Eduardo Da Silva Injury + Pictures

On behalf of the Gooner Forum, our thoughts and prayers are with our young player Eduardo Da Silva, who today suffered a horrific injury by the hands of Birmingham City’s Martin Taylor.

As of yet, no official news has been released of the extent of his injury, but when looking at pictures and videos, I can say that it’s safe to assume that his chances for the rest of the season and Euro 2008 are finished. Doctors have yet to decide whether surgery is needed.

If his injuries are as serious as the ones Newcastle United’s Alan Smith received then it is unlikely he will appear for Arsenal until 2009-10. And Alan Smith was never the same after that injury.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger was furious in his post match interview, asking for Martin Taylor to be “banned for life”.

Blue’s boss Alex McLeish insisted that there was no intent of injury from Martin Taylor, who was “distraught” by the tackle.

‘Martin’s distraught about the lad’s injury.’ ‘It’s certainly not in Martin Taylor’s make-up at all to commit a malicious tackle.’

Arsenal boss Wenger, thought otherwise.

‘This guy should never play football again,’ he fumed. ‘What is he doing on the football pitch? ‘I’ve gone along with the idea for a long time that to stop Arsenal, you have to kick Arsenal. I knew that was coming for a long time now.’

Of Eduardo’s injury, Wenger added on Sky Sports: ‘His injury is very, very bad. ‘More than the season is over.’

From my point of view, I don’t think that there was any intent in the tackle but it was nonetheless a reckless and needless tackle. All credit to Eduardo, who didn’t shy out of it.

There is likely to be a lot of controversy about this. Personally, taking Taylor to the court and going through all that hassle is needless, it won’t bring Eduardo back from injury. I am all for a lengthy ban but the final decision, in my opinion, should be left down to the player.

However, injuries like these are becoming more and more frequent. Football is a physical game and every player who plays it should know the risks. However, there has to be line set. Eduardo may be limping for the rest of his life.

Why do players feel the need to go into two footed tackles, or with their studs up? Bad training? This is an issue the F.A need to investigate to prevent from happening again.

We have to think about Eduardo’s future at the club as well. He is still a young player, and showed a lot of potential this season. Many had big hopes for him next season, but this injury may set him back to square one all over again. We currently have two fit strikers, three when all are fit. If he is set to be injured next season, a replacement has to be bought, and with Robin constantly injured and Bendtner and Ade not looking like a good partnership, the signs aren’t very good.

Reyes was a different player after he was bullied out of the United game all those years ago, and Alan Smith does not look like the same player after his injury.

We just have to hope for the best, let’s hope he does an Abou Diaby and comes back from this horrific injury, raring to go and bagging in the goals. From what I’ve seen, he’s a tough little lad.

bOG a Croatian user of The Gooner Forum, had the following to say

“Hi guys
I’m a Croat.
And this is a sad day for my country.

Dudu didn’t just represent a great footballer and a humble guy in this world of materialistic and money crazed sport, but a real shot of international friendship of nations.

He is a Brazilian,Croatian and a Gooner.

For him to represent us on Euros is beyond Croatia, Brazil and Arsenal.
It is to represent talent with no label.

But he will come back, as a pheonix. As all that wear croatian checkers.”

The following are pictures of his injury, NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART

Though the tackle did not look intentional, Martin Taylor did not look too “distraught”

Again, I would like to wish Eduardo Da Silva a speedy recovery on behalf of The Gooner Forum and Arsenal fans everywhere.

Video Link (For those of you who can stomach it)


Eduardo undergoes surgery (

Eduardo underwent surgery in hospital on Saturday and is currently resting. The Croatian striker sustained a broken leg in the 2-2 draw with Birmingham earlier in the day.

Everyone at Arsenal Football Club would like to wish him a speedy recovery.

279 Responses to Eduardo Da Silva Injury + Pictures

  1. Rob says:

    The Ar#*h#¤l even looks like he’s smiling in the last picture there.

  2. JD says:

    the curse of the no 9 shirt strikes again

  3. ewan says:

    Please remove the pictures. They are too distressing. I am disappointed Birmingham players did not show more concern. Mc Leish was a disgrace.

  4. sm says:

    he is going in 2 the tackle with his foot a mile high nd he doesnt even pull out off it :@:@:@:@:@:@:@

    that tackle is a disgrace to football and in the last picture i fink he is smiling

    a very very very very very lenghty ban

  5. Rick says:

    Fuck that Martin Taylor! He deserves to be get killed!

  6. Jon says:

    Well that last picture says it all … Ban him for life? Yes, I think that a statement like that would do justice to the game and hopefully players out there that are capable of such malice would think twice about it. Poor poor kid.

  7. Alan says:

    Now that the anger has subsided a little, i feel i can comment without losing the plot. Horror tackle, no doubt about it. But lets be honest a life time ban is not going to happen nor should it. Two wrongs dont make a right. What should happen is the FA should over rule the usual 3 match ban and impose a much longer one. Lets say 12 matches. Sends the right message to would be future thugs and puts martin out for the remainder of the season as well. Not going to happen though is it??

  8. Joe says:

    Have you seen what that cunt McLeish said? “I don’t think it was a sending off”. What the fuck was he watching.

  9. neil pearce says:

    I thought Arsene,s comments were born out of anger & frustration After seeing the pictures I dont think they were strong enough.
    YES it appears Taylor is smilling

  10. Chirs da Gooner says:

    its fukin disgusting, look at dat mug taylor smiling as he can clearly see Eduarod screaming in agony

  11. kristijan says:

    my god i don’t usualy watch football but i am from croatia and i allways watch croatias games cuz i am from croatia and now when see this i can’t stop shaking such a good player such a wonderfull boy and someone did something like that to him and look how he is smiling on the last picture i think like wagner he sould be banned from the football forever cuz now arsenal lost a great player just like croatia

  12. arse&nose says:

    hes smirking, shows how much he cares…

  13. Russ says:

    thats not a tackle thats assault, i wish Eduardo all the best but i fear for his future .l

  14. kevin says:

    No one, and I mean no one deserves to be treat the way taylor treat eduardo. He blatantly went in with the sole intent of stopping him regardless of the outcome. I have played amature for nearly 20 years and I have seen some injuries, but nothing as sickening as that. He should be dragged over the coals and sine died. pro footballer? A cowardly tackle!!

  15. Rob says:

    We were a disgrace, too casual and got punished. Adebayor should have squared the ball to bendtner and the game would have been won

  16. Simmo says:

    What a f**king disgrace Taylor is to football he deserves a lifetime ban from all football compettions worldwide. C’mon FA it’s time to grow a pair and act on thugs like this. Eduardo our thoughts are with you and your family at this terrible time. Get well soon Buddy.

  17. Sven Jensen says:

    I think that Arsene Wenger was right, when he said that Taylor should be baned for life. It’s a horrible tackel, but the worst is Taylor’s smile on his face, clearly knowing that he has sent da Silva out of business, maybe forever.

    I hope you recover Eduardo, and I hope that all referee’s will strike down severe in the future.

  18. stonroy says:


    I just called Birmingham FC and gave them a piece of my psycho mind. I BEG YOU ALL TO DO THE SAME!! I don’t trust that anything will be done about this, it’s up to us. The number is 0844 557 1875.

  19. Brigham says:

    Disgusted with the way the media have been over this incident and they all seem to think it was an accident. No fecking way and looking at those pictures confirm my belief. That twat is sat there smiling at his hatchet work. Ban the cnut for life.

    Richard Keys and the other pathetic muppets on Sky should be sacked for just about condoning this sort of behaviour. Complete wankers.

  20. GUNNER says:

    tyler do not come TO london.

  21. Julio Pecktor says:

    I´m from Brazil and also an Arsenal supporter. This fucking martin taylor should be banned from sport. What he did today should not be forgiven and will never be forgotten…FIFA should punish hardly these kind of tackles. That player is a criminal and showed no regret of what he did…Poor Eduardo…He may never return to professional football…

  22. DaveyDave17 says:

    as much as his manager says he doesnt mean it..
    Fxxk that.
    you can’t call that an accident

  23. Orson says:

    Im lost for words, distraught for Dudu and hurt for the shame it brings on all of football to see tackles like that. The last picture……. Im praying that is a snapshhot of taylor changing his expresion and is missrepresenting him grossly. If he smiled, then Wenger right and he should never be able to put on a pair of boots again.
    Get well soon Dudu, our thoughts are with you.

  24. martin village says:

    Eduardo should sue Taylor for damages for personal injury in civil proceed ings, where recklessness is sufficient for proof and malicious intent not required. He stands a good chance of winning. If so, damages payable by Taylor could be huge, and should deter such maniac tackles in future.

  25. anthony says:

    Further to the message from stonroy about BCFC phone number…..

    Have just called it and there are available tickets for their next home match, against Spurs. Possibly useless information. You decide

  26. Max Armitage says:

    It is clearly intentional the f### is even smiling he should be arrested.

  27. JAMES says:

    There was no intent there…
    All you gooners…Why does one of your own ( David Platt ) say it was a total accident and didn’t even warrant a booking…

  28. Tony says:

    Im in tears for eduardo, this is worse than death. I hope Matt taylor pays for this. Eduardo, you are the man. Happy birthday for monday x

  29. jamie says:

    if i see that cunt taylor on the street i’ll rip his fuckin head off his shoulders its a fucking liberty and his got the cheek to smile………………

  30. Mike says:

    It’s time this behaviour was sorted out.

    If you drive a car recklessly, and injure or kill someone, you go to jail, whether you intended to injure and kill anyone or not.

    The FA, referees, and the media have been turning a blind eye to the moronic attitude that Arsenal “don’t like it up ‘em”.

    In recent times we have now seen two Arsenal players suffer horrific injuries as a direct result of the FA and referees failing to curb this kind of behaviour.

    Eboue got slated for being “reckless” when Terry followed through onto his foot, so where was the condemnation of dan smith for Diaby’s injury, and where is the condemnation for taylor on Eduardo?

    Eboue’s was a genuine accident, and wasn’t even reckless, but I bet we’ll hear nothing from the idiots in the FA, the media or from the referees about this.

    Wenger revealed the statistics showing the refereeing bias in the EPL last season.

    The “authorities” apparently don’t want to hear, because, as we keep getting told, “there are no English players at Arsenal”.

    Well, maybe it’s time some legal action is taken against the FA and referees.

    Perhaps it’s now time they are MADE to listen?

    Arsenal fans need to force the FA and the referees to listen.

    And as for those half-wits at the BBC, I sincerley hope someone takes it upon themselves to break their legs, they are an absolute disgrace and should never be allowed on air again.

  31. biniam h/g says:


  32. smettyfizzzukkk says:

    what a fucking tosserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….he deserves shotting for doing that my mum was not happy

  33. Val says:

    I guess this is what the English mean when they say to beat Arsenal is to kick them. As the Neville brothers did so effectively against Reyes that he no longer plays in England. The attribute both players had was that they were very technically sound. English players need to learn technical skills rather relying on bullying tactic – PLAY FOOTBALL GUYS. You never win anything with bullying tactics.

    When is the FA going to take action against other teams’ attitudes/mentality of kicking Arsenal.

    How far does it have to go? How many players have to have their legs broken. From the pictures this doesn’t look like a freak incident.

    Taylor “the thug” looks to be smiling. Is it fair that he will be playing football next week when Eduardo may not ever play again? Where is the fair play in that?

    Do you think puting the ball out when a man is down is where fair play stops? Taylor “the thug” will be playing next week, where will Eduardo be and what of his future and his young family???????

  34. biniam h/g says:

    hey you taylor how you are so bad guy you are i hope that i can’t see you next time on foot ball
    you doing very very bad when i am looking you on this picture you lauging hey how you hurted my heart
    any way God bless you for what you have done it

  35. tt says:

    In all fairness I don’t think the guy is smiling it’s just that the camera catches him at a moment where it looks like he is. As for the foul it doe’s not matter wheather it was intentional or not , a tackle like this should be punished with a long ban and was Wenger not spot on with his comment that you could see this comming as oppasition teams come out to kick our players as they have no other way to stop them.

  36. markronan says:

    As a croatian and arsenal fan, i’m very dispointed with what we have seen today, hope he will recover soon, and at this moment the most important thing is his health, please if theres any new news keep us informed.


  37. indian gooner says:

    horrifying :(((
    get well soon dudu…
    i am so depressed… seeing dis
    i once broke my leg and i know how much painful that would be…
    fkin taylor and mcleish
    ban him

  38. Burdett says:

    What a bastard
    He should be shot for laughung
    Fucking scum


    I hope birmigham get relegated two season in a row and taylor is banned for life.

  40. pw says:

    He is not smiling in that picture, bad image quality makes it look that way.

    See image no. 4 at

    Not that it changes anything. How distraught Taylor may have been, and that it wasn’t his intention, does not matter here in the least.

    A professional footballer should have some concept of where his legs and feet are. Mistakes like that are simply inexcusable. The much touted classic “english” qualities of “commitment” and “not being afraid to get stuck in” simply translate to a danger to other players when not allied to sufficient skill.

