Good News On Eduardo Injury


By -Shaun-

News reports in Croatia state that Eduardo called Croation coach Bilić last night from hospital.

Bilić said: “He called me, said he was okay and will definitely return. I felt huge optimism in his voice and the will to return to the pitch. The important thing right now is that Eduardo is mentally strong and believes in his return, which will help his recovery.”

This is a good sign for the hitman, as many doubted he would ever play again.

Also he will be transferred from Birmingham’s Selly Oak hospital to London this afternoon. The surgery was successful, and for the next six weeks he will be wearing a semi-open cast.

The Gooner Forum will keep you updated with any news on his recovery, and we all wish Eduardo the best of luck.


Eduardo – I am determined to overcome this injury

Eduardo has given his account of the terrible events at Birmingham City on Saturday.

The Croatian, 25 on Monday, broke his leg following a challenge from Blues defender Martin Taylor in the third minute of the game at St Andrews. He was taken to hospital and underwent surgery that night. The striker has since returned to a London-based hospital for further treatment.

Speaking for the first time after the incident, the summer signing  from Dinamo Zagreb ruled himself out of the rest of the season and Euro 2008 in the summer however he added that he is ‘determined to overcome this injury’.

“I don’t remember the incident very well and it is not something that I want to see again on television or in the newspapers,” said Eduardo.

“All I remember is that when I fell, I looked down at my foot and it had turned the other way. The rest is just a blank. It was an unfortunate situation but these things can happen in football.

“I am unsure at the moment of the extent of the injury and how long I will be out of action for but I know that I won’t be able to play for Arsenal for the rest of the season or be ready in time for the Euros this summer.

“But I’m not worried about that. My concentration and determination is on making as quick a recovery as possible. I am determined to overcome this injury.

“I would like to thank the medical team here at Arsenal for their efforts as well as the staff at Selly Oak Hospital who carried out the operation on Saturday night. Everyone there made me feel as comfortable as possible.

“I would also like to say how touched I am by the many messages of support I have received and to be surrounded by my loved ones at this time.”

79 Responses to Good News On Eduardo Injury

  1. Vidar says:

    Please give us the source!

  2. Tom says:

    Good to hear he’s staying positive, it would be easy to just concede defeat after an injury like that (especially after seeing your own injury plastered in detail over the internet and morning newspapers). Good luck Eduardo!

  3. fdsgdf says:

    well done on getting the good news i was worried and fully hope he returns which will be more determined then ever whatever time it takes

  4. Jimmy says:

    We all really hope this is the case but lets not jump the gun on this one, we have to wait & see what the prognosis is. Get well soon Eduardo, all gooners thoughts are with you mate

  5. banji says:

    thank God for this, im actually weeping as i type this cos i couldnt watch the match and to see that picture on daily mail online this afternoon was just too traumatic.
    how the boys were able to play the match is beyond me. I wish him the best

  6. Lou says:

    Oh THANK GOD!! Thanks Shaun! – Where did this news come from btw?

  7. kingkongkirk says:

    That news is good after the trauma, he , the team and the football fans suffered yesterday. With so many people praying and willing his speedy and heathly recovery, it’s got to be a good outcome.

  8. Han says:

    dudu will put this one out , im looking forward to see u owning in the pitch ,later rather sooner. all the best concerns for your family and arsenal football club, wishing you a speedy recovery. Han, Singapore

  9. Saiyagoon says:

    wow great news………god is with you…..we are with you eduardo

  10. Wow great news and hope he can join Arsenal by next season start!

  11. hanady says:

    i wish he will be back

  12. m.azizan says:

    come on dudu

  13. DON says:


  14. King Kong says:

    First, I’m a LFC fan. When I looked at the video in youtube…my body was shivering and I can’t help but seeing that incident over and over again in the head. If someone said you shouldn’t get sent off for that, I’m sorry, I think that someone is referring to another game called gladiator. That was a sloppy tackle and the pictures shows that the studs were on the shin before it obliterates the tendons of the ankle. That was a full blooded tackle and I’m sure anybody doing that doesn’t really think too much about it until it really hurt Eduardo. Ok slam Wenger because he was at the height of emotion and probably made a mistake of words. Why not slam Taylor because he also made the mistake for a sloppy tackle. All of a sudden everybody was jumping into a bandwagon defending him because he didn’t mean it. Then slam Wenger as if he meant it. If you drive a car and killed a kid because you didn’t mean it, does that mean you are not punished? You must live with the guilt ok and stop the nonsense that he’s a nice guy and it wasn’t malicious…it was a poor tackle and you get condemned for sloppy tackles like this. End of story.

