The Torch Has Been Passed

It was a night to remember for Arsenal fans. And not only the traveling supporters at the San Siro but for all the fans in homes and pubs all over the world. Arsenal recorded one of their most famous European victories on Tuesday night with a 2-0 win away to Milan. This is a historic victory for the club and this side, in particular. Milan have dominated Europe in recent years and not only had they never been beaten at home by an English side, they had never even conceded to one.

But past history did not matter on this night, because future history was busy being forged from the steel that is Arsenal’s midfield. The glory of this night will live in the minds of many for a long time, but what might live even longer is the glory that this victory may pave the way for.

The signs were there, even in the first leg. Arsenal had dominated that match as well and a goal seemed an inevitability, but it was not to be at The Emirates. Doubted by almost everyone, except themselves and their supporters, Arsenal summoned the strength and courage of the old Roman gladiators and stood up to the European football establishment. We may look back on this night years from now and see it, definitively, as the moment that the Young Guns became the Gunners.

Of course, it is still all to do both domestically and in Europe. But the fact that Arsenal have put together two displays of the most gloriously shimmering football we’ve seen in a long time against the former holders despite several disappointing domestic results is highly impressive. They have shown that they can rise to the occasion and it looks as though there will be many more occasions to rise to in the next few years.

Arsenal were absolutely majestic tonight. This is one of the games you will tell your children about. Tonight, the torch has been passed; from the old to the new, from the past to the future, from Milan to the Arsenal.

By natsteel

10 Responses to The Torch Has Been Passed

  1. ed says:

    I seem to remember Barca beating Milan 1-0 at the San Siro in the semi-finals in 2006, when we played them in the final. So they haven’t been totally flawless over the past few years.

  2. cliff says:

    Congratulation, to all you traveling fans. You where the 12th man on the pitch.

    I watched the game on American television who don’t really give you the crowd soundtrack. But, we could hear you loud and clear you didn’t let up the whole match.

    Well done.

  3. Goons_with_Guns says:

    We’re all ecstatic and nice waxing poetic; however, going forward, please refer to our home ground as Ashburton Grove or The Grove.

  4. kenyanised says:

    i need a tranqulizer coz for the last 4 hrs my adrenaline is still rushing. its a huge victory for our club and given what we’ve got from the media for the last 2 weeks then i want nothing to do with any accollades they might have for us. they can keep em idiots. UP WITH THE ARSE

  5. Pete J says:

    Goons with Guns…
    Get over yourself. It’s THE EMIRATES!!!! Get a life or go away,

  6. Man U killa says:

    it’s all okay…bottom line- we won

  7. Farai Mpasi says:

    I am a zimbabwean based in liberia and working for a brazilian contractor.I want to thank from the deepest part of my heart the young arsenal gunners and the great wenger and everyone else involved including the travelling supporters who gave us one of our greatest results ever.i love arsenal so dearly and if it means dying for it i am prepared to do so. i could not watch the game because of cable failure here in liberia

  8. Trennon says:

    Call the stadium what you like for crying out loud! There is no need to be petty, I am come on. We just beat Europes elite with style. I cant explain the feeling that was flowing through me at the final whistle. THAT was one of the best games I have ever watched and the respect given to Arsenal by the Milan fans at the end of the game was unreal. I never expected that! Here is a team that has 80 000 fans all saying Arsenal would never beat them and when it happened they rose as one and gave our boys a standing ovation. Respect to Milan and all their fans! It was an absolute pleasure playing you. May your season turn and you are guarenteed qualification to next seasons CL. The tournament will not be the same without you!

  9. FCdeMatthew says:

    another great performance to remember for a very long time. real madrid, juventus, inter and now AC milan. well done. bring on barca again, time for revenge.

  10. del says:

    why is talk sport so anti arsenal, firts adrian durham says nothing wrong with the villa fans chanting about eduardo now
    ian collins and adrian cant see why our result on tuesday is such a big thing they hate us

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