Adebayor is a Disgrace

Not going to be the most popular post but this needs to be said!

What Adebayor did last night was nothing more then a disgrace, Yes today he has said “sorry” for the disagreement with Nicolas Bendtner

But sorry is not good enough, Adebayor should be fined by the club and be made to train with the reserve team as punishment.

Adebayor clearly has some anger management issues. in Dec 2006 Adebayor was arrested after his girlfriend walked into a police station claiming he’d assaulted her.

Yes I understand that players do things in the heat of the moment but we are Arsenal and have class, We do things the Arsenal way and I cant ever remember this happening before in our club.

Getting back to the incident Adebayor ran 15 yards to confront Bendtner before landing a headbutt on the young danes nose.No doubt something was said to Adebayor but would Adebayor have done this to Henry? , Of course not!

To his credit Bendtner did not do anything back but now I have doubts to weather he will stay with the club.

As for Adebayor, Yes he is the new darling to a large amount of Gooners but we can not have this sort of thing at this club.

74 Responses to Adebayor is a Disgrace

  1. Kevin Rowe says:

    It’s unacceptable but I will not sacrifice titles and points for banning or making an example of Adebayor by forcing him to train with the reserves. It’s just passion and humiliation spilled over. It shows he cares and he made a mistake. I don’t think it’s a big deal. Adebayor worked his socks off, not sure Nic did the same.

  2. mrswoo says:

    No he’s not. He’s just passionate and Bendtner is seriously arrogant.

    I’ve wanted to clock him for ages.

    I’d take Ade over Bendtner any day of the week.

  3. thegoonerforum says:

    So because a player works his socks off then that gives him the right to go around and act like a thug?

  4. Ole Gunner says:

    What exactly did he do? Obviously something happened, but I think the press might just be selling papers here. The linesman was right there and didnt flag any thing. I have looked at the video on a 48″ screen. The incident was in the refs line of sight. I can say that there was no headbutt. It does appear Ade raised his hand. It is not clear whether he did connect even if the video shows Bendtner tottering backwards afterwards.

    I think if anything did happen it would be on the screens now. Sky had multiple cameras. The press were all there. The reports of blood on Bendtner is patently false as all the photos and videos do not show that. Frankly the British sporting press is a disgrace.

  5. FINN says:


  6. SAm says:

    Its wasn’t a headbutt it was just minor contact. just let Wenger deal with it and let us worry about the next game against newcastle. We don’t know what was said by either players or what the reason was so let just leave it and let arsenal deal with, which i am sure they will. Afterall Bendtner may have dissed ade mum or something which would provoc anyone, so as we don’t know the full details lets just leave to the club, i am sure they will deal with it accordingly.

  7. Jay says:

    Ade was wrong – very wrong and should be punished financially. Also agree that Nic is not an angel. These things happen though and how both react in the coming days and matches will be the true test. If we stuff KK and the Toon on the weekend this will prob be forgotten

  8. Ozi Gooner says:

    It was handbags, nothing more. It doesn’t look pretty but its no real big deal. I’ve thrown punches with mates many times much worse than that and we are still friends so why should this really mean Nick will leave. Fuck who knows, might make them better friends?

  9. goonerdeano says:

    totally agree with the article, as for mrswoo’s post – what exactly has bendtner done? yes he’s arrogant and a confident lad but he hasn’t gone round arguing with team mates, causing general unrest and the like, apart from the early season paper talk he hasn’t done anything apart from get on with it.
    I agree Ade is a class act, passionate and works his socks off for the team and is a better option than Bendtner at the moment but what he did was unexcusable, credit to gallas for putting a stop to it (although not his general performance mind) before it spilled over into a fullblown fight. Ade has to be punished. Maybe not dropping him completely but certainly sit him on the bench saturday and a fine.

