Reckless Tackling – The F.A Need To Take Steps…


… To prevent anything like the Taylor tackle to ever happen again. It would be impossible to keep a 100% record, of that I acknowledge, but what people seem to miss about the recent Taylor incident is that a tackle like that should not have happened in the first place.

Taylor was about a foot above the ball. That tackle was designed to hurt. Not injure, but to play the Blackburn way and try and bully our players.

He was not 2 inches above the ball, not 6 inches, but a foot. Taylor is not that bad a player. If you’ve played football, you know that you don’t go that high unless you want to hurt.

He didn’t want to get Eduardo injured, just trying to make a point and in doing so put the career of a fellow professional at risk.

Also, if the F.A don’t extend the ban, then they are officially a disgrace. A message has to be sent, that these sort of tackles will not be tolerated. Eboue got red carded against United and both him and Taylor will serve a three game ban. Are both their crimes identical?

I get what people mean about previous tackles being allowed, but you can’t change the past. Because others have gotten away with it due to the FA’s incompetence, doesn’t mean they should in the future.

Which is exactly why a precedent has to be set, to prevent something like this happening in the future.Furthermore, I think it’s cowardly of Taylor to not come out and make a public statement or apology. Yes, I know, McCleish has apologized and said it was unintentional but it just sounds like PR to me. Taylor should come out, personally, and make a statement if he wants to clear his name. Shouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t intentional, should it? However, Taylor apparently went to visit Dudu in the hospital, so if true, then fair play, there are some who would not have bothered.

Point is, that sort of tackle should not be made in the first place. It was two footed, studs up on to Dudu’s shin. Football is meant to be a physical game but a line has to be drawn somewhere. Intentional or not.

You could see Dudu’s bones sticking out. No matter how quick Dudu was, it wouldn’t have caused that much damage without recklessness of some extent on Taylor’s sides. Just watch the slow mo videos or pictures. You’ll see that it was a studs up challenge, a foot above the ball. Hardly legal?
It’s something the F.A need to sort out, or we’ll be seeing more of this in the future.

The ref did his job in carding the player, but the F.A is going to fuck up. They will not do anything to extend the ban and something similar will happen in the near future….

If the F.A decide to grow some balls, take some action and send a message then fair play to them, I’ll take back what I said.

It’s easy to miss the point I’m trying to make, that a tackle like that should not have been made in the first place.

I do not want Taylor’s head, nor do I want him banned for life. That would serve little purpose.

What I’m saying is, that I can see this happening again in the future and that means the careers of other players at risk.

It was a disgraceful tackle, intentional or not. It was a foot from the ball, two footed and with studs up. You only make that kind of tackle if:

A) You’re a shite tackler
B) You want to hurt someone

We don’t need any of those in the EPL, and it’s a matter the F.A need to investigate. If it means forcing clubs to spend more time practicing the art of defending, or giving harsh bans for people who make those kinds of tackles, then so be it.

I am all for a bit of physical play. You need that sometimes, and shit does happen but there is a line and the majority of B’rum’s players crossed it last night.

It was a studs up tackle and a foot above the ball? There is an art to defending, and defending was not what Taylor did last night.

You might get away with a yellow card for doing it on a school pitch. Seeing something as pathetic and shite as that is not what you come to expect from the EPL.

Tell me, Eboue has got a three match ban because of his antics at OT. Taylor has got a three match ban because he has taken a player out for a year. Fair?

Eboue’s antics had more to do with intent, but it wouldn’t have put a players career at risk. His punishment fits the crime, whereas if Taylor doesn’t get an extended ban it will be a disgrace…

If you watch the video again, you’d see that the tackle was made a foot above the ball. No amount of skill or speed on Dudu’s part would’ve changed that and he would’ve been hurt badly regardless.

Yes, some people are overreacting but others are treating this as a light matter.

There are very few people who are not treating the injury at the level it should, I acknowledge and am grateful for that.

But that’s not what I’m arguing for. What I am arguing for, is that Taylor should be punished to prevent this from happening again and a lot of people seem to think that because worse things have happened in the past, Taylor should not be punished.

Say a man kills another man out of hatred, but manges to get away with it. You would still punish another man, who got drunk and in a stupid and reckless move accidentally killed someone.

