Fulham vs Arsenal – Post Match Analysis


First up, a great performance away from home. We really wanted to kill Fulham off. And to those who hate Adebayor, that was really a great performance from him. And those anti-Senderos, he did put in a solid performance.

Almunia 6
Had nearly nothing to do. Could have been part of the crowd. Poor effort by Fulham

Sagna 7
Defended well and although his contribution goes unnoticed, had some good clearances that could have put us under threat.

Gallas 7
Good showing and put in a typical performance.

Senderos 7
For those who doubted him, he had a solid game. Cleared the ball when he needed to and won nearly all the headers. Unlucky to get a bloody nose.

Clichy 8
His performance in the first half was very good. Many said his crossing was poor, but that certainly didn’t show when he set up Adebayor with a delightful cross. Seol Ki-Hyeon didn’t track him and that was Fulham’s main problem.

Hleb 7
Doesnt get much praise for his performance but his little passes and retention of possession helped our game. He deserves credit not only for this game, but our progress for the whole season.

Flamini 7
An energetic performance as expected. Even tried to score a goal. Protected the back four really well.

Fabregas 7
Slowly getting better as each game goes by. Passing was neat but his shooting was off.

Rosicky 7
Had a good game and played Clichy in a number of times. His goal shows the qualities of a typical midfielder rushing in to assist the attack.

Eduardo 7
Did everything except score. He had limited chances but he did well both up front and on the left. His passing was quite poor but his dribbling has to be said is one of the best in the team. Good assist for the 3rd goal.

Adebayor 8
Got 2 goals and put in a good striker’s showing. He was all over the pitch and most importantly, in the box when it matters to score the goals. 15 goals and he is showing why he is currently the best striker in the league.

Surprisngly Wenger didn’t make any subsitutions but the team did well. It was a refreshing scene to behold when the team kept going even after being 2 and 3-0 up.

First two goals were good crosses and the finish by Adebayor was textbook. Thoroughly deserved the goals. On the third goal, I thought Eduardo should have passed first time to Hleb as Hleb was unmarked but in the end, it didn’t matter as he did well to provide the assist for Rosicky

A very good response by the team. We could have been back on top had it not been 2 goals in the last 15 minutes by Man Utd. Chelsea were also lucky to win. I thought Reading and Birmingham had very good games at home.

It just shows how much harder it is to going to be to win the league this season. But I’m sure, come May, we will be right there till the end.

Reported by Sp1r0r

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One Response to Fulham vs Arsenal – Post Match Analysis

  1. We have to give credit to the boys for bouncing back from last week’s drawn match in such a spectacular manner. Let us hope they will keep the rhythmn and maintain the momentum. Consistency could prove to be the key to the team’s crowning as the new league champions come May.

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