  10. thegoonerforum says:

    Ole Gunner, Skysports news tonight showed the incident from a different angle and you could clearly see ade use his head. It was painful to watch

  11. FINN says:



  12. Aaron says:

    To brand Adebayor a disgrace is a tad harsh. If you “understand that players do things in the heat of the moment”, then you would realise that men will be men, and in the heat of the moment, during a game were you are getting hammered, by spurs no less… frustration can get the best of anyone. And do you know what happened, or what was said to infuriate him like that? Sure.. it was stupid, but Bendtner could have reason to apologise to him too… who knows? Its sick for us to have to watch that happen amonst Arsenal team mates, when its been obvious team spirit has been one of their best assets this season. And to make it worse… knowing their fans must have been lovin it all the more. But whats done is done, and it would be crazy to cast Adebayor to train with the reserves etc… that wouldn’t be very good for team spirit, would it? And then to somehow try to link this incident to his girlfriend claiming he assaulted her is rediculous! Was he charged/convicted? He loves the club, plays his socks off week in, week out… and mostly comes across as a nice guy. But hey, maybe you know something we dont know?

  13. FINN says:


  14. mick says:

    i was there and i watched the whole incident, you could see ade getting more and more frutrated with bendtner running down blind alleys and not responding to pleadings for a pass. ade ran over to confront nik and pushed him in the chest, nik pulled away and ade’s hand caught him across the face. Nik responded like he’d been elbowed by an opposition player and acted like he was trying to get ade carded. he moaned t the ref and to gallas, he acted like a spoilt child.

    all in all bendtner and walcott were hopeless last night and ade was p***ed off. i would back ade all the way

  15. Ole Gunner says:

    I-ll wait to see the video, thegoonerforum. The video I have seen seems quite conclusive to their not having been a head used. I’ll go try see the Sky video.

  16. Terry says:

    Look into Ade’s eyes and you will see part lemur part mentalist.

  17. thegoonerforum says:

    Some amazing comments from Nicklas Bendtner’s father accused Emmanuel Adebayor of being ‘mad’

    “I’ve spoken to Nicklas and he’s unaware as to why this happened. He doesn’t understand what took place to provoke it because he didn’t do anything wrong. If you ask me, he’s without guilt as he, unlike others, took his head with him on to the field. I think it would be a good idea for Arsenal to have a long chat with the two players and find out who is really to blame.”


  18. thegoonerforum says:

    Finn, Maybe sending Theo out on loan is not a bad idea. Ade might try and headbutt him next!

  19. Aaron says:

    hmmm…. it must be true if his father says so…

  20. Aaron says:

    thegoonerforum… do you dislike Ade?

  21. Aaron says:

    you didnt reply to my 1st post… none of the points i made make any sense?

  22. Tom397 says:

    Im really anoyed about what ade did, that was bullying and it looked to me that he was challenging bendtner to strike first by raising his arms from his side.

    I hope for the team’s sake they can put it behind them because we really dont want the camp divided.

  23. Aaron says:

    Some even more amazing comment from Adebayors mummy “my son did nothing wrong, that Danish guy is a crazy mo-fo… I tell thee”

  24. Sue says:

    Have you heard yourselves, for crying out loud I see worse than his in the 60’s and 70’s. Let the club deal with it….you lot are only adding fuel to paper gossip!

  25. kanu says:

    adebayor acted like a animal… he should be fined and told to sit on the bench for a while and consider what he did… he done the same in the carling cup final last year….

  26. thegoonerforum says:

    Aaron i think Adebayor is a fine player but you cant go around and do things like that.

  27. thegoonerforum says:

    We also have a debate running on the forum about this…

    Feel free to sign up and have ur say.

  28. J-Gooner says:

    I think emotions were running high just like the supporters. The fact that we were losing really bad to shitenham when they haven even beaten us in 9years, im sure added to it.

    But…IF he did ‘headbutt’ him, i think is wrong as he should have left any issues until they reached the changing rooms, as it is just a chance now for the press and every other team to try and dent our confidence. We are a unity and you can see it, i think it was just a really bad mistake where the youngsters are still learning to hide their temper.

    Wenger shouldve started the 2nd half wid Adebayor n Eduardo…Walcott aint played in that position for a while especially against good defenders!

  29. Ryan says:

    Talk about blown out of proportion. Ade did wrong. He should get told off (or maybe a fine or something) and that’s that. Christ I’ve been headbutted off my feet and still recovered better than that.People seem to be so used to watching players make a meal of every last bit of aggressive contact that now people think Ade is a disgrace for THIS?


