100% Overrated

Okay I will try my best to keep this short and sweet but it is a huge possibility that I will not be able to hold much in so this could be quite a long post. My main point is that our Arsenal squad is far from good enough and we can not put out a 100% fringe team out anymore because they do not get beaten they get embarrassed and it can not go on anymore.

Let me go back to last season. Now at this point I would much rather be in the position this year then what we were last season but let me go on. Last season our young team got to the final of the Carling Cup and our squad players were as good as the first team. This season the players that were supposed to improve may have gotten worse. Where our youngsters capable of being blown out of the water by 4 or 5 goals last season? I definitely feel that we would not. I also plan on naming and shaming the guilty players before I sign off this post.

As I now look up at the television seeing Man Utd beating us 4-0. They are also not at full strength. Simple thing, our squad is not good enough and in the whole game we created about one chance and it could have in truth been more then four. That is not Arsenal. No matter how badly we play, we always create chances.

Would this have happened last season? I feel not. Last season we could beat anyone and would not be embarrassed even if we finished fourth (As I said I do prefer what is happening this season). But last season we could beat anyone, mainly the big teams, but we lost to the small teams. This year it is the other way around. It is all because of the overrated fringe players of course and as I just recovered from the thrashing at Tottenham and thought it was a stepping stone for the youngsters to mature. Now it has happened again and thankfully up to this point I am not used to Arsenal being thrashed but now it is becoming a familiar sight.

As I was saying last season we dropped out of four competitions. Now I feel it could happen again. We should have signed in January and I don”t care what anybody says. Now look at what is happening. It appears it is last season all over again. We dropped out of the Carling Cup with pride last season, this time with humiliation. We dropped out of the Fa Cup poorly last season, now we are out of both domestic cups with humiliation.

Now we can”t get injuries and suspensions because we have the best first eleven in the league. The fringe players are rubbish and with another suspension to Eboue on his return it is not looking good, all I can beg for is to not lose ground in the Premiership and get some quality performances in the Champions League. Then sign a squad in the summer maybe, well a few players.

Well I did promise to give my names of people who are not good enough so here it is:

Gilberto: He is passed it. A shadow of the player he once was. Time to leave for me. Get some cash while we still can. I remember seeing him even last season and he was a player. Now he is a waste of space. He is slow, can”t pass the ball 5 yards along the floor, and does not know what he is doing on the pitch.

Justin Hoyte: I felt we had the makings of a quality wing back last season and I am sad to say that I was wrong. He can”t mark, he is maybe a bit slow and does not have one bit of influence. We need to see more or it is time to cash in on him also because he is not a star player by any means.

Armand Traore: I will be honest I have nothing against the lad. But I thought he was much better then what he looks. When it comes to running down the wing he seems to be quality but he can”t defend. Maybe he has a future as a left winger but does not seem to be a junior Gael Clichy.

Denilson: I realize he was not playing today but lets be honest, he is not the next Cesc Fabregas as he is only a year younger then him. He may have the skill but he needs to develop performance. He also seemed better last season.

Nicklas Bendtner: Ok he scored the winner against Tottenham in the league, but what has he done since? He is not scoring or even putting in the performances. He needs to develop more though he is still young, but for me not doing it.

Theo Walcott: I know he was not playing today but is the most overrated player that has been around in a while. Things like the next “Thierry Henry” or “Micheal Owen” I have been hearing. He has a lot to live up to and start improving fast.  I do know he is young so maybe he needs time.

Now they are the players that need to improve in my opinion but who can deny that certain players are a lot too much injury prone and that effects them a lot. That is some of the reason why we lose out quite a lot because there a a number of players that need the magic sponge because they are made out of glass.

Robin Van Persie: It is there to see that injuries may stop him from being the player that he is capable of being. I am not joking when I say he could be one of the best in the world, he just needs to start being fit a lot more often, otherwise what is the point of having such a quality player sitting in the treatment room.