    The premier league should send out the right message on that matter. Taylor should be banned for a _very_ long time, and Birmingham should have to pay compensation to Eduardo as well as to Arsenal.

    Of course I have zero faith that any of those sort of consequences will happen.


    very sad right now.


  41. perry says:

    could someone please show these pictures to that pratt garth crooks maybe then he might change his views about it bieng mistimed and not reckless.

  42. michael says:

    I’ve just driven home listening to that absolute cunt terry christian. Why do so many people (in the media) think that what Wenger said was worse than the tackle. Also christian said that these things happen all the time. Well so do plane crashes so get over it you manc cunt. Sorry to be so nasty but the sanctimonious (probably wrong spelling) cunts make me sick. Don’t spoil our minutes silence but we’ll sing songs about your manager being a peaedophlie.
    Get well soon Dudu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Tony says:

    Its not as if this was unexpected. Didn’t Wenger warn everybody only a few weeks ago?
    How many players do we lose to injury caused by poor tackles? Look at to see that we are top of the injury table!
    I’m not sure if Eduardo will play again.
    Absolutely gutted for him.

    What will the authoriities do? Jackshit, thats what.

  44. John Cheetham says:

    This is an absolute disgrace, taylor is clearly smiling about the fact he may have injured a fantastic players career, all this nonsense about the camera catching him at the wrong moment is just that – nonsense. I was also appaled at the reaction of the birmingham players after the challenge, they should be ashamed of themselves. The birmingham fans who were booing the snding off also need to hang their heads in sham etoo

    Absolutley disgracefull

  45. john says:

    i wish that the so called matt taylor has an accident on his way home and he becomes crippled then he would know it feels. The whole birmingham football club should put their hands in shame and i wish that they get relegated because a team like this is not worthy to be in any football league.

  46. jydo says:

    i think Taylor should be left out of the picth till EDU becomes fit to paly football back, then he would realise how painfull it is for a player to be injured with such tackles and almost be out for the rest of his best season.

  47. SurreySpurts says:

    I am a Spurs Fan….

    But this is sick, this is wrong, the picture of taylor on follow through is wrong.

    We may both dislike each other and people can say what the fcuk is a yid saying
    but I have to stick up for North London here as one and say the guy needs to be banned. If Eduardo is ok and plays again next season then one season ban, otherwise agree (for the first time!) with Wenger. The mallice on taylor’s face says it all – Guilty.

    Spurs fans prays go to Eduardo and his family.


  48. gooner1 says:

    Taylor is not smiling, that’s just the camera still – I watched the game and he looked concerned.

    However, this is the end of Eduardo’s season, he’s most likely not going to be able to represent his country in Euro 2008 and this must be a massive blow to him!

    In terms of Arsenal, this is the worst possible thing – we now only have 2 real strikers, Adebayor and Bendtner, both similar players and terrible as a strike partnership – no Eduardo, pretty much no Van Persie, and we seem to be falling apart, I wouldn’t be surprised to see us out of the Champions League in a couple of weeks and our title hopes gone (after losing points to BIRMINGHAM)!!!

    I’m usually very optimistic, but I personally think we’re f**ked now.

  49. heneganov says:

    Ewan, if you don’t like the photos, don’t look. The rest of us are adults, we can make up our own minds, thanks.

  50. Josh says:

    Something has to be done.
    The pictures tell all… it is disgusting. Until these kind of career threatening tackles are properly punished, players like Taylor will continue to kick out.
    A red card and a three match ban? Punishing Taylor will not get Dudu back where he belongs any quicker, but what it will do is send out a strong message for all in the premiership and beyond that it is unacceptable. I agree with Wenger, if Eduardo can never play again, or cannot play for lets say a year, why the hell should Taylor be allowed to play? If Taylor knew before making such a rash tackle that he could be banned for life, or banned for as long as whatever injury he inflicts, do you think he would have made that barbaric challange, or taken more care? Steve Bruce and that other Moron jumping to his defence also makes me quite angry as I do not think you can just say Taylor is a “gentle Giant” and would not have meant this. Well I do not think he meant this either, but it has happened and Taylor is responsible, so should be punished accordingly. Get better Dudu. This is not only sad for Arsenal but a sad day for British Football.

  51. PaGaL says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Eduardo.

  52. anonymous_coward says:

    That last picture has clearly been doctored … why is it pixelated when the other three are so clear?

  53. Rav says:

    God, i hope he’s okay. Has a bright future in front of him – lets hope its not the end of his days at the emirates.

    FORZA Dudu, c’mon son, we are all behind you.

  54. anonym says:

    is he coming back?

  55. John Bull says:

    I think a lot teams are resorting to these tactics to frustrate arsenal because in terms of playing skills they are no where. Bear in mind the thug’s boss is a scot who would want to do red nose a favour by putting out of action a senior gunner striker thereby weakening arsenal.
    Incidentally I saw the red nosed pumping the air when his manure won at NC. Bear in mind KK for all his flamboynce is a novice when it comes to football tactics.He shd have parked the bus and hit the scum of a red nose on the break.
    I know the omen s are not that good but a three point gap is not to be sniffed at.Come Apriln12 we will settle with the red face on his own homeground.We have won there bf and there is no reason why it can’t be done
    again injuies permitting.

  56. ag says:

    Man Utd fan here, Just want to wish Eduardo a speedy recovery and hope to see him back on the field once again.
    All the best

  57. saf says:

    ass hole hope tayler gets ban 4 life

  58. Gerald says:

    Never mind reading all the websites with peoples stupid, brainless statements……this is one from a bluenose of many years who was at the game today who wishes only the best of bests to Eduardo in his time of pain and wish him a very,very speedy recovery……..Gez

  59. jason boyd says:

    I think it’s abt time the fifa and platini ban the sliding tackles.The perpetrator will say he mistimed the tackel but in my mind it is with the inention of taking the more skilful player out of the game. Have you noticed those who are usually repeat usually injured arehigh value added players.So far I haven’t come across any medicre player being put out of action.
    FIFA must start taking action now and not wait until 2050 to to update punishment for these type of offences and for such players to be banned as long as the injured player is unable to play. It seems like going to the middle ages but I believe this is the way forward.
    Incidentally I hope Platini knows abt Eduardo’s injury which is food for thought.

  60. 6000 says:

    I don’t see how this tackle was worse than many others this season – except for the outcome. I’m not a huge fan of the FA “taking extra action” like they did against Ben Thatcher last season. It screams of pandering to the fans.

    This wasn’t a malicious challenge, and I’m quite sure the “smiling” Taylor isn’t smilin at all and is at that moment unaware of the damge he caused.

    As for ringing up Birmingham City – how will that help? Do you really think the lady on the switchboard deserves your abuse? That’s malicious.

  61. Steve says:

    What is wenger moaning about, you have had your fair share of players who have dished out horrendous tackles in the past, yet he has always defended them!!

  62. FAK taylor says:

    he coul have easily pulled out,MURDERER

  63. JB says:

    My thoughts are with you Dudu, your family, your team mates, us fellow Gooners and Croatian fans too.
    He was just starting to fire for us aswell and i’m sure would have done the business in Milan.
    He will be back for both Arsenal and Croatia, i hope and pray and trust in God that he will.
    Let’s not feel hate towards Taylor, he would never have wished this. It was a bad tackle, sure and he deserved his sending off. He will be suffering himself in his own way and doesnt need us fans of Dudu giving him further grief

  64. Aisha says:

    that isn’t a smirk in the last picture, if you surf the net there is actually a clearer version on the eurosport website and it is not a smile, its a look of concern.

    sad day for football, definately not intentional, definately a red card but not a lifetime ban.

    i hope Eduardo makes a full recovery 😦

  65. Rob says:

    I think this shows it is time for the FA to act. We have teams in the premiership that are unable to play technical football and they survive by taking a physical approach that the rest of europe has shunned for years. Our kids grow up playing too much of this type of football and is it therefore any wonder we are not as gifted as the rest of europe technically. We have to move on now. The FA have simply not acted as they should and simply hidden behind the old adage (spewed out by the dinosaurs of the game) that it’s a man game. Bollocks, this is assault and must be outlawed without any debate now. My thoughts are with a highly talented and professional footballer and I truly hope he is able to come back from this. His contribution will be sadly missed by all Gooners.

  66. pajtim says:

    It was torrible, i think taylor diserves to go to jail for the rest of his life.

  67. Ben says:

    I’m a Chelsea fan.checked out the site to see the pictures as I missed it in real time. Awful challenge,Taylor was’nt even looking at Eduardo when the tackle was made! All the best 4 his recovery.Quality player.

  68. gooner! says:

    OMG!! that is disgusting!! i agree with Arsene, Martin Taylor should be banned for life !!
    That has probably just ended Eduardo career! When it had hardly started =[
    Hope he gets better soon…
    and i hope Martin Taylor gets whats coming to him!! Grrr

  69. James says:

    you fucking scum bag.. thats a disgrace.. those pics are disgusting and Martin Taylor doesnt give a shit look at him smiling in the last pic//

    peace out

  70. James says:

    as a Chelsea boy im truely feeling for Dudu he was a great young player and get well soon

    peace out

  71. Bluenose says:

    Taylor is not a dirty player.
    He’s certainly not smiling it’s just the moment the camera caught him.
    Have a look at this.

    But I suppose Wenger didn’t see it from where he was standing.
    ‘If’ Henry had connected what would we all be saying?
    The truth of the matter is you’ve dropped 4 points against us in recent weeks and maybe Wenger is papering over the cracks.
    What about the treatment dished out to Nani last week. If his leg had been broken what would Wenger have seen.
    I wish Eduardo a sppedy and full recovery.

  72. Mike T says:

    Birmingham and it’s team are shit, they should all be killed

  73. Hadley says:

    CALLING ALL TRUE GUNNERS. Taylor smirking must not be brushed under the carpet by the mainstream media. Email the Sunday newspapers with the picture of him grinning

    Surely with enough pressure at least one of the papers would print it, instead of just talking about an ‘unfortunate accident’ caused by someone who is ‘not like that.’

    Get well Dudu we’ll do all we can for you. I know you’re a strong character, you’ve overcome adversity in the past in your career and you can do the same again. In the meantime lets get him a Championship medal and make sure that filth Taylor does NOT get away with it

  74. JD says:

    martin taylor needs to get his head kicked in

  75. Sue says:

    Have heard that Dudu suffered a Broken his Talus, Fibula and Tibia with tendon and ligament damage.
    First estimates say he could be out 12-15 months

  76. Sue says:

    Oh and Taylor is a former Blackburn player – say no more

  77. Gooner George says:

    Diaby got done last season and the injury was slightly less bad than this, i agree with Mr Wenger about it ‘coming for a long time’ The FA will almost certainly do FA, as the ref saw it and dealt with it- I’d be surprised to see him playing first team football within 12 months.

    2 days before his 25th birthday.

  78. Miljenko says:

    Hi guys

    My name is Miljenko and I am from Croatia.
    No need to describe or express my fillings.
    Just to tell that with my 6’6 and 130 kg I cried several times looking at video and pictures
    (during my 30 years of basketball career I suffered several injuries – including head fracture but I have never saw such a one).

    I would like to tell my opinion that I do not believe Taylor „deliberately injured“ Dudu, but …
    that does not excuse him.

    If you take a closer look at the pictures you will see that he attacked 5-6 inches bellow knee.
    Which player will do that?
    What is there (or was there)?
    A ball?
    Only leg (with bones).

    Probably only Taylor knows what he was thinking just a moment before tackle and what his foot was doing so high?

    I know Dudu will recover.
    I hope Arsenal will win premiership.
    I do not believe we will never see Taylor on the field even he deserves that.

  79. droog says:

    that mug needs taylor needs punishing maybe get diaby on him if you know what i mean

  80. Sam says:

    You cant call that an accident. He is smiling and if I did that to a player I wouldnt smile for ages. I would be so concerned. Sliding can be risky but you would only ever miss by a little bit, you’d get your legs in frint of there’s and they would trip up. You wouldnt get there angle. His band for a red card should be for much longer than three games.

  81. GERARD says:

    shame on you andy gray;david pratt;gareth crooks but especially martin yourselves football pundits;catch yourselves on;take a look at what you lot said.if it had of been rooney or lampard you would have been calling for taylor;s head.get well soon eduardo son

  82. I’m a Man Utd fan and I watched this game today because obviously I am interested to see how Arsenal do. This incident sickened me to my stomach as the Arsenal players were clearly shocked and severely shaken for the rest of the first half.

    My thoughts are with your young striker who was clearly yet another excellent talent spotted by Wenger.

    It seems ridiculous that this kind of thing will be punished in the same way as, for example, a player deliberately handballing in his own area.

    He should be banned for the same amount of time it takes Eduardo to return to football and if that is never, so be it.

