Flamini – Deal or No Deal?

For the first 3 years at Arsenal Flamini remained a fringe a player. But this season he’s taken over from Gilberto becoming a first team regular in his preferred central midfield position. Last April his Arsenal career was in doubt after the admission he would go elsewhere to get more first team football. But Wenger guaranteed him oppurtunities if he was to stay and fight for his place, which he did. Now the question on everyone’s lips is will Arsenal retain his services, as his contract runs out in the summer.

Contract talks are believed to be in the advanced stages and the signs are positive that a deal will be ground out. “My priority is to stay here. I’m very happy here. I’m happy to play in the team and everything is good. My representatives are talking to the club and I hope everything will be good,” said Flamini. He’s been a key figure in our title challenge this season and I’d give him whatever money he’s asking for (within reason). He’s worth every penny.

This season Flamini has formed a formiddable central midfield partnership with Cesc Fabregas. “We are very close friends on and off the pitch. We chill with each other off the pitch. That is important. But when we have to speak on the pitch we are doing it and finding a solution,” said Mathieu. Flamini and Fabregas compliment each other well and the two of them have the most completed passes in the Premier League this season. One commentator described Flamini as Cesc’s “minder” while Mathieu sees himself as the midfields “insurance policy”.

Flamini’s key attributes are his good ball distribution, gritty tackling, solid defending, good stamina and high work rate. To add to this his ghosting runs into the box make him a goalscoring threat for the opposition. It is no wonder that comparisons have been made between him and Gattuso.

Flamini has also added goalscoring to his repetoire this season, with some crucial goals. His opening goal of the match away to Reading set up a comfortable 3-0 win for the Gunners. Away to Aston Villa Flamini grabbed the equaliser with a powerful, low strike from the edge of the box. And on Tuesday evening who can forget his 35 yard rocket that sailed into the top corner. The goal gave Arsenal a 2-0 lead against Newcastle and sealed victory.  What are your thoughts on Flamini?

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15 Responses to Flamini – Deal or No Deal?

  1. sugardaddie says:


  2. California Steve says:

    Let me make it as simple as possible: Flamini MUST be signed.

    If you groom a guy who fights for his place on a talent-laden team, battles his way to becoming an outright star and arguably the club’s spiritual leader…

    You simply can’t let that player walk away and still tell youngsters that Arsenal is the place to be.

    Flamini has done everything right, the Arsenal way — and then some. Shudder to think where we’d be without him.

    But the major point here is that if Wenger’s policy of growing your own stars is the club’s philosophy, then here is the pefect example for any young player preparing to decide his future.

    Matty is one of those rare birds who literally has earned the right to fill in his own cheque.

    Arsenal should be thrilled at any cost, because he is proof that the Arsene Wenger philosophy can produce great football.

    This is a no-brainer.

    Sign him no matter what.

  3. Neamman says:

    I’ve liked Flamini from day 1. I remember seeing him and Cesc play against Chelsea in dec 05[?] and thinking they are the future.

  4. All i can say is Flamini is Flamtastic. But what really amazes me about him is that even after enduring 3 seasons on the bench he was still ready to fight for his place. He deserves every success.

  5. Keab says:

    Wow!!! You still remember the game? To tell the truth, I liked the way Cesc and Flamini ran the mid…BTW Vieira and Edu were injured…

  6. Gordon says:

    I get a horrible feeling Flamini might do what he did to Marseille 4 years ago to join us. Pray that I’m wrong.

  7. FlambamThankyouMa'am says:

    Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy
    Hleb Cesc Flam Rosicky
    Ade RvP/Ed

    That line up is strong enough to beat any team but ManU / Chelski have the best player / the best squad so winning silverware will be tough but not impossible. Let’s pray they play well in every game, we don’t get too many injuries and Senderos/Diaby/Bendtner play their part when needed.

  8. haniff ashburn says:

    indeed we can call them the dynamic duo.

    however only time will tell whether they can maintain their form and
    class throughout the season. their only problem thus far is they are
    easilly distracted by bad tackles and in the ensuing arguments
    tend to lose concentration. also they are prone to get yellow cards
    for silly or trivial play.

  9. The Fabster says:

    I have a very bad feeling about this. Personally, when Flams signs the deal I will be relieved. This is much too reminiscent of when Sol Campbell joined us.

  10. I think FLAMINI is one of the most important players in the ARSENAL squad this season he has formed a formidable partnership with the midfield general himself CESC FABREPAS sorry FABREGAS and they are joined by the free turning HLEB and the ever determined ROSICKY to make ARSENAL the owners of the premiership midfield FLAMINI is versatile and that makes a player of every teams dream i therefore urge professor WENGER and the ARSENAL board to hasty things up and reward our own GATTUSO with a lucrative long term contract for he really deserve it.

  11. Ifeanyi okagbue says:

    Flamini is the perfect player in the sense that he is very versatile and wherever you put him in the field he does his best and plays with passion. Patience and Hardwork they say is an important virtue of a good footballer. He has those virtues and am not suprised as too where he is now, although I didn’t expect it so soon. The guy is also very passionate in his game play. Goodluck Flamini – The Sky is your stepping stone.

  12. Dave says:

    We have to do all we can to keep the Flamster; he is a true versatie player, who is as comfortable at fullback as he is in midfield – look at the games he filled in at leftback, yes his positioning was a little suspect sometimes but he still done a job.

    He is our new Kevin Richardson; goes about his business doing a top job and unsung with it.

    It could be one of the best signings we make if he signs on for another 5 or so years….

  13. edipson says:

    Yep you are right Neamman, me too. I knew both of this young talent from that wonderful game. I Just curious why cesc have lot of chance and become a star. However, Flamini has prove his loyalty and passion to give the best. He is one of the best midfielder..compare to Gatuso? Hmmm…I think it’s too early…he need more times to prove it.

    Hopefully, this is not a strategy to increase his selling price 🙂
    All in all, he is a good balancer in the team.

  14. aj says:

    It is imperative that Flamini stays with us and he will, I am sure. He is a vital component of this cusrrent Arsenal side.

    There was a lot of talk about Juventus being interested in him as a defensive midfielder but they have recently bought Sissoko from Liverpool, so Flamini wouldn’t be sure of getting in the Juventus team.

  15. aj says:

    It is imperative that Flamini stays with us and he will, I am sure. He is a vital component of this current Arsenal side.

    There was a lot of talk about Juventus being interested in him as a defensive midfielder but they have recently bought Sissoko from Liverpool, so Flamini wouldn’t be sure of getting in the Juventus team.

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