Almunia or Lehmann?


This must be one of the most difficult selection decisions Wenger has to make in recent years,Almunia who was excellent pre injury is back in the squad but Lehmann has played really well in his absence, so what does Wenger do?

Some might say Lehmann is a walking timebomb but for me he has to be number 1.

He has the experience, skill and knowledge to deal with the title run in and big game away to Milan to come.

There is nothing between Jens and Almunia in terms of ability this season,Jens just edge it for me in term of organising the defence and presence in big games away from home. We all know how Mad Jens will respond to pressure at this stage of the season, he is been there wore the t shirts. We do not have time to experiment.

Almunia will have his time next season when Mad Jens leave the club in the summer and we are already champion.

And whats all this about Almunia recently seeing ghosts? Can this man be trusted in this current fram of mind?


Arsenal goalkeeper is convinced his house is haunted by the ghost of a monk. Shocked
Manuel Almunia has been given special permission to go home for lunch to avoid leaving his wife Ana alone at the house in Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire.

The 30-year-old gloveman said his home was built on the site of a former psychiatric hospital, and his wife had seen a monk holding a candle standing over the bed

Maybe Jens has been playing around with the bedroom sheets again?

8 Responses to Almunia or Lehmann?

  1. martin says:

    Lehman please, Almunia has done nothing wrong but he still scares me

  2. PonGoLee says:

    4real Lemon’s gonna come good coz euro’s are on the way and this is his last season with us….he deserve no1 until cockups or goes on a bender on the pitch…

  3. Arthur Pint says:

    I think that we need only see how Almunia performed in the Champions league final to make our choice …

  4. STONROY says:

    It has to be Lehman for three very important reasons

    1) The obvious. He has the experience in the big games, he doesn’t choke when you need him most. Almunia is not tested in this department.

    2) He handles the back four better than Almunia. He calms them down when needs be and he communicates the holes of man on man marking very well.

    3) His point of release on the break is faster and more accurate then Almunia. You only have to look to that lovely quick release on the counter to Ade against Milan which set him up for a shot on Goal.

    He understands the Arsenal game better, he is more experienced and this must count for something.
    Sure he got a little lazy at the beginning of the season and made some silly mistakes, but fuck, he’s proved these last four games that he is still our number one.

  5. Wokich says:

    I like Almunia and I’m not sure that we’re in a position to be able to judge who’s better at marshalling the defense. What I do know for sure is that Lehmann is much better at distributing to the offense than is Almunia.

  6. sam k says:

    Anyone who says Almunia is better than Jens has to be insane

  7. kfkfk says:

    at least almunia has bever done anything wrong to cost us points.and about the cl final it was his first game after a long time and it also was very crucial ..he didnt have the experience to cope..he is way better now…

  8. oetama says:

    Anyone who says Lehmann is better than Almunia has to be insane.

    Lehmann is the worst international goalkeeper i’ve seen.
    Inability to judge when to cut off crosses, rushing out from goal, silly mistakes that cost arsenal points,,

    “butterhand” might be good nickname for lehmann.

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