    Like I said, I’m not saying Ade didn’t do wrong, but grow up a bit, given the situation and the severity of what happened this is not the massive deal everyone is making it out to be. Haven’t people noticed that it makes great news that after we lost badly that now team spirit appears to have been destroyed too?! You’re eating it up. Just accept Ade did wrong, shut up, let him get his punishment and we can all carry on being adults, not making such a mountain out of a mole hill.

  30. quophi says:

    i back adebayor all the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! somebody tell bendtner that we are not joking on the pitch!! playing for a long time, poor positioning and missing chances like you were playing against a sunday team. damn it! we were playing against spuds and needed some passion! no wonder gallas shouted at him and not adebayor. NOW DOES ANYBODY ELSE KNOW WHY??? hell yea! he was on the pitch and knew wat was going on and knew who was wrong!! as for goonerforum’s post i wont even give it the dignity of a comment..just a reference would show how stupid it is.

  31. Ryan says:

    And btw Ole Gunner and Ozi Gunner were both spot on.

  32. Ryan says:

    In fairness to Theo I think he didn’t do much wrong. I could say he wasn’t supported all that well by Niklas, however I think Niklas played well on the whole and it just seemed like they didn’t have much of an understanding together, making Theo too isolated. It might be a wise idea for them to train together up front more often for a better partnership.

    Whoever said he’s going out on loan- that’s VERY premature. I checked a site claiming that and it said ‘it seems possible because like 3 days ago Wenger said Theo isn’t ready yet’. The article read a lot into it and although it might come true (and probably for the best) it is entirely speculation, not fact.

  33. Get rid of Bentner says:

    u lot saying Adebayor har to be punished, what is wrong with you? the best bleedin chance we have on the title lies with Ade. Again Wenger will do whats right for the team and that is to sell the arrogant prick bentner, who has even said he is better than Adebayor.. the boy has to be mental, as his father.

  34. J-Gooner says:

    I think a fine n trainin wid the reserves is really over the top…exactly…the longer this issue wid Ade n Bendtner goes on the more it will distract the team n expecially the two players!

  35. dongoro says:


  36. J-Gooner says:

    dongoro…u are not worthy to be an Arsenal fan if ur sayin ‘Arsene Wenger should be sacked…’. You’re a disgrace…come on man, look at EVERYTHIN Arsene’s done for this club!!!

  37. jj gooner says:

    Jus saw the incident and i sky + it and watched it again it appears ade grabbed nicks head and pulled it against his and pushed nik off,wether he meant to headbut him is another issue in my view he was oviously very angry tryed to pull nik close and lost control,Nick then went to gallas and u can clearly make out what is said,whilst facing gallas nick says”He just fukin headbuted me”then gallas says something but has his back to the camera and nick replies”I dont give a fuck”…You see im pissed off what this as everyone else is, i was inbarresed not just because of the score but we dont do things like this we are always proud from the first to the last wistle and are always proffesional thats why other clubs look to us and thats why we are known as the Arsenal, I love Ade but i dont know whats best i think there will be a meeting between the two players and the manager, and i think that there shud be a live screening of ade apoligising to Nick,come on can we afford to loose ade he was rong but we can all tell how passionate he is about our club?

  38. thegoonerforum says:

    Hmmm maybe you are right,Arsenal should do some sort of PR stunt and bring Ade and Nic out shacking hands. didnt Bowyer and Dyer do that after they had a fight on the pitch….But saying that Nic has done nothing wrong so why should he?

  39. J-Gooner says:

    Just hope this all gets sorted out asap…i think emotions were just running a bit high so im not gonna put any of the players down just yet. As long as its all sorted out before newcastle.

  40. Neamman says:

    Adebayor was wrong. Period. Simple as that. Leave it up to AW to sort it out.

  41. One_Touch_Genius says:

    To be perfectly honest i think there was nothing wrong with this incident, we blame our footballers for being over paid and not passionate. Well Adebayor certainly showed passion, whereas the other players on the pitch played a shocking game….i mean this was a game we lost to our local rivals (p.s. our main rivals are Man U & Chelsea) and maybe some of the players did not know what that means.