  83. Dsc says:

    fucking hang taylor, ban him for life like wenger says. he could be sad or happy i dont care, just put him out of the fields forever… fucking bastard he didnt aim for the ball, in the first picture you can clearly see his whole foot stepping on eduardo’s leg, not the ball (which was further away from him), so taylor just thought “hey, better to hit the player than the ball” and there we had it, if he hadn’t been intentional he would have gone to eduardo right away instead of slowly getting up and looking at the ref like “what did I do?”… what a fucking prick, in the last picture he sees eduardo screaming in pain and does nothing but get up and walk away… fucking gutless coward.. some of his teammates looked more distressed than him, I bet he was sad only because of his red card… and his manager is a fucking asshole too, trying to protect him, like his tackle was somehow justifiable… fucking bastards, they should hang, both of them. That isn’t football, that’s direct, intentional, reckless and cowardly aggression… the worst part is eduardo having his career hanging by a thread, if not already lost… I sincerely hope that croatian and arsenal fans team up and give that bastard what he deserves. I am agaisnt hooligans but I would love to see about 100 of them beat taylor to death and then post it on youtube to serve as an example to any other asshole who tries to pull off something like this ever again… what a fucking disgrace for the sport…

  84. thegoonertic says:

    I don’t believe what you are saying. You and I can see that that c**t taylor is smiling as he can clearly see the effect of his reckless challenge. He knows that he has completely missed the ball with a high challenged and followed through with momentum and the full weight of his body which he has brought it to bare on the Eduardo’s lower shin. The pictures show him to be smiling. I am not making this up…. take a look for your self. Yet you would rather have everyone believe (even though we can see those pictures) that this is it’s only a trick of the lighting that makes him appear to be smiling. Your just as bad as Alex McClesh who defends this kind of behaviour by saying that that c***t taylor doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. Arsene is right to say that tackles like that have no place in football and that that c**nt taylor should be shown the door. I am one very angry gooner!

  85. Stipe says:

    Talyor is a disgrace to football. These are professional players and they are supposed to know how to tackle. They know what there actions are intended to do especially when you have a threating player on the opposing team. He knew what he was doing and that was to take Eduardo out. He should be banned for life or atleast for as long as eduardo is out. the FA should doing something about these tackles. But the FA are a bunch of Geezers anyway so they probably won’t do anything.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you Eduardo. Hope you come back soon.

  86. andy says:

    as a manc I wish this on no player. Wenger is wrong. Arsenal tried to kick us off the pitch last week, but couldnt. Pundits were saying Nani deserved a leg break tackle, now they can see what it means, its easy to condemn from a mic its a dangerous game and Taylor mistimed, he didnt mean THAT. If u can see beyond your bias u know this is true.

  87. ifti says:

    i would say it was a moment of madness but later on this Birmingham crack head seems to be enjoying when eduardo screaming in agony. if justice is done this guy should get more than petty 3 match ban. It is sickening, a brilliant Eduardo’s career may end here. and its so sad to find there are vested quarters trying to shield this maniac, and this same quarter envied the style of Arsenal’s football. I would support Arsene Wenger’s comment, he should have more than 3 match ban.

  88. Danny says:

    this has to be the last straw the god damn fa need 2 do their fukin jobs n do it fast or they’ll have a fan uprising on their hands

  89. Ajay says:

    Wishes to Eduardo in these trying times. Will pray for you today.

    Maybe this country does not deserve to see footballers like him display their trade week in week out. Talented foreign footballers would leave this country if it were not for the money they want to earn to get themselves security for the future.

    Sometimes unfortunatly we are reminded that human beings evolved from an animal form.

  90. andy says:

    as a manc I wish this on no player. Wenger is wrong. Arsenal tried to kick us off the pitch last week, but couldnt. Pundits were saying Nani deserved a leg break tackle, now they can see what it means, its easy to condemn from a mic its a dangerous game and Taylor mistimed, he didnt mean THAT. If u can see beyond your bias u know this is true.

  91. yido says:

    im a yido, i admit it. but eduardo was the only player of arsenal i liked, and to see his ankle shatter right there makes me feel sick. Birmingham are scum-holes especially dirty boy taylor who’s laughing. Poor only cool arsenal player.

  92. Bosnian says:

    This is a fascism not football!!
    Take a look this son of the bitch smiling. I hope he will get a brain cancer.
    (Actually not possible, he has no brain)

  93. Lukas C. Allaghan says:

    “and was Wenger not spot on with his comment that you could see this comming as oppasition teams come out to kick our players as they have no other way to stop them.”

    Like Nani then?

    I think you are missing the point.
    Arsene shouldn’t have given an interview after this game.
    WIth Dudu on his way to the local hospital, the team had to re-focus on the task in hand. (not easy with all the chants of Eduardo, hardly surprising)
    To then concede a rather dubious penalty so late on, Wenger could have been forgiven for not wanting to speak to the media, and would have earned a greater deal of respect than taking on the role of judge and jury with his foolhardy (at best) comments.
    Taylor will be punished, of that I’m sure.
    I concur with the fact that the final picture is speculative, so I would dismiss that and await Taylor’s reaction to the public (Statement) and vice-versa.
    Such a shame to see the apparent “Having” of a fellow professional, truly shocking pictures, I wish Eduardo a speedy recovery.

  94. Brian says:

    That is a very bad tackle and I wish Eduardo all the best for a full recovery.I myself am a Man Utd fan and I can understand the managers remarks,there is no room in the game for these types of tackles, or for a team to try and kick the other side of the pitch

  95. Maestral says:

    I’m from Croatia, and all i can say about Dduardo is that he is our pride and he became one of us, and ALL FANS of all clubs loved him here while he was still in Dinamo. He’s one of the best players today and i’m sure he’ll be back, even better. Quick recovery Dudu and all best from Croatia, we’re all with you.

  96. DonBo says:

    if that is not a smile then Eduardo’s foot is not broken pictures speak a thousand words. i don’t see how there was no intent a foot that high was to win what the ball. for Christ sake i feared this would happen against man u not birmingham

  97. dan says:

    this is absolutely horrific and i can’t imagine what i must’ve been like for the guy, i wish him all the best. this looks unbelievably painful and he must be so gutted, best wishes to him from a united fan (yes, i’m actually a manc)

  98. CR says:

    Jesus Christ, some of the comments here border on the ridiculous. Taylor did not intentionally injure Eduardo, if you watch the replay you can clearly see that Eduardo plays the ball as Taylor has just started his challenege FOR THE BALL.

    I’ve seen challenges a lot worse than the one comitted today already this season. It’s just one of those things where 90% of the time there would probably have been no damage done, we see challenges like this every few weeks for God’s sake people!

  99. jack says:

    im not an arsenal fan, im a man u fan. i watched the game today and i was shocked by the birmingham players. they showed no simperthy. i think dudu is a great player and hope he makes a full recovery

  100. adam says:

    its a fukin disgrase hes smiling hes probley ended eduardos career and hes laughing

  101. TMidlander says:

    I am not an Arsenal Fan but am infact from the midlands.

    I am disgraced by the Tackle of Martin Taylor What was he thinking?

    Eduardo da Silva is another superb talent for the future. My Prayers are with him tonight, May his recover be full and his return to football soon.

    The pictures are too distressing to see and in a mark of respect if anything they should be removed.

  102. pppp says:

    you can fuck you, taylor!! go away, you mustn’t play football.. idiottttt

  103. Goonerkitt says:

    My thoughts are for Dudu who at the moment will be suffering on many fronts. First there is the sheer pain from the injury, the pictures shows his leg is almost in two pieces. Second is the realisation that his season is over when he has started to show how good a player he is and had the chance to progress further in the champions league, possibly win the premier league and spearhead his nations forthcoming European championship campaign. Thirdly he will be thinking that his career might be over and that he is destined to spend the rest of his days limping. Dudu you are a truly gifted and talented footballer who WILL return better than before to grace the Emirates and show all the neanderthal thugs like Martin Taylor that class and skill will always beat the knuckle dragging morons who unfortunately never get punished in a way that fits the crime. We need to win the league now for Dudu to show that these thugs cannot stop us playing our beautiful TOTAL FOOTBALL.

    Ps. Is it coincidence that after Alex ‘Demento’ Ferguson spouted his crap about one rule for Arsenal and one for everyone else that this happens and we have to really bad decisions go against us that both resulted in goals.

    Pps. The media (Sky Sports and BBC) Andy Gray & Garth Crooks….. I know you both dislike Arsenal with a passion but you need to wake up and realise that this tackle was not a result of passion or clumsiness but out of jealousy and hatred. Players of limited skill will resort to these kind of strong arm tactics while you keep saying that Arsenal dont like it up them. Well guess what Dudu had it ‘up him’ and he may never play again. I hope you are happy now you bunch of self satisfying cunts. I personally wouldnt piss on Andy Gray or Garth Crooks if they were on fire… even if I had drunk 30 pints of lager and was about to split open. I would further supress the urge if someone had left several taps running whilst I was watching a continuous loop of Niagra Falls in all its glory.

  104. Chris Mack ,The Gooner says:

    I wish eduardo a quick recovery, he was just starting to become the player we had all hoped he would be, so lets hope we see him in an arsenal shirt again soon, and lets not 4 get the goals hes got this season , the pictures r to difficult to look at, so lets go and beat villa 4 eduardo

  105. Reality Check says:

    Look at it for what it is, a ONE foot tackle going wrong. There was no intent to harm and these things are part of a game like soccer. When you go on a field to play you know that you can get hurt. Too bad-so sad but that is the reality of the game.
    So quit treating Martin Taylor as if he is an axe murderer.

  106. Dushko says:

    Spurs fan in peace, just wanted to say how sorry I was that this happened, and I hope Eduardo has a speedy recovery.

  107. Filip says:

    I feel so sorry for him, such a young talented player brought down by a stupid tackle. He had so much more ahead of him, I cant imagine what his wife and child must be going through right now..

    Eduardo, pobjedit cemo WC 2010, samo ako imamo tebe. All the best mate.

  108. Max says:

    disgustin tackle. i wish silva a speedy recovery..
    i no u guys say taylor looks like he’s grinnin…. but its jus a snapshot of it
    it cud mean anythin
    horrible tackle though, no need for it.

  109. Marin says:

    Im from Croatia, so ill share the info that you can find on croatian sites.

    They say his fibula was broken, or the outer bone in the left leg. Fortunately his inside bone was intact. He has already undergone surgery. They say he was “lucky” his inside bone wasnt broken, and is expected to be out 6-8 months…H will not play for Croatia in Euro 08.

  110. Luke says:

    Best wishes to Eduardo, no one likes to see these types of injuries to any footballer no mater who you support.

    I must say I didn’t think there was any intent in it at first, but if that last picture IS Taylor smiling then he should be banned, I hope it is just a misrepresentation of the lad changing expressions as a previous poster said.

  111. TMidlander says:

    I have also just seen the tackle on MOTD

    Its fair to say the was no malice in the tackle.

    And he was clearly distraught after he realised the damage.

    Still My thoughts and prayers are with Eduardo

  112. GoonerMAN14 says:

    Absolutely disgraceful. Wenger now fears for then end of Eduardos career(dailymail). It sickens me with all the talk from mcleish about it being not intentional and low
    That bastard taylor even had the cheek to fricking grin. What a shit.
    If Eduardo’s career is ended, Taylor should have a ban for life. If not and (fingers crossed and praying) eduardo recovers, Taylor should come back a full year after eduardo.
    Eduardo is such a talent, so cool and skillful with excellent ball control. I can only fear the worst for him 😦 Just read on daily mail the list of worst footy injuries. eduardo now on there) more than half retired after that.]
    Go to google and search petition to ban taylor for life AND SIGN IT

  113. Sean says:

    i agree with what wenger said, he should not be allowed to play footbal, that tackle was visious and the injury was horrific

  114. Sean says:

    still wishing him a speedy recovery hes a blinding player

  115. Betruger says:

    This is horrible. I am Croatian too and i can say i am very much disappointed and disgusted by the act of Taylor. You can clearly see on the pictures that Taylor’s leg is too high, i don’t think that was a accident, maybe he didn’t want to injure Dudu so badly but his tackle was unnecessary brutal. I hope he gets properly punished for that. Dudu is one of the best Croatian players and i’m sure he would do great in upcoming EURO. It’s actually not about EURO at this moment, all we hope is that Eduardo gets better and gets fully healed.

  116. Juniordinhio says:

    i am so shocked.How can you commit a tackle like that & be smirking.Arsenal need RVP fit quickly.

  117. Karr1981 says:

    OMG, that is shocking, fingers crossed for eduardo

  118. Juniordinhio says:

    Dudu plz recover safey all arsenal fans are with u.

  119. Adam says:

    Spud fan in peace.

    Terrible tackle.

    I hope the lad makes a full recovery but, as a doctor, it looks very serious.

  120. wolfman says:


    This is sickening, I’m a Villa fan, but really feel for Eduardo and the Arsenal.

    I hope he is OK, and recovers well and makes it back in less than the 12-15mths mentioned here.

    I have to agree though that I’m not sure it was malicious, and I really hope that last image is a freak snapshot and he isn’t smiling, and this from a Villa fan.

