Gunners in with More then a Shout

Before I begin this article I would like to wish a fast and speedy recovery to a Mr Eduardo Da Silva and would like to announce that I hope to see him back in an Arsenal shirt sooner then what some people are saying. I also agree with Arsene Wenger and feel Taylor should never play football again. But lets not get sidetracked. Get well soon Eduardo as you are too good to let this injury get the better of you and I hope you come back better.

Okay is everybody feeling good? Because I have heard things like, “This is it” and “There goes our title hopes”, etc, etc. Now I know nothing went our way this weekend, our this week in three competitions but lets not get carried away, everybody has their bad weekends. Like Man Utd a few weeks back losing to Bolton, etc. Now we need to shake it off and give it all for the two trophies we CAN still win.

Now the bookies may be back Man Utd to win the league from here on in, but they are also forgetting that we hold a three point gap right now. As long as we hold that then the league is ours, so in a way it is ours to throw away. I am also confident we will do it.

Also I do say that knowing that we will not have Eduardo for the rest of the season, and I know Robin Van Persie is a good way away from being back to Robin Van Persie but look at the positives. We have two youthful and hungry player that I believe are capable of doing it. Theo Walcott, who scored two today and Bendtner I reckon is capable but needs to prove his worth. It maybe time to sink or swim for them. But I feel that they can both do a job for us, and a good one at that. Nick may not have been the best up to now, but he has shown signs, and Walcott may have added confidence to his game as it is possible that is where he was/is lacking.

This is why we can do it:

Current table:

  | Home | Away
1 Arsenal 27 12 2 0 31 8 7 5 1 25 12 36 64
2 Man Utd 27 12 1 1 32 5 7 3 3 23 10 40 61

Barclays Premiership Fixtures, Prediction

(H) Aston Villa, Win=3 points

(A) Wigan Athletic, Win=3 points

(H) Middlesbrough, Win=3 points

(A)Chelsea, Draw=1 point

(A)Bolton, Win=3 points

(H)Liverpool, Win= 3 points

(A)Man Utd, Loss=0

(H)Reading, Win=3 points
(A)Derby County= 3 points
(H)Everton, Draw=1 point

(A)Sunderland, Win= 3 points

We all know that if we are going to be Champions then we need Champion”s form and these results would be Arsenal at our best. So we I once again say we need to be at our 100% best.

So if this is the case we will finish with 64+26=90pts

Man Utd have quite a difficult running so I am going to imagine they will pick up 25 points in their remaining games (their fixtures can be found anywhere). So that means we would win the league by four points lets hope it happens.

Then looking at Chelsea I reckon they will get about 28 points which will bring them to 83 and would make them fall short.

Warning, this is going to take the best of performances. So good that we should be more consistent then what we have been until this point. All we can do is hope we come through. So one more mess up or two will ruin our title hopes and we will have to be at our best week-in-week-out.

So lets hope we do it, keep the fingers crossed until the end of the season, hopefully.

Then the Champions League is the same test. We will be missing squad players. But we still need to play our best. And in Europe we need to be strong at the back and play our best football, the “Arsenal” football that can beat anyone just like the league. Same goes for both. Best football in every game. But if we do that in Europe (and of course at home) and take our chances(just like the Premiership) then we can do it this year also.

I know we can do it, we just need to be at our best. From here on in, no more slip ups, and combine that with beating the big teams and we can do it.

Believe in ourselves. Just not cocky.
Come on you Gooners.

14 Responses to Gunners in with More then a Shout

  1. Lou says:

    First time here. Like your optimism. I agree with you, we can still do it. Whether we use the ‘win it for Edu’ or whatever mentality to get strong again, I believe the guys will be able to pick themselves up.

    Really hope Edu will get well soon. Some sites are collecting fans’ words for him. Do sign your name on Vital Arsenal or through newsnow go to other sites to leave a line or two for the guy. He’s such a nice person and fantastically talented player. We all hope he’ll come back to football. Let it be made aware to him that, although he’s only been with us this season, we do care a lot about him.

  2. arsenal11730 says:

    We will not beat Liverpool or Bolton.

  3. IL-Gooner says:

    Why do you think we’ll lose at Old Trafford? We are capable of losing points against worse teams, but we’re surely capable of winning at our rival’s back yard too. If we perform at our best, like you say we need to, there’s no reason why we’ll lose anywhere. If we don’t perform at our best, there’s no reason why we won’t lose. In other words – 11 games to go, 33 points to win or lose.

