Clichy vs Cole


I think looking back at the Gallas-Cole deal, we have done the best bit of business. Gallas cost us -5mil pounds and now we have Clichy, who based on his performance yesterday, could now be said to be on the same level as the best leftbacks in the league. He was sound defensively and the number of runs he made in the first half could have been more than the entire Fulham team.

Clichy is always calm under pressure. He seldoms clears the ball high into the air, instead holding onto it, and looking for a pass or to dribble round his marker, even when he is near his own penalty area.

Clichy was criticised the last few seasons, for his poor crossing. He always manages to get into good positions but he wastes his crosses. Now, we can see he has improved tremendously and even Wenger said so.

As for Cole, no doubt he is first choice at Chelsea, but after a season and a half there, he is not as worshipped as he was at Highbury before the tapping up. I read at a Chelsea website, that they thought they had the best bit of business in the summer of 2006, but now they realised, Arsenal haven’t felt the loss of their star leftback, and instead gained a new leader in William Gallas.

Cole has tremendous pace, as does Clichy, and his style is suited to Arsenal’s style. The partnership of Cole-Pires-Henry on the left, was the best in the country. When Pires left, it was weakened and that was consolidated by the fact Henry lost form. That dynamic teamwork may have gone for now, but on the basis of the game against Fulham, it wouldn’t surprise me if by the end of the season, we would be seeing Clichy-Rosicky-Eduardo do something similar. Between the three of them, they set up 2 goals and scored 1.

Clichy is 22 while Cole is 25. Both have good futures ahead of them but it will be difficult not to see Clichy becoming as good or even better than Cole someday.


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52 Responses to Clichy vs Cole

  1. ... says:

    gallas did not cost us 5 million pounds.
    we got gallas plus 5 million from chelski for cole.

  2. Sue says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When both were are Arsenal together Clichy impressed me more. Clichy is now one of the best left backs in the country.

  3. Ole Gunner says:

    Clichy is not one of the best left backs in England, he is the best left bank in England. All the stats back that up.

  4. tt says:

    What I like about Clichy the most is how calm he is. He also never has thease rants at the ref like chasley used too.

  5. John says:

    In the last five months and at the moment Clichy folded Cole.In the future Clichy is 1000x better than Chasley.

  6. Gene Mann says:

    Agreed but lets be fair, Clichy is just better all round…and he is improving.
    Cole is by no means a has-been but his attitude and demeanour on and off the field is simply disgusting. For all the talent he has, the manner in which he carries himself leaves most Arsenal Supporters glad that he has become someone else’s problem – always complaining, ranting and raving unhappily about who, what or how he was hard done by…

    Clichy and almost all of the now Arsenal team carries a ‘quiet confidence’ about themselves with clearly stems from the world class manager in charge. Well done Clichy and the rest of the lads…make em shake in their boots in fear of annihilation.
    AC Milan are you ready for us…?

  7. gunner-4-life says:

    Clichy have improved his crossing to a rate that impressed me in the past 3 months. It is really nice to learn that he response very positive to all the critics from fans. If all Arsenal players are having the same attitude, we will be even stronger.

  8. Michael Sullivan says:

    I always thought that cliche would eclipse Cole and yesterday’s runs were confirmation of that. All that and without the temper nor all those cards.

    But another non conversation, especially after yesterday’s game, notice the non comments about the absence of Henry. Thierry was and still is an icon for all players especially at Arsenal. Yet no one comments on his absence and on top of that Adebayor’s two brilliant headers have confirmed that the team really hasn’t missed him.

    By the way, I always thought that when Cole and Cliche were sidelined with injury I thought that Flamini did a great job at left back. That position has never been a weakness at Arsenal even when Silvano had the position (spelling anyone?).

  9. El Tommo says:

    Get a grip – Clichy is BETTER than Cole NOW. he always had the potential to become the better player and now he is. An added bonus is that he seems to be a much nicer bloke than the other twat.

  10. Gooner says:

    We didnt pay 5 mill quid…We got Gallas + 5 million for Cashley

  11. Warri Gooner says:

    Based on current form, Clichy is a better player than Ashley Cole. And “current” has been even before Cole left for Chelsea a year and a half ago. I predict that Wayne Bridge will become first choice at Chelsea before the end of the season.

  12. useroz says:

    clichy could improve his shooting skills, and when he gets it he’d be one of the world’s best

  13. Ryan says:

    Well Clichy does still need to work on his crossing. He’s got loads of assists lately and the cross for Ade yesterday was perfect, but I still think he needs to be putting in crosses that good more regularly. As someone else said if he can also score a couple of goals a season I think we’re looking at a complete left back. He’s better now than Cole ever was (who was over-rated simply for being English and from coming through the academy). And unlike Cole he doesn’t have that asshole attitude which Cole has always had.

