The Jekyll And Hyde That Is Arsenal FC

Arsenal have recently shown how unpredictable they are, From comfortably beating AC Milan in the San Siro and looking like the best team in Europe to the woeful performance away to Wigan.

In my opinion the reason behind this is that certain Arsenal players find it hard to raise there game to the lesser sides. Its quite easy to get yourself motivated for a game in front of 80.000,but on a cold wet muddy playing surface away to sides like Wigan and Boro we have not shown the same desire.

Why is that? Do the Arsenal players feel they just have to turn up at sides mentioned above and win automatically? At times this season we have seen both sides of Arsenal ( The Jekyll And Hyde ) But for us to go on and achieve something this season we really need to show the same commitment as the AC Milan game.

This is why I hope we draw a big club in the Champions league. Like last season vs PSV we didn’t turn up as most thought the win was in the bag, This is the problem we have with lesser sides. We don’t show them enough respect.

Wenger really needs to fire up the players for every game and not just the so called big games in Europe. From now until the end of the season we should treat every game as if it was vs AC Milan.

Otherwise we are in danger of yet another season that looked so promising but ended trophyless

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6 Responses to The Jekyll And Hyde That Is Arsenal FC

  1. Dublgun says:

    Totally agree with this. And I hate to point fingers but Adebayor was woeful and should have made way for Van Persie not Bendtner.
    Saying that, it’s all building up for a title win at Old Trafford again.
    C’mon you Gunners!!!

  2. michael says:

    Have you noticed it’s exactle the sane for Manure in reverse. They raise thier game against Fulham and Newcastle But are shit against Man city or Milan. I was gutted on Sunday but feeling much better today. We dropped points again I know but I don’t understand why everone assumes united will win all their games.

  3. ac says:

    what tosh lets look at the factors yesterday 1 arsenal were not great but should have still won 2 the pitch was shocking 3 they were missing about 8 players (dont include the players returning) let me put it like this if we were playing newcastle or fulham this week we would have won as both teams are in freefall(wigan are on a good run) and both are attack minded teams who play on very good pitches. and yes utd get up for games v lower teams but they have a full squad take rooney for van persie out and vidic for toure never mind the others that are missing for arsenal and see how well they would do in fact id say utd would be 10 points worse off. put it this way if we had a full squad we could have freshened it up yesterday and would have won as we would have v birmingham/villa/newcastle and boro in december when in all these games the team picked its self i think v boro in december we had 3 of our first choice midfield out like hleb/flamini and cesc along with vanpersie see how utd would do without all there midfield and rooney NOT TOO WELL

  4. jrock says:

    I agree for the most part, but you do have to admit that the poor pitch leveled the playing field. While many will say true champions would have adapted, i thought we were unlucky not to score in the game. So many people are saying that we’ve lost the title, but we still have to play Chelsea and United, so the way I see it, it’s in our own hands. If your theory about playing better against big sides in big games is to hold true, then we are in a great position to win the title. Remember, we beat Man U at OT last year with more or less the same team, and Chelsea look far less dangerous than they have in years past.

  5. MagicHat says:

    I am a big Ade fan, but have you also noticed how he always misses several attempts before scoring? He seems to take 45 minutes to warm up to the task, and is never clinical on his first few attempts. I realize it takes anyone a while to warm up, but you’d have to think if he scores in that first minute, it’s game over. He needs to get the “goalie chip” in his repertoire as well… he’s phenomenal at headers and has Thierry’s patented side-footed-finish-into-the-far-corner down pat, but he hasn’t picked up the Bergkamp touch yet. Maybe DB10 could come down to Colney and do a bit of work with Ade!!

  6. Orson says:

    we arnt going to win anything. End of story. Dont get me wrong id love it if we won either the PL or CL but Manure will run away with the PL whilst we drop points to teams like Wigan, (we all know they never will to crap like that no matter how bad the pitch is) and in the CL we just dont have the luck as much as anything else…………
    Woe is me…………………. I dont know if I can face another year of my Manure mates and Chelski Brother and dad if we dont.

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