Now lets win it for Eduardo

Terrible weekend to be a Gooner but I feel that this will motivate the players to go on and win the title for Eduardo.

But of course we have been here before.

In March 2002 Influential star Robert “Bobby” Pires was stretchered off suffering a knee ligament injury that kept him out for six months. This also kept Pires out of the 2002 World Cup. Arsenal went on to win the double that season and in the final game of the season at Highbury Pires came onto the pitch to collected his medal the rest of the Arsenal squad bowed to Pires as a sign of respect.

Lets go on and win the championship for Eduardo and then bring him out at the Emirates to collect his medal.

Maybe this will inspire him during his lengthy rehab.

Surly the rest of the Arsenal players and management will use this as motivation to win the title? If this cant fire them up then nothing can.

Come on Arsenal, Lets do it for Eddy

12 Responses to Now lets win it for Eduardo

  1. jason boyd says:

    This will be fitting tribute to Eduardo by winning the titile. It aint going to be

    easy with the media saying the gunners will wilt . Nothing would give me great satisfaction than for the gunners to win it in spite of the many odds.

  2. -Shaun- says:

    Top shout.


  3. FELIX OKOT says:

    That is exactly what i thought!
    We are going to win for EDuardo..even if it means kidnapping him out of the hospital to receive the winners medals (EPL plus CL) we shall do it!
    Come on gooners…lets sing Eduardo’s name in the next matches!!

  4. JT says:

    It would be sweet revenge to see Eduardo get his medal a la Pires. F*ck the media. I agree, if this doesn’t rally the troops, nothing will.

    C’mon you Gunners, let’s go win the title!

  5. Orson says:

    That would replace the Adams goal against Everton when we won the league at highbury as my favourite monent in the years of ups and downs of being a Gooner. If it happens, lets make sure we all savour it….. here’s hoping.

  6. Gooner4ever says:

    We all be very delighted to win the Premier and dedicate it to Eduardo,but I cannot beleive what a kind of monster is Kelly and those who try to protect his ferocious tackle.
    To see what I mean see him on the web-site looking at the poor Eduardo with that sarcasti look,not to say smile!!!
    What about that so called referee! What a poor performance!!!!!A clear penalty on Adebayor ignored,a free-kick ,and a late penalty in favour of the thugs invented both of which scored.
    What a shame England can produce such inefficient referee.
    On what grounds the F.A wants to develop ,and improve the game?by producing such poor,and inefficient referee?

  7. EYE says:

    Defender Kelly from Birmingham said Wenger’s comment is a disgrace,now it became Wenger’s fault. Hansen welcomes Arsenal boss Wenger taking back Taylor comments, now they forgive Wenger.

    What has football becoming now? They are commenting and forgiving the victim? A 40-60 ball you call it mistime challenge while tacle up to shin level?

    I am a fan from Asia, I will support Croatia for the euro cup. With so many bias people in England, for sure I would never want England to qualify for international tournment. But of course I wish Arsenal would win in both PL and CL, also wishing Eduardo a speedy recovery..

  8. Austingunner says:

    Great positive post!!! There’s been so much negativity around this whole incident…from the press everyone C’MON YOU GUNNERS!!!!

  9. ndizho says:

    Get well Edu and i wish all the best, can i have the opinion of some arsenal fans on a comment i heard from a friend that if we want to win this thing we need lehmann in goal because of leadership. my friend reckons if arsenal had lehmann in goal clichy would have been more aware because lehmann is vocal and lets not forget lehmann already has a premiership medal and knows what it takes. comments pliz

  10. Arthur the Gonner says:

    If anyone one is reading still please look this up quick you will sleep better tonight!

    We need to sing his name in games or think of a song for him!

  11. subhrendu says:,20285,12606,00.html
    watch the video titled : No intention from taylor.
    I am amazed at how sky-sports can claim to be a credible sports channel.
    They were only talking about wenger’s reactions and how gallas’ foot made an imprint on the advertising board. Its ridiculous how concerned they were about the impact gallas made on the ad board. One guy even said that kids will be watching it. Well kids are also watching the match in which u break someone’s legs. It seems that health of the ad board is so much dear to these guys.
    2ndly, they say it is a clumsy challenge, do u go with ur studs up for a tackle, and when do u go like that ? It was even mentioned how within the 1st 2 mins, mcfadden had also gone studs up on clichy. If that is football, its better to stop it.
    Taylor is a nice guy, blah blah !!! his studs land squarely on the shin of eduardo, at least a foot above the ground and then slide down and hit his ankle so bad with the entire momentum of his body. Is the ball a foot above the ground, are u kidding me ? what happens when u run over someone while driving – you lose ur driving license , same shud happen on the football pitch.
    Eduardo was too quick for Taylor – this comment is being said as if its a flaw with eduardo.
    its ridiculous how sky sports is so much concerned about wenger’s comments and gallas reaction, no one even condemned such a horrific tackle. is this the culture of those people, I am sorry but i am shocked and amazed and stunned.

  12. Ifeanyi okagbue says:

    ndizho i think you are correct with lehmann in post clichy may not have made that mistake and i don’t think lehmann would have conceeded the free-kick and may be the penalty (remember against villareal) and he has far more experience than almunia. I don’t think with almunia in the post we would have drawn against ac milan (check two saves lehmann made from two corners against them).

    Wishing Eduardo a speedy recovery

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