Who do we want in the Quarterfinals?

The draw for the quarterfinals in next Friday the 14th March.

No doubt most gooners will be hoping for a quarterfinal draw vs Fenerbahce. but i feel we raise our game against the bigger clubs, this is why I will be hoping for Roma or Barcelona. I really don’t want to draw any or the English clubs as I fear the game would be very negative and not suite our style.

So bring on Henry and Barcelona, We are ready for you

Teams remaining

Barcelona. Fenerbahce. Man Utd. Schalke. Chelsea. Roma. Inter or Liverpool.

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44 Responses to Who do we want in the Quarterfinals?

  1. Sue says:

    Really not too bothered………….but I think we will get drawn against Barca.

  2. Ole Gunner says:

    I don’t care who. Chelsea will be the worst team to get since we’ll then need to get two results against them.

    I think we’ll b drawn with United.

  3. wuletaw wondmagegn says:

    I personaly feel that Aresnal should meet bigger clubs either from england or else.This is b/c big games and big names are Arsenal’s favourites as usual.wuletaw,Ethiopia

  4. Stone says:

    I want Fenerbache. The easier the opponent, the more chance we have. Fenerbache and Schalke are, in my opinion, the best draws. Then Liverpool and Roma. Chelsea, Man Utd, Barcelona and Arsenal are the best teams left.

    Fenerbache now, United in the semis and Barca in the Finals, to revenge for Paris.

  5. Harry Barracuda says:


  6. Dublgun says:

    Schalke please. I’m in the ABU camp. If United put us out of the FA Cup then the Champs League and pip us for the Premiership I don’t think I’ll ever be able to face work again.

  7. MPJ59W says:

    Schalke or Roma wiould be good draws (Schalke should be straightforward and Roma would be an open game) but i bet Chelsea and Man U get another easy round !!! Barca would be a doable challenge for us but not sure i’d be happy to knock Henry out the CL (i’m a sucker for loyalty and he was a good servant of the club!!!) but hey, needs must…..Double here we come !!!!!

  8. mjc says:

    Best to avoid Chelsea & ManU in the Quarters, but don’t mind either of them in the semi’s, especially as the weekend before the Semi-Final 2nd Leg, Chelsea & ManU will be playing each other, while we’ll be playing Derby (with the Coca-Cola Cup team, I would guess)!!!

  9. Romford Pele says:

    we’re gonna face Barca at some point, it’s fate.

    In this order


  10. Noneed4thename says:

    I agree, an easy draw would be best. I then want Man U in the Semi’s, and Chelsea in the finals. Just so that, having already sewn up the Premiership, Man U fans will, on average, want Chelsea to win. It’d be like them losing three times.

  11. SEYI says:


  12. afc4eva says:

    the only reason TH14 went to Barca I think so he could win the champions league. Wouldn’t it be ironic if we did get Barca and knock them out then go on to win the CL? If this is going to be the case then would Henry play against us and if so if he was in a shooting position would he take the shot? Would be very interesting to see. Imho I think its a mouth watering prospect if we get Barca. But I do agree we do seem to raise our game vs the stronger teams and not so with the weaker teams we play against. Just have to wait and see but I got an inkling we’ll get manure, the chavs or even liverscum. Lets see what happens……..

  13. John Brown says:

    Chelsea are certain to get Fenerbahce, I think Roma would be good, both teams are pretty attack minded and would make for a great tie (apart from the inevitable stabbing of our fans in Rome!)

  14. nzekwe, joburg, south africa says:

    At this stage we are bouyed up to face any one. I would want us to meet schalke in the quater, liverpool in semi and then chelsea in the final. Man u will play barca, chelsea will meet roma, while liverpool will play fernabe. The cup will surely rest in England this year and i guess arsenal will drink from it if they play the same way they did against milan.

  15. Sami nairobi says:

    Bring anybody n send them packing like Milan

  16. Iqte says:

    Schalke will b best. Their performance was nt gud till nw. Fenabarche can score goals (3-2 against sevilla). So they can b dangerous. The worst posible team to draw wud b chelsea. Believe me…

  17. twotouchmiracle says:

    bring anybody….but yes I want Schalke

  18. Chris says:

    Let’s have easiest for now (Fen or Shhh) so we can concentrate on the League (and it would be great if Man and Chavs face each other). After that, anyone.

  19. AusGunner says:

    In terms of easiness, Schalke. In terms of the sense of occasion (whilst still being against an eminently beatable side), Barcelona. Want to avoid the English teams if possible. Want to avoid Fenerbahce as well, could turn out like PSV last year.

  20. gcthegunner says:

    What if its another team from Milan or Manure?

  21. Pat the Gooner says:

    In my opinion, would like Fernabache, Shalke, Roma, Liverpool/Inter, barcelona, Manc, Cheslea, in that order of preference. Having said that, if we keep our belief. remain injury free and play without inhibition I truely believe we can beat anyone and go all the way. I know it’s still a dream (one I have now had for for more than 30 years) and a long way off but I have a feeling we could at last be Kings of Europe!!!!! And with a team so young, the future could be amazing, surpassing anything else we have achieved at the club. Come on you rip roaring gunners

  22. gooner777 says:

    i want cheski, then manure and then b*rca in the final. What a run that would be!! Screw this bullshit of playing the so called weakest teams, I want to see the gunners up against the so called best teams. The victories are so much sweeter.