  15. Arlo says:

    Edu was our inform player. A fantastic assasin with humility, I wish him the best.

    I feel the obvious deterrent for such challenges should be a ban for Mike Taylor as long as Eduardo Da Silva s recovery period . This should not be allowed in football, lets make football better for the mighty Dudu s return.

  16. Connor Powell says:

    This is very good news for everyone associated with the club. our best wishes are with you eduardo

  17. -Shaun- says:

    As I said the report is from Croatia, but here are the links: … ,109821.jl … 9/

    And even more from the man himself:

    “I’m speechless and cannot express my gratitude for all the support I’ve received. Thank you, everyone. Your support means a lot to me and I could not believe that it would be so strong. Many have called me, as well as the club and Andreja, the phones won’t stop ringing. I’d like to thank everyone for their good wishes but ask for their understanding and some peace and quiet during the next several days, both for me and for my family. At this moment, after the surgery, I need to rest and sleep. There will be plenty more opportunities to talk later on.”

  18. matt says:

    thank god!! I havent been able to stop thinking about dudu sine i found out he broke his leg!!Great to hear he is doing well, it comes at a massive releif!!Also great for the spirit of the rest of the team!!

    God bless you Dudu! All the Best

  19. mark r says:

    just wanted to say we hope for a speedy recovery for Ed at Everton football club.
    also that we are glad Wenger retracted the comments since why make an awful situation worse.
    good health to Ed, even though he scored against us in january …..

  20. arsenalforlife says:

    can anyone break alex ferguson nose,i bet he deserve it lolzzz

  21. jason says:

    all afc fans shud get onto talksport and terry christian in particular for his awful program yesterday evening he was very sarcastic over the injury and all he spoke about was wenger. he and his radio station are a disgrace to british broadcasting any arsenal fans who sent e-mails condemning his program did not get their mails read out and he said they are not biased… best of luck to dudu

  22. Glenford Russell says:

    I am a gooner. for 35 years, I have to make this point to anyone reading this blog. SKY SPORTS / BBC / and the media a whole has made out that Arsenal FC is the united nations of football for using players from abroad, so?

    Edu is one of the best finishers in the box, just look what he has done via youtube. If WAYNE ROONEY or FRANK LAMPARD or heaven forbid STEVEN GERRARD suffered that tackle EVERYONE would be in OUTRAGE. why? because of their ENGLISH. Front page, back page news it would be.

    Im sorry, but that tackle was wrong by a long chalk. SKY love to talk about how to give the Arsenal a kick to beat them, why glamourise this? One of the best “Football playing sides” in europe.

    My point is this, It is a general rule that Henry / Cantona / Zola in their prime made the Premiership something special. People would watch to see what they would do next. These same non english players bring something special to the league, what does this mean if this happens again, and again?

    Would you want to play here? Edu. After waking up I feel as if it happend to my own family. I wish you a speedy recovery. Arsene, as far as im concerned a spade is a spade. You shouldnt have to bite your tounge for anyone. Respect is earned not given.

  23. Raga says:

    I am in full support for what DON has said. Alex, is a barbarian, more suited for a rugby team. Most of these barbaric coaches think the players should be aggressive to take control of the game. That’s what exactly Birmingham where doing from the kick off. There were tackes flying out everywhere, unnecessarily..The only thing came to my mind is the changing room talk the coach may have given..BE AGGRESSIVE, BE HARD AS STEEL..or else lick my a*se…

    No wonder Scottish football standard is so low, because of the attitute of these type of coaches.. A while ago there was an incident where the Scotland captain elbowed a part time player that almost killed him…unnecesarily.

    FA should monitor what is being said in the changing room. It could be difficult, but FA should bring in some sort of law to keep the coaches turning into a THAI BOXING COACHES.

    Players who is causing serious injuries intentionally should be banned twice the time the injured player getting back into the game. This will somewhat stop players getting brain-washed for dirty tricks by their coaches.

    Dirty minded coaches will not last long…Alex will disappear soon.

  24. -Shaun- says:

    We are all well-aware that the media aren’t our best friends, but all I want at the moment is for Eduardo to make a speedy recovery.

    He’ll be back banging in the goals for Arsenal.

  25. Arthur the Gonner says:

    I had to quickly leave the house after the final whistle and as soon as I got back I went on the net to find out the real damage. I knew it was very bad, even thou they only once showed the replay I saw his foot was not really where it suppose to be.