  4. Flamster16 says:

    Yeah well that was aloud of shite, Bendtner needs to go
    he has showin notting IMO the sooner the summer is here
    the better there are some players not worth of the shirt, yes
    were top of the league (just about) but clearly some players arent
    up to the task. We need a proven striker i dont give a fu*k what
    anyone says it bletently obvise. Ade is good when hes good but
    he is super shit when hes shit (e.g today). Still not 100% convinced he is our
    man up there. Wallcott is no were near were he needs to be and should
    in my opinion be sent out on loan.

    Theres no magic in the team anymore.

    Think about were we were an look at were we are now

    Pires henry bergkamp freddie <–magic

    Ade hleb dudu flamini cesc rosicky <– not so magic(more players)

  5. Hadley says:

    CALLING ALL TRUE GUNNERS. Taylor smirking must not be brushed under the carpet by the mainstream media. Email the Sunday newspapers with the following picture of him grinning

    Surely with enough pressure at least one of the papers would print it, instead of just talking about an ‘unfortunate accident’ caused by someone who is ‘not like that.’

    Get well Dudu we’ll do all we can for you. I know you’re a strong character, you’ve overcome adversity in the past in your career and you can do the same again. In the meantime lets get him a Championship medal and make sure that filth Taylor does NOT get away with it

  6. Jon says:

    Dream on. Yes – in theory we can do it, and yes, we still have a three-point lead – but we didn’t have the strength in depth before losing Eduardo, and we certainly don’t have it now. Our current forward line now consists of Adebayor, who is quality, and Bendtner and Walcott who have potential but are some distance from being world class. Contrast Man Utd: Rooney, Ronalado, Tevez.

    Arsenal have a great first eleven and can undoubtedly beat anyone. If Wenger can hold the team together over time, and strengthen it in depth, we will win major silverware. But not this season – I think it’s simply an ask too far. We should take solace from (i) the fact that no-one gave us a shout at the beginning of the season and qestioned whether we would even finish in the top four; and (ii) I think we’ll come back even stronger next season because of the frustrations of this one.

  7. Mattc says:

    I had the misfortune to watch Match of the Day tonight, and, as the chief spokesman of the “to beat Arsenal you’ve got to PUT YOUR FOOT IN” brigade, I thought Alan Hansen was disgraceful, disgusting and should be fired.
    There was not a moment of empathy for Eduardo, just a reaction of pure hatred to Wenger, who Hansen obviously saw as attacking him personally.
    Hansen should not be allowed on our television sets again. Why do I have to pay for his sulphurous ranting from my license fees.
    This man is not fit to set the agenda for the modern game. The BBC should surely have more class and ethics than employ him.

  8. Mattc says:

    … and by the way, a HOME DRAW against Everton – that’s not happened in 20 years….

  9. arun says:

    we will win the league and the champions cup.
    my whole day was runied yesterday not because of the draw but because of the injury to edourdo
    get well soon edourdo

  10. thanks a lot for a well written analysis. i am so sad when us gooners also join the rest of the media and Man Utd fans in making very emotional statements against our boys. the bottom line is that this team has already exceeded all our expectations of the beginning of the season. evryone thougth they would struggle for 4th place!
    anyway, we shouldnt lose sight of the fact that the team remains THREE points clear of its nearest rival.
    come on let us show belief in our boys! i am sure that they will do us proud come May 08!

  11. Rainham Red says:

    Of course we can win the Premiership if someone told me at the beginning of the season we would be top three points ahead of Man U at the end of February I would not have believed them.We may have lost Eduardo but Walcott looked confident so perhaps Arsene could play him through the middle with Ade.
    I wish Eduardo a speedy recovery and probably he will be playing for us again before Van Persie.

  12. Justinl69 says:

    I like the last few comments. Great positivity and I agree with the points. We have already done better this season then what we were said to be doing. We were supposed to demolish without Thierry. Now we are doing well and we can do it.

  13. banji says:

    In my opinion we can definitely win the league, the core of the team is there and the spirit is good. but incase we don’t win it guys, there is more to life and the picture of Dudu’s injury just brought me down to earth. If i may add, how can someone so incompetent as Hansen be on BBC payroll as a pundit and someone so clumsy (thats the excuse i think) as Taylor be a premier league player? i assume they are both british and that really explains it, he will not make it as a third division player in Nigeria.

  14. Ruskin says:

    Totally agree with the comments regarding Alan Hansen. Thought his comments on MOTD were a disgrace last night, displaying an utter lack of sympathy and ignoring the real issue as he petulantly criticised Wenger’s comments. Added to that his gleeful observation that “Ferguson will be laughing” having seen Gallas’ despair at the final whistle (which was clearly due to the fact that the lads were so unjustly denied the three points for their mate Eddy), and we get a clear picture of how blatantly anti-Arsenal pro-Ferguson he this man, and always has been. What angers me the most is that, for 95% of viewers, his opinions will never be questioned – if the guy on telly said it, it must be true!

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