Too Many Bit Part Players at Arsenal

The Spurs game has caused me to think seriously about our squad and of the undoubtedly tough few months coming ahead. Perhaps I have been viewing our squad through tinted glasses but they were shattered last night by our abysmally shit game of football.

Arsene Wenger proved all critics wrong at the beginning of the season, and I loved him for it. My love for the club and it’s players and my love for optimism had never been higher. The sense of satisfaction and pride at seeing my team at the top of the league once again, I cannot explain.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Arsene and trust him and the squad for getting us where we are. But I want us to remain at the top, and for us to do so, I think a few changes have to be made.

Over the last few years, Arsene’s transfers have been criticized. When they first arrived, the likes of Hleb, Rosicky, Diaby, Denilson, Senderos, Walcott, Adebayor, Eduardo, Eboue and Djourou have not exactly set the league on fire.

In recent months Hleb and Adebayor have put in some good performances, and Rozza and Dudu have also put in some good performances as of late but the others….

All of them show potential, but potential will not win you a league.

Diaby is a powerhouse, he owned the Chelsea midfield last season but it was one game. He overplays and is greedy with the ball and his touch lets him down. He has other qualities to his game, but qualities he can only develop playing the center of the park and I do not trust him in that role.

Denilson shows a hell of a lot of potential, but is incredibly raw. He is a good fourth choice central midfield though, I would rather have another player ahead of him.

Eboue fails to add anything to the squad. Yes, he can cross but I don’t see the appeal of his “dribbling”. He knocks the ball past a player and then uses his pace to regain the ball. He is lazy and simulates play. He is not shit, you don’t mark Ronaldiniho out of a game and be shit but he is not showing his worth. Not a good enough back up if you want to win the league.

Senderos has been living off his good half a season for too long now. Yes, then he organized the defence well and looked like a monster in his tackling but I think Kolo also made him look good on numerous occasions with his monstrous pace compensating for Phillipe’s complete lack of it. He seems dependent on the offside rule now and looks generally clumsy in his play. Not a good enough back up if we want to win the league.

Walcott has potential. However, I never want to see him play on the wing ever again. His decision making is shit and whenever he gets the ball, he looks like a headless chicken and doesn’t take advantage of space and generally runs into players. He is not a bad back up, especially when played upfront but we can do better.

Johan. Interesting player. I was impressed by him last season and wasn’t very pleased to see Arsene had loaned him out. He had an unimpressive loan spell and was p!ss poor against the scum. I am willing to give him more time though. His recovery is good and he looks a hell of a lot a better all round athlete than the other lanky Swiss man. A good 4th choice Center Back.

And I almost forgot about Gilberto. This season, he has taken shit to a whole new level. I admire his professionalism, but now it is time to go.

I think some of us have taken our early season performances out of proportion. Yes, our squad was impressive but that was using our strongest XI. Our first XI will not last us a season.

Where does that leave our squad? With average players on the wings, in the center and in defence.

Sagna and Hoyte are our most impressive center backs at the moment (bar Gallas) and that’s not even their original position. If the god’s are with us, Arsene will play Sagna in the center and Hoyte on the right. Or even play Diarra on the right, but I’ll come to that later. Arsene has never been one to go with the general opinion though, and I can see him playing Gilberto or Senderos at the back, a thought which is giving me the shivers.

We will need to dip into the transfer market. We some good, versatile, experienced, Premier League standard players who can come in and do a job. Not enough players to phase our youngster our, just one or two.

We need a new right winger, but not having one won’t ruin our season. I’d actually would not mind some young talent there as long as we don’t have to go through the bullshit that is adaptation.

We do need some good, solid experience at the back though. Why not go for Wes Brown? He really is not as bad as some fans make out, a decent player and will not cost much. There is the question of whether he would join us or whether United will let him join us but I would certainly welcome him in here with open arms. He will want regular first team football though, and bar this month, I don’t think we can give it to him. A pity really, as he would’ve been a fantastic back up.

In the center, I would be quite happy with Cesc, Flamini, Denilson and Diarra. So what I am trying to say is: “Do not sell Diarra”.