  121. dave says:

    1st if you watch the coverage Taylor isn’t smiling and realises the damage done to eduardo. The coverage shows a remorsefull player not the violent agressive one some like to describe.
    2nd i have seen worse tackles that have had no long term injury as a result. is is not remotley possible that taylors tackle was simply late and the result of a player not having enough talent to live with more talented individuals?
    3rd maybe some people should think about aresenal and how their manager frequently brings the game in to disreptute , their captain showing no sportsman ship and throwing his toys out the pram. and “only way to beat arsenal is to kick arsenal” mr wenger should maybe remember that man utd took them to pieces and martin taylor should be allowed to carry on playing as he has not done anything intentional to eduardo!!

  122. Gemma says:

    stonroy you are sad

  123. Celtic Fan says:

    Wenger has it right, Taylor should not play again, unfrotunately its Eduardo that wont be playing for along time, if ever again 😦

    However many believe it was just clumsy, well i dont think its phisically safe to have such “clumsy” players in the game

  124. james harris says:

    omfg that was fuckin disgusting and im a man u fan but that doesnt matter with something this bad taylor should be banned for life and these pictrues need to be shown 2 everyone so people can complain

  125. Alex says:

    Im a die hard manchester united fan but would like to give my best wishes to eduardo da silva horrific tackle serious ban needed

  126. James says:

    Taylor should not get a long ban because he has not ran 15 – 20 yards and jumped two footed into dudu, he has virtually went from a standing start into the takle and dudu has just niped the ball away from him so stop getting on Taylor’s back, just leave him alone and see what the FA say.

    Oh and get well soon Eduardo, no one likes to see that sort of injury, hopefully I will see u playing in the near future,

    all the best James

  127. afc says:

    birmingham city should be relegated by the FA for this disgusting incident. they obviously planned to break his leg as shown by the fucking smile on that stupid apes face. they are a disgrace to the world of football. arsene was absolutely spot on, martin taylor should never play again, fucking scumbag. i hope that birmingham never win a game again, and if points are not deducted from them for this serious and obviously planned piece of disgusting play, then i will personally be complaining to the FA.

    ANY BIRMINGHAM FANS OUT THERE CAN GO DIE! Its pathetic how desperate they are to stay up that they have to end a player’s career. I’m so angry right now I can barely type.

  128. ?????????????? says:

    get bter soon i gave my bro wedey fr laughing

  129. ?????????????? says:

    get bter soon i gave my bro slap fr laughing

  130. Abedo says:

    This is disgusting. Who is saying this tackle was not intentional? Please look at pictures 1 & 2 again! 1 was slightly below the knee and 2 by the ankle. An unintentional tackle wouldn’t have been in 2 places. Me think this Taylor made up his mind to end Eduardo’s career but he is a liar. Dudu will come back again to shame him and his other ‘axe men’ still on the prowl in the Premiership.

    Dudu, my sincere feelings goes to you, other Arsenals players and the Prof [AW] himself. The least all of you can do for Dudu now is to roll up your sleeves and make sure you win the 2 leagues for him. That’s the only thing that can compensate for this horrendous calamity that has just befallen him.

    My sincere sympathy to all Gooners in the diaspora. Our enemies can only try in their diabolical plans to scuttle our title hope. They will never succeed.

  131. afs says:

    fuk talyor and mcliesh cok sukers

  132. Iyke okonkwo says:

    Wishing Edurado a complete recovery.

  133. Butch says:

    Bolton fan in peace man, that’s bang out of order, the tackle no matter what attempt he made to get the ball, was late and a total disgrace.. I love Da Silva, think that he is a right cracking player, I hope he comes back to stamp on that smiling ex-blackscum fools face

  134. Ryan says:

    I am a Chelsea fan, and i was disgusted to see the footage of the tackle….and i wish Eduardo with the speediest of recoveries and hope he will be able to play football again. My thoughts go out to him as well as the Arsenal fans because i feel that the squad have done magnificently this season against the odds and you could see the anguish on the players faces, he will be missed for the run in to the title.

  135. spike_gunner says:

    the player is an extremly gud talent, i just hope he can continue improving as a player when he has revcovered.. as we’ve seen with alot of players it is hard to return to ur previous form after a career threatening injury, he would be a great loss to the club..

  136. Crystal says:

    What a dreadful injury. I just wanted to wish Eduardo a speedy recovery!!

  137. JON-JOE says:

    you’re a disgrace taylor, go back to you’re bed and think deeply about what you’ve done!!! ….. eduardo da silva we’re all thinking of you and we can only hope you can play again in the future

  138. James Hooper says:

    am 14 an a lpool fan. now some people may think that it was an accident but if you see were the first contact is made, its half way up his shin!! but it wasnt a lunge or a 2-footer it was just very very very unlucky for eduardo. an i dont think taylor was smiling the camera just caught him wrong. Them pictures above made me physically sick and should be removed immdiately. All i can do now is wish eduardo all the best in the comin months. Ope you get better

  139. skellyboy2008 says:

    i support Liverpool an my best wishes are for arsenal football club and Eduardo Da Silva. I know it was a bad tackle but i do not think it was intentional. players who fly in with two footed tackles are looking to do more damage than what Martin Taylor intended to do to Eduardo. I personally think it was just unlucky for him. I think the FA should ban Taylor till the end of the season and he should make a public apology to Eduardo on live television. Nothing can change this terrible injury but it should not be blown out of proportion and Taylor should not become a hate figure for this

  140. blackphoenix says:

    Good day all,

    I’m a Chelsea fan, and I’ve never wished Arsenal any good luck, except when it suits Chelsea, but today, I have to say that Eduardo, his family, Brazil, Croatia and the club all have my sincere sympathy and prayers.

    I can’t honestly say that Taylor was smiling, but I can say that an example needs to be made of this guy, even if the injury was not intentional.

    I understand that football is a man’s game, but we can’t have injuries like that again, robbing us of a potential footballing great.

    Again, my sympathies.


  141. Andrei says:

    im a man utd fan bt i must pay respects because this is disgusting taylor is soooo lucky that it was unintentional because i wood call 4 a permanent ban i thought wenger overeacted wen i first herd bt now i c he was ryt gd luck eduardo

  142. timi says:

    look at the last picture it looks like the guy is smiling disgrace wenger 100 percent right he shood neverplay the game again not even touch the ball fool

  143. Just seen for the first time an actual slow motion replay on TV (well done Match of the Day).

    The tackle wasn’t actually that bad. The ball was there, Martin went for it, Eduardo had flicked it away. His studs must have been caught in the turf or something because it was planted. Martin’s foot ran through and he caught Eduardo flush on the shin, his foot skidded down and shattered Eduardo’s ankle.

    I don’t think the picture shows Martin smiling (although I did think the same when I first saw it). He is doing a sort of rueful grimace thing as if to say, “Shit, this is bad but I just went for the ball.”

    He didn’t go running in from 20 yards out and do a 5 yard slide right into Eduardo. He was standing still and stuck out his foot.

    On reflection, I think it was a clumsy but non-malicious tackle which just had freakishly horrendous consequences.

  144. johno60 says:

    First up, that is a disgraceful act and Taylor should be totally ashamed that he has done that to a professional player. Any player attempting a two footed tackle, whether it connects or not is irrelevant, should be sent off immediately. The photo above indicates it wasn’t a two footed tackle (as has been posted on some other sites) but shows there was intent on Taylor’s behalf and the red card was justified. How do we eradicate this from the game?

    Hopefully the lad can come back from this horrific injury.

  145. andrea says:

    Man alive!! Poor Eduardo – i have never seen a football injury that nasty! I have never seen a player covered as they have left the pitch with an injuryy before! Poor poor lad – career almost definietly over. The repercusions for Birmingham and Taylor should be massive – after all – the ramifications of this disgusting tackle will undoubtedly affect Eduardo for the rest of his life. A sad, sad day for football

  146. mat says:

    I hope Eduardo gets well soon still dont think it was done deliberate. How many times a week do we see tackles far more worse than this and only a scratch or a bit of a roleing around! Its bad and it was one of those that went horrificly wrong. Tackles like these happen every week just today it went wrong.

    Lets hope that a truley promising young footballer gets back to what he do’s best making England look shite!

    Get well soon Eduardo.

  147. skellyboy2008 says:

    i support Liverpool an my best wishes are for arsenal football club and Eduardo da Silva. I know it was a bad tackle but i do not think it was intentional. players who fly in with two footed tackles are looking to do more damage than what Martin Taylor intended to do to Eduardo. I personally think it was just unlucky for him. I think the FA should ban Taylor till the end of the season and he should make a public apology to Eduardo on live television. Nothing can change this terrible injury but it should not be blown out of proportion and Taylor should not become a hate figure for this.wenger is a tit though

  148. Luke Ginnell says:

    its hard to say at the moment what action should be taken.
    no one can say for sure whether there was intent except Taylor. And even if there were intent, i’m sure he had no desire to inflict such potentially career-ending damage to someone. Its the first incident I’ve heard about involving MT so i suppose that has to be taken into account.
    i agree about a hefty ban however, maybe 5 or so matches.
    before everyone brings out the “ban him for life comments” i think maybe some restraint should be shown and people maybe could concentrate their energies on hoping Eduardo’s career is NOT over and that his life outside football is not seriously affected by this. I was originally furious but now i can only feel sadness and a real sense of sympathy for Edu.

    that said, I’ve just seen Steve Bruce’s comment from “He would never, ever do anything malicious. He has mis-timed the tackle, and I’ve seen it. Some would say it is not even a yellow card”.

  149. timi says:

    fuck it i fink my comment was to soft that fukin taylor is an unkown shit cunt getting millions for be shit and going out to hurt better players dan u im sure eduardo will do a better job than u in defence neways he shud get banned 4 life and then mayb players will fink twice before doing that shit .prayers go out to eduardo HE WILL B BAK

  150. ben says:


  151. arsenal shite haha says:

    Eduardo ooooooo Eduardo ooooooo he fell right on his back an heard his leg go crack. well done martin Taylor is right for braking his leg teach the gooners a lesson they never used to be the most innocent team with thugs like keown
    an Nigel Winterburn. Wenger is a wanker

  152. Maria says:

    Seeing these pictures are so distressing, Wenger is right Taylor should never be allowed on the pitch again!! I wish I could wipe that smug smile off Taylor’s face for good. All our thoughts and prayers are with Eduardo and his family. We are so lucky to have such a skillful and talented young player at Arsenal. We wish him a full and speedy recovery.

  153. dan says:

    gutted for ya mate

  154. dan says:

    Taylor you wanker

  155. mat says:

    dosnt look to be smiling to me in a clearer picture more realising what has happened!

  156. dave says:

    timi ……fuk off you mug

  157. Mate says:

    Eduardo, get well soon!!

    Martin went too hard on him, i don’t know what was he thinking? 😦

  158. muntster says:

    I just hope our club that has supplied birmingham with over a dozen players over the years on loan and permenant, tells those cunts to fuck off and be utterly ashamed

  159. CHELSEA FAN says:

    the pictures are absoultly horrific.. but i still feel eduardo made a meal out of the tackle.. its clear exageration..

  160. timi says:

    chelsea fam u dad faces smells of my grannys pussi u scabby minge fuk u and chelsea u bunch of cok suckers

  161. Steve says:

    Coming from a Villa fan with a house full of gunners lol, i watched the match today (as i do with all the arsenal matches on telly) and i must say it was a herific tackle by taylor, after watching the replay on MOTD it made me nearly puke,

    anyway, its a sad loss to the team but he is in very good hands now and hope for a big return for him in the new season

    get well soon from me and all the gooners in my house

  162. Ryan Spurs says:

    In peace: I wish Eduardo all the best. Truly disturbing images, as well as the video. But I will urge Arsenal supporters not to take it out on Martin Taylor. I don’t believe he is a malicious player, and he didn’t want to hurt Eduardo. The smile is a freak snapshot and not a smile. If you view the footage, Taylor looks distraught. I have no reason to believe otherwise. He is not a nasty player. I understand your frustration, but I do not believe it was Taylor’s intent.

    All best to Eduardo. I am sure he’ll be back. It’s a bit like the Cisse break, and not like th Buust or Nilis break. It’ll take a while, but I wish him all the best.

  163. JOSH says:

    Heya people i would just like to post a little word of my concerns.
    I am a westham fan and i love football as a sport.
    even though i support a london rival team to arsenal, i would still like to post my thoughts on this sad occasion.
    i wish that eduardo has a very speedy recovery as he is a great player in the game, his career might be over yet , but i hope its not.
    gl with the recovery eduardo , foughts here are with you

  164. Spx says:

    If i would be him(EDU) i will just hire bunch of russians or afgans and cut his leg off or brake it the same he did it-that will teach him a lesson(maybe because i`m eastern eu.)but seriously hopefully someone will do something about it.

  165. JimB says:

    I have the utmost sympathy for Eduardo and I sincerely hope that he will make a full recovery as quickly as possible.