    As soon as I saw the pictures I had tears in my eyes and I was shaking and feeling quiet sick. I couldn’t believe it my eyes I think I started watching it again and again hoping it would not as tragic as it did I was hoping to find a stream of light that would tell me there is hope. The more I tried it left me sick to my own bones I feel so bad for Dudu and so worried at this same time. I’m gutted, the game didn’t matter to me any more or none of the other games, I didnt even give a toss about Man U beating the magpies.

    It’s still within me everytime i think of him. So to all of you very intelligent people out there making fun out of it etc do what you like but remember what goes around comes around. Do your selfs a favour as well dont post because you’re incapable of writing something worth while reading!

    This is also about what Stephen Kelly said about the tackle and how hedefends Taylor which makes me think he’s a SCUM worth nothing.

    “It was harsh Tiny (Taylor) being sent off. Tiny has gone in and it wasn’t a malicious tackle and the reason the ref has sent him off is because he has seen Eduardo has broken his leg”

    “Tiny has committed himself. He has gone in with one foot, slid along the ground.”

    The bloke is obvioulsy fucking blind I saw two feet off the ground in the air, so STEPHEN KELLY if you are reading this you’re a biggest SCUM I have ever seen in my life, you have no character no knowledge of what this kind tackling can do. Defending Taylor is not on the cards he knows he fucked up and he fucked up big time, I personally would not want to live with guilt of doing something like this to another player so Taylor use your head and stay out of trouble.


  26. dudu says:

    we love you eduardo, get well soon brother

  27. silverback says:

    we will win the league and dedicate it to you dudu.

    wishing u a speedy recovery and all the best o see u back banging goals for arsenal

  28. ewan says:

    To all those defending Taylor: Just wait until sometjing like that happened to someone you cared about. Taylor is supposed to be a professional. He may not have intent but if he does not know how to do a tackle, he should not be in this league. Should he continue to play until he unintentionally terminate anothe player? Maybe an English next time.

  29. EYE says:

    What again about no English player in Arsenal??? Kick Arsenal to stop them??? Wenger is now at fault for asking a life ban for that son of the bitch???

    I just hope England will NEVER qualify for international football. They have no respect for the nature of the game and no respect for the foreigners that play for their PL. England, you will fail again and again, and i will cheer again and again. FUCK THEM BIG TIME who are biased against the foreigners. FUCK THEM all!

  30. Neil Cogswell says:

    What good news, I was in tears yesterday whilst watching I felt so sorry for him as he was just beginning to show what a fantastic player he is, what a shame that he wont be around for the title run in. I just hope the boys can put tomorrow behind them and go on and win something for Dudu.

  31. Danish Gooner says:

    It is typical Englander mentality,If you cant get close to them,kick them !!!
    It is rubbish and degrates the beautiful game.The Premier League is a success because Arsenal and Man Utd play beautiful footbal not because of thugs like Dan Smith or Marin Taylor or Robbie Savage.

  32. Danish Gooner says:

    So what if Wenger asks for protection ???? even that Hypocrite Ferguson asks for it with The biggest diver in the side Ronaldo. Rooney dived terrible at Shite Hart lane did anyone complain or make a big fuss about it,no because he is untouchable.

  33. AvidHotstuff says:

    Horrendous tackle!!!
    Deserves a ban , even if he didn’t mean to break his leg.
    What did he think was going to happen when you silde in with studs raised , and aimed just above the shin.
    Felt sick when i saw DuDU go down and some of the photos are really horrific.
    I hope this doesn’t turn DuDu off pleying in England with some of the “kicking” mentality.
    Ge well soon DuDu!!!
    Arsenal will be waiting for you………..

  34. rjp says:

    I don’t give a fucking shit what anybody says Martin Taylor is a fucking stupid cunt and should be shot with a shotgun

  35. fcdematthew says:


  36. Passenal says:

    Thanks for passing on the good news about Eduardo. I hope and pray he can come back from this. It would be a travesty for the thugs of anti-fooball to win. Enjoy your karma when it comes Taylor and all your apologists.

  37. rb says:




  38. MUFC Fan says:

    Firstly I hope the lad gets better soon and his career isnt finished by such an awful incident. There is no way he deserved to be injured so horrifically and no matter what the rivalry you feel towards us (we feel little back – Liverpool and City are our rivals you see) any decent United fan would agree with me that the lad deserves all the sympathy he gets.