CM is a position where experience is required, and I think Diarra could go on to do great things for us. He has really impressed me and has looked like a monster of a player. I would not object to Denilson playing a few games throughout the season, but I don’t think he is ready for regular football yet. I would feel a lot safer, should Diarra still be playing for us.

Flamini or Cesc are bound to hit some bad form at some point and Arsene is not keen on playing Diaby at CM. The second half of the season could be a good one for Lassana, should he choose to stay. Should he leave, I think a new CM spot should open up.

Keeping Diarra is even more important, should Arsene decide to play Sagna at CB, I trust Hoyte but he too is also young. Having Diarra ready to slot into RB would put my mind at ease.

If we bring in a new Center Back and keep Diarra, we should get through this month fine.

That’s the long and short of it, I reckon.

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30 Responses to Too Many Bit Part Players at Arsenal

  1. Clockend Lloydie says:

    “Monster, Monster!!”

  2. LB says:

    Agree we should keep Diarra, but don’t agree with the headline. One bad game does not edfine our squad. We are much better than last year, with Hleb, Rosicky, Eduardo adding something new. We will be better still next year with Bendtner, Walcott, Vela, Gibbs and Merida adding even more. All that concerns me is injuries and the ACN, not the quality of the squad.

  3. nr790 says:

    play hoyte in the centre . also i think you are over reacting it seams stupid to critsize our defending against the scum when the midfield wasnt even tracking back for the centerbacks its like a 6 on 2 game tell me is gonna win that

  4. TheNuts says:


    A blogger who sees Arsenal as we should. So many fans seem to hate it when someone criticise Arsenal and doubt if you are a ‘real’ fan, whatever that means.
    Well I totally agree with your comments and think its time we discussed openly the flaws in our team that are there to see.

    A right winger instead of Eboue. Sorry but I just can’t stand him. His shooting is terrible and crosses are only so so. And Theo potential sadly seems to be disappearing and being replaced by luck.

  5. mjc says:

    Wes Brown???????????
    Good lord we are in a bad way then….

  6. Byrne says:

    Dude, wes brown? U must be shitting us…. 4 the love of god! Only a spuds fan wud even suggest somethin as atrocious as that. U not a spuds fan in disguise by any chance?

  7. Dave says:

    Lot of truth in that article. I am a born pessimist so for many games I work on developing an ulcer – the Spurs match was bloody abysmal (unless you´re mad enough to be a Spurs fan). Can´t stand Eboué – he is NOT a right-winger and he plays for fouls all the time. Look at him twice and he falls down clasping his throat, or head, or any other part of his body. I agree that we should do all that we can to keep Diarra – he´s bloody good. Diaby has good games and rubbish games. Yes, we should have CB cover (not just throwing in Sagna or Gilberto). Walcott is the perpetual future hope but he just seems to run (very rapidly, I admit) into trouble on the right wing. I´m also not convinced by Almunia. We need a WORLD-class keeper. Arsenal deserves the best!

  8. alfie says:

    i think its a little unfair to start to wonder if we can make it with our squad after 1 poor game against sp*rs. i think its essential to keep diarra. i watched arsenal v burnley and thought Eboue and Hoyte were awful. i have always concidered giberto overated and i think he makes too many mistakes. Senderos is awful. i think clichy has been my player of the season so far along with sagna and flamini. I think Arsne Wenger is a genius but i would like him to dip his hand in his pocket this transfer window. right winger and CB and also maybe a game changer…. i mean a forward that can come on in a game and change it, much like ole gunner for Man utd. i think Walcott needs a chance as a forward but he also needs to get some balls and start running at people. RVP is a brilliant player but is starting to frustrate me… although that may not be his fault!! long live Almunia!!!!

  9. brad hyde says:

    Dreadful; The squad I believe is one of the strongest around. Djourou and Swiss tony 3rd and 4th choice centre halves, Who do Mancs Chelski and Liverpool have as there 3rd and 4th choice?????????
    I am very excited about what I see coming through , everyone knows we didn’t do enough the other night v Scum but we didn’t give in and came back and got a result of sorts. many games this year we have won whereas we would not have done the last 2 years
    have a little faith

  10. Alex999 says:

    Of course they’re all rubbish now after wednesday’s performance – and they’ll all be amazing youngsters again when we get through to Wembley (as they were after Blackburn). Get a grip and stop evaluating player’s abilities on the basis of one game. As Ian Botham once said “form is temporary …”(as are individual performances) “…but class is permanent.” Recognise the undoubted class that is before us. Our fluency has been lacking recently, but it will return. It’s impossible to keep it up all season.

