Vieira is gone – Get it through your heads

Posted by : The Fabster

Ok, it’s about time I had this little rant. I am in a particularly bad mood for some unfathomable reason so this should be a tidy little rant.

Our general Patrick Vieira is gone. So stop bringing his sale back. It’s like you accidentally kill your dog go mentally insane due to the loss for two years, and just when your on top of your game, some c**t comes and shouts “YOUR DOG IS DEAD! YOU KILLED IT! YOU SUFFERED BECAUSE OF IT AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!”

All the doom mongers out there, are constantly bringing the Vieira sale in a pathetic attempt to try and disgrace Arsene Wenger. Arsene does have his faults, but when he really, truly is at fault then he comes out and says it. In the Vieira case he admitted it.

In all honesty, letting Vieria go was not a mistake. Not replacing him was a mistake but it was also a blessing in disguise. Cesc would not be bagging in the goals this season were it not for the education he started receiving two years ago.

Admittedly, we suffered for it but are now reaping the rewards. So I see little point in people trying to bring back the sales of Pettit, Overmars and Vieira.

I will tell you something. Arsene Wenger knows more than all of you, simply because he has come into training every day for 10 years and knows his players in and out.

Would you really want Vieira, who is closing on 33, back with us now? Admittedly, he would bolster a fairly weak Central Midfield in terms of depth but he would not break into the squad. He has made two starts in the Serie A this season, what does that tell you?

People are trying to link our current bad form with the sale of Vieira all those years ago. I don’t understand the logic. As much as I love Paddy, he would do little to help us win the league. In fact, I almost forgot he had ever played for us. The man was a legend, but his time has come. Get over it people.

We made a massive profit on his sale, and his departure has allowed talent to develop. 13m for a 30 year old is good money. Admittedly, he had about another two seasons at the top but he hardly set the league alight with Juventus, did he?

When a player wants to move, he will move. The manager cannot stop him from moving. He would not have done much for us last season, anyway.

So please, stop using Vieira in your pathetic cases in pleading that Arsenal are a “selling club”. That Arsene Wenger is an incompetent manager for letting such a talent go. That since Vieira left, Arsenal have never been the same.

We suffered two bad seasons, get over it and look to the future….

Rant over.

14 Responses to Vieira is gone – Get it through your heads

  1. Dave says:

    I havent heard anyone using vieira as an excuse for any current problems…. I didn’t even know there were any current problems?!

  2. matt says:

    You what?

    Are you on drugs?

  3. michael says:

    What are you talking about? Vieira would definately break into the arsenal squad and the reason he has only made two starts is due to injury not lack of form!!! We dont want him back but if he were to come back then he would definately break into the first team! yeah he is a thirty year old player but without Arsenal thirty year old captain do you think they will be where they are today?
    Next time you wake up in a bad mood, take your misery somewhere else!!

  4. Shivi C says:

    But what a way to leave the club hey ?…

    with his last kick ever winning an FA cup final against Man utd. If we had known that at the time we bought him, we probably wouln’t have given a shit how good he was !!


  5. mitch says:

    twat! nothing to do with Arsenal, long gone, cannot even believe you would bring this up

  6. AusGunner says:

    michael, are you insane? Vieira would not replace Cesc or Flamini on form at the present moment. There’s not a lot to that notion. Cesc and Flamini at this point in time are better players.

  7. James says:

    What the fuck are you talking about? Who wants Vieira back – some bloke you met in the pub? Get off the Internet with your stupid blog. It’s shit, you’re thick and you can’t write properly.

  8. […] Vieira is gone – Get it through your heads [image] Posted by : The Fabster Ok, it’s about time I had this little rant. I am in a particularly bad mood for […] […]

  9. Cannontime says:

    Honestly I thought we put this whole Viera thing to rest about 2 years ago, but opinions and rants are opinions and rants.

  10. The Fabster says:

    Just because some of you have never heard it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. I am sick with people brining back the sale of Veira and criticizing Arsene Wenger for it.

    And Veira is 33 years old, not 30. Which is pushing it, even for a defensive player.

  11. chang3rd says:

    someone ruffled your feathers, eh ?

    “People are trying to link our current bad form with the sale of Vieira..”

    What bad form ?
    We’re tied with ManUre at the top of the table, I don’t see no bad form

    If really people are talking about the Viera issue now, then they should really get a good lecture on it

  12. Manny Ray says:

    Vieira is actually 31.

    We did miss his presence at times over the course of the last couple of seasons, particularly in the League, but we could have easily won 2 trophies since his departure, including the much-awaited Champions League, were it not for poor officiating, which would have led to everyone hailing the decision of Wenger selling him. It’s a fine line.

    This has little relevance to the current situation at Arsenal, and I haven’t heard any mentions of Vieira for quite some time. I’ll have fond memories of Vieira and all that he did for the club, but we’ve moved on and are fine without him. Flamini compliments Fabregas superbly.

  13. jim says:

    Youre the only person who has mentioned it in the last year. Idiot!

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