    Secondly to all those Arsenal fans who congratulated their own poorly behaved players for kicking Nani last weekend I hope you arent being too critical of Taylor for the tackle as at least he was going for the ball – unlike Gallas and co last weekend.

  39. Jimmy says:

    The injury that has befallen Eduardo was horrible, it brought back memories of henrik Larsson, but on a postive note he came back from that with hunger. I wish him all the luck and would like to see him back at the begining of the season.

  40. Ashfield says:

    karma has a strange way of biting you on the arse doesnt it? Nani “got what he deserved” when Arsenal tried to kick the shit out of United when they got destroyed in the cup. Well boo hoo. Just a shame it happened to one of the nicer Arsenal players. Now if it was Gallas…

  41. Frazer says:

    Just want to say that i’ve never been so angry about an incident in a game of football as this, it is an absolute disgrace and something needs to be done about this type of thuggery. I cant get it out of my mind.
    And as for Mcleish’s comments and now Stephen Kelly……unbelievable, are they blind. lets see this happen to one of their players and see their reaction then.
    If an arsenal player had commited this assault you would not hear the end of it, same as if it had to happened to someone like Gerrard or Rooney, but because it has happened to one of arsenals evil foreigners its just “one of those things”.
    Anyone who has played football of any level knows that this so called “tackle” was out of order. The photos clearly show he was coming in from the side, off the ground with his studs up at shin height and therefore out of control. This was a completly RECKLESS tackle. Not clumsy or mistimed but RECKLESS. He probably did not mean to break his leg but there is no doubt in my mind that he meant to DO him.
    It makes me even more angry that all I seem to hear is that Martin taylor was upset and didn’t mean it and he’s “not that kind of player”, Well he obviously IS that kind of player. WHAT ABOUT EDUARDO!!!!!!
    The guy should be banned for the rest of the season at least to send out a message to the rest of the league that this will not be tolerated.
    This has been coming for some time as Arsene Wenger stated in his post match comments. Any vist to Bolton, Blackburn, Man U and now Birmingham can show you that.
    It is almost a compliment in some ways that to cover up for their lack of skill and technique against ours, players have to resort to rough house tactics because most teams cannot beat us fairly. Word has been put round that Arsenal dont like it up em. There seems to be a ferguson connection here too, ex players, captains, golf partners that become managers telling their teams to rough Arsenal up.
    The media are also a disgrace, I havn’t heard one paper or TV pundit condemn Taylor for what he did. No wonder people think us gooners are paranoid.

    Finally just to say get well soon to Eduardo, just take your time and get well again. All us gooners are thinking of you.
    Hopefully we can get you a premiership winners medal at the end of the season!

  42. Helen Spink says:

    Just wanted to send my thoughts and love to Dudu , lets hope he is soon back out at the Emirates menacing the opponents and being back to his usual skillful self . I just wanted to send my love and best wishes to him , as I believe he had just come into his own and had grown with the Gooners , I admire him as an individual and as a guy who has come to the UK and is just getting used to the premier league .

    I wish him a speedy recovery and cant wait to see him again on the pitch !!!

    All the best and HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow Dudu !!!!!

    ~Lots of love from me !!!! XXXX Hchi Pie !!!!! XXXXXXX

  43. toon88 says:

    great news!

    i hope he makes a speedy recovery! get well soon mate.

  44. M28 Red says:

    Hope the lad has a speedy recovery.

    Wenger embarrassed himself with the after match comments though.

    And Gallas is a complete tart.

  45. michael says:

    It’s funny how mancs bring up Gallas’ kick on nani isn’t it. And still talk about Eb’s tackle. Don’t think they were in the same league. As for all the cunts who talk about it being a sad accident, a part of football well plane crashes are a sad part of travel you twats. fuck munich

  46. footballerslives says:

    Taylor reminded me why I dislike the Prem and think it’s overrated. Arsenal is the only club in England that is watchable because they play football not football disguised as Rugy or American Football with rough and tumble hack jobs left and right (good for those footballing codes, bad for association football)
    Eduardo will be back. It looked really horrible but I’m telling you he will be back by September/early October if he heals normally. I’ve seen that injury 1000 times in sports. If there is a good place to have a break around your ankle, that’s pretty much it. It still takes longer than busting your leg mid shin but it could have been a lot worse believe it or not.
    Assuming the health care system in England does their job properly (or wherever he gets his rehab treatment) he’ll be back just fine.