Yes, Taylor’s move was stupid and reckless but he wasn’t forced by anyone to do it but did it anyway.

He has possibly ended the career of a fellow professional due to his recklessness and we don’t need that happening again.

It often takes incidents like this for people to sit up and take notice. This is the consequence of not punishing the likes of Mikel and Ballack in the past. If we don’t do something about it now, it will happen again in the future.

If it was Gerrard or Rooney or Terry that had been injured, the media, country and FA would be in an uproar and bans would be handed out without second thought.

Now, a question to United fans. Wanyne Rooney, the 21 year old on whom you spent 27m on, has just hit a fine run of form and is out for the rest of the season, and the majority of the next season, leaving you with two fit strikers. He is out because of another professional tackling like a 10 year old. What would your reaction be?

If Dudu had not gotten injured then every body would’ve said “he was unlucky not to get injured due to that tackle”. People have been saying that all season and it was only a matter of time before someone got injured.

To hit a player with a force to damage him that badly, is not just mis timed. It was a reckless tackle.

Like I said, I don’t think Taylor had any intent of injuring Dudu, it was just a stupid, reckless tackle. I can’t believe that the media is still going on about AW’s comments when he’s retracted them….. What we should be discussing, is how to prevent this happening in the future.

22 Responses to Reckless Tackling – The F.A Need To Take Steps…

  1. RedDevil says:

    Was it not Eduardo who went in studs up on Ronaldo when we battered you and got away with it?

    How many awfull challenges in one match were theire against Nani and Ronaldo from your players?

    No gooner remembers that? Consequences could have been the same, and according to your views Eduardo also had intentions to injur a fellow profesional.

    Another dose of double standard gooner report.
    What goes around comes around.

    Live with it

  2. Frazer says:

    Spot on, I posted similar thoughts yesterday. The media reaction is an absolute disgrace, probably to be expected though.
    All they are doing is reporting the comments of Wenger and the actions of Gallas, the tackle is no more than a passing few lines in most articles. If this doesn’ highlight the anti Asenal media I dont know what does. F**king disgusting!!

  3. aj says:

    I am old enough to know better but I am still shocked by the concerted attack on Arsene Wenger and Arsenal for having the temerity to have one of their players nearly maimed for life.

    I have always had high regard for Seb Larsson and I applauded him when he came to The Emirates but what he had to say today was utterly disgusting. From now on, he gets the same welcome as Ashley Cole. How dare he criticise Arsenal players for being in a bad mood on Saturday? What the f*ck does he expect. I am appalled that the Birmingham players didn’t seem to give a toss about Eduardo, apart from a few weasely words afterwards.

    And as for that pratt Kelly, like his manager, claiming that the tackle didn’t even deserve the red card, because Taylor’s foot never left the ground. Lying twat! We can all see what happened in the pictures.

    Even the Birmingham City web site said shame about Eduardo but, never mind that, think of poor old Martin Taylor; what a nice bloke he is and we’ll all rally around to help him. There wasn’t a lot of remorse shown there, in my opinion.

    As for the anti-Wenger, anti-Gallas shit in the press today, it beggers belief. Pillock Woolnough in the Star has taken a real pop at Wenger, which comes after his paper had again run the story about Wenger saying Taylor should be banned for life, more than 24 hours after it was retracted.

    It was a weekend where Arsenal were badly treated by Birmingham City and were badly treated by the referee, yet all the condemnation has fallen on Arsenal, for a few ill-conceived words spoken in the heat of the moment.


  4. gimmy says:

    That was the awful incidence iin football. i don’t expect any action from the fuck’n FA for this reckless almmost killing. But, I expect Taylor, as human to comeout and confess and tell us quit football for his intentional “tackle” if it was so at all

  5. Frichie says:

    Intentional or not…the fact that it was a tackle from the front with Taylors full force and momentum behind him it was only ever going to do real damage whether it hit the ankle, knee, shin. In that picture it looks like a proper flying kick!

    It is a complete and utter disgrace, because we all know it… unless it was one of Englands great players nothing will come of it.

  6. Tor says:

    good article.. but just as a tip, you should format the article, you are so focused on making your point, you repeat yourself. Don’t take it as criticism, take it as a tip. Less is more, you know. It would be more powerful if not so long.