Tomas Rosicky: Just like Robin he is made out of glass. He is a great player but spending too much time injured.

Abou Diaby: He is a great player to have in the squad. But just when he starts looking great it all goes away because he comes back without match fitness.

That is all I have for now. I hope the poor squad players and injuries do not hold back our potential because we could have hope for a quadruple because we have great potential. Lets hope it does not hold us back.

Lets go and get a double.

Come on you Gooners.

43 Responses to 100% Overrated

  1. TonyS says:

    Are you an Arsenal fan?

  2. dave the gooner says:

    oh my days, take a chill pill. you’ll be dancing pi**ed done the holloway road when we win the league. who cares about the FA cup right now? now me

  3. Ben says:

    Look i know everyones utterly pissed off at the moment, me included but we cant go blaming our fringe players for not preforming. We have some of the best youngsters in the world and i don’t think your doing them justice. Big games like these are when the big players need to step up and be counted…….none of them did today and that doesn’t help the younger members of the squad. Totally agree with you about Gilberto though, doesn’t wear the arsenal shirt with pride any more and should be sold. let’s hope we get our season back on track.

  4. ewan says:

    Its such a shame. Its obvious that Wenger should have bought in January to bolster the squad. I hope this defeat does not cause the wheels to fall off. So far Arsenal have proven the sceptics wrong but they will all be back after this very poor performance. I am worried for the team…

  5. Danish Gooner says:

    I am sick and tired of Wenger not taking the Fa cup serious for crying out loud this happens over and over again.He puts spineless and so little talented players as Hoyte and Traore up against Nani and Rooney and what did he expect .We were spineless today as we were against the scumAnd for all this injured shite.How can we have 14 injured players and Man utd none at this stage of the season even though Wenger have rotated the squad to the maximum it just doesnt make sense.Is our players made of glass or is every little tweak a career threatning injury.

  6. supagoona says:

    I agree with you on a lot of points but not all of them.


    not sure:

    I’m not sure what you’re trying to say we should do with RVP and Rosicky but I think they will slowly improve their strength.

    Denilson has gotten far, far, far, far worse. He seems to be trying to play like Gilberto rather than Fabregas.

    I think we would have had a fighting chance today if Adebayor, Flamini and co hadn’t been rested but they did have niggling injuries…

  7. Maximus says:

    Didn’t see the game but feared this would happen.

    I haven’t had much to whinge about lately and that’s the way it should be. Praise where it’s due but criticise where necessary.

    I’m not reading too much into this game as our goal has to be the title first, Champions League, second.

    I’ll admit that it’s worrying though. I have said for months now that our squad players are simply not good enough to be played, let alone trusted.

    I agree with your analysis – remembering that this was not a must-win game. But did we need to be humiliated?

    No, of course not.

    Hoyte, Traore, Eboue, Gilberto are the four major culprits in my eyes. When they all play, we usually lose – or do very, very badly.

    That’s a third of the team.

    Wenger is a genius in many regards.

    What I will say, however, is that he trusts in his players’ abilities too much, and by extension, his own.

    Keeps them too long and plays them out of position.

    It’s only when they reach 30 that he begins to consider the future.

    So why, then, is Gilberto an exception?

    Hard to say.

    January was the time to boost the squad. Only time will tell if he was right or wrong.

    But being down to ‘barebones’ is no excuse. He had the opportunity to do something and chose not to.

    Van Persie and Rosicky are a couple of crocks who hold the team back.

    Our season is delicately balanced now.

    We must bounce back against Milan and go on to humiliate Birmingham.

    And we must never play – or at least not together – the likes of Hoyte, Traore, Gilberto and Eboue again.