    Walcott = loan, Gilberto = should be sold!, Diaby as of next season should play centre mid and work on his defensive aspect of his game, he’d be awesome if only he could tackle!

  42. AusGunner says:

    As I understand the assault charge made against Adebayor last year was thrown out, so it seems erroneous to mention it in connection with this incident.

    It’s not a big deal, he’s apologised in public, surely in private, and will be fined by the club. Then we can all get on with the games that matter.

  43. Krissa says:

    Yea he is a Disgrace. Adebayor also thinks he’s better than he really is but van Persie and Eduardo are miles better than him. Check out this link apparently Adebayor called Bendtner Sh*t.

  44. Jay says:

    I’d like to see what would happen if Ade tried to head but and try a fight with Gilberto out there. Then what people would say.
    Those Ade defenders on this issue are freacking idiots. Passion for hitting a teammate? No.
    Just damn idiotic. You don’t do that…especially when so many cameras are watching you. You don’t do that to a TEAMMATE PERIOD!

    Again I ask, what would the reaction have been if Ade started a fight with Gilberto? Bendtner didn’t have a great match, but he wasn’t all that bad. You don’t go hitting teammates because you don’t favor a result. Adebayor is a bully and should be fined a months wages.

  45. den says:

    the birmingham fans had an issue with bentner also, lazy, stupid and arrogant with very little fight in him. good at giving the press stories about sums him up

  46. anelka says:

    It seems power and success have gone to Adebayor’s head, he scores a few goals and now thinks he’s bigger than the team. Its seems somewhat like what his attitude was like when he had problems playing for Togo. He cared more about himself than he did playing for his country. The same thing occurred when he was playing for Monaco too.

    It is great that he is now scoring goals for Arsenal, but this shouldn’t mean that it comes with a bad temperament and a big ego.

    Professor Wenger needs to get his kids into line. Arsenal have many promising individuals with big potential and perhaps bigger potential for egos…. the arsenal way must be maintained and this problem must be stamped out, before it becomes a big issue.

  47. herbou says:

    some of your comments are really a disgrace. the incident was definitely regrettable, ashaming whatever, but the pointing fingers! first of all none of you can definitively say that adebayo headbuted bendtner, just leave it to wenger and the FA. BUT no SANE arsenal supporter would want to put adebayo on the bench cause he is currently the most potent striker we have at the moment giving us all options and the only lingering hope of goals and a chance of silverware. van persie is ever sick, bendtner is too arrogant he thinks he is a star , fabregas cannot find his shooting boots, eduardo is always promising, rosicky rarely scores, walcott an overrated englishman who should actually go on loan lke for 5 years. so there you have it we need adebayo now more than ever. we just need to know people lose their heads some times. btw has adebayo ever got a red card as opposed to bendtner?

  48. Tookey says:

    U can’t jes jump to conclusions like that – heapin all the blame on one candidate. It takes two to tangle, and don’t 4get Bendtner has a history too (,,2245811,00.html). Ade’s the boss in attack now and has to give some words to his partner. This might be a lil hard 4 bendtner to accept as he’s young, full of potential, and gunnin’ 4 Ade’s shirt in particular. Ade would never had ruffed Henry up, but remember, he wsn’t the attack-boss then.

    Weigh both sides b4 u make a conclusion

  49. u guys defending Adebayor might as well brand Barton an Angel. Who is more passionate than that guy in a team? So we should always fight whenever things are not goin our way? what he did was wrong and should be punished. Doknow either miss a match or be given a financial penalty. What he did didnt help the situation. it just fucked up our concetration on the corner kick. I had a bad day yesterday and it has spilled over to today and u guys defendind Ade are very wrong, we shud have a code of conduct to go by and not every one throwing blows coz they cant concetrate more

  50. 5am says:

    Stupid article – Henry wouldn’t have riled Ade in the first place and also would’ve passed to him in a better position so we coulda got two goals and the Ade coudl’ve topped Kanu’s comeback against Chelski.

