Tottenham vs Arsenal – Players Ratings


We have to admit, we were very lucky. Spurs could have killed the game with 3 or 4 goals but they didn’t. Walcott’s goal was very lucky but I didn’t think it was a handball.

Berbatov was superb tonight but it could be due to the fact our whole team played like crap. MOM maybe Hoyte or Fabianski.

Fabianski 7
Neutralised many of Spurs crosses and looks assured in goal. Our last line of defence against Spurs was quite good.

Hoyte 7
When he moved into central defence, looked a good player. He marked Berbatov out of the game when he was moved into the middle. Best defender on the night.

Senderos 5
He always seems to raise his arm hoping for an offside flag. Why not chase the ball down, and if its an offside the linesman will give it. He let Keane in on one occasion and we were very lucky Keane’s touch let him down.

Djourou 4
Off the pace and doesn’t at all look a Premiership defender. Very disappointing and worrying.

Traore 5
Defending wasn’t very good and going forward contributed little.

Walcott 6
Lucky with the goal but other than that always played out of position and his runs amounted to nothing.

Denilson 5
Passing is poor and his linkup play is no good. I don’t know what his role in the team is, but he looks like he was separated from the team.

Gilberto 4
Another poor, poor performance. And to think he was a world cup winner. He isn’t half the player he was last season. I’d doubt any top club would want him now.

Diaby 5
Held onto the ball too long and always cutting in deprived us of any width on the left wing. Still much to learn.

Bendtner 6
Worked hard and passing was ok but nothing inspiring.

van Persie 6
Looked like he lacked match fitness and reportedly came off with an injury.

Sagna 7
Boosted our defence and most of our threats came from Sagna. Good play.

Eduardo 6
Good assist and general play was not bad. Lacked service though.

Randall 6
No time.

Certainly an improved performance is needed to ensure safe passage into the final. Maybe Wenger will bring in some experienced players like 2 seasons ago ? Or stick to the young Guns like last season ? More will be known in a few weeks. And we hope, there will be serious improvement from the youngsters.

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18 Responses to Tottenham vs Arsenal – Players Ratings

  1. Terry says:

    We were watching different games, Denilison was very good and bendtner with little support was worth a 7

  2. LB says:

    Senderos was much better than you suggest. As far as I was concerned he had the best performance, Bendtner was second best, Hoyte was third and Walcott was 4th. The rest (excluding the subs) were not even mentioning. The worst by far was Gilberto. He gave away the ball 90% of the time he had it. He has to go!!!!

  3. LB says:

    “Worth” mentioning. I meant.

  4. Fab4 says:

    Djourou went off injured at half time so that may explain why he looked so much off the pace. Diaby kept cutting inside because he has no other option, due to having no left foot (not literally!). Gilberto was awful; if he hasn’t been sold by that time, Diarra simply must play in the second leg. It’s all very well punishing the player for his outbursts, but this is a semi final against Tottenham, and we need our best players there (within reason – I’m not suggesting we play the first team).

    Unbelievable that RVP is injured again. Is he competing with Robben to see who can be the most lightweight, made of glass Dutch footballer ever?

  5. Fab4 says:

    We are in big trouble at the back.

    Djourou and Senderos now injured. Toure and Song in Africa. Connolly sold. Gilberto useless. Who is going to partner Gallas now?

    Sagna? Hoyte?

    I would go with Hoyte personally. Otherwise we must buy someone in January. Last time the ACN was on, we were missing something like 9 defenders at the same time, and it is heading that way this year as well.

  6. COOLGOONER says:

    We did not play well. The defense was so shaky but it was a bit stabilised by the sustitutions. The midfield failed to feed our hungry strikers despite their tireless efforts. They made the strikers drop deep to get the ball upfront. Diaby and Denilson need to step up their game. Senderos needs to improve his technical side of his play, its hard to trust him. Djourou lacked sharpness but Hoyte tried well. I agree with you LB on Gilberto, we couldnt intercept most of their moves but he tried hard.Walcot needs to grow and mature, despite the goal! Traore could have done better but Lennon kept him out of his runs. It was an average and some below average performance to our standards.

  7. JoeF01 says:

    Fabianski – Looked ok behind a defence that really looked shakey and un controlled. But a few good saves and some good takes from crosses.

    Senderos – Well… i really never feel comfortable when i see him play he never looks sure or comfortable on the ball. Wont ever be a good 1st team player for me.

    Djourou – Not a good performance along side Senderos neither inspired confidence in defence. Hurry back kolo!

    Traore – Not the best performance did ok up against a very fast lennon but nothing to write home about.

    Hoyte – Prob the best defender for arsenal on the night but with the other playing like they did its always gonna be a struggle!

    Gilberto – Not solid at all and passes went astray more than completed disapointing, maybe lack of games doesnt help but deffo not playing to his usual standard.. hard to say it but move him on with the amount of center mids we have.

    Denilson – Didnt have the best of games but i like this player and central mid is his position but hard to have a good game when all around is so unbalanced..

  8. JoeF01 says:

    Diaby – Good player but not suited to the left wing in my opinion. Coming inside much to often losing the balance of the team and clogging up the midfield. worrying if he is the only left sided player in reserves to play if rosicky is injured or rested.

    Wallcott – Frustrating!!!! can see he has good qualitys but yet to settle and final balls not happening.

    Van Persie – Quality player wasnt ready for the game so Eduardo should of started.

    Bendtner – worked hard in a team not creating but prob my arsenal man of the match if there was one!

