowing Walcott time to develop. Back to the issue at hand yes it was a draw but did you hear Man Utd fans calling for their managers head when they lost at City? Or Bolton? Or even being as harsh as you are being now? Didnt think so.

    Everton away is hardly the rebound fixture we need right now to cure our away bug especially with Ade’s poor form of late and RVPs mystery injury but we have to trust the man who has lead Arsenal to the top of the premiership when most bookies offered 12/1 on us winning the title and every pundit out there scoffed at the thought at us being in the top four let alone top.

    Do us a favour and think before you speak.

  5. clockendjim says:

    I was at the match last night and was further frustrated by Inadequatebayor. I wish he didn’t produce the odd flash of brilliance every now and again, because it disguises the fact that he is holding back the progress of the team. The same goes for Eboue.
    Bendtner with his brief opportunities has shown that he has much better ball skill and control. Also a much greater footballing brain in playing the right ball and bringing others into play. I also fear Arsenal losing him as I feel we have a potential superstar on our books.
    As great a genius as Wenger has been, over the years he seems to have these blind spots over certain players that everyone else can see except him. Cygan was a prime example who I spotted recently still lumbering around and giving away goals.
    We are so near to having a Championship winning side, I just hope that someone can influence Wenger to make that final leap.

  6. Wishbone says:

    Good to see a blog that aint scared to rasie the issue about the 4-5-1 and wenger. Well done

  7. Charlie George says:

    The problem with people like you is that you are totally sycophantic when it comes to Wenger.

    You see no faults and no excuses for the quite blunderous decisions he sometimes makes.

    In the 12 years Wenger has been at this club, for the most part, I would strongly suggest that with the teams he has assembled – and fantastic as those teams have been and credit to him – he has totally underachieved.

    We have never won in Europe and we have never won back to back titles.

    We had some of the very best players in the world, namely Henry, but could only manage a couple of titles in his eight years at the club.

    Make no mistake, Wenger has been fabulous for this club but the club is and always will be much bigger than Monsieur Wenger.

    I, for one, support Arsenal.

    I do not support the stubborn blindness of one man who has absolute control over all playing matters regarding this club.

    Ferguson, Robson, Keegan, Dalgleish and the like would have done just as good a job if not better if they were given the same opportunities as Wenger.

    And probably for a lot less money, as well.

  8. thegoonerforum says:

    Charlie George some great comments mate. Cheers

  9. shocked gooner says:

    Unbelievable comments.

    We are overachieving with our young squad and ppl are calling for Wenger’s head and that he should ditch his tactics!!!!

    That is just a bit more shocking than how ppl are doubting Adebayor (2nd top scorer in league) and demanding Bendtner to start instead after a decent 25 mins in a total after coming on late in two games!!

  10. GUNNERBOY says:

    ade must be Dropped! He is useless and selfish . Had he played eduardo in on his run during the newcastle game we would have been 2 goals up and would have taken all 3 points its poor decision making like such dat is gonna cost us Dearly. Ade thinks he is the new henry and is developing an ego. Eduardo showed his match winning abilities playing for a second string side away to blackburn! Its time for him and bendtner to shine and get us points through team work and intelligence!! Ade can fuk off 2 france

  11. Wally says:

    Adebayor is second on the top scorers list, and people are calling for his head? The formation works well, but if the players have a bad game then is doesn’t (like all formations). Hleb, Fab, and Ade all had a bad game. No matter what formation you play, if you key players hit bad form then the team will have a tough time. People are quick to jump on Eboue, but if you watch the games from the ground, you will notice he does a great job defensively, which Hleb and Theo fail to do.

  12. Geb says:

    I trust wenger a lot but he shouldn’t make things so hard for himself. Bendtner can deliver-he’s still a kid but 8 minutes is so little: He needs more time. My question is why should Wenger not trust those he has groomed? I love ade but i think he’s being so mean, let alone the fact that his control was poor Vs P’mouth.
    Ade could be facing fatigue. Alot of fresh feet like Dudu, Diaby, Walcot.
    my Main point is more time for Bendtner. Ade is our top gun but it’s because he’s at arsenal-many chances for the forwards, but his conversion rate is low at the moment.
    We have to take about 3 cups this season, if we plan well. Amen

  13. Funky Kolo says:

    Charlie George said this “Ferguson, Robson, Keegan, Dalgleish and the like would have done just as good a job if not better if they were given the same opportunities as Wenger.”… I laughed so much I nearly cried…
    What footie have you been watching… Fergi would’ve done just as good a job if given the same opportunities… hahahaha, you’re killing me!
    Mate, have you seen just what Fergi has spent over the years to keep (arguably the biggest club in the whole world) just one step ahead of Wenger and his Arsenal ‘pocket money’ budget?

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