  8. supagoona says:

    Our injury/unavailable list (includes lack of match fitness) after Blackburn:

    Eboue (not mf)
    Toure (not mf)


    Hope it doesn’t ruin our season…

  9. supagoona says:

    By the way Maximus, Wenger doesn’t believe in the January transfer window

  10. El Tommo says:

    Awful performance. I am baffled by such capitulation – how is it that we are not motivated to beat the scum? There’s something wrong here … don’t know what it is but any team should but be up for it at trafford park.

    Having said that i believe we have a desire to win and we will recover … we will beat – no – rape Milan on Weds.

  11. GoonerC says:

    Okay today was terrible, but can we please not react ridiculously. We lost today because we had an absolute shocker, and I admit that we clearly have issues with the likes of gilberto and traore, but remember today we did not have rosicky diaby denilson (who has got worse but is still getting a raw deal here) van persie, clichy, sagna, flamini. So thats 7 who will alwyas be in the first squad if fit. Personally I am ust annoyed because the team out today was good enough to at least put up a fight but just were not up for it. But like i say we need not to panic- we are still 5 points clear and prior to this had been on a great little run. I’m sure a result against milan on wednesday, which i fully expect us to get will shut up some of these reactionary fans.

  12. Goons_with_Guns says:

    Let’s get on with it.

    The team will be pumped up to focus on Milan and forget this hiccup: just like after the Who-Cares Cup game at Scum.

  13. justinafc says:

    well maybe I said things in the heat of the moment. But I do not back down over injury prone players and Hoyte and Gilberto and a few more things.

  14. Toby says:

    Over-reaction or what?
    We were swamped in midfield because our holding midfielders were injured or poor and because our fullbacks were awful. Without keeping ball in midfield, everything else falls apart and we look worse than we were because the centre backs are under siege and the creative players never get time on the ball.

    Injuries were the main cause of this – and loss of form among the fringe players. I am just so so sorry that Diarra left. THis was a game made for him as midfielder or RB.

  15. You got it spot on!
    Traore and Hoyte was the reason we lost so heavily today. Both of them knows nothing about defending and saw how much space Evra and even Brown had at our backs and I must say that they was really scared playing againts man utd. Can’t pass the ball and seems to be very slow and panic when an United player comes running at them!

    Bfore some of you disagree againts my points, I am an Arsenal fan with full heart and this year although leading the league I was really ashamed how both our closest rivals trashed us out from both cup competitions!

    Both Traore and Hoyte is overated and it is better for wenger to sell them n buy better back-ups for Sagna and Clichy, Arsenal’s youngsters was hailed with what they achieved last season but now they are just like pieces of thrash!

    Here are the “thrash” list Wenger should sell and buy better players (nvermind if they are youngsters) :


    Other than that, Walcott and Diaby still can be considered.
    We need better back-ups to cover when of first eleven gets injured, not those 4 players above!

    If we had Sagna and Clichy today sure Man Utd will be back footed most of the time and less pressure and attacks will be on the defence because both of them will run at united’s defence rather than being scared and pass the ball around meaningless and give balls away meaningless.

    We can see how both of them are so important in Arsenal’s team balance. Both Cesc and Hleb didn’t have a good game because most of the time they were doing defence work which Hoyte and Traore was so poor in.

    You all might have a different idea about why arsenal got trashing today, but look at the goals again and you will see 3 out of the 4 goals was because of Hoyte and Traore’s stupid defending.

    I am so pissed off and hope dont see 4 of them in my “thrash” list play again for Arsenal..they should play in reserves team which are their level currently.

    This season is not all good for arsenal after getting trashed 5-1 n 4-0, which is not the Arsenal i knew..”Invicible” team??? No hope!

    I hope Wenger gets the lesson from these trashings on trusting his kids so much. He put too much confidence and praised them so much for this day?? Matured?? I don’t think so.

    Damn this is really hurtin, I swear i am an Arsenal fan and whateva i said above is from my heart. It’s 4.50am here and Im writing all this down..think about it.

    Winning the league is the only hope we have now which looks terrible currently..