  7. nils says:

    Aliaderie gets 3-match ban for light slapping. Taylor gets 3-match ban for ending a career. This is not right! FA needs to fix this…

  8. atek says:

    The picture tells everything. It is reckless and stupid. FA should do something so that everybody will learn. Huge punishment to the player would be the best way.. So that everybody will keep alert. If he got only 3 match banned, there will be a lot of bad tackle in the future and of coz horrible injury to come. So… just point your middle finger to FA if something like this happen again. Everybody talk about how gentle Taylor is.. regardless if Taylor is an angel or a saint… the picture tells everything! U should not get away with a crime even u have not committed a single sin before. Punish him well.. PLEASE!

  9. V says:

    Unbelievable!!!!! Sky didn’t want to show it, because they knew it was a horrific tackle. We knew it was a horrific tackle. MOTD did their best, but still didn’t defend the Arsenal Player to the extent that is needed.

    Taylor should get banned for longer than the 3 match suspension for a red card. Did he go for the ball? NO. did he mean it?? Maybe? but that doesnt matter, because IT still caused a career threatening injury, YOU CANNOT GO IN WITH A TACKLE A WHOLE FOOT ABOVE WHERE THE BALL IS!!!

    Hate this country!!! If it was Rooney?? My god!! Sort the FA out!

    Everyone, i fear we will have to accept the fact he FA will do F**k all!!

  10. otariq from the US says:

    This is just typical of an English Press. If this kind of foul was committed on Wayne Rooney the English Press would be in an uproar (You would all call for the banning of non English players).
    This kind of injury was a long time coming. Remember Abou Diaby about two years ago, this is the second time in two years an Arsenal player have suffered such injury. Arsene is correct when he said that there is a notion out there that to defeat Arsenal is to kick Arsenal. The Manager of Birmingham state before the game that they would have to put steel to Arsenal and this is exactly what Matt Taylor did to Da Silva. I don’t think he intended to hurt the lad but when managers request of there player to be physical with another team, what do you expect to happen?
    Sorry to say but this brand of Football is now close to Rugby. This is exactly why Jose Reyes left the Premiership because of the brutality.
    As much as I love Arsenal I think I will now turn my attention to the Spanish league where they play real football not American Football.

    The English Press is a joke, I hate to say this but the only why this will change in the Premiership is if Wayne Rooney or some other English good boy is injury in such a manner.

    You should have shown the injury from the moment Taylor leaped at Da Silva and tell me if he did not intend to put Steel to the Lad, like his Manager requested.

  11. Fiona says:

    Totally agree. If the FA doesn’t change the rule per say banning the player who injured opponent with the same amount of days the injured player is out as well as contributing the medical as well as physio payment, then perhaps it might bring the attention to all parties in the football field. As a soccer fans for over 20 years, I like to see beautiful flowing football games and not the old traditional physical English soccer. This is why England National Team never reach semi-finals because you don’t improve.

    Well, also some people might say it easily that it is unfortunate or this always happen in football. Sorry, I don’t think so. Just imagine the player is your family members or they are Beckham, Gerrard, Rooney, all favourite players of your country. To be honest, will you say the same thing again?

    Be fair! If FA doesn’t impose harsh punishment, this will happen more and more often and top star players will never wish to join the EPL and no fans will be interested to watch EPS ever again. Do something now!

  12. Made says:

    Just seen the video. It was clearly seen that taylor foot not going near the ball. His right foot straight gone to Eduarso’s foot as he realized that he could’t get the ball. Despite there’s no intention to hurt eduardo this bad, he has made it. And if FA couldn’t take steps on this matter, I’m hoping that FIFA will, it’s not just Arsenal that loss a great player, but more of it Croatian football and International football in danger of losing talents like Eduardo.

    Get well soon, Eduardo.. I and all (true) football fans pray to see you wear your boots and show us your talents again

  13. GOAS says:

    I’m in two minds about this one (new reader here, hello, btw). That picture does indeed make it look intentional. However, and I’m a Gooner through and through… but it shows up Martin Taylor for being a slow, decrepid old goat of a defender.

    When he started that tackle, the ball was probably about where Dudu’s right foot is. Taylor probably thought that he’d go in and get to the ball about where Dudu’s left leg was, missing of course and inflicting the damage he did.