  11. philodriscoll says:

    I’m afraid i also have to agree with alot that your saying. Its not just because of the performance against the scum. Definitely agree that Senderos should not be involved at all but i think Gilberto is a handy enough CB. Although he was by far i thought the worst on the pitch on Wednesday night.

    Eboue! Don’t get me started! Firstly he is in no shape or form a midfield player. I really can’t stand him either. Always moaning, losing the ball and then just jumping on the ground and rolling around trying to pretend that was his reason for losing it! I agree we are lacking a RM at the moment but when Van Persie gets back you can move Helb back into mid and have himself or Rosicky on either wings with Walcott and Randall (who seems handy) as backup.

    Just a thought.

  12. lc says:

    Our first XI can beat any team in the league. That’s why we are at the top of the league at the moment.
    Last Wednesday game can’t help you see the quality of our current squad. I am sure if AW brings more first team players in the second leg, we will qualify.
    Eboue, you criticise almost every day is in my opinion a key player in many of games we ‘ve won this season. But I don’t blame you to not see that. Eboue contibutes a lot to the balance of our defense, midfield as well as our attacking play, beacause he is a natural artist, better user of the ball; but again novice can’t see it. He is the best link up player who can combine well with any of the first team squad. He is so easy to criticise; but when he is not playing, we don’t seem to play well.
    My only unhappiness about the game on Wednesday was with AW who uses the reserves in CC without any common sense. These younsters are still developping physically. You can’t play them week in, week out against tough Premiership teams like that. They could have some carrier frightening injury.
    I am not worried about Denilson; but I am about Diaby who doesn’t seem to make any progress.

  13. Paul Witham Gooner says:

    What is it with people who run websites. They all end up like scousers. One good performance and were the greatest and going to win every thing then one poor performance and were relegation fodder.
    Since arsene has been using the carling cup as a breeding ground the team has gradually got younger and less experienced. Wednesday was the first time he has played anyone this season who could be classed as first choice and one of those was back from a long lay off. In the last two seasons that was the first time they have been anything other than brilliant. Even more amazing when you think that young players are usually eratic form wise.

  14. stevo says:

    I agree with Brad Hyde

    whats wrong with you people that write these blogs. Can you not praise or be constructive – saying shit 100 times is not constructive writing.

    The squad is the best in years in all areas. The game against Spurs was not boring in the least and was a good cup game. Arsenal were up against a motivated and full Spurs squad. The way you talk it sounds like they lost 5-0.

    Its ok to remark but yours are so off centre it makes for naive and immature reading.

    The reserve squad drew 1-1 with a very good Spurs side – thats fact, the Spurs side is a good side and our below par reserves drew with them. Most of them lack match play – Senderos, Van Persie, Gilberto, Denilson – and thats obvious when watching.

    The onlz remark I agree on is that Diaby does tend to want to take on the entire opposition and Walcott needs to use his pace ans skill to go at defenders and make them back off

  15. Manu says:

    Diarra is going (and should too with that attitude). If a player reportedly requests to be dropped from an important game, then keeping him will only destroy the teamspirit of the squad especially that of subs who have given their 100%. I’m not sure we need him that badly.

  16. blindasabat says:

    Hysterically panicky!!!!

    I particularly liked ‘…I think some of us have taken our early season performances out of proportion…’

    Using your own words i’ll amend it to ‘…I think some of us have taken a 1-1 draw out of proportion…’

    suddenly the whole team has collapsed becuase of a poor showing by the reserves?

    get a grip

  17. Steve says:

    Here we go again. the usual “OMG we were shit for one game we must BUY BUY BUY BUY and that will solve everything” article. When are you going to realise that one poor match does not require open heart surgery every time?

    Yes we were bad on wednesday but much as I hate to say it the scum were very good (apart from putting the ball in the net hahaha) so if our kids on off day can hold their 1st XI on a good day to a (lucky) draw in a competition that we dont care about then i would say there isnt too much to worry about.

