Arsenal 0 Milan 0 – The Reaction

Picture by BBC SportImage by BBC Sport

Picture from BBC.

By -Shaun-

From whatever way we look at it we played very well tonight, and that is the truth. The only thing lacking in our play was the final finish, and in the end a goal. Some of the positions we were in were immense, and if that final pass was there we would have won by a few goals.

The Adebayor over hit pass comes to mind, with Fabregas in an amazing position, with the defense left behind. I can think of a few more the same. This would have been a fantastic result away from home, but now we have to go to the San Siro and battle for our lives. To get an away goal there would be superb, and could and would win us the game, and the tie. I know in the League they haven’t been the best at home, and we can and will take advantage of that.

I believe that tonights performance can really encourage us to go to Italy and get the result. However, how great would it have been to win tonight? With a clean-sheet and a two-goal advantage- A status Liverpool now have against rivals Inter. On a positive note, my word Walcott looked good when he came on. This is obviously me getting over-excited as all he did was get a shot on target and place a world-class cross on the head of Adebayor, whom should have scored. It would have been a perfect ending to the game which I thought we dominated nearly all-throughout. Looking at the battle in midfield I thought we were far superior. Flamini kept Kaka very quiet and I thought Fabregas had an outstanding game. He completely outclassed a world-class Milan midfield, and in my view made them look average tonight. What a game he had. To end, lets be confident that we can go to their crib and do them over. Play like we did tonight and a few goals my finally come our way in the end. Up the Arsenal.

Ratings – By Gaffer

Jens 7.5
Sagna 7
Clichy 7
Gallas 7
Toure –
Flamini 7.5
Cesc 7
Hleb 6.5
Eboue 7
Eduardo 6
Adebayor 5.5

Senderos 7

11 Responses to Arsenal 0 Milan 0 – The Reaction

  1. Joel Cairo says:

    And Eboue? isn’t he explosive going inside? I didn’t see his dive, but he showed why Arsene has taken so much time with him.

  2. Austingunner says:

    I wonder if we will have RVP and Rosicky in time for the return leg. I think if we had either of them today it would’ve been the straw that broke the camel’s back. We have to do a better job finishing.

  3. STONROY says:

    HOW BOUT BIG FUCKING PHIL SENDEROS HEY!!!!! I take back every word I said about him belonging in the swiss pig league, he was magical tonight… Hleb was just awesome, when he is on no one can get the ball off of his feet. Cesc was the maestro the held it all together and Flamini did what he had to do. I think that Adebayor is starting to believe that it should all go through him, and I must say the team are supporting that. We are done with the Henry style of 10 + 1. We are a team now. I think the score is perfect for Arsenal, it will give AC Milan a false sense of security, we do best when we chase…One more thing, i agree about Theo Walcot, his speed will kill them, time to put eduardo on the bench for a little bit, he is nearly there, but not quite.

  4. Austingunner says:

    Eboue didn’t dive. I saw two replays and the defender caught his leg. If could have been a penalty (albeit a harsh one), or should have been a no call. But it was definitely not a dive.

  5. sam says:

    Senderos had an immense game. 1-0 would have been a fair result. Among the 4 English clubs, we have the toughest task ahead but anything can happen in San Siro. We had ‘no chance’ the last time we were there but thrashed Inter 5-1 in one of our greatest victories in our 100 Champions League games under AW. We don’t need a repeat of that victory. A scored draw will suffice. Surely it’s not too difficult to achieve.

  6. STONROY says:

    I’m telling you, we will do it. I know we can. look at us out there today, have you seen anyone play better better football than us? Not to sound conceded but when we get our finishing done, at our best no one in the world can stop us.

  7. Reyes says:

    All the lad played very well, but Adebayor?
    Adebayor -6 is generous from for this player.
    He should go and look in the mirror and what he is lacking, and he is doing wrong every match and fix it.

    Why cant we have a forward and who finishes from one or two opportunities, even if sometimes they are half chances, what frustrate me most of the time about him is that he ohhh I cant decide ! they are so many!

    one time he seems too easily pushed, I cant count how many times did he lose the ball! (as if he was week), the other he cant shoot at the goal (as if he is a defender), the last thing for tonight is that stupid header with his eyes close as if we are winning 10-0 and he is joking (what the fuck was that).

    For me Eduardo played a fantastic 60 minutes and he deserves way more than 6 that you gave him.
    Overall I think the team only played about 62% of our potential, as Clichy wasn’t at his best, neither Hleb although he was alright and Surely Adebayor was invincible, as these player improve in the second leg and we get two additional super star players in Rosicky and Van Persie I think Arsenal will play much better and score some goals too to win comfortably in Italy.

  8. Orson says:

    Must say Im with Stonroy, i really think we are going to win over there. Im fucking sure (and frankly astounded) that BIG PHIL SENDEROS is coming of age and just in time with that injury to Toure.
    I also wanted to say, is it me or do we have the very best left and right backs in the Prem (if not Europe)? I honestly think that they are every bit as important (if not more, a bit strong maybe but im labeling a point here so bare with me on this) as the rise of the Flamster in our strength this season. Clichy and Sagna both have the defensive grit, speed and tenacity that I love and also a shed load of intent when going forward and the ability to have a product at the end of it.
    Eboue….. Good game tonight but i justcant help thinking that he’s a complete ass and a liability just waiting to explode into life for our opposition at any given moment. Plus, There is something in him that I cant put my finger on that I just dont like. Lets hope he has a blinding rest of the season and make me eat my words…..ALA BIg PHIL FUCKING SENDEROS, IM SPEECHLESS (ALMOST).

  9. clockendjim says:

    I had the strange experience of being somewhat disappointed that Senderos had been dropped tonight to get Toure back in the team. However it wasn’t long before Big Phil was reminding us how much he has come on after a decent run of matches. He was just great tonight.
    Everywhere you looked though, you saw Arsenal players giving a great performance, putting a real scare up Milan.
    However that cutting edge to finish off all the wonderful approach work was sadly missing. I just kept thinking – if only Van Persie had been out there, it would have been a different story.
    What about Theo’s 5 minute cameo – his pace scared the life out of obdurate Italian defenders. Stick with him lads – I’m sure he will come good. If only Adebayor had just nodded in his superb cross instead of going for the spectacular !!!???

  10. Ifeanyi okagbue says:

    I think the team played very well last night. I will suggest that Theo be given more time in the return leg but should be brought in as a sub so he can acclamatize with the atmosphere at san siro. We need to work on our finishing but we were far better than Milan last night. Fabregas was the midfield general and he outshone kaka,seedorf,ambrosini and gattuso. I pray either Var Persie or Rosicky will be fit for the second leg.

  11. Jimmy P says:

    While its a pleasure to see so many Gooners singing our praises rather than moaning their arses off, I have to say that I thought the performance was OK, rising to brilliant for the first 15 mins of the second half when we should have scored and then seen out the game.

    Senderos did everything that was asked of him and I like the way he passes out of defence, he’s not one for the smash to Adebayor, and it was clear to see what a difference Flamini makes to this side these days – he was everywhere.

    But I was disappointed (again) by the contribution of Hleb. He’s so talented and influenced so much of our early season play that I expect him to be more involved than he was last night and last Saturday.

    Having said that, I can’t see any reason why we can’t go there and win. They are poor at home and I don’t actually think they are that good a side – apart from Kaka and maybe Nesta. Didn’t think they really looked like hurting us last night and I reckon we will score at least one over there. Bring it on!

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