    All that said, and I’m not excusing his antics; he didn’t need to make that tackle. I’ve looked back over the video and there’s another Brum player in the way so you just cannot tell how he made that challenge in ‘real time’.

    I agree with the comments that if it was another team, another English player; especially the Rooneys, Gerrards, Owens, Coles (Joe), Terrys… that lot the FA kiss ass to… then the press would have been fawning all over them.

    I see that Dudu’s given it 9mths, and I’ll be a very proud fan if he makes that comeback.

  14. GerryBLUENOSE says:

    You are all cocney one eyed wankers. remember Henrys sissor kick, Dirty Persies elbows? Flying kick when he was sent off. Wenger is a thick french cunt who should keep his mouth shut and piss off back to france taking his scum team with him. ONE MARTIN TAYLOR, theres only one martin Taylor…………………Up the spurs Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  15. john says:

    Taylor Should be banned as long as Eduardo is away fromplaying. This will send a Stern message to others who will think twice before they jump at others

  16. john says:

    Taylor Should be banned as long as Eduardo is away fromplaying. This will send a Stern message to others who will think twice before they jump at others. This rule should be called the eduardo rule.

  17. […] Eduardo moved to praised the Arsenal medical staff and the staff from Selly Oak Hospital, and it was confirmed today that if the medical staff had not been so quick in attending and treating the injury, Eduardo could have lost his foot. As these pictures show, he foot was virtually disconnected from the rest of his leg. Sorry for the graphic description, but in reality, this is what has happened. People some time forget how a brutal challenge can end someone’s career. Hopefully for Eduardo, that is not the case. The Gooner Forum talks about how the FA really need to take steps against this sort of thing. […]

  18. dan says:

    You lot are still cyring about this? take off your gooner tinted glasses and look at the reality. It was a bad injury, it happens all the time. Taylor won’t get a ban because everyone who UNDERSTANDS THE GAME(unlike you lot), knows it was unintentional and just a bit of bad luck. If i were you i’d be more concerned about Man Utd winning this years prem as you lot don’t have a chance, with or without Eduardo.

    Stop moaning and get on with it, you bunch of hypocrites.

  19. willy says:

    gerrybluenose and dan, folks like you who gloat over other people’s misfortunes .. even one as terrible as this, can only be, erm, english xenophobes .. like the US gentleman says, many people are switching off to the better leagues (Italian and Spanish) .. the so much hated and villified ‘foreigners’ are paying the monies that is keeping the EPL rich, but sky sports and bbc sports xenophobic coverage is ensuring a shrinking audience

    dan, for your information, gunners are outraged more by the reaction of birmingham fc players and management, the unbelievable slant of the press and the so-called ‘experts’ … this can only really happen in england .. where the life/health of a white english person is probably interpreted to be worth more than 20 lives of foreigners … what a mavelous country

    gerrybluenose, u will watch us lift the title, and we are confident we would not be playing any matches against you next season or for even another 10 seasons after that. u wait and see the powerful force called karma kick in and sort your god-awful team out.

  20. dan says:

    okay so i’m a xenophobe now, this pretty much sums up my point about you lot taking it too far. i didn’t say anything disrespectful regarding eduardo, i wish him all the best. I can’t see what birmingham have done wrong, they have acted exactly as arsenal would act in the same situation. arsne wenger defends his side vehemently, to his credit. i doubt you lot would prefer it any differently, so why can’t you look at the bigger picture? your accusing me of being racist when i’m expressing a valid point. The things you are saying about the UK are crazy, we have more people here from other nationalities than anywhere, and the whole racist skinhead type of thing exists more in europe than the UK. Stop making blind assumptions about me i am talking about football. You are the one turning it into a nationalist thing.

  21. Rick says:

    Really bad tackle, i believe as pro footballer, you wont mis time a tackle til tis bad. Its obvious the tackle was meant to hurt. I belive taylor should have a longer fan. FA should really look into this matter.

  22. Rick says:

    Really bad tackle, i believe as pro footballer, you wont mis time a tackle til tis bad. Its obvious the tackle was meant to hurt. I belive taylor should have a longer ban. FA should really look into this matter.

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