  47. Cillian Ryan says:

    Good luck Eduardo… luck forward to your return and to continue as an arsenal player and score many more goals for us…

  48. Miljenko says:

    Here is a part of the interview from another newspaper that will show why we love Dudu so much:

    “I do not know if Taylor was here, because I was mostly under sedatives. I would accept with no hesitation apology from Taylor, because I am sure he did not have bad intention.”

    Fox is a small animal but obviously with big heart.

    Main concern now is that for next few weeks the leg will not be infected.

  49. Get well soon Eduardo, we can’t wait to see you back with Arsenal.

    Thinking of you and wish you a speedy recovery.

  50. Douglas Dielle says:

    I find myself tremendously grieving for the first time, for an Arsenal player. I feel extremely disturbed, and still am, by what has happened to a talented man so humble and subdued.

    Arsenal must write to the FA, even the FIFA, on the need to review rules for tackles like what Martin Taylor did. The game, especially in the BPL, has gotten way too physical over the years.

    Good luck, Ed – we wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you back together at home with your family soon. 🙂

  51. ad says:

    im am a manchester united fan. i am horrified to hear of this news of eduardos injury and cant beleive it happened in our beutiful game. martin taylor sould never play football again in his life. although i am not an arsenal fan i hope edaurdo can make a full recovery and return playing for them.
    get well soon.

  52. Todd says:

    I hope he is going to be fine, but a double compound fracture. Going to take a while to recover, then a long time rehabbing. Going to be tough.

  53. FlamBlam says:

    Hey Michael. I’m an Arsenal fan and I reckon you should be careful what you say about Munich. Arsenal have always had more class than United and always will. If mancs want to talk shit, let them. We’ll laugh when we win the league and they win nothing.

  54. an arsenal fan says:

    I have followed English football since childhood and would count many English players as my boyhood heroes. Hoddle, Robson, Lineker, Dalglish, Keegan, the Spur team of the late 70’s and early 80’s, the superb Liverpool teams of the late 70’s and 80’s – what a joy!! Football was actually played back then and it use to annoy me no end when some claimed the Italian or Spanish football leagues were better. Sadly, if one plays football today, one is met with violence, intimidation and brutality. Arsenal is the classic case in point. But not just Arsenal. Other creative and flair player from MU are often targeted with dangerous and vicious tackling. All done under the guise of “grit”. It misguided, as it ultimately reduces the game to warfare instead of what fans really want to see – skill, vision, passing, movement, not the stop start nature of BPL games these days due to incessant fouling and dangerous tackling, particularly against the so-called bigger teams. It also does not help that the standard of BPL refereeing is so poor these days. Watching football as a child and through-out my teens, one can hardly recall poor refereeing being a factor in games in the the way it seem to be an ever-present feature these days. I for one always put my hands up when Arsenal have screwed up tactically in games and have paid the price, but there is no question Arsene is right when he suggested that Arsenal does attracted more brutality then any other team in the BPL. I watched the away Blackburn game and there were period in the game when the entire focus of the Blackburn team was to niggle, intimidate and dangerously foul the Arsenal players. Ironically, when they focused on actually playing football for a change in the second half, the were looking like a very good team. Even without the benefit of replays, it was obvious Taylor’s studs were half way up Edu’d leg/shin when the ball itself was on the ground, suggesting he was really not interested to play the ball, rather his focus was on the man. Also, initially when Taylor had not known the full extent of the result of his dangerous tackle, it was plain and obvious to see that he had a pronounced smirk on his face, presumably proud of himself for having sent a message to Edu and other Arsenal players. As to whether he intended to deliberately hurt Edu, only Taylor and McLeich will know this. But having followed the way teams try to intimidate Arsenal the last several years, it is at least conceivable that there was at least intent to “rough-up” Edu and possibly other Arsenal players early in the game – more get in their faces “grit”. Tackling with studs up should be banned, it should have no place in the modern game. This will make the issue of intent less of a factor. One can hurt, if not maim or kill someone on a football pitch even if you don’t “intend” it. Lastly, DON and RAGA are spot on. This over the top targetting of Arsenal players
    really started at Old Trafford several seasons ago, presumably at the instructions of Ferguson. I remember the Neville brother repeatedly assaulting the Arsenal players, some of the tackling by Gary Neville on Reyes, if done outside a football pitch would be GBH. No question. It demonstrates the actions of small minded men. Kicking and maiming fellow pros does not make one a man. Its a sad state of affairs and we here in Asia call for English football to return the days when football was passionate but fair and entertaining. English football seems so pre-occupied these days with wanting to maim the entertainers, blame the foreign influx which only makes this league more exciting, etc instead of nurturing talent, focusing on skill and technique, and being something to be proud to be a fan of. Its a sad state of affairs.