  14. Spike says:

    I thought Chelsea paid us £5 million as well as giving us Cap’n Willy?

    As for Clichy; he was great last season and has improved again this year. He is Mr Dependable, gets up and down the pitch, never gets riled up and has improved his crossing.

    The guy is a Top Gunner!

  15. ian7 says:

    as good as cole someday? He’s already miles ahead of cole. MILES!

  16. Clock End Gooner says:

    “Gallas cost us -5mil pounds”
    Chelsea gave US £5m + Gallas dude! We didn’t pay a penny!

  17. nando says:

    you fogot to mention that cashley is a c*** and clichy is not.

  18. ICemanBahrain says:

    one of the best leftbacks in the world, could be categorized with Ashley cole(during his prime at arsenal),and Roberto Carlos, could even be the best leftback football have ever created, but still there is always room for improvement

  19. mongolooner says:

    Also, the number of times Clichy busts a gut running back to catch someone is incredible. Great player.

  20. the little mozart says:

    a fair comparison wouldve been clichy vs cole of 3 years ago.
    there is no comparison to make between them on present form: another great bit of business by wenger.
    i was sitting next to someone in the pub watching the fulham game who didnt think clichy was as good as evra. by the end of the game hed changed his mind 🙂

  21. mark says:

    why did my coment get deleted? all i did was point out we didnt pay 5 mill for gallas chelsea paid 5 mill to us plus gallas.

  22. Iceman says:

    this is old news. shortly after we made the cole gallas swap. everyone could tell we got the better deal. ashley cole is crap now. at arsenal he was famou but he din’t make much money. at chelsea, he is a multimillionaire but no one knows him. fuckin cunt and his money and cellphone.

  23. megg says:

    what do u expect he is learning from beckham! Infact our the whole squad are learning. Cant u see agianst fulham we scored from two crosses.

  24. Bootoomee says:

    Not someday. Clichy has been better than Cashley all season. He is faster and while Cashley will not use his right leg if his life depends on it, Clichy uses it effortlessly. Selling Cashley for £5m + Gallas is the deal of the century. A profit of £3m on Diarra in 6months is a close second. Wenger does know!

  25. michael says:

    Clichy just needs to score goals then he would be one of the best and be the first choice for France, but other than that , “What a tremedous player”!

  26. Jay says:

    Cole’s actually 27, which makes Clichy all the more impressive at just 22!

  27. Arsenal Sweden says:

    Clichy is the best left back in the world at the moment. He doesnt have to score as everyone else does that for him. Cole was never this good when playing for Arsenal and certainly not now..

  28. goonerdeano says:

    goals? er… he’s a left back, he’s not going to get many goals..
    more assists (from his improving crossing) is more realistic.

  29. Shaunmadmax says:

    Why should Clichy be scoring goals? He is a defender, defenders defend attackers score goals! Clichy with his crossing needs to have assits against his name and not goals!

    Clichy V Cole? I agree with nearly everyone Clichy just does not panic. He has great speed of recovery as did Cole. What we see of Clichy he does not want to be the superstar! He keeps himself to himself and loos like he just loves playing football! Clichy is a true superstar for years to come!!

  30. Yardie says:

    Fantastic and understated. Much more intelligent than Cashley C**t. Once he starts scoring, then definitely will be the best in the world. Yet nother coup from Le boss!

  31. Van Perry says:

    I think Clichy will be the best left back in the World before long. Scoring isnt a worry, thats never been an Arsenal full back’s job. His only flaw lies in the challenge for balls in the air. I love the clich tho, his tempramebt is everything the team is becoming, and everything Ashley wasnt.

    Clichy + Sagna = best club full back pairing on Earth at the moment in my opinion.

  32. Yardie says:

    Even the west london Russians are pissed, complaining that Arsenal got the better deal. They both deserve each other. lol

  33. yemane says:

    I couldn’t believe that he has climbed to such an unimaginable level. I swear he is the played who attracts me most followed by the hardworking rosicky, go on clichy, go on cesc, and go on rosicky, hleb, gunnersssssssssssss

  34. Wrighty7 says:

    Clichy will be the best left back in the world, without a doubt. I feel he is improving all the time, and cAshley Cole has stagnated really since signing for Chelski. We have easily got the best deal out of this. We have a great Captain and possibly the best Centre back in the world in Gallas.