    However, some of the overreaction by Arsenal fans on here (wishing death or quadriplegia or lifelong imprisonment on Taylor) beggars belief. It was a bad tackle, certainly. And a three game ban hardly seems sufficient punishment (though the game’s lawmakers are to blame for that).

    But ask yourselves this: would you still be calling for a life ban from football (or death or dismemberment) had Taylor made the exact same challenge but that, for whatever reason, Eduardo had not been injured? The truth is that Taylor’s challenge seems so much worse because it resulted in terrible injury. Yet a great many equally bad (or worse) challenges result in no serious injury.

    Anyone could be fooled into believing, by reading this thread, that Taylor’s was the first bad tackle in the history of football; or that Eduardo’s was the first bad leg break. They could even be fooled into believing that Arsenal players, throughout the course of history, have been paragons of virtue and clean play – when the truth, of course, is that Arsenal players have committed just as many bad tackles as players at most other clubs. Yes, even under Wenger. Yet I never heard strident calls for such far reaching punishments when Arsenal players were the guilty parties.

    So if you’re going to have a debate about what to do about Taylor and bad challenges in general, you should at least be impartial, honest and calm. Otherwise, it just weakens the strength of your moral position and makes you look ridiculously blinkered.

    Once again, best wishes to Eduardo for a full and rapid recovery.

  166. CRAZY NUTTER says:

    how can you bring up english talent when the english are shit and have no talent makes me sick so i bashed a man u fan next chelsea fan i see im gonna re-arrange his face dogs

  167. Dan says:

    He should be banned for aslong as eduardo is out!
    horrible tackle
    absolute disgrace

  168. JimB says:

    Okay, Dan….

    Next time Fabregas, say, mistimes a challenge on a player who is injured for the following six months – I take it that you won’t complain that your star player is banned for six months?

  169. JohnnyGunn says:

    You all need to calm down, yes it was horrible, but ban for life? Tackles like this are seen every week, the only reason Eduardo was so unlucky is that his leg was planted. Taylors not a malicious player, hes only been sent off once before, and he was late into the tackle. I feel sorry for Eduardo, and hope he recovers well, but grow up and stop overreacting.

  170. KarenGooner says:

    Feelings are obviously high and so it’s easy to get carried away. I watched the match. Taylor had no chance at the ball so what was the point of the tackle anyway? Not much so from that point of view it can be seen as malicious. Either way Eduardo doesn’t deserve what happened to him. Taylor wasn’t smiling but until the red card he didn’t look particularly bothered.

    To the people who have said 1) it’s a good thing to break someone’s leg:
    arsenal shite haha (23:47:27) :

    Eduardo ooooooo Eduardo ooooooo he fell right on his back an heard his leg go crack. well done martin Taylor is right for braking his leg teach the gooners a lesson they never used to be the most innocent team with thugs like keown
    an Nigel Winterburn. Wenger is a wanker.”

    and Eduardo was EXAGGERATING????

    2) “CHELSEA FAN (00:09:47) :

    the pictures are absoultly horrific.. but i still feel eduardo made a meal out of the tackle.. its clear exageration..” Hmm how exactly is he making a meal out of that? He may possibly walk with a limp after that. Would you like me to come round and do that to you to see if you don’t make a meal out of it? His bones are stikcing out everywhere in his sock you fool. Would you have said the same if it was Drogba or Lampard? When Diaby kicked Terry in the face, Terry discharged himself that night. Can’t quite see Eduardo doing that can you? And incidently Chelsea Fan who was the first man to the scene? Our Gary Lewin that’s who. Think next time before you talk.

    The tackle was pointless that’s why it’s malicious and I do agree to some extent that the Birmingham players were out of order.

    What we, Arsenal supporters should do now is keep supporting our boys. And ignore the WUMs who have come here because they have nowhere else to go.

    Get well soon Eduardo!!

  171. Man U killa says:

    Jim B……..Fu*k you…fu*k u and fu*k u again…from here to hell…bicth-ass motherfu*ker..We are a tactical team..the only way pple wanna beat us is kick us off the bal..U think this is a circus….Punk!!dont try to be funny.fu*k u again and again………..and again..and…….

  172. Bish Bosh says:

    Happens all the time, sadly its ruined a tremendously talented players career. He’ll be lucky to walk again, let alone play football. I really hope I’m wrong and medical science has moved on but I can’t see it.

    As for Taylor, anyone who thinks he went in with maliceous intent obviously diesn’t know the game.

  173. Gun says:

    I hope that guy gets the sh1t beat out of him so much his wife and kids dont recognise him.

  174. Dan says:

    LMFAO at the retrard’s above.

    It’s called taking a photograph at a bad moment. *Sigh*

  175. steve-0 says:

    Listen to yourselves !!!! Ban him for life, break his legs, bla bla bla. Do you really think he’s happy at the outcome of the tackle just because a single frame in a video capture – that someone obviously took time to find (notice it’s the only picture where the focus is not on Eduardo) depicts an expression that appears to be a smile??????? Are you really that naive??? There are many expressions that use the mouth muscles that may appear this way (Lineker when Gazza got sent off for example). and i’m not even saying that was it, because I’m not stupid enough to believe it was his expression for anything longer than a split second. You may as well say he was about to propose, because he is on one knee. You people need to grow up. It wasn’t the worst tackle, it does had probably the worst outcome. END OF STORY

  176. Gabriel says:

    CR, TMidlander, James & others, who think Taylor is getting the shaft!!

    The only difference it makes if it were intentional on Taylor’s part is that then someone should smash his leg into pieces after he gets banned. Wenger said he doesn’t have anything to do on a football pitch. That’s not an emotional response. It’s a professional one from a football professional (although he oddly said sorry shortly after…FA pressure?!). Anyone who plays that fucking irresponsibly and dangerously, intentional or unintentional, should not be allowed another chance to end other players careers like this.

    About the last picture, now I’m waiting for someone to come out and say “actually if the angle were different you could see that he was crying”!!! What has the angle got to do with? It’s not a blurry picture and is consistent with his demeanor captured on video. He got up and was just standing next to his squad midfielder Fabrice Muamba talking and when Flamini approached him in protest, he shrugged. HE SHRUGGED people!! Have you guys ever played or seen fair play football? I have and when a sportsman unintentionally inflicts pain upon an opponent they try to walk up and offer consolation and remorse and see if it’s accepted -maybe it’s just a selfish act to stop themselves from feeling terrible. Now this today was a little more than just inflicting pain, wasn’t it? I mean Eduardo’s foot looked like it was hanging “by a thread” didn’t it. So why did Taylor not walk up right away to offer consolation? You must admit one very logical answer is that he was thinking “Shrug!! I just wanted to drop him not necessarily cripple him, so what’s the fuss?”


  177. Gabriel says:

    Hey JohnnyGunn,
    It’s not everyday someone’s leg is tackled into pieces and their blossoming career is ended instantly at the hand of a dangerous maniac –to say the least. So stop advertizing your it’s-life-in-the-jungle-so-wake-up-grow-up nickel and dime philosophy!! It’s submissive wusses like you who work against putting a stop to this kind of butchery in the FA and elsewhere.

  178. Gabriel says:

    Jim B,
    Yes. Arsenal players have committed bad tackles as well. But please do NOT suggest we’re all crippling players in the league left and right every week! The fact that other bad tackles that do not end up disabling players go unpunished does not make this one less punishable!! Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Also I think if you want to see strident calls for such far reaching punishments when Arsenal players commit bad tackles , you should visit threads from the other teams’ fans.

  179. Jim says:

    JohnnyGunn said “Tackles like this are seen every week,..”


  180. Jim says:

    first and foremost, all wish Eduardo all the best, but some of the caveman-like reactions are almost as sickening as the injury. If we based it all on these photos alone, we would surely think Taylor is a bastard and should be banned for life. But those of us who saw it, as nasty as the result was, will have to admit that Taylor was going for the ball, albeit in a clumsy way, and that unfortunately, Eduardo’s own skill in trying to get the ball likely in a freak accident sort of way contributed to the horrible outcome. Did Taylor do what Michael Ball did to Ronaldo? Did he do what Gallas did to Nani? Did he do what Roy Keane did , NO, clearly no. He is gutted people, he know the impact this will have on Eduardo, and he will have to live with this, but there was no intent, no malice.

  181. Stipe says:

    No need to go studs up in a challenge. that is amatuer stuff for someone who is getting paid that much. This is the premier league and players should know how to tackle. That is a disgraceful tackle from a so called professional player. He should be made an example of and a lengthy suspension so other players don’t do the same aweful tackles. This is a disgrace.
    Edu we wish you a quick recovery.

  182. charlie says:

    The reality of this situation is that Eduardo will be scared for life while that THUG will continue with his tackles. The only way to boot him out of thegame and show that this is totally unacceptable is for all football fans to boo him everytime he appears on thepitch. Football has no place for this type of player. THIS IS A NATION WIDE CALL TO STOP THIS VIOLENCE. BOO THEM OUT OF THE GAME CAMPAIGN.

  183. rajat says:

    i’m a milan fan, but i love the football arsenal play, and support them in the epl. i saw the injury first hand, and the way he went down in agony and the look on fabregas’ face when he begged the medic to come quickly got my throat to well up. it is an absolutely horrendous injury that the likes of djibril cisse, henrik larsson and alan smith have also expereinced. it is an absolute tragedy for the lad…i, as a fan of milan, know how it feels when my team loses a player to long term injury. ronaldo has a similarly painful injury to get over, and being 7 years elder to eduardo, may not grace the football pitch either. but however much you gunner fans might blame martin taylor, i must say that all he is guilty of is a VERY bad tackle, the sort that deservingly gets a red card and possibly a long ban. but i flat out refuse to accept that he went in with any malice. and he certainly wasn’t smiling…it was a grimace. check out higher resolution pictures of that same frame and you’ll see what i mean.

    here’s hoping eduardo recovers quickly. and rest assured, we milan fans aren’t happy at all with his injury. here’s an excerpt from milan’s website :

    cheer up, you gunners. lets all look forward to an engrossing encounter at the san siro. and win the premiership. blow those prats from manchester away…

  184. Jass says:

    Oh Thank you Taylor.

    That was a wonderful gift for anti-arsenal fans. Pure superb tackle. Knocked the bones out of Pussy-@ss gunners.

    Do it again! Do it again!

    This time, do it to Wenger.. knock his bloody nose off.


  185. Rob says:

    It was a bad tackle but the real disgraces of the day was your manager saying the fella should never play again coupled with Gallas’ tantrum. Wenger is the most biased, ungracious manager in the game. How often does he not see when your players do some outrageuos things but somehow his eyesight improves when the boot is on the other foot. I hope Eduardo makes a full recovery because he seems to be one of the few Arsenal players whose persona doesn’t actually reflect the managers.

  186. Stian says:

    I am a Liverpool fan and I am f*cking sick after seeing those pictures, I dont even have words to describe how sick I am. Its a disgrace for footballers and the fans everywhere to see a tackle like that. I am not sure what I am most pissed off about the tackle and the injury that could end the career of a footballer or that pittyful smile on that b*stards face. He looks proud of what he has done. A ban for life is not enough, he should be put in jail.

    I wish Eduardo a speedy recovery, however I dont think he will make it back. Which is bad, he had proven what a talented lad he was, he had (hopefully has) enourmous potential.

  187. Firstly I would like to pass on my thoughts to Eduardo, his family and close friends and wish him a speedy recovery.

    I have a few points I feel that I need to make:-

    The ball previous to the horror tackle was being played on the floor in which case would never warrant any man coming in from a high angle. Listening to sky sports and the BBC defending this man is incredible, there is no defense. I feel the fact the ball was always on the ground has been completely over looked and want to ask the question how can this type of tackle ever be defended. Arsen has since his initial statement on Taylor retracted and is claiming that he said these words in the heat of the moment, WHY? I want to see all the football governing bodies brought together over this and then finally eradicate this from football for life. Taylor you are no longer welcome in football!

  188. please stop harsh tackles !

  189. Firstly I would like to pass on my thoughts to Eduardo, his family and close friends and wish him a speedy recovery.

    I have a few points I feel that I need to make:-

    The ball previous to the horror tackle was being played on the floor in which case would never warrant any man coming in from a high angle. Listening to sky sports and the BBC defending this man is incredible, there is no defense. I feel the fact the ball was always on the ground has been completely over looked and want to ask the question how can this type of tackle ever be defended. Arsen has since his initial statement on Taylor retracted and is claiming that he said these words in the heat of the moment, WHY? I want to see all the football governing bodies brought together over this and then finally eradicate this from football for life. Taylor you are no longer welcome in football!!!

  190. Marcus says:

    Im a Liverpool fan and do not have alot of time for Arsenal. Yesterday after watching the injury to Eduardo the Liverpool result did not seem important. I 100% agree with Wenger’s comments. Players that go into tackles in the way that Taylor did knowing full well of the possibility that he could do serious damage to the opposite player should be banned from playing professional football and made to face legal prosicution. I have watched Eduardo play and it will be a great pity if his football carrer is over because of such a brainless act.
    I wish him all the best and look forward to the hopfully seeing him playing again.