  16. kenyan gunner says:

    i have said all over the blogs and i repeat it, england gunners are the most loyal but no faith or confidence. the knee jerk reactions, paying attention to tv pundits, complaining about the youngsters, im sorry but i have never set foot on england soil but from the blogs u england gunners suck. KNEE JERK REACTIONS LIKE HIGH SCHOOL KIDS, i am disappointed in my fellow gunners in the land of the queen(who is a gooner). have a little faith and confidence thats all i ask for

  17. kenyan gunner says:

    @Goons_with_Guns, these are the gunners i want supporting my club some one who sees the bigger piture. remember the noise everyone said abt the loss @ the scum? of all the fans arsenal fans are very fickle. I THINK I WAS THE ONLY ONE LAST SEASON THAT THOUGHT WE ARE GOING TO PUSH FOR THE TITTLE THIS SEASON.

  18. Arthur the Gonner says:

    Well what can I say the disappointment goes beyond being disappointed here. I was really looking forward to this game and thought Wenger is going to put a an interesting team out which I believe he did however it was just anothe repeat form the Carling Cup against Spurs!



    Back to our midfield and I sorry GILBERTO needs to go, he was getting in the way rather than helping anything at all, he was making silly close by passes come on he cant take the ball forward not worth every penny….!!!

    Bednter or who the f**k he thinks he is and how great he can be the truth is he’s no striker Eduardo is way better than him any DAY!!!

    Fab and Hleb couldn’t do jack shit together….there was nothing to play no one making runs nothing…

    The whole thing looked like a joke to be honest with you!!!

    I love Arsenal to bits and it hurts when we loose like that and I really thought those days were now over especially after the blunder at white shyte lane!

    I can understand Wengers thoughts on Champions League but come on this was a game to play at least they could have defended for a draw and not even try to cause the too many problems which in fact never happened anyway!!!

    I hope we can bounce from this my heart tells me we will not win the champions league and we will struggle to win the EPL!

  19. Smiley says:

    Let’s face the facts, The Arsenal were just not up for this game, from the time I heard about the injury situation, I knew we would play a weakened team, and concentrate on the Milan game. Arsene is banking on the PL and CL success this season. Let us hope it pays off.

  20. noname says:

    i totally agree with you.in fact when i looked up the starting line up for this match, i’ve already knew that we would probably lost.

    just ONE reason why we lost : most star players in Arsenal squads( about 8 players) are on the injury list.

    Thats it.

  21. WarriGooner says:

    Chill all you Gooners. Chill. It will be fine.

  22. orangunner says:

    please take ball skills into account, seriously, Bendtner is way better than Ade.
    in my opinion, Ade is just lucky enough. let’s see how it goes.

  23. Jim Brown says:

    If Arsenal fail to win the title this couldbe the defining moment.In 2003 Arsenal were leading when they were oevrhauled by MU.During the transfer window Upson was sold. He was a much better player than Ludzny.
    So his reluctance to spend this windown may hopefully be rewarded with the title. Arsenal were like in the Spurs game overwhelmed by a tsunami/tornado/hurrricane.Time and space were not given to the likes of Hlebabd Cesc.
    Let’s hope AW will devise a plan to counter this type of play.
    AW be warned.

  24. Menace says:

    Man U was the better team in the way they played. The referee is a puppet. He did what I call the subconcious R thing – talk to the local players when they foul and book the foreigner. Ebouye should not have been red carded as there was no intent – there was a 50/50 ball and he caught the Manc with his boot (I would have given him a knighthood – Fergie got his for less!!!).
    Aresnal have a few players past their ‘sell by’ date. They also have a very poor attitude to offence. If you dont shoot you dont score.
    The offside rule is not sporting as it favours the bias brigade. There is no advantage in football – the referee plays a let ’em off the hook game. He allowed several Manc fouls to go unpunished and did not have any leeway for Arse fouls.

    The best thing about the game was that Manchester United didn’t get any points for their win!!! Ha Ha ha ha ha ha.