  23. tony says:

    I get the feeling we’ll get Barcelona. Two seasons ago we got our former captain in the quarter finals in Juventus, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get our former captain again sometime. Knocking out the old boys one at a time.

  24. Rainham Red says:

    Definately Schalke would be best but I am wary of Roma.I saw them beat Real and they were impressive.Hopefully,Chelsea and Man Utd will draw Roma and Barca.I like the idea of playing Barca in the final to avenge 2006.

  25. unconcerned says:

    Istanbul is a serious destination. Great for history and sightseeing, nasty for footballers and fans.

    If we draw Chelsea, Manu will be laughing.
    If we draw Manu, Chelsea will be laughing.
    If Chelsea draw Manu, we will be laughing.

    It might be too early to draw Barca – beating them might leave us shattered.

    I’d pick Schalke or Roma, so we’ll probably draw Liverpool…

  26. sebri says:

    Schalke in the Quarters, Barca in the semi – to revenge for Paris.
    and Man U in The final so we can can win the premiership and then again make them cry by a CL win the best.. then everybody have nothing to say for the rest 10 years.. 😉

  27. Matmos says:

    I’ve got a feeling that Inter will turn over Liverpool so I fancy another trip to the San Siro. Failing that Schalke or Roma. Dont fancy going to Turkey even if on paper the easiest tie.

  28. Man U killa says:

    We dont wanna play anyone anymore…we beat milan …just give us the damn cup

  29. Mojo says:

    Schalke for sure. next Fener.

    Certainly don’t want to meet English clubs 2 of which are are 100% committed to play a shit defensive game. Fingers crossed for manure vs Chelski

  30. robert pires7 says:

    i hope arsnla will face chelsea……
    or mybe…roma…
    roma played a little bit fancy that arsnal can managed controoled team taht bplayed fancy football

  31. arseteenal says:

    oh, I prefer man united to revenge for the last shocking loss, but we can cope up with any team.

  32. Ad says:

    There’s no such thing as fate to those above who think we’re destined to play Barcelona.
    I said before the Milan game that if we can beat them we can beat anybody, we’ll probably get a tough draw against Man U or something and everyone will write us off but then we’ll turn on the class like we did on Tuesday and we’ll turn them over.
    Like I said I don’t believe in fate but I strongly think we’ll be winning the double this year!

  33. Matt says:

    What we do know is there is no way UEFA will want 4 English teams in the last 4, which is why i think it will be Arsenal V ManUtd, Chelsea V Liverpool. Although with the final begin in moscow who wouldnt put money on Chelsea getting an easy ride??? Money Talks.

  34. GunnerPete says:

    I want Manure……then Chelski…….if we have a full squad in either game they will fall.

  35. king gooner says:

    it’s nailed on that those jammy b***rds manure will get the easiest draw no doubt about it-just watch -but as a preference i’d love it,really love it if manure drew either the chavs or barca-but i think mjc has the right idea!!!

  36. HighburyJD says:

    I’d prefer Fener or Barca – because Istanbul and Barcelona are the best two towns to party in. On that basis teams I most want to avoid are Schalke and Manure – 2 grim industrial dumps

  37. Hjörvar says:

    I would like Roma then Barcelona.

  38. the guy says:

    To be honest i won’t like arsenal to meet any enlglish team now, I would love arsenal to meet Barcelona for a revenge mission wat they did against us in the final 2006, i will also love to se us meet As roma, it will be good for arsenal. But i fear farnabahce they can score against any team they meet, they are attcaking minded team.
    the Draws:

    chesea vs man utd
    As Roma vs Arsenal
    Liverpool vs Barcelona
    Farnabahce vs Schalke 04

  39. Arsene knows says:

    Totally agree with mjc, get the mancs or chelscum in the semis as they play each other just before the second leg while we play Derby, massive advantage. Schalke next please !!

  40. clockendjim says:

    I would like us to get Barcelona next, not only to get revenge for the injustice of us losing to them in the final, but there would be a good chance that Messi will be out injured and they are not the same without him.
    I was highly amused to see a standy called from the substitutes bench when Messi went off injured – a certain Thierry Henry. Whenever did he suffer that indignity at Arsenal – never I would suggest.

  41. Tonya says:

    but whoever we get we have to beat to win it so why not anybody and the way we can play we can beat anybody. Tony

  42. arsenegnnr says:

    There’s no easy meat in soccer nowadays.You just play your best for 2 matches and you will surely be in for the next round.Bring them on and we hope that Arsenal will play better than the way they did at The Emirates against AC Milan cos of the pressure >These pressure are coming from the Press rather than from Arsene and let me tell you- these british tabloids are soccer worst enemies in England.

  43. Aziz Ibrahim says:

    Does make absolutely no difference in which sequence they get beat to the final and in the final. Really not. Better Barca, ManUre or Chelsky now – then they are out of the way :))

  44. thedods says:

    i can see the young gunners from london beating barcelona for the old revenge

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