    Bert was the biggest problem on Wenesday – gave the ball away practically on every touch and in a couple of instances looked completely off the pace. But given his play time in the last four months am I surprised? Not really.

    Think this article is a big overeaction and the only solution is Wes Brown? jesus you lost all credibility when that was offered.

  18. Maximus says:

    Agree entirely. Said this on another website not that long ago and was shot down

    We have a great first team but lack real and genuine depth.

    I have described our squad as thin elsewhere and people wouldn’t have it.

    But to me it’s obvious.

    Senderos, Hoyte (yes, Hoyte), Denilson, Diaby, Eboue, Gilberto, Djourou are all not up to it. Walcott, Almunia, Rosicky, Song have all question marks against their name. Traore, lately, has been abysmal.

    These players may play the odd good game but no more. They lack the most important thing going for a footballer: consistentcy. No two games are ever alike.

    They are simply not good enough to play for Arsenal. They might be good enough as squad members but not much more. To play them together is madness. We saw that against Burnley and Spurs, and we saw how dysfunctional and unbalanced we truly were.

    Arsene is playing a very dangerous and potentially explosive game. He is betting the house on these players in competitions we need to win for our pride and sanity – even if the great man doesn’t see it that way.

    If money isn’t the problem with Arsene, then stubborness surely is. He spends too much time on players who will never make the grade, shows blind faith when a good dose of reality is needed, tries to be all things too all his players when he needs to be more ruthless.

    If we can’t get decent players to come in when the coffers are bulging, then when will we? Probably when it’s too late.

  19. Dolomite says:


    All this bs about Eboue being poor yet this is a player that for all his theatrics has always contributed to us winning even when playing poorly. Goal apart what has Theo contributed recently? Yet I dont hear him being ridiculed like Eboue. Gallas has said Eboue is one of the most skilful players at the club and last year it was his cross for Baptista that gave us a platform for the win v splurts.

    Think before you post over critical drivel.

  20. morroman says:

    The doubters from the start of the season are back in full CRY. Try supporting your manager and team instead and hope he gets Diarra out before he destroys the spirit.

  21. Naldo says:

    Im sorry but what a lot of drivel

    You’re been far too picky!!

    Wenger uses the Carling Cup to blood his youngsters. You can pick faults in these guys til the cows come home but I can forgive one poor performance against a very strong Spurs side. Please remember these guys are our second string and the experience they are getting against seasoned premiership pros is invaluable for their footballing development.

    The fact that Spurs still cannot beat us with our second string gives me so much satisfaction and surely pisses that lot off no end! Albeit the goal was fortunate but they all count.

    Your criticism of the squad is unfounded. The fact that Arsene sticks to his guns and plays the youngsters right throughout our Carling Cup campaign speaks volumes for the man. He is using it to develop their game and the fact that he does it is a big factor in helping to attract the cream of Europe’s footballing youngsters.

    Without a doubt I believe our second string would be in the top half of the Premiership and could even sneak a UEFA cup place. Looking at Spurs position in the League what would they do to be in that position right now?

  22. SuperGooner says:

    In summary, and this is nothingto do with the Spurs game, these are thoughts built over the last fewe seasons:
    Senderos – I have no confidence in him, he is clumsy and slow – we must replace
    Eboue – An Arsenal embarrasment. We need a true, hard core right midfield player
    Walcott – potential, but clumsy when running withthe ball and gives the ball away a lot. Give him a chance though as he could, I hope, be a good CF.
    Almunia – Good but not good enough for a striving to be the top team in Europe. We need another Goalkeeper.
    Gilberto – past his best.

    The squad is strong, but we do need to be honest and say it should and could be stronger.

    We do need to buy another CB to replace hapless Senderos, and we need a right wing player to replace ‘oh g od did I see him do that’ Eboue. The rest we could live with.