  191. Sami Nairobi says:

    I think Wenger should not withdraw his initial comments because Taylor did it intentionally.How do u expect other players to know it’s bad if you don’t ban him???????.Quick recovery to our talented guy. I wish you well Eduardo.

  192. Roy Keane says:

    I want to say I hope Eduardo makes a full recovery and i would like to wish him all the best.

    However, the amount of shit flying around here is unbelievable. It was unfortunate but to say Taylor should spend the rest of his life in jail when paedophiles and rapists get 3 years in jail leaves me quite worried about the mentality of a lot of people. What you are suggesting is that a mistimed tackle that is going to rub a well paid player of a year of his career is worse than what happens to rape victims and children who invariably one way or another struggle with this the rest of their lives. I guess I just didn’t realise how uneducated and moronic the vast majority of supporters on here are.

    He’l get a three match ban, which by law, is all he can get, so why complain and talk all this shit that he should be banned for the season, life, have his legs broken, decapitated and all the rest, it really just makes you all seem so pathetic and immature. Maybe you should take a bit of a look at yourselves, you’re the reason so many people end up getting beaten to death and stabbed over the simplest of things, you have no absolutely no perspective.

  193. Peter says:

    I wish him quick recovering and I pray God the mighty healer should heal is injuries for him. God knows the Best and I pray for his well to be done in Eduardo’s Life/injuries.

    I pray Arsenal Will allow his families to be around him on hos hisptal bed as that will give him conform and happiness at this time of his life

    As Fan, let gonners push on 4 the title and let his team mates win it for him and present a medal to him at his hopsital bed.

    For Martin Taylor, God know how to treat people like you, so wait for God judgement.

    Quick reovering my Man Eduardo as i wait for an update as his injuries, for , God is with you.

    goonerssssssssssssssssss 444444444444 life……….

  194. Mike says:

    I am Arsenal fan and for me that tackle was shocking! Good luck with Recovery Eduardo and lets hope for a speedy Recovery!

    The pictures say it all really….. Taylor wot the fuck were u thinking? honestly were u trying to kill him?

    Im so frustrated… At least we are top of the league its all i can say

  195. Mike says:

    Best luck for the future Edu – All thinking of u!

  196. Jay The south london gooner says:

    Gutting, it ruined my weekend, but lets stay positive and hope eddy plays again. it was a bad tackle but we see 4 a game against us, it neeeds to change. good luck ed

  197. kn0bby says:

    What really is a disgrace is this website publishing a doctored picture to suit its own end, trying to demonise Taylor. Anyone can easily find the same picture on the net in its original form and it clearly has Taylor looking concerned not smiling.

    You see this kind of tackle all the time in the prem usually with the player not being injured. The ref made the right decision on the field and I believe the FA will set a longer ban for Taylor because of the injury but I doubt it’ll be anymore than 5 games or so.

  198. GOONERBOY says:


  199. the truth says:

    why the blurry pic for the last photo?

    much clearer there and it shows him wincing rather than smiling.

    Terrible injury though, I wish eduardo well in his recovery and hope to see him gracing the field again soon

  200. Man U Fan says:

    Eduardo is great player and I feel for him, not just for his injury but because he will miss the European championships and he is the reason Croatia are even there. It should have been the climax of his career. Please add him in your prayers to whatever god you believe in.

    I understand the deapth of feeling about Taylor, but I have seen him play many times and he is not that type of player. If you watched the Match of the day footage, he was beaten by a better player with much quicker feet.
    My wife is a nurse and, admittedly she hasn’t seen the x-rays, but says that these injuries are not as bad as they look. Arsenal will undoubtly provide the best medical treatment ( be grateful he doesn’t have to rely on the NHS) and he will recover in time.

    I think the shock of what happened deeply effected the Arsenal players ( should the game have been abandoned????)

  201. Gabriel says:

    Josh, very good post.

    I guess most of you have heard/read the news & Wenger’s comments on dudu’s first prognosis: “very, very bad!” and on this it possibly ending his career: “I don’t know…but it does not look good.”

    I knew it wasn’t good when I saw the pictures and I’m heartbroken for Eduardo. This always seems to happen to the guy who wouldn’t heart a flee. I can only imagine what this very decent guy must be going through.

    On a different note, what about Arsène Wenger admitting very quickly that he made some “excessive” comments about Martin Taylor following game? Sound like club politics to anyone here? I mean Wenger has a lot of mileage in front of the camera and a lot of experience with emotional situations. Yet I don’t recall to have seen him in a situation where he was so caught up in emotion and made such emotional comments that he had to apologize for it shortly after. I hardly find him an emotional man. So in effect what he is backing out of is not the call for Taylor’s ban but the part of the statement that said brute force and violence is being deployed in the league to stop a powerful opponent as a strategy. This I find very political and quite appalling. Then the loss of Eduardo in the game will be for nothing – so to speak. I’d love to hear my fellow gooners’ view on this here.

  202. Sense says:

    Why is the last picture blurred, i believe this is to distort the fact that Martin Taylor is grimacing and not smiling.

  203. Akshit says:

    i dont want to say anything about taylor bcoz he is fucker ,son of bitch ,bastered etc. i only want to wish eduardo best wishes

  204. GUYS AM JUST REQUESTING FOR ONE THING.PLIZ SOME ONE SHOULD EMAIL ME THE OFFICE NUMBER OF BIRMINGHAM FC.JUST WANT THEM TO GET A PIECE OF MY MIND.PLIZ HELP ME,SEND IT TO for the message,taylor is breathing now just becoz of one thing am not in england.i would have done that tackle on his i have a feeling that taylor was not breast fed.if he was then his mamaz breast milk contained scum particles thats why he is so foolish.some tell taylor he must go and join the al queda so that he can expose his talents properly.see my mum and me never cried when my grand died but i saw those pictures and i cried.TAYLOR AM JUST ASTUDENT NOW,BUT I PROMISE YOU THIS .WHEN AM SUCCESS FULL IN LIFE I WLL REVENGE ON DUDU’S BEHALF.AND REALLY LOOKING FOWARD TO IT.FA”Q” TAYLOR,MCLEISH


  206. WFC FAN says:

    Be very careful how you interpret still pictures, they can often be misleading.

    The above photo looks like it’s a high tackle but I’m not certain there is contact at that point and it could actually just be a trick of perspective, Eduardo’s sock certainly shows no signs of being studded high up in the subsequent shots. These images have been snapped at high speed and I cant even tell the direction of the ball so how anyone can say Taylor is smiling I don’t know because he could just as easily be mid-sentence.

    Having said all this I still believe the tackle itself was a show of intent, deliberate but I doubt serious injury was indended and for me a lengthy ban is needed to discourage others as it’s about time the FA really tightened up on this not just two footed tackles but the bullying practice of ‘making a mark’.

    Eduardo’s great talents will be missed however long he’s sidelined for and I wish him a speedy recovery.

  207. dan says:

    you lot are taking this vitriol towards taylor too far. the photo of him smiling is rubbish its just a tiny moment caught by the hundreds of camera’s that catch every moment that has been used to stir controversy and the emotions of gooners. Tackles like that and worse happen all the time by arsenal players and everyone else, it was just really bad luck that eduardo’s studs caught the ground and although the challenge was sloppy, it looks worse in stills as he wasn’t sliding in. this could so easily have been the other way around. taylor has been sent off once in his life and when it happened he looked visibly distressed. stop being a load of drama emotional drama queens and get real. shit happens.

  208. walidno1 says:

    Ok, Im a Man Utd fan but I just couldn’t celebrate after Eduardo’s horrific injury..Man, it looks gruesome and I hope that Taylor thug gets a life long ban…btw, I think if u guys notice carefully, I think Eduardo’s bone is projecting out of the socks in the 2nd last pic/.

  209. dan says:

    to wainaina

    you are talking rubbish, plenty of arsenal players have done worse. two words. martin keown.

  210. taha says:

    Hi i am an arsenal fan from pakistan ,, i was shocked when commentators refused to view the replay i understood at that moment that injury is very severe ,, as far as taylor is concerned it is 50-50 that he intended to do that ,, but what really matters is that eduardo somehow gets speedy recovery and he will be able to play in future ,, and we will win this premier league ,, for him . I hope he will be able to play in future …

  211. Stu (LFC Fan) says:

    Its a horrible injury but da tackle wasnt as bad as people say, still a stupid challenge, but da injury made it look worse.

    Its been comin 4 ages, players have just been throwin themselfs @ each other loads recently, Essien started it a few years ago & kept gettin away with it & then every1 startd doin it. Its got alot worse dis season though & loads of players were lucky not 2 ave theyre legs broken. Eduardo got unlucky cos is studds were planted

    Any anti-arsenal fan who thinks dis injurys a gd thing is just sick.

    Get well soon (2 Eduardo)

  212. Miljenko says:

    Dear all I would like to dedicate this post to all “humans” (specially guys on BBC) who are mentioning

    Half Tackles,
    Half Strength,
    Maybe not for yellow card
    Not running 15-20 yards

    and so on please replace in next picture:

    Player X has ball 30 yards away from goal
    Player X controls the ball on the ground
    Player Y tries to get to the ball tackling Player X 5 inches bellow knee (15 inches above playground)
    Player X suffered opened fracture (foot almost amputated).

    replace Player X with Rooney or Beckham
    replace Player Y with any other name.

    Well, you may continue discussion where Player Y tackle is for yellow card or not and so on.
    I hope, for benefit of all of as humans that those guys, discussing in above mentioned way, do not have children to teach them about morality, sympathy and fair play.

  213. Gabriel says:

    I think missed your post this morning. Unfortunately I just noticed it!! This is the dumbest single most presumptuous and disrespectful post in this thread. Please mister Advanced Civilization:
    1) don’t call distressed fans cavemen. That’s as arrogant as it is insensitive. People are grieving here!!
    2) get an eye-check coz Taylor had no chance on earth to reach the ball! So what was he in fact hoping to get to STUDS UP?!

    3) This part of your mail is really amazing:
    “Eduardo’s own skill in trying to get the ball likely in a freak accident sort of way contributed to the horrible outcome”

    So your recommendation to the FA is that the lesson to learn from this and the message to be sent is: “Attention all intelligent football players. Know your brutes on the opposing squad before getting on the pitch and be wary of any such player running towards you. At the FA we have prepared a list of recommended actions but, really, the safest one is to surrender the ball and steer clear of these people if you hold your career and your limbs dear”.

    Yep. That’s it. I think this message will prevent things like this from happening to other players!!

    I got one thing to say to you: “since you’re such a big boy and are into the big picture I’m gonna pray that shit happens to you soon so you can come back here and enlighten us with more wisdom based on your own personal experience about how to handle SHIT and perpetrators of SHIT”. Now you just shut up.

  214. Hoodeh says:

    Spurs fan here, best wishes to Eduardo Da Silva and hope for a complete recovery. He looked (from what I have seen) to be getting better and better, a gerat talent and a natural athlete. Hope that his youth means that a truly horrible injury doesn’t keep him out of the game for too long

  215. Gabriel says:

    You’re absolutely right. If this had happened to an English idol like Beckham or Rooney the English sports media would be asking for the reinstatement of Capital Punishment by now!! It was the same sour losers who wrote vicious columns taunting Croatia after their 3-2 victory over England in the euro 2008 qualifiers, accusing them of “inducing the referee to make judgments in favor of Croatia by essentially acting and taking dives” and the rest of it! What sad journalism.

    Now, some of the same sick bastards are probably sitting there pleased thinking Eduardo got what he deserved for his part in putting England out of the Championships and poor English Taylor is getting punished with a horrendous red card for delivering the sentence! If some sports journalist tells me to my face that Taylor’s assault was good for a yellow card, he’ll be a dead sports journalist!!

  216. bert says:

    It was a horrible and spiteful challenge. I hope the FA do something to stamp out players tackling with studs showing. But the picture doesn’t show Taylor smiling. For a better version, see here:

  217. Reality Check says:

    One day later, most of the writers here are unable to get things in perspective,
    It was unintentional, and not even a brutal tackle.

    It just happened to be at a bad spot on the leg.

    Maybe if he was wearing proper shin protectors his leg would not be broken.

  218. Akash says:

    thanx for the pics dude…wow..goosebumps…absolutely terrfying..makes you look at your own leg..damn..what a absoulely heartless person Taylor is..that IS a smile..Burn in hell…Edu NEVER deserved it..get relegated…edu WILL be back and light up the prem once wishes mate..

  219. steven says:

    get rid of those pictures there a disgrace its horrible and not right on eduardo

  220. dan says:


    maybe it would be good if you achieved a basic grasp of the english language before you come on forums talking absolute bullshit that makes no sense whatsoever.