  55. ari says:

    eduardo, hope 4 a speedy recovery..well, as for taylor, you sucks….

  56. zuhairy says:

    Yes! Taylor should never play again. I would like to wish eduardo speedy recovery…

  57. Kayizzi says:

    May Eduardo and Arsenal overcome the assasins who are being coached by SAF.

    That tackle that broke Dudu’s leg was extremely intended for what it produced. Shows how much the opposition thinks they should play to manage Arsenal. This thinking ofcourse brought by the guy above.

    May you recover well and fast Dudu and may Arsenal win many trophies for you.

  58. muller says:

    i fill bad eduardo is a great player
    taylor is stupid he make horrable accident
    eduardo god bless youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  59. Mike says:

    Get better Soon Eduardo
    Also happy 25th birtday m8 – thinking of u!

  60. divakaran says:

    Opps, God will Bless Him let we all pray for his good health and come back

  61. JayDee says:

    ban taylor…get well soon ed

  62. Beavis... says:

    i have showed the pictures of Eduardos ankle to a top physio in my area he is a family friend – he actually works for a football league club. He said Eduardo will play again and it isnt as bad as the injury looks, the dislocation to the ankle makes it look worse but it was a clean break of the bone and fortunately for us this will help big style. Good luck Eduardo.

  63. ben says:

    I am sorry for the injury to eddy.but gooner fans u shud know that hes not the first player to sustain such a horrible fracture and ushud also know that thats part of futbol.remember smudge susstaind a more than that fracture against the cops.but dd fergie react like wenger dd? its obvious that all that is due to fear u have about united coming from behind.u have been told by true soccer analysts that your team has no enough strenght in depth to grap the epl trphy this term and because of being deaf u refused to hear them and now its yo time to listen.

    Wish eddy a quick recovery

  64. Pat says:

    Get well soon Eduardo, from a United fan in peace.

    I hope you get back to a state where I can secretly enjoy watching you play, having to hide my admiration from fellow reds. Just don’t cost us any trophies please.

  65. Mr Grey says:

    Funny to see all the little Arsenal pussies crying because of a tackle?
    yet last weekend they tried to kick United off the pitch..(but couldnt get near them)

    Very sorry for Eduardo, hope the lad makses a full recovery but get a grip FFS.
    Maybe ye should start following womens football, i hear ye are pretty good at that!

    Win for Eduardo??..
    Your songbook is laughable!

  66. pip williams says:

    I fully admire the way Wenger handled the post match interview. Many teams have been getting aways with murder for too long now, especially against Arsenal. Taylor is obviously a) filthy or b)if you’re of the small minority that believe he’s innocent, completely uncoordinated; both of which should warrant him never playing professional football again.

    Teams causing actual harm like this to fellow professionals should be docked points. Maybe this will cut out the reckless challenges once and for all…

  67. Sami nairobi says:

    We thank God who we know is going to heal you completely and quickly to put prophets of doom into shame.

  68. Pete says:

    Best wishes to Eduardo da Silva, wishing you a speedy recovery from a terrible injury – from a Spurs fan.

  69. Claudio Becerra says:

    Great news about Eduardo, hope this is all true and coming from his mouth. Amazing determination shown by the young and talented player, our prayers are with you Eduard, may you get well real soon.


  70. ronaldo.c says:

    jejj wars , violence, is the world… well now rest dear eduardo

  71. ronaldo.c says:

    i’am from uruguay wat the heck ma<n sorry for this… brazil is one rival but… el futbol es un deporte hay que jugarlo y no matarlo. bye c’mon arsenal go for glory ! ! !

  72. MUFC Fan says:

    To all you whinging moaning Arsenal fans (who probably supported Chelsea up until Christmas) moaning about United players kicking your so called superstars –

    Dont you see how stupid you look after Gallas and co’s treatment of Nani at Old Trafford in the cup?

    To the Asrenal fan who mentioned Munich – YSB

    Keep living in our shadow

  73. samroz says:

    hey eduardo…..i feel really upset about your injury…but i know ur a brave footballer and will recover from this injury in no time…i just hope you get well soon…even my friends and family who dont support arsenal iz praying for you…but im a huge fan so just get well soon

  74. KLIO says:


  75. KLIO says:

    GET WELL DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. KLIO says:

    ************ RUBBISH

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