    We should get rid of Senderos……… and Gilberto (only if Diarra stays)

    Cover for each position should be
    GK – Lehmann
    RB – Hoyte
    CH – Djourou, and another
    LB – Traore
    RM – Another
    CM – Diarra, Denilson or Diaby
    LM – Traore or ?
    CF – take your pick from the 4 plus Walcott

    In reserve – loads of youngsters in Randell, G Hoyte etc etc etc

  23. norfbank says:

    i agree with you on Senderos and Djorou. They have been floating about for about 3 years now and i still can’t see any improvement in either of them. They are not Arsenal standard CB’s. Don’t forget not long ago our back four were famed worldwide for their ruthlessness, efficiency and precision what has happened.

    As far as our midfield, playing Diaby constanly on the left does not make sense to me, he looks uninterested out there and u can see his confidence being drained game by game. AW unleash him in the middle please!! use him where his power, balance, and skill can hurt teams. Denilson is good but Diaby is special watching him break from midfield with that leggy stride reminds me of an ex Arsenal captain. Let him learn probably not just accommodating him on the left

  24. Hugo says:

    I gave up reading this after you stated that Eboue’s good enough to mark the best player in the world (at the time) out of a game, but is not good enough for us as a BACK UP player! What do you want?? Oh yeah, Wes fucking Brown! Quiet down boy, our shit squad’s got a league to win.

  25. eboues mom says:

    Sagna and Hoyte are our most impressive center backs at the moment!? insane…..Senderos is back after a long layoff and JD need a bit of coaching after a year in Brum…

    Eboue scares the shit out of defenses with his direct running….ask any defender what they hate the most……an unpredictable player running at them like a steam train….

  26. Rosetinted says:

    Jesus, clicked on this, read it and got wound up. Should of known better. Spurs payed better than us on Wednesday, fair play to ’em. That was their strongest possible team against what is our second team and they still didn’t win. The same team was also poor against Burnley but won. What does that tell you? Teams win trophies when they have a team capable of not playing at their best and still getting result which exactly what we have done this year. All the players on Wednesday are able to step up into the first team when required and do a job for us. We now seem to have four outstanding strikers, excellent choice in central midfield. Good cover at full back. Don’t be too hard on Djourou after one game back, he was outstanding for Birmingham by all accounts, Theo is looking a lot stronger and more confident. We’re top of the league for christs sake having lost one game all season. We’re not that bad sometimes I think people have nothing better to do than knee jerk reactions. Come on you Gunners

  27. MAX says:

    this is so stupid! we’re top of the league, and have a chance of winning all four competitions… at the start of the season, people thought that fourth would be a struggle. why doesn’t everyone stop slagging off every player we have, overanalysing every mistake each player makes, and get behind the team. diaby, denilson, djourou, walcott are still very young, and senderos and eboué are certainly not old. the squad’s playing out of it’s skin, stop having a go!

    Wenger knows.

  28. Ole Gunner says:

    Utter cuntry.

    The problem with the internet is that everybody gets his own blog and can write the most thoughtless crap.

    The number of top games that our squad have won us this season is amazing. If anything it’s our biggest strength.

    The same team that went to Blackburn and trashed them with 10 men suddenly has too many bit-part players.

  29. Boringboring fan says:

    Bless you
    I do like the look of your site very nice
    One question I would like to ask you is are one of those people who thinks we need to get rid of Wenger and bring in someone else possibly The special needs one?
    Are you just running the blog to court contorversy?
    I suppose it is a way of attracting people and advertisers to your site for click chips?
    I mean Wes Brown?
    You I suspect were in the group who thought our club would fold after over 100 plus years in opperation when AW sold TH14
    AW is in my oppinion at least a season ahead of schedule and evrfy sucsess we have in the Carling cup helps to bring on the youth younger players which is why we are seeing the development of team at the top of the table.
    The game on wednesday shows our reserves have the will and determination evn when not playing well to digg in and refuse to lose.So if we do have someone missing (From the first team)we can call on one of them to play the AW way .AFC fans should really count ourselves lucky that we have AW in charge because he reallydoes know!

  30. chris says:

    i totaly agree that we have too many bit players in the teamEboue 4 me does not deserve 2 command first team soccer,he cant shoot n’ simply runs out of ideas after a great run and is unbelivably lazyy!his got out of this world ability but his gud 4 nothin’ wen in the team,that goes 4 diaby as well,good God i hope he never ever plays an arsenal game,miss Toure!!!!!

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