Glass half full or half empty?

Well I hate to be the one to inject a bit of negativity into proceedings but the good news is that I plan on making things positive towards to end as there is no other way. Firstly it was great to bounce back at the weekend but will it be another trophy-less season? If not so it will take something special to do so.

I thought that if we beat Spurs then we could have won the league cup this time around but it just was not to be. Then you look at the other three trophies and the draw has just not gone our way. Firstly there is the Champions League, in which we got the current holders Ac Milan. Now say what you want about their league form when it comes to Europe you tend to not get better. Then there is the Fa Cup in which we have drawn with league holders Manchester United at Old Trafford which will never be easy and at the moment we are chasing Man Utd in the league even though we are drawing on points no walk in the park either. We need to keep the head  down and we will need to show real class without Kolo and Eboue in Africa playing in the African Nations Cup.

Then there is the right way to look at it. I say we can win at Old Trafford. What happened at Tottenham, unfortunately happened and they caught us on a very bad day, in which we caught them on their very best day. But anyway back to the Fa Cup. We have won in Old Trafford before and with a bit of luck and good performance we can do it again. It could go either way and I hope we our at our best on the day as it is hard to beat us when that is the case. Then Ac Milan. It is a huge test, but we have come across harder or at least as hard. Look at Real Madrid and Juve a few years back. Also they are not at their best at home but we know what to expect in Europe, possibly the best team in Europe. But we can do it, once again we need to be at our best. Then there is the league. We know what we have to do, win. Week-in week-out we need to win. We win the head-to-heads then we can win the league and I don”t care if Man Utd have more experience it is all on the day and we keep going and we can do something special this season.

The one thing i do want to see is another center half before the end of the month, as for me Senderos, Djourou, Justin Hoyte and Gilberto are not good back there. So I would look to bring in a quality center half for third choice and maybe a winger even though Arsene may not make two signings. So maybe a center half. But even still without one we can still do something special this season.

3 Responses to Glass half full or half empty?

  1. supagoona says:

    I agree with you on the CB but Song has done well there and when Toure come back, we will have 5CBs + a possible signing. Not worth it when you look at it like that.
    We have been unlucky with draws but if you think about it, if Man U and AC Milan are so good, then we would probably play them in the latter stages anyway.
    I think I’ve done well there
    Good Article, I know what it’s like to have a blog

  2. D.U Gooner says:

    Just watched a sumptuous display as Arsenal rolled Newcastle 3-0 for the second time in 3 days…the glass is certainly half full for me. I think your lack of faith in Senderos is a little shortsighted. He has found his feet and another consistent display from him and Gallas saw Manuel Almunia on holiday in goal tonight. Lets not forget that it was Big Phil in the centre of defence during the boys brilliant run to the Champions League final. Bring on those dirty Mancs…they needed a little luck to roll Tottenham at home on Sunday, and by no means were very convincing. The future is bright…the future is red and white.

  3. Paul N says:

    Well i thought in the Spurs game we fielded a weaker squad? thats a part of what happened and we all knew Arsene would do that. Arsenal will do wonders THIS SEASON!

    God Bless!

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