    Goalkeeper – Played ok behind shaky defence. Defence – Shakey and lucky not to concede anymore. Midfield – unorganised and not natural positions. Forwards did have a hope in hell.

  9. Big Raddy says:

    I agree with LB. How many times was Swiss Phil forcd to cover for Djourou? In a way it is encouraging that JD was injured. Hoyte looked comfortable in the middle.As for Traore….. how often did we see Lennon (who is supposedly International class) get past him.? Maybe once in 90 mins. True his final ball was poor, and his set pieces even worse. Bendnter was playing against the best CH in the country and yet managed to look at home, particularly in the second half.

    Our real problem lay in midfield. They couldn’t gel at all. This could be down to good play from the Sp*rs, but even so, Denilson, Diaby and GS looked lost. They will be better at WHL, particularly if Diarra plays in place of GS.

  10. nr790 says:

    i have to say the worst was denilson closely followed by gilberto , the best for me was hoyte and senderos wasnt as bad as you say

  11. segujja says:

    Guys the worst was Diaby, that guy doesnt pass the ball ans he needs a Roy Keane speaking to. Fuck this guy. Walcott did well but like Diaby, they dont release the ball in time. Senderos and Djourou i felt didnt get so much protection same for the full backs. Denilson tried to pull the strings but we had no movement so that gave him less options thus being caught in possession. We need to battle hard. these kids should talk to Flamini. but it was a positive result. and to those who felt that this was a time to lose the sp*r. well its not in our system to do so. It will kill me if we lost to those Dumps. Wenger do what u have to do if yo reading

  12. Eye says:

    Our midfielders, so call full of talents being conjested, a joke..

    Diaby, he thinks he is possessed with Henry’s skill.. dribble and dribble and loss the ball.

    Denilson, he has no ideai what to do with the ball. Add extra stess to our defenders, no link up with our attackers, I don’t know what his position is..

    Walcott, runs and runs with defenders with no end product apart with the lucky goal..

    Gilberto, a good passer of the ball to Spurs. Sorry no, he was never good before even for last season. This season he is worse. I always stress that it will be the end for him if he leaves Arsenal, he knew that. Because with his ability, he will find himself not even on the bench for other clubs. That’s why he prefer to stay. Last night game i would give him 2 points, 1 for making up the numbers, the other point for wearing Arsenal jersey.

  13. segujja says:

    Eye u dont know what u are talking about, Denilson was shite coz of Gio and Diaby not helping to create options by running for him to pick them out so lay off Denilson

  14. Ole Gunner says:

    Diaby looked disinterested. I suspect it’s the Diarra effect. They’re childhood buddies.

  15. Jacob Waiswa says:

    Great Lessons from the London Derby

    Carling cup game tested Arsenal back four from whom Arsenal FC could chose best partner for Gallas. In the Spurs game Djourou was filtered out when it comes to playing pace-games and stiffly competitive-games as with Spurs, Chelsea and Manchester.

    The guys from which to determine Gallas partner now remains Sagna as number one and two; Hoyte. Hoyte could now be Arsenal FC right back while Sagna becomes Toure’s temporary replacement with Sagna-like Gilbert as substitute.

    Djourou’s report is that is slow to react, in movement and in timing runs forth and back, was always caught late for any of the required actions. They, Senderos and Djourou almost suffer from the same condition and could in future be wrong to be paired.

    The future would require a situation where if Arsenal has two pacy full-backs, center-backs could have like at least one player with the attribute while the other ever stays on guard as the rest attack. For example, Senderos and Djourou would not play together or any of them with Gallas.

    They must be a constant and consistent balance with them as would be for the rest of the team players. It is such arrangement that could consistently manage opponent’s pressure. On the other hand the rapid attacks from Spurs dictated Arsenal game without any remedy to it in the course of the game.

    Yet amidst such a condition Arsenal could embark on just possessing the ball for the next 15 minutes before re-engaging its own gears while making sure they create game’s overall pace by finding the ball, having possessive passes and then determine game pace.

    Mind Arsenal, the return of Ledley King has changed Spurs greatly. It would not be Arsenal reserves to beat Spurs especially in the demanding mid-field. In future Arsenal could be forced to adjust accordingly.

    Comparing both teams also is important in this analysis, when you look at Spurs, these are players who have played since the season began while Arsenal FC as par the Spurs game, is one that is thought of any other time and put forward for trial and error. The future games with Spurs will no longer entertain such especially if Arsenal is really after winning such games.

    Next time Arsenal FC would need to apply Adebayor in games Ledly King features, make changes in midfield to have players who have played together for a long time and of course, revise the next games defense line until Toure is back.

  16. Eye says:

    segujja u don know what u were watching. Not only Denilson was poor in his decision making, he couldn’t even cross a proper ball during several corner kicks. I do not need your opinion, u can keep yours.

  17. ozgunner says:

    Eye i dont know if you’re even an arsenal supporter certainly doesnt sound like it, but unless youu can do any better i think u should lay off the players a bit, criticism is one thing blatant condemnation is another. walcott didnt even do too badly, his work rate was great and he was one of the only players who actually had the balls to try and penetrate the defence, and was rewarded for it. sure he lost the ball at times but consideering his lack off support and the fact that he was playing out of position he deserves a little more respect

  18. hoops says:

    Diaby was shocking.

    He gave the ball away every time , didn’t put in any tackles and kept coming inside…

    I would keep Diarra and fuck Diaby off…


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