Arsenal vs. Burnley – Player Ratings


It was performance where the players didn’t seem to get out of second gear for me. Burnley played really for most of match and the fact that they couldn’t convert any of their chances saw them lose to an Arsenal that could convert their chances. I didn’t the whole of the match but here are my ratings.

Lehmann 7 – I thought Jens Lehmann had a solid game today, from what I saw he didn’t get much to do but did what was there well. I also think that Lafferty’s early header might have been saved by Lehmann had it been lower, but i’m not too sure on that exact part. It would be a shame if this is the last time we see the Mad German in an Arsenal shirt.

Traore 4 – I personally didn’t think Traore played well at all. From what I have seen of him he gets caught way to easily on his blind side and doesn’t always get the tackle in. He got caught in the first half when the ball was crossed in and instead of letting it go out he got caught with the ball and Burnley almost got a goal. I was surprised that he didn’t go up too much at all in the game but he wasn’t helped out too much by Abou Diaby who I thought didn’t stay on the left side enough to help Traore out.

Senderos 7.5 – I think Senderos was really solid in this game, I didn’t see the whole of the second half but what I did see of the game he did very well. He was solid made some good tackles and cleared the ball very well. He also made some good defensive header, something which he does get critized for at times.

Touré 7.5 – A typical Touré performance. Action — Reaction. He did very well in my opinion and he even had a successful long ball. For the first goal I believe it was Touré who hit it long for Eduardo to calmly finish.

Sagna 7 – Like Touré he had a typically solid perfomance. He made some good challenges and he can cross the ball well. Other than that I didn’t notice him too much. One thing I feel bad for him for is that when he sprints up to support Eboue and nine times out of ten Eboue ignores his run.

Diaby 6 – I thought Diaby was rather poor today. I didn’t think he got on the ball enough for my liking, but when he did I thought he kept it too long on occasions and lost it although he did get out of some tight situations. Sometimes he went from the left flank to the right and then stayed there too long, on one occasion Bendtner played the ball to the left and Diaby was nowhere to be seen and at times left Traore on his own which contributed to Traore’s poor performance. I also think he failed to go up the left flank and always went inwards and lost it rather than going wide and crossing the ball. However I did like the ball he played for Eduardo in the second half which Eduardo went on to miss.

Denilson 7 – He had a good perfomance overall. I don’t really have much to say about him other than he was all over the pitch. Perhaps he could have got a card for one or two bad challenges.

Gilberto 7 – He was slightly rusty but a much improved perfomance from his last few. He made some good challenges and did well overall. He was unlucky not too score with his header which was cleared off the line. Its nice to know we have another header of the ball in the team, I think he does it really well. Hes lucky not to have been injured by that not too nice challenge by Laffery – who had a great game in my opinion.

Eboue 5 – I think Eboue was really poor in the final third today. Whenever he gets into it he is erratic. You don’t know whether he is going to shoot or cross, and then when he does do it it turns out to neither of them. I also thought he was greedy when he got into the final third, he came inside – ignoring the run by Sagna most of the time – and tried shooting and he failed at that. No doubt Eboue was great defensively but he seriously needs to get his decisions to be better when in the final third.

Bendtner 7 – A good perfomance from Bendtner today but because of Burnleys overall workrate he didn’t get too many chances. In the first half he showed great technique with his overhead kick which was saved by the Hungarian keeper whose name I will not attempt at spelling. His goal was simple, a straight through ball from Eduardo on which Bendtners diagonal run took it out of the keepers reach and he slotted it home. Good confidence builder of Bendtner. Its nice to see him and Eduardo having a partner ship growing.

Eduardo 8 – My Man of the Match, Eduardo had a great game today. However we have learnt something new today; Eduardo IS human and he CAN miss sometimes. He wasn’t in the game too much today but he is starting to get on the ball more than previous games. Bendtner and Eduardo are forming a nice little partnership which is shown from the second goal, when Bendtner passed to Eduardo and then Eduardo’s through ball was taken by Bendtners diagonal run and slotted home. Eduardo’s goal was well taken too, he took the defender in and then spun round and Touré’s long ball landed in his path. Eduardo then held off the Burnley second central defender and Captain too slot the ball past the goalkeeper.


Hoyte 6.5 – I didn’t see much of him but he was solid with his headers.

Overall I think this was a good performance by the lads. Senderos looked capable to cover for Touré in the centre-back position so thats a positive.

by AF2

8 Responses to Arsenal vs. Burnley – Player Ratings

  1. I thought Toure was better than Senderos and at the times Diaby did get the ball, he usually got past 2 or 3 players

  2. bee says:

    Toure was my man of the match… he was immense… traore still has a long long way to go… gilberto was good actually, he made quite a number of well-anticipated interceptions. Diaby and Eboue were totally clueless though, holding on to the ball too long and forever trying to go past players rather than passing it…

  3. thepremierleague says:

    Not sure about some of those ratings mate, i agree with Traore – but Diaby was certainly better than a 6.

    Anyway! Well played the lads and see Stoke/Geordies in the next round!


  4. TheGooner says:

    I totally agree with your ratings. I also believe that Eduardo was man of the match and i agree with your views about him. 🙂

  5. wackyacky says:

    well written completely agree with you great blog well thought out posts 🙂

  6. Joel Cairo says:

    I think you under-rate Sagna. Was there a moment yesterday in which he did anything wrong? I cannot remember it. As someone else wrote, if I were a left winger facing Arsenal and having to go up against Sagna, I might as well stay in bed.

  7. AF2 says:

    Its not that I under-rate Sagna, its more that its now become expected of him. To be honest he usually puts in a great performance so I do not always pay much attention to him.

    But I agree with you, most of them don’t stand much of chance.

  8. […] Arsenal were given an early scare by Burnley but came out tops when Arsenal defeated Burnley 2-0 at Turf Moor. […]

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