  51. FINN says:

    There are some people posting on here that are either under 5 or have the IQ of a peanut. Lets live in the real world yeah! Ade is frustrated with Bendter for is lack of, well everything. It was more a face off than a headbutt, but the fruit Danish still ran to daddy. Walcott has the first touch of a rapist and cant cross his fingers. They should loan him out to ice hockey.

    Ade, if your reading this apologies for all the muppets.

  52. amir says:


  53. shedzy says:

    i agree with finns post

    ade has some passion, wants to win, and doesnt want to play with someone who is too good for the club according to his own self-publicity, but doesnt really seem to do the business on the pitch for us.

    As for walcott, the only reason he wont go is that arsene cannot admit to being wrong (which is undoubtedly the same reaosn why we wont get any new centre bakcs for a while)

  54. footballerslives says:

    I tack it up to ‘heat of the moment’
    Plus Bendtner was having a truly shambolic performance. He was awful and did everything possible to lose that game. It’s hard for strong willed competitors to put up with inferiority.

    Adebayor should apologize and went a little over the line, but I think we should recall the old adage that ‘boys will be boys’ things are far too PC these days.

  55. Mark says:

    Mixed bad here I think.

    Personally I think some people are forgetting the history of Arsenal and the spirit of the club. No player is bigger than the club and all players are equal.

    For a senior player to tell another one that they are shite is a disgrace.

    Lets not forget Adebayor’s first season and a half at Arsenal.

    Bendtner had a great game on Tuesday, he did not get any real service or support but battled hard against Dawson and King who, played very well.

    Adebayor has come on a lot at the club but no one at Arsenal should be calling other players in a match “shite”

    The club should hold an investigation and if found guilty he should be fined, and this should be made public.

    Dropping the player is an option if we had back up, and I think Eduardo and Bendtner could do a job against Newcastle.

    However with Diarra gone, Denilson injured we will be short for the game if Walcott goes out on loan as well.

  56. Difficult to remain fair on this one because most of the Arsenal fans know that Bendtner is basically crap whilst Adebayor certainly has his share of impressive moments.
    Having said that,he looks as if he was out of order and must suffer a token punishment by the club but not too much please as we don’t wish to ruin what remains of the season.
    If trouble lingers and Bendtner is un-happy then get rid of him because he is not going to improve us if he does get a chance to play more often.He is so cumbersome and plodding and his touch varies from sublime to abysmal.

  57. Tomas says:

    I certainly think Adebayor (and possibly Bendtner too, depending on what exactly was said and done) should be fined and given a proper talking to. I think both players are good, and Bendtner has plenty of potential for a big Arsenal future. So I sure hope this can be resolved, cause I don’t want any one of the two to leave. You can’t belive everything in the press, and I’m confident Wenger will deal with this behind closed doors.

    Both of these players are a bit arrogant and confident about themselves, which I think they have the right too, but that could unfortently lead to stuff like this. They need to learn to not get overly arrogant or confident, and I would think Adebayor is experienced enough to know this! If it really was about Bendtner not passing the ball and doing some bad runs etc. Well, Ade has done plenty of that himself in the past and even this season…and who can forget his arguing with Rosicky for not passing the ball, despite constantly running in a offside position. He get to arrogant and sees himself like the star sometimes (in my opinion), and needs to be brought down to Earth by Wenger a little, I feel.

    I certainly hope this issue can be resolved. It would be such a shame to see anyone of them leaving the club. Bendtner could become a great player for the club, and Adebayor has this season really developed his game. But like I said, if Ade was mad about passing and running from Bendtner, he needs to think back on what he himself has done in the past and instead help the young Dane develop his game like Ade has done.

  58. Goonergerry says:

    Ade is a headcase and Bendtner is not good enough.

  59. Ahamed Nizar says:

    i agree with Finn… !

  60. diGriz says:

    I have to agree that Ade was well out of order. I don’t think you can blame Bendtner as all the players had a crap night, but you CAN NOT, however frustrating, stroll up up to one of your own players and cause a fracas on the pitch!
    Unfortunately Wenger got it all wrong for once.

