Carlos Vela to replace Eduardo?

The Arsenal medical staff have assessed the extent of the damage to Eduardo and hope that he will have a full recovery after nine months.

So who is the man to replace Eduardo?

With RVP apparently soon to be back from injury himself I’m sure he can slot into the left hand side of attack until the end of the season. But this still leaves us very short of attacking options for almost a year.

Will Arsenal go out and sign a striker in the summer? I doubt it.

I feel we already have the prefect replacement for Eduardo and thats Carlos Vela.

Currently on loan to Osasuna,Arsène Wenger has already said that he expects Carlos Vela to be a part of his first-team squad next season. Carlos is a very similar player to Eduardo.Cool in front of goal and naturally left footed.

This is Carlos in action vs Real Madrid playing on the left hand side.We look forward to seeing him at the club next season. Lets just hope that Van Persie will be back soon

Carlos Vela stats.

Years Club App (Gls)*
Celta de Vigo (loan)
Salamanca (loan)
Osasuna (loan)
00 (0)
00 (0)
31 (8)
21 (3)

25 Responses to Carlos Vela to replace Eduardo?

  1. KIT says:


  2. CaribKid says:

    Knowing Wenger as I do he probably will not get another replacement for Eduardo and will probably use a combination of RVP, Walcott and Vela next year when playing the 4-4-2 formation.

    This does leave us pretty thin on the wings however and I anticipate seeing another wide mid-fielder being added to the roster. We will probably see another CB and perhaps a GK.

  3. Shivi C says:

    Any chance we could call him back as a squad player and if needed emergency 1st team player for this season ?

    If RVP doesnt come back soon we could need a 4th striker for the important part of the season.

  4. JD says:

    Bring in benzema wenger and we will unstopable

  5. chrisdagooner says:

    tru he does draw quite a few fouls but ramos might of been fustrated wid him as vela made ramos his bitch wen osasuna playd at da bernabau

  6. Baz says:

    Looks a lot like Theo in the picture above! Apart from the game against RM, he has been ‘OK’. Ive seen a lot of his games and his form is questionable, he needs to be consistent but damn when he’s on form he’s something special.

    He will be coming back to us in the summer for sure….perhaps playing on the left flank giving Rosicky more of a central role where he can actually be useful.

    Cb required for sure along with a GK. To be honest there arent many players i can think of that could improve the side. The problem is injuries. RVP usually only plays half a season along with Rosicky. Gallas has been much better this season tho but Senderos picks up little injures. I do like the Benzema suggestion, there arent many good finishers out there but Benzema seems like the real deal!

  7. afham says:

    i hope vela come back as soon as posssible..

  8. jason boyd says:

    I tell you waht. iF AW aint so cautius/prudent in the transfer mart,Arsenal would still have a squad.IF Arsenal do’t win a trophy this season we know where the blame stops. i know it’s fanatstic to be top of the league especially when all the critics wrote off Arsenal.Having got thtre the least he shd have done is strenghten the squad in Jan.
    Now the real test come agaginst AV who are no easy meat. AW can’t rely on Fulham to take points off Manure. I expect MON to play a similar pressing Arsenal shdn’y expect other teams to let them pass the ball around.
    The Villa man is trying to see how far his team have come. I still think Arsenal can get the three points but everybody must five full focus and I hope the ref will punish any serious tackle with a red card.

  9. flipper says:

    Jason: Arsene may well realize that a bigger squad creates as many problems as it solves – How well are Chelsea keeping it together with their big squad? Even Ferguson is having trouble balancing Anderson/Carrick/Hargreaves/Scholes/Tevez and it’s only their first season together.

  10. shagrasyiid says:

    Never saw him played before, hopefully he’ll playing well & score..

  11. Harry Barracuda says:

    Is he even want to come here when he sees what crap defenders get away with in England?

  12. derebe says:

    Arsene Must bring BENZEMA including VILLA,then we will unstopable.

  13. nzekwe, joburg, south africa says:

    Vela or no vela, arsenal need a tested and tried striker, other wise injuries and suspensions will bring wenger to his knees. He should see arsenal as a big team and close his eyes to beef up his team. He has no excuse this year, but due to his stingy nature, the team is now under pressure. He should rather wake up, arsenal is a taem that is hated by most people in England due to the fact they are made up of foreigners. This should make wenger to spend money and get experienced players to challenge manu and chelski.

  14. coolsmurf says:

    vela is a player with potential definitely. at least in Football Manager.

  15. Finsbury Parker says:

    Brilliant striker… can’t wait to get him in the team.

    He does look like Theo’s cousin, though!

  16. George P says:

    Doesn’t Vela look like Walcott with a teenager’s beard?

  17. Kofi Frimpong says:

    i dont think vela is all that, according to the video.

  18. natsteel says:

    Vela is the real deal. The way he skinned Ramos in the corner was beautiful. Ramos was getting so frustrated he resorted to constantly fouling him. The kid has the ball skills, movement, and vision of an Arsenal player. Him joining us next season is like making a 10-15m pound signing. Can’t wait.

  19. GK says:

    please! bring bezema

  20. Goonerbeall says:

    Vela will be a huge addition to the squad to provide lots on the wing. However, we need another out and out striker like Benzema to be of real threat to other big teams. In addition, we need 2 tall and strong centre backs to cater for ageing Gallas and Toure who appear to have left all form in AFN. Another defensive midfielder would be very appreciated as having only one is not a good idea. Beside Flamini want to go to Juventus where he does’nt have to work as hard as in EPL. The fuck.. yellow French!

  21. king malta says:

    wow. he shat all over them in that clip.

    looking forward to seeing him come back to arsenal 🙂

  22. samira says:

    rvp will be back hes already started training for us, i agree with baribkid lol, walcott, vela n rvp will be a perfect forward and is thin of the wing, but david villa is joining arsenal this summer so walcott can play wing side along vela with rvp and villa up front…how gd is that lol, we gotta stop focussing on vela, if we loose flamini that will be a BIG! blow hes class so is hleb we need then to hopfully if everything goes well well win the prem in style !!!

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