  221. Manc says:

    Coming from a man u fan i woud just like to pass on my best wishes towards eduardo for a horrific injury, and hope he gets back to full fitness as soon as possible. The tackle was not malicious just mis-timed, the sooner you get over your bias you will realise this. The comments that have been posted above towards taylor are an absolute disgrace, totally over the top and pathetic. The only people that want banning are your outspoken manager and cry baby captain for their behaviour. What gives arsene whinger the right to have a go at any one when his team are the biggest culprits – nani at old trafford come to mind. What he said was slander and should be fined accordingly but im forgetting wenger is allowed to do what ever the hell he likes and get away with it. The tackle was an accident, his behaviour wasn’t……TOSSER!

  222. Daz says:

    What a load of biased shite!
    The guy’s not smirking – that’s anguish!
    The tackle was late and unintentional! Even arsewhole whinger retracted his statement.
    Didn’t see you lot making any comments about some of the filth Viera used to dish out every week. Or Wright’s (and he WAS a talent) disgusting 2 footed lunge on Peter Schmeichel!)
    I feel sorry for Eduardo cos he’s a talented player, and I hope he makes a full recovery, but Taylor was just outdone by a quicker player!
    Give it a rest!

  223. Mike says:

    Well Taylor what were u thinking at the time…..

    Happy 25th Birthday Dudu 4 tomoz – thinking of u!
    All The best


  224. Gabriel says:

    Hey RealityCheck,
    I’m glad you jointed to grace us with your eternal perspective. I’m absolutely with you! It’s dudu’s own fault. What was he thinkin’ putting his unprotected shin in the trajectory of Taylor’s masterly crafted flying Kong Fu kick? Daaaa! Wait a minute. I got an idea. We should recommend to the FA to make it mandatory to wear a full body armor in all league matches. That way we’ll be rid of all the bitching from wusses like Eduardo who might receive even higher flying kicks on their knees, genital organs, thighs, chests and faces.

    And dear RealityCheck, here’s an IQ-Check for you. In two consecutive sentences in your post you have 28.57% of the contents “and not even a brutal tackle” contradicting 33.33% of the same contents “at a bad spot on the leg”. Now here’s the question -no cheating now;

    what percentage of the total content is inconsistent dog shit you jackass??

  225. Exile says:

    I think people need to get a bit of perspective here.
    Bad tackle (but far from the worst ive seen this season). It warranted a straight red irrespective of any injury.

    Horrific injury. Team, country or allegence is irrelevant here. If anybody isn’t feeling sympathy for Eduardo then they need their head examining.

    Taylor. We’ll never know if he meant it. I don’t know the guy but I doubt his intention was to break the guys leg. Awful tackle but again I have seen far worse this season.

    A still photo is only a snapshot of 1/40th of a second. Be careful drawing conclusions from one that he is “smiling”. the MOTD footage didn’t show him smiling. Taylor will carry a large amount of guilt for that tackle.

    McLeish will always defend his own player publicly (as all good managers do). Plus true objectivity is never really the domain of any football manager.

    Wenger. Said his post match comments were excessive but I don’t think he formally withdrew them. The sentiment is still there even if he now thinks it was overstated originally.

    Finally the B’ham fans seemed to be respectful towards Eduardo as he was carried off (maybe someone who was there could update us all if it was any different) Respect where it’s due. Much more class than Liverpool fans who sang “John Arne Riise, I want to Know how you broke Smith’s leg…”

  226. Miljenko says:

    It seems that lots of people are “locked inside their local perspectives” like clubs, players, towns etc. trying to explain who’s home garden is better, and not looking at the bigger picture.

    As I stated before, I do not believe that it was intentional, but standard way of punishment (FA and other sports organizations) explains to young sportsman that “anything is regular”.
    Why? Because it is a sport and it is different then a life.
    So what is OK?
    Today’s lag brake, red card, few games.
    Tomorrow’s neck brake red card and few games.

    This is wrong message to them.

    Unfortunately, player (deliberately omitting Taylor) made something extremely wrong what is not in a spirit of the game and fair play.

    He should try to pull back leg when he saw the ball is only a dream.
    But he did not.
    Instead he hit like Titanic to Ice Berg.

    I am 46 year old professional player, suffered multiple fractures of arcades and arms (even head), and guess … sport is not football, it is basketball. I have never hurt anyone, despite my 120 kilos, and in lots of challenges I have made a choice rather to be hurt then to hurt someone else.

    I am just talking that there has to be a message “NO MORE”, for better future of our kids and next generations. Message should tell, even you are sportsman some things are OFF LIMITS and you are responsible for your acts.

    Once, this message will be sent, there will be less incidents like this.
    Taylor is just unfortunate “actor-player” that should be used for.

    My post is here only to try to make sport better.

    And for those with optical problems:
    He did not hit ankle. It was far, far above the ankle.

  227. Gabriel says:

    On Wenger -or rather the core issue which is what are we gonna do with the likes of Martin Taylor in football- you’ve stated the sentiment is there despite his, shall we say, informal withdrawal.
    I’m afraid the sentiment has been there for quite a while and everyone here seems to agree there’s a lot of it to go around. So obviously the sentiment alone is not gonna change anything. Are we gonna wait until something even more terrible happens in order for us to act? Seems to be going down that path as long as the managers play politicians. It’s time to send a message and we shouldn’t wait. Josh had a good remark on this earlier:

    “If Taylor knew before making such a rash tackle that he could be banned for life, or banned for as long as whatever injury he inflicts, do you think he would have made that barbaric challange, or taken more care?”

  228. Miljenko says:


    Finally “voice of common sense” not avoiding main subject.

  229. Miljenko says:

    and …
    Gabriel thanks for understanding one of my previous posts.

    Here is a part of the interview from newspaper that will show why we love Dudu so much:

    “I do not know if Taylor was here, because I was mostly under narcosis. I would accept with no hesitation apology from Taylor, because I am sure he did not have bad intention.”
    Fox is a small animal but obviously with big heart. 🙂

  230. Gabriel says:

    Thanks. I think I started out ok but then got caught up in anger. Anyway I’m trying, hard, to imagine, how he must feel. Sure, dudu has a big heart and we all love him because of it. But his young blossoming career may be over as a result of this and I think we agree we must be able to protect our young players against vicious assaults and/or reckless dangerous tackles alike.

  231. HBomb says:

    Horrible injury and wish the Eduardo all the best but I think you are over reacting to Birmingham. These things happen in football and it wasn’t a nasty tackle , just a clumsy late one from a slow centre half.
    Bit hypocritical of a lot of you to be making such a big deal about it, as I can think of one that was just as bad, where the injured player got laughed at as he went off by the player who finished him with a terrible challenge. Fabregas v Repka anyone?

    What goes around…..

  232. HBomb says:

    Also Wenger, who never ever sees an Arsenal player commit a foul.
    Funny how he sees every single thing the opposition do though, is it not?

    He’s mouthed off and has bottled it today.
    If I were Taylor, I’d begin legal proceedings. Wenger is a great manager but an untrustworthy liar.

  233. Reality Check says:

    Dear Gabriel,
    A couple of things:
    -Learn English.
    -Take your head out of your a** and your Arsenal tinted glasses off.
    Now, go take a look at the reruns on YouTube and other sites and pay attention to what you see there.

    If you, after that, still are convinced that the tackle was brutal and deliberate and that Taylor is smiling, take a couple of Aspirins and go to bed.
    You most likely are running a high fever.

  234. Ivan de Cruz says:

    Horrible..that’s the most brutal barbarian tackle i’ve ever seen..i think the “smiling Tackler” should be banned for a life..i hope eduardo will have a full recovery…

  235. Darren says:

    I’m not an Arsenal fan but I feel that the picture evidence is pretty damning, particularly the first one.

    There is no way in hell that is even a reasonable attempt to get the ball. Its late, high and studs up and there is no attempt whatsoever to take avoiding action. Anyone who thinks it isn’t, or is just clumsy or mistimed really doesn’t appreciate how to tackle properly.

  236. David Brant says:

    How on earth is it necessary to put so much at risk to win a ball that is going to result in a goal at worst ? How on earth did Taylor do that ? He should be fined 5 million pounds and personally be banned from football (soccer) for the rest of his life.

  237. stanley Nshange says:

    on behalf of Gunners Supporters in Tanzania, i do wish quick recovery for a nice guy, brilliant footballer Eduardo da silva. may Almight God be with him during this difficult period. i knew with him this season Arsenal would have snatch the championship earlier, what Gunners have to do now is to win the Premiership and UEFA championship which will comfort our beloved Eduardo.

    Eduardo will come back strongly and determined as ever.

  238. Singapore Brummie says:

    We all feel for Eduardo and wouldn’t wish that kind of injury to anyone. Taylor is not a great player at the best of times, but it was a badly timed tackle that would normally get a yellow card. The extent of the injury meant it was red, which was deserved and probably best all round.

    It was not 2 footed and it was not a deliberate attempt to crock a player. Eduardo’s speed coupled by Taylor’s inability to get the ball resulted in this terrible accident.

    I suggest a period of calm and let the FA take a good look at the incident and if they feel there is intent, by all means, ban Taylor for life.

    I wish Eduardo a speedy and full recovery.

  239. Anaconda says:

    Mr Reality check. it is you who needs to take your head out of your a****…….it seems you have shit for brains..Taylor’s definitely smiling and the tackle was deliberate ….Eduardo will be out for very long while Taylor will be back on the pitch after missing just a few games due to suspension…yet his teammates are claiming it was not a red card offence..what a disgraceful lot!!!!!

  240. dan says:


    ” multiple fracture of arcades “, sounds nasty that.

  241. Jac says:

    Anyone who saw the incident, should report it to the police that they have witnessed an assault, (there are specific terminology to use perhaps a solicitor reading this could advise) the police are then duty bound to investigate.

    This course of action would then put pressure on the FA to act.
    There are of also implications here to address by the police such as prosecutions taken in the ‘public interest’.

  242. tunas says:

    woi kesian kat eduardo..agak2 ar skit nak tackle pun..dah jadi tuna dah kaki dia..siot ar kau taylor…kage bunshin no jitsu

  243. mamat g says:

    glory glory man u fc…serves you rite eduardo..

  244. pokjoq says:

    im pokjok and very simphatize towards eduardo..f#%k you taylor…

  245. funmi says:

    come on arsenal guys the tackle wasn’t that bad

  246. funmi says:

    eduardo should be the guilty one for showing trickery he should of backed out of the ball but know you arsenal know it alls have to make a horrific injury

  247. Highburyview says:

    I can understand the sadness and upset at the awful injury to Eduardo, but some of the spleen vented here is surely out of order and out of all proportion to the offence. As David Lacy says in today’s Guardian:

    ‘And if Wenger really does believe opponents think that “to stop Arsenal you have to kick Arsenal” he might care to to check his own team’s less than impressive collection of red cards.

    “You have to get close to Arsenal and stop them playing their passing game,” said Alex McLeish, the Birmingham manager, which is fair enough. Martin Taylor did so clumsily but the consequencies were accidental.’ (The Guardian 25/2/08).

    Martin Taylor is clearly utterly distraught by his unintended injury to Eduardo and if you think he’s laughing you are completely wrong, as reation on the TV showed, actually he was dazed and virtually in tears – he also visited Eduardo twice in hospital (the first time unable to see him), which is more than his team mates appear to have done. An accident is not a hanging offence, although the in jury is the same! Credit to Bendtner who knows him and spoke out in his defence.

    Stop the mindless hate posts on this and other blogs!

  248. Exile says:

    There are numerous tackles that constitute serious foul play. They all vary however in liklehood of injury to an opponent. In a lot of cases the opponent escpaes without injury but sadly in some cases they don’t. (Don’t forget that players still get career threatening injuries from regular tackles)

    I very much doubt that any player has tackled with the true intention of breaking an opponents leg or ending their career. Recklessly tackling certainly. Intentional no.

    Life bans are not on the cards although I do understand your sentiment. I doubt even if they were that it would have any preventative effect. Players train all their lives to play football, compete in many ways and have their coaches and trainers telling them to put in effort and passion. In that split second I before a tackle the thought processes of “i’ll just go in less hard incase I end a career and get myself a life ban” just won’t be there.

    I am in no way defending Taylor but I will state again it was far from the worse I’ve seen this season. Handing out a life ban to Taylor would also necessitate bans for many other players whose tackles were clearly more dangerous but didn’t result in injury.

  249. felixhino says:

    treba tom friku sta je sjebo dudua polomit obje noge pa neka se onda kesi ko picka na nove gace.budite sigurni da ce se dudu vratiti nogometu i bit ce jos bolji i ubojitiji a to ce englezi osjetiti nagodinu usred londona.

  250. G-unit says:

    I feel absolutely gutted for Eduardo and hope against hope that this isn’t going to be the end of his footballing days. I know he’s a footballer but first and foremost he’s a young man with his whole life ahead of him. I would worry for the mobility of anyone sustaining an injury like that, never mind a footballer. I know that Arsenal will do their utmost to get this lad back on his feet. The most shocking part of all this I’m sure you’ll agree is that i’m a Man United supporter.
    I will probably get slated for saying this, but I don’t it would have been unreasonable to abandon the game after the injury to Eduardo. Not for the fact that it was such an horrific injury but the Arsenal players that were left on the pitch were obviously very distressed from what they had seen. You could see from then on that they really were in no mood to play on, which in the end played into Birminghams hands.