  61. ray says:

    i think a suspension of ADE or BENDT are the last things arsenal would want right know ,with RVP who is out right now,both made a mistake bckoz no matter how big was the probleme the shouldn’t reacted like that;what is not fair is to blame the wolle thing on ADE becoz we never gonna know what really happen;i’m sorry to say this but if it was BENDT who hit ADE it shouldn’t be a big story like that;they beleive ADE is guilty just decoz hes African and is not fair,

  62. it’s not on, calling people “shite”. these people have to be professional.

  63. FINN says:

    Eduardo and bentner could do a job alright.. They could take to topsoil from the bottom of my garden. How did bentner have a greeat game on Tuesday. The midfielder were trying to place balls into the forward line but Bentner made about 2 runs, instead he dropped too deep. Thats fine if you have Henry pace and not 2 miles a fortnight pace! He was awfull! Wenger like him as a player as he has unshakeable confidence. You might as well put a line of coke into a Sunday league player – Same result with Lower wage bill.
    Please! And for those looking for punishment for the player. .Go watch golf, as you clearly engaging the wrong sport.

  64. sig says:

    just sickening to see such a display – if we weren’t in title contention I’d like to see Adebayor banned

    and it was something to amuse the Spurs fans for years…

    I have to say that Spurs played a great game – but where was our hunger? we should have been so stoked up beforehand… why weren’t we???

  65. Dave Smith says:

    I think Adebayor should have his ass fisted by Usmanov as a punishment.

  66. michael says:

    You do know Bendtner himself has anger management issues??

  67. jazbo says:

    Who cares, I for one don’t, Ade comes on and scores, shows passion and all you geezers are up in arms, I bet my last pound that if it was the other way around no one would say a word!!!

    Take it how you like because the truth hurts.

    How did we expect to win that game with Theo the great English hope playing like a little boy lost in a mans world, Bentner playing like he was scared to get involved with Ledley King, he was so much outside the box he might as well have been playing in midfield.
    As for the people calling for Adebayor to be punished ” GET A LIFE IT’S A MANS GAME”

    The biggest problem we have at the moment is Arsene Wengers rose tinted glasses when it comes to certain players and formations, Gilberto has no buisness playing in midfield for us ever again, Diaby is not a winger and never will be, he plays his best for us down the middle of the pitch.

    Last but not least have some respect for the oppostion even if it’s spurs and play our strongest lineup in a semi final.

  68. gilbertoh4 says:

    Bendtner is a bipolar mug, if he actually thought he could beat adebayor or gallas in a fight, he is retarded, but it seemed as if Arsene didnt even care for the cup, and hotspurs outplayed Arsenal by far that match.

  69. FINN says:

    I heard they put a spurs shirt on bendner in training today then the squad, led by Ade and Willie kicked seven colours of shit out of him. Bentner contended he was as good as Ade in the spurs game as he also scored, for spurs.. It happened at lunch time so wenger didn’t see it. (Was having his foe Grais and chips).

    Meanwhile Bentner’s father insists he didn’t abuse him as a child.

  70. steve says:

    im a birmingham fan, and let me tel u lot, bendtner is a big head!

    he walked around the team expecting to play just because he scored for denmark in his first game, hes got ability, but hes lazy, the guy doesnt work for anythin.

    you could see ade was upset even on the bench, his eyes were red!!! theres nuffin rong with wanting to beat your main rivals, there is sumthing rong wen u cant be bothered!!!

    Play for your team, not yourself! does he think hes Anelka!!!

  71. henry says:

    i think Adbeyaor should be sold to Tottenham since he’d rather confront a player on his own team than the opposition’s.

  72. JC says:

    Adebayor makes me sick to the teeth, what right has he got to lay a hand on his team-mate, like the article said would he of done that to th14, no course not otherwise he would have got a slap. Too big for his boots, 200 shots 100 offsides 15 goals great ratio. just remember Bendtner is better in his first season than Adebayor was, and after the final with Chelsea last season it was that lanky streek of P… that was out celebrating with the Chavs, superstar my crack!

  73. Alex Ferguson says:

    What Adebyor did was fantastic.

    Bendtner is a little girl

    Adeyor put him in his place and told him to fuck off

    The little white fuck

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