  35. Charlie Nick says:

    Was watching the DVD “Arsene’s XI” the other night (had it for Christmas). Cashley was the chosen left back. On it, I was reminded of the most incredible off the line clearance by him I’d ever seen (Liverpool away 2001/02) and it made me realise how much we loved him. Even if he’d left for Barcelona or Real Madrid he would have got a hero’s welcome on his return. But the way he left spoilt everything for one of the greatest Arsenal left backs ever. Still Clichy has the chance the chance to shine and he’s not far away from getting to the level Cole, Winterburn and Sansom got to. I used to feel sorry for Clichy because Cashley had his position. I feel sorry for Traore now. That’s how good Clichy is!

  36. Chirs da Gooner says:

    definently the most improved arsenal playa over da past 2 years. only a matta of time before hes wearin da blue of france on a reg basis. its a shame hes yet to score for us

    Gooners 4 da TITLE


  37. Ani says:

    “Gallas cost us -5mil pounds and now we have Clichy” – Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we get Gallas PLUS £5 mil?

  38. VikingGooner says:

    Do you really have to ask????
    Clichy without a doubt! Clichy is heads and shoulders above “greedy bastard” Cashley Cole
    Cashley can ROT in CSKA Chelskij where he belongs!

  39. kenyan gooner says:

    dude lemmie just say that clichy is better and is the best left back in england @ the moment. i will say nothing about cole coz hell knows how much i hate cashley cunt cole

  40. Norwegian gooner says:

    and within 2 years Traore will be better than Clichy

  41. hlebinho says:

    those smartarses only signing in to try and point out that gallas didnt cost us 5 million, read the article carefully to see it says ‘-5million’, ie MINUS 5 million. idiots.

  42. Stone says:

    Cole is actually 27 years old. No doubt we got the better end of the deal. We didn’t lose much but gained Gallas.

  43. Gordon says:

    To everyone who commented on the 5mil fee we got about Gallas, the writer got it right. Please look carefully. It’s “-5mil” which means NEGATIVE 5mil. It meant to be in a straight statement.

  44. Papa loves jose says:

    Seriously, can you guys not read, the write of this article has said -£5m; a – means we made money, not paid for him! Before you jump down his throat to make yourselves look intelligent, double check what you are commenting on!

    Regards Clichy – he was always gonna be a star, he just need a consistent run of games, which at last he is getting now – Agree with the comment about Traore above – he is gonna be class, but how on earth is he gonna get past Clichy??!!

  45. Richey Back says:

    I’m reading this really late and no one will prob see my post but anyway ….

    … a lot of you guys are wrong in thinking that the article says the Gallas-Cole Deal cost us £5 mill.

    The line read —>> “Gallas cost us -5mil pounds ”

    The Key bit here is the – symbol; He is saying that he cost us Minus(-) 5 Million i.e we made 5 mil; he didn’t say +5mil??

    Again I admit it could have been put in a better way but just thought i’d say to stop a few more of you having heart attacks over it!!

  46. Muwangala David Milton Uganda says:

    Two factors: One, unlike Chelsea managers, Wenger is not only a manager but atransformational coach as well! Who has ever been transformed by Jose Mourin and Grant? Who does not know How many have come from Professor Wenger’s exequisite coaching-Thiery, Viera, Goerge Ware, Cashly himself among others.

    Two, Cashly minds about the pounds from Abromovic more than his talents. He would rather spend time with fellow English men, getting to know who Girl friend this and the other is and how each one carries himself in the matters that should be non of his business.

  47. goonarosa says:

    Well, the question should be is cashley hole the best left back in CSKA Chelskis ? And the answer ? Surprisingly and pleasingly is a big fat NO ? .. erm, there is a gent called bridge who is better in moscow-upon-chelsea …

    The real question should be: clichy Vs evra who is better ? .. evra is a good player, but I think clichy is better …

  48. Goonerboy says:

    Do you think the increased quality in crosses has something to do with Mr Beckham training at Arsenal?

  49. mo9hamed says:

    clichy is better 100% then ahly he is word class ashly since he move to chelsea he is been fucken stupid

  50. ali says:

    chlicy has been imporoving well over the last 2 years and now he is wordclass left back arsenal have done best signig for ever becouse they swap class to cole+ 5 milion pounds wich i think was the best becouse arsenal they didn’t want left back they only want central like glass becouse they knew that clichy will get chance and 1 day will become thier best left back they have ever had cole since he left arsenal he became rubish so i think clichy 100% better then cole

  51. Lee says:

    Cclichy is quality and cashley is 27 not 25

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