    All the best to you Eduardo. Hope to see you back soon son.

  251. denis says:

    hbomb i think ur a fool,cow n pig for sayn taylor should go into legal precedns, i think ur an animal. will u have the heart to go into that after seeing wat uve done? instead of sayn he should ask for forgiveness for most likely endn the career of a younger player ur talkn trash. i pray somethin like this happen to u cow.
    i think its u that need to take off ur stupid glasses n get some asprin for sayn its “not even a brutal tackle” and if he was wearing a proper shin. is a shin made of iron u cow? wat can a shin do? look at the place where taylor’s foot is is he blind? y not change the direction of his leg when he saw the direction?
    well am an arsenal fan but i think we should warn eboua too for his nasty tackles(nani,terry). i wanted him sent off againt man u. this is sport n not war.

    get well edu my heart goes for u brother

  252. zulublue says:

    I am a Birmingham fan and was at the game. I feel some of your comments are miles over the top and very harsh on Martin Taylor! Eduardo a great footballer has all the attributes to be one of the best (gd on the ball, quick and can finish). I have every sympathy for him and hope he makes a full recovery but he is not the first to break his leg playing football and wont be the last.

    I live in the same area of Birmingham as Martin Taylor so have spoken to him a few times. I can gurantee to you now he would never do that intentiolly he does not have a bad bone in his body and does not deserve any of the things youve been saying! I know for a fact he was in Selly Oak Hospital Saturday Evening asking to see Eduardo but couldn’t because Eduardo was being operated on so he went back Sunday Morning! Wenger wasnt there was he?

    Have you conveniently forgotten Van Persies kick in the champions League to that blokes head, that could of killed that lad!?

    I like Arsenal and we have had many deals with them over the last few years (Upson, Pennant, Bendtner, Larsson, Muamba and Djhorou). I hope you win the title. However I hope you look at the tackle in a different way for what it was clumsy and mistimed which ended in a tragic injury.

    Get Better soon Eduardo


  253. denis says:

    even the challenge was so x-rated the TV cameras wouldn’t show replays that is to show u how bad it is. please u guys with no heart should just read n not comment plsssssssssssssssssssssssss its painful wat u guys condone when that lad mit never play again.

  254. denis says:

    but to be sincere all u fools talkn trash if it was rooney, lampard or gerald u all will say hang taylor, feed him to the pigs like hbomb.

  255. tom says:

    things always look worse slowed down, and does the “smiling”picture not look a little fake to you?

  256. Bullshizzle says:

    I have been playing ball for 17 years now. I have played at all kinds of levels. If this was an under 10 youth game, then I can understand that it was a badly placed challenge. But let’s be serious here folks, he is a professional and knew exactly where his foot was going to land. An unintentional foul would have been him slipping on a wet pitch and tripping Eduardo up. As a Man Utd. fan, my thoughts and prayers go out to Eduardo. I agree with the posters who said that a life ban is not the answer. Having him out for the remainder of the season and a hefty fine would be the proper protocal and if this happens with the same culprit again, then we could begin talking a life ban. It is a physical game that we play and love and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I also do not believe that is a smirk on his face. That is merely the media causing you to believe what they want you to believe. It was a badly timed photo catching Taylor in a transitional phase.

  257. Pezzar says:

    99% of the posts above represent mob rule at it’s worst.

    You may as well all get the pitchforks out, light the torches and go on a witch hunt – pathetic.

    Much, much worse tackles happen every weekend – any of you seen a two footed tackle?.

    Poor old Eduardo was unlucky, the tackle was clumsy at worst, if his foot hadn’t have been grounded, it would have been no worse than a minor bruise and a yellow for Taylor. Anyone who has played the game would know this – it is no coincidence that nearly every ‘expert’ says it was just downright unlucky on Eduardo – I hope he makes a full recovery.

    As for you lot – get over it, it is football and has been happening since about 1876 FFS.

  258. Mia says:

    Some of you people are psychos. I watched the game and Taylor wasn’t smiling and laughing, but you ignorant people are just going to think what you want. This guy doesn’t deserve to get banned for life. You all act like Taylor is the only player in the history of soccer to make a tackle like that, when in fact, there were probably at least 10 in EPL games this weekend. Let’s get real people….it is tragic that Eduardo got injured, but to say that Taylor deserves to die or go to jail is too extreme. Karma’s a bitch….and this happened b/c of all the things Arsenal has done.

  259. Coplan123 says:

    Taylor probably did not intent to break leg and threaten Eduardo’s career!!…Probably!!! But he intents to hurt…Badly. Looking at the pictures, I think Taylor was first smiling, proud to see that he hurts Eduardo. He did not notice that the leg was broken at first. And then when he realises that it was more serious that he though, he worried…Which is normal. The fact is that he was smiling first seing Eduardo sreaming.

    Many times, Wenger critisised the system for normalising violent conduct specially against Arsenal players. He was fine each single time. I suppose FA will have to fine him again for calling life ban against Taylor?

  260. BrummyXpat says:

    I find it amazing that all you lot think Taylor should be banned for life , your lot of been some of the worst for playing dirty , Taylors challenge was a late one , he never intended to hurt the player , if Taylor had done the same to a player from Derby , Wigan , Reading etc there would have been nowhere near the fuss but because it’s against one of the 2 teams led by the 2 biggest winghers in Footy ( Fergie & Ars ) there is a major fuss . Petrov was sent off today for Man City against Everton for kicking out at a player , a far worse offence IMO as he clearly intended to hurt the player , nothing much as been made of this but you can bet if he had done against Arsenal or Man U there would have been calls for him to be banned for life . Anyway look at this by one of your lot , why didnt you call for him to receive a life ban ??

    Come on Man U Make It 2 Prem Titles In A Row

  261. Reinhard says:

    FUCK YOU TAYLOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  262. Pezzar says:

    Coplan, you are a very clever person to be able to read a footballers mind from 1,000 miles away!

    For gawds sake how do you know what he intended? did he phone you up and tell you? – or did he appear to you in a dream.?

    Many of you idiots are gonna believe what your twisted heads tell you – smiling? what a load of bollocks, I was there not 30 yards away and I can tell you he did not smile – it was a grimace you chunts.

    Who’s got the family brain cell today? the dog?

    FFS I give up. Get a life you sad tossers.

    Shame some of you can’t show the same dignity and good grace that Eduardo has.

  263. xGabriel says:

    Your last post is insightful.
    Football is not a computer game, so I fully agree that no player can deliberate on a tackle nor can anybody judge it as if the outcome were a scientifically calculable quantity. So it’s very true that tackles have varying outcomes and likelihood of injury to an opponent. And so a lot of seriously dangerous ones end up causing no damage while some regular ones inflict terrible injuries.
    This does make the fixing of the punishment for a truly reckless tackle difficult but some regulation / measure of protection must be put in place and we can’t shy away from the task and the decision just because it’s hard. Sure life ban is a very harsh punishment, a delicate subject, and I’m not a real advocate of it. Life ban in football is comparable to capital punishment in a judicial system. It will prevent some acts of cruelty but then you’ll have judicial murders too! I don’t like to see judicial murders.

    But what happens on a football pitch is very much a reflection of our lives outside the pitch. Every time we make a decision to tackle someone (or something) and do it hard we deliberate on (or at least ought to) the consequences for the other person(s) involved and for ourselves. I agree that this thought process which is fundamental part of our lives as human beings does not currently exist on the pitch a split second tackles are done. But this is not a innate quality for man. I believe the same thought process had to be developed throughout the evolution of man and can be developed in professional football as well. An act on foul play consequences and clearly defined punishments must be passed for dangerous and reckless tackling. Like everything else we have it won’t be perfect and it will take time for the players to adapt to it but I believe we will all benefit from it.

    On a different note; you said no player has tackled with the true intention of breaking an opponent’s leg. Remember Keane act of revenge on Håland? It looked like Keane was out to damage something on Håland! Didn’t it?

  264. Spurs General™ says:

    If the FA do not do something about this then they should not blame us for what we are about to do to this Martin Taylor FOOL. This was an intentional tackle that should never be allowed in any sport! The FA has up to close of business today or it will be too late!!!!!!

  265. lucian says:

    Hi, i am from romania, this taylor is an animal. I do contact sport and i tall you wen i’m training if a pounch is to hard i retract the hend or leg. this taylor dont retract his leg. Ban him for life, and 1000.000.000 $ for Da Silva injury. So taylor dont have home, car, frends. Where is fair-play, humanity, and good ? Grimasing ? smiling ? i dont give a shet !!! Fuch taylor !!! My opinion is he is smiling. Peace.

  266. valon shatri says:

    une kisha dashur se pari qe ti uroj sherim sa me te shpejt eduardos apo dudus,sa i perket asaj nderhyrjeje nga ana e taylorit ajo nuk ka pasur qellim topin por pikerisht tia thyej kemben da silvas , per ate arsye une kisha thene qe lojtari i birminghamit me numer 4 martin taylor te denohet nga ana e federates angleze te footbollit perjetesisht ta largoj nga footbolli aktiv



  267. me says:

    can someone please tell me which part of Eduardo’s sheen looks like a football because i am sure that i dont have any catarat or any visual problems but taylor targeted Edardo’s sheen. there was no intent to get the ball. may be taylor is cross eyed and he needs some sort of goggles. get well Eduardo and may God heal your leg wth all his MIGHT. safe

  268. Reality Check says:

    Taylor will get 3 matches suspension.

    Eduardo Da Silva should get sued by his club for not wearing a shin guard and costing the club a lot of money.

    Each player is an investment for a football club.

    Eduardo is an employee of his club.

    Eduardo should act like a good employee and protect the investments his club did by buying him.

    Eduardo is the first one to blame for what happened, he neglected to wear PPE.

    He is a bad employee. He is not a divine creature who is maltreated by the Devil that some people here seem to make out of Taylor.

    If i would be his manager I would fire Eduardo on the spot for what he did.

  269. Pezzar says:

    Spurs general.

    Internet warrior f#ckwit.

    Some of you people on here haven’t got a clue have you. Most of the opinions on here of people who are shouting for death and destruction for Taylor have been made without even seeing the incident – let alone actually being there like I was.

    Photos are not the same as being there.

    What a bunch of hysterical women. grow up and get a life FFS.

  270. ancha says:


  271. riandgreat says:

    i think it was a horrible tackle, i couldn’t believe it that eduardo can passed the pain in the field that day..
    hope that he get well soon, and for taylor, i think u must learned how to be an elegant defender. It’s not about the appologize, but about how to play and offcourse ho to tackle a player without injured him.

  272. Hbomb says:

    Denis. You are an illiterate fucktard that has my extensive pity.

    Wishing bad things for me? Tell you what son, send me a private e mail and we’ll sort this out properly.

    I’ll kick your fucking chin off you thick twat.

  273. Michael says:

    F**k the asshole who said that Eduardo exaggerated the tackle,his foot was brokon off and his bone punctured the skin for God’s sake.Why dont you let me break your fking foot like that and see if you would smile your ass off.Clearly taylor was not going for the ball the tackle was to high just below the knee.The tackle was horrendous and birmingham players should have showed more concern for the poor soul.Did you see the excruciating pain an agony on his face?How could a person do such a thing and be ok with it,and the manager that stinking dog,before he showed some concern he kept talking shit,Eduardo i pray for you and i wish you all the best and i hope you recover as soon as possible,believe and have faith and God will pull you through.i’m from Trinidad and Tobago a little country in the caribbean and an Arsenal fan to the bone,please lets all pray for him forget taylor and focus on Eduardo give him your prayers.

  274. love eduardo says:

    no comment..da silva I love u and can not wait u’re back to soccer…you’re the man and we’re pleased to have u!!!!! =)

    taylor SUCKS

  275. Kristian Nikolov says:

    Dear Arsenal fans,

    My name is Kris and I come from Bulgaria. If that thing happened in my country, Martin Taylor would be in jail already! Bulgarian authorities do not tolerate such behaviour and recklessness no matter what the occasion is! Intentionally on unintentionally, Martin Taylor has caused severe damage to Eduardos body – something that is considered as a crime.
    I would also like to express my disappointment with Birmingham Boards reaction. If Taylors tackle was just mistimed, Eduardos leg wouldn’t be almost torn off! His actions were a combination between brute slide and ridiculous recklessness. Martin Taylor deserves much more serious penalty and a financial compensation for Eduardos and Arsenal losses!

    DUDU, Bulgaria wishes you speedy recovery and is looking forward to seeing you on the pitch as soon as possible!

  276. lee meech says:

    i have only just had the guts to see the pictures in full. i am not happy about the last pic where taylor is smiling about it. prat!!
    until now i kind of felt it was an accident but not now-and he only gets a 3 game ban, aliadiere gets a 4 game ban for sneezing in the direction of mascherano who in turn did the same to aliadiere-what a joke english football is.
    the fa all need sacking.

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