Will RvP’s injuries stop him from being a great player?


Another season of promise for our Dutch forward, and after another great start to the season he is out for months due to injury. Sounds familar? Well, this has been the common story of the 24 year old ever since he joined us. Has he ever completed a season where he has not missed half of a season?

I beleive in RvP, and I think he has the potential to be a World Class striker, but I feel his constant injuries are holding him back. Before he knows it he will be 25 and not much to look back on.

It’s a real shame, because I feel he could tear up the EPL if he wasnt on the sidelines for so long. It’s quite tragic I must say. I am quite worried about him being our number one striker. I think we have to depend less on him as he can never be trusted to play a good set of games due to his constant injury problems.

Robin van Persie is fast becoming the most injury prone player in the league,Followed very closely by Tomas Rosick.

But what exactly is the problem with Van Persie? Was we not told that he has the flu and would be back in a few days? Then we was told 2/3 weeks? Its seems like them 2/3 weeks just getting rolling over.

The Official line on this forum Arsenal is this “Arsenal.com”Robin van Persie has been sidelined since he picked up a thigh injury during the Carling Cup Semi-Final first leg against Tottenham and will not be rushed back. “As for Robin, it has all gone well,” said the manager. “After last time we have decided not to push him and give him the needed time. I don’t want to set any timescale because that means, if he is not ready by that date, I might feel I have to push him.”Wenger”

Will RvP’s injuries stop him from being a great player?

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19 Responses to Will RvP’s injuries stop him from being a great player?

  1. patrick says:

    its time for him to unloaded along with Rosicky with such a small squad we can’t afford to carry 10 games a season players however good they are, they are of no use to us and their wages could be spent on other players.
    it is a concern that Van Persie has to keep putting back his return just like Freddie did over the last two seasons he was here.
    i personally rate both players highly when they are fit but that’s not often enough

  2. AvP says:

    Fuck off is it time to get rid of him, you must be fucking mental.

    RvP WILL return and he will return to rape defences for many years

  3. Mark says:

    RVP is a great player.

    He has been unlucky, but I think the reason why it takes so long to come back, is the mental side of the game.

    Wenger once described him as the most blessed player he had seen, in reference to skill, and that is when Henry, Pires and Freddie were in the team.

    Lets hope he can come back at the business end of the season, and he should be able to convert those 0 – 0 games in to ones we win.

  4. josh says:

    youve gotta be having a laugh about getting rid of robin. hes a quality striker who loves the club. and at the end of the day when he does come back he’ll be well worth the little money we could pick up for him considering his injury prone nature. stop thinkin about money, weve made something like 3m off diarra and are taking millions from gate reciepts. robin will stay, he will return to the pitch and hes gonna be banging home the goals for years to come!
    RVP is a living legend!

  5. dingdong says:

    First, he should think about retirement from international games.

  6. timao says:

    Sell RVP? You must be off your head, you twerp. Why don’t we sack Wenger while we’re at it you donut?

  7. del says:

    I think he would have returnned long ago if the team had dropped off in form. At the moment we have pulled 5 points clear and eduardo and bendtner are providing enough support to the big Ad. So I expect when he does come back he will be here to stay and hopefully push us to the title.

  8. Ash says:

    Clichy had trouble with injuries for a whole year and look at him now. He’s not missed a game this season. Van Persie has missed most of 2007 but I think we need to give him a chance. I dont think he is like Rosicky who has been like that throughout his career. Van Persie can still come back and fire us to the title

  9. Horsham Gooner says:

    No way, pure class, just needs to be wrapped in cotton wool for a while

  10. DPM Gooner says:

    RvP will be one of the best striker’s in the world!! He has bucket loads of talent and loads of class. He is also a special breed of player who has no shortage of confidence in himself. Like Henry, who at times seemed downright arrogant, RvP has the confidence to try outrageous skill against the opposition. Take his goal against Inter in the Emirates Cup!!! Pure Brilliance!!
    He has been unlucky with injuries but they are not injuries that come from a certain weakness (like Rosicky’s persistant Hasmstring complaints).
    He was rushed back too quickly by Wenger and he has paid the price. Wenger was not confident Adebayor could shoulder all the responsibility but he has been incredible for us and i’m sure has surpassed even Wenger’s expectations.

    But back to the point, Ibelieve RvP will make a timely and vital return to the squad at a time, when we are hopfully fighting for the league and the Champions League and FA Cups. He could quite possibly be the reason we clinch the double (or Treble!!!)

    RvP RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Mustafa says:

    even if we scaken wenger n selling rvp n thomas lets sell cesc 2 n toure n gallas … we can beat man utd .. lol da guy gne nuts sell rvp n thomas

  12. patrick says:

    well written and thought out reply AVP

  13. djp says:

    i’ve made comments about rvp’s injury situation before, i just think its in his make up some players like toure, sagna, and it looks like flamini are as tough as old boots they get injuries but they are recover in no time.

    and you have the brittle ones rosicky, diaby, rvp sneeze on them and they are injured, van persie has the potential to be a top top player but it getting to the stage where you are wondering if he will fulfill his.
    it would be silly to offload him but it’s something wenger has to seriously look at.
    ferguson got in tevez because he knows he cant rely on saha, ramos got in woodgate because he knows he cant rely on king, sooner or later it might force wenger’s hand, but like all of us though we hope it dont come to this because a fully fit rvp has the potential to be a superstar.

  14. Smiley says:

    Ade is also pretty tough, hardly ever gets injured, thank f**k. I am sure RVP will soon return and play his part in what is becoming a landmark season for The Arsenal. If this side stays together, then I believe top honours will soon follow. C’mon you Gunners!

  15. Ex Celeste says:

    Consensus; RVP stays, Rosicky Stays. The reason why we have a SQUAD is so that we can fill the void created by injuries, suspensions, international duty, yada-yada. @ Arsenal we have a squad packed with some very special talent, and I am damn near salavating @ the prospect of seen Carlitos Vela next season. Can you imagine a the possibilities; Ade, RVP, Eduardo, Bendtner, Vela, Walcott and four of these six can play out wide as wingers. No one goes anywhere.

  16. Robert James says:

    Hopefully R.V.P will recover but I’m not happy not utilizing his talent that much.But lets hope he will not get so much injured in the future.He has the potential even more than Ade who has had time to gain experience by being given regular appearances.But Van persie showed his skills from the begining and suits the Arsenal type of game.I am also sad thinking that Wenger will sell him when he’s back on track for a bulk some in a few seasons to come because being injured so much while still younger wont let him survive when he gets older.

  17. Paul N says:

    It is hindering his greatness but to sell him would be quite mad. We should hope and pray for him to remain healthy because when fit to me he is the best striker in the league.

  18. Rob says:

    Dont be foolish Patrick (#1) has a point. Man United has shown it only takes for the top striker to have an off-day to lose points (bolton, westham and OT). Ade WILL have his off-day and Arsenal will need quality cover which the absence of RVP hinders. RVP was rested from Jan 21st 2007 (and had missed a huge chunk of 2006) so he could be ready for 2008. He has played a few games and gone off to his sick bed. Well, maybe Arsenal fans will believe this in May.

  19. atek says:

    What is wrong with you? We should better discuss about other players that are far worse than RVP. Not playing because of injury is better than have a good fitness/strenght but play like a school boys! For example… Gilberto. Match fit.. but what was he doing at the pitch???!!! Passing 3/10. Crossing 2/10. Dribbling 4/10. Shooting 2/10.

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