    They may come to London for a cup final, but we play our home games at a better stadium with a quality pitch. Grow some cabbage at your Theatre of Greens!!

  25. archy says:

    What’s the point of slagging the team off. I agree they didn’t look the part today, who cares, it was the FAC. Our main priority after the last 3 seasons of nothing is to secure the premiership, forget the others, no.1 in England is all that counts. If Chelsea and the Mancs want to waste energy on tin pots that’s their choice – it leaves the biggest prize to us. As for ECL, sod em, concentrate n EPl, we’ve 5 or 6 seasons left in this team theres everything to come. Be patient. ARSENE KNOWS. COME ON THE ARSENAL!!!!

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  27. Manchester UTD Forever says:

    All you fucking gooners are a bunch of sad old ladies who complain all day… And give everyone else the blaim… It’s the pitch blah blah… I pitty you all because we will allways be better than you and allways has been… We beat the crap out of you on the same pitch you blame being bad… We where much better than you… We have the better players which is why you lost… And when the season is over we will be Nr 1 in the league… LMBO

  28. dave says:

    you are pathetic // too think that u are top of the league …. united had more 1st team players out of the squad // your captain cost you the game and should have been sent off

  29. james says:



    suck eggs you stupid arsenal fans

    and stop talking rubbish i mean we werent 100%……
    where was ronaldo??
    we werent either douche!

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  31. hmmmm says:

    wenger is a genius and he knows everything. remember the 2003/04 season. it was just the same. we got knocked out from everything so we can concentrate more on the EPL and so we can do that now!!!!!!!!! think bout it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. hmmmm says:

    one more thing. fuck manure!!!!!!!!!!

  33. hmmmm says:

    manure fans should die to pieces arsenal will be back you scum stickers!~

  34. hmmmm says:

    btw arsenal are gonna win the title as my heart says. cmon arsenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Manchester UTD Forever says:

    Why don’t all you gooners just jump in the ocean because then the world will be a much better place to live in…. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  36. Arthur the Gonner says:

    Manchester UTD Forever go back to your nothern monkey land and stay of thisa forum if you dont know your shit!

  37. IHateRedAction says:


  38. atek says:

    Go to hell Manchester UTD forever. We trashed Man city (forgot about that??!!)

  39. Ifeanyi okagbue says:

    I understand how you guys are feeling but for everything there is an advantage and disadvantage.
    1. We were disgraced.
    1. We can concentrate on two cups that are very important to any club and one we have a 5-point lead.
    2. We gave man united a stupid belief that they are better than us and
    a. It will affect them come april when we meet them at old trafford cos with sagna, clichy, flamini, adebayor and possibly rosicky and van persie we may pay them back in their own coins and even win the league in old trafford.
    b. They may go into their champions league game with so much confidence and lyon with benzema and ben-arfa in form may trash them.
    c. They may take their next premier league game unserious and may loose it.
    3. We have left Man United in three competitions to face and been 5-points behind in one, it will be very difficult for them to cope.
    4. It showed wenger that we didn’t have a good bench and by summer he will do something. I will like him to sell gilberto, loan traore and hoyte and buy a wingback that can play in both sides of the field as backup for clichy and sagna.

    Come on gunners. Sometimes shit happens but I think come may we will win both the PL and CHL and manu will go trophyless.

  40. justinafc says:

    Ok guys it was an overreaction, I am not used to seeing us being blown away and don”t want to be lets hope it does not happen again ok, sorry.

  41. Manchester UTD Forever says:

    We are much better than all you fucking gooners will ever be……!!!! LMBO

  42. Manchester UTD Forever says:

    HAHAHAHA… All you fucking gooners are a joke… You will win nothing… And United will take both PL and CL… Any gooners noticed who’s number one in the league ??? We are and you gooners are just second where you will be for the rest of the season…

  43. Manchester UTD Forever says:

    Bye bye gooners

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