We Will Not Fade Away!!

While many Gooners are understandably upset about the team’s recent form in the league, it would far too premature to say that we’ve “officially blown it.” Being effectively three points behind but with a trip to Old Trafford in a couple of weeks means its far from over. Of course, if we don’t start winning now then that match will be a formality. The team’s performance this year has raised our expectations but we shouldn’t forget that this is just the beginning of what looks to be a long period of success for the club. Many pundits predicted us to finish fourth or worse. Even I thought we would finish 3rd and get to the Champions League Quarterfinals.

Now we do have issues and areas that need to be addressed. For instance, more experienced backup players and what seem to be chronic injuries to a few players. But if we don’t win the league this year it’s not the end of this team. We are young and are already a year or two ahead of where even the more optimistic fans thought we’d be. I could understand the dramatic pronouncements if we were an older team in what might be their last shot at a title but we will be contending for the League and the Champions League for years to come. We had to pay a price for it, namely the last two years, but it all seems worth it now.

If we don’t win the league, I will be as gutted as any Arsenal supporter. But I also realize that we are at the start of what may be the most glorious period in the club’s long and already glorious history. Having said all that, it is not over by a long shot. We have 8 games remaining are only behind three points (conceding United a victory against Bolton). United have not shown great form as of late either. They barely squeaked by Derby on the weekend and did the same against Lyon over two matches. They also fell to Pompey at Old Trafford. United are not infallible and will drop points between now and the end. If things stay this tight and we go to Old Trafford and get the points (like we did last year) then the title race looks alot different. Of course, we are still way behind on goal difference so we have to beat them on points. The psychological blow to United of being defeated at home by us could be the catalyst that seals the league in our favor.

So while calls for Arsene’s head on numerous Arsenal forums abound, I think we need to take a step back and look at it from a different perspective. This can be extremely hard when you’ve been embroiled in a neck and neck title race for the last 6 months. The pessimism shown by many Arsenal fans leads one to wonder. Shouldn’t being a supporter mean having faith in your side? Haven’t these players and the manager earned that through their performances for most of the season. We have seen some glorious moments this season including the wins against Tottenham, Milan, Blackburn in the Carling Cup, etc… Unfortunately they have been mitigated by some horrible results. We have shown character and spirit all year long. No team has a better record after trailing by one goal than Arsenal. How many times this year have we secured points in the dying minutes of the match? In fact, we score more goals in the last fifteen minutes of matches than we do over the other 75 minutes. This team will not just fade away and hand the title to United as we did in 2003. So, even though it’s not looking good, it’s not over by a long shot.

I would say that, despite their flaws, the players have earned our respect and our support this year and it would be a great disservice to them and the club to write them off before the final whistle is blown.  The sun has not yet set on the Arsenal.

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17 Responses to We Will Not Fade Away!!

  1. matt says:

    Finally someone that agrees with me!!

    Chelsea are 3 pts behind us with their game in hand being played vs the spuds.

    Man u are playing bolton who beat them earlier in the season. On sunday they playing Liverpool who are on fire and wouldnt surprise me if they beat utd.. especially if they(united) dont take their chances like against Derby.

    United’s final games are vs: Bolton, Liverpool, Villa, Boro, Arsenal, Blackburn, Chelsea, west ham and wigan. Those arnt easy games… especially Liverpool, villa, blackburn, west ham and us

    Our final games are vs: Chelsea, Bolton, Liverpool, Man u, Reading, Derby, everton and sunderland. Those are alot easier than manure’s!! especially the last 4… If we can keep up with united untill then we still have a chance.

    I personally think its too early to be thinking about us ending up fighting for 2nd place with chelsea… i dont think John Terry is good enough manager to win games against the big 4, lol.

    So its not all doom and gloom for us, but we will rue our missed chances at the end of the season if we dont win it!

    Another worry of mine is if we dont win the title, will the likes of Cesc and Hleb stay or will they try thier luck elsewhere? What do the rest of you think??
    They’ve all seen that when players leave us, its never the same for them (Henry, Viera, Pires)

    IN the summer i think we really need to strengthen our squad, rather buy players that will be able to go straight into the 1st team… no more 18 year olds.

    If we don’t win it this year we will definatley win it next year, the likes of scholes and giggs wont be able to handle the premier league anymore and we will have had experience of being fully envolved in a title race.

    I honestly cant stop thinking about us throwing it away, we’ve come so far this season and to throw it away isnt good enough. It will also be a huge blow to our confidence.

    PS. Was great seeing Eduardo yesterday

  2. Danish Gooner says:

    But their body language tells it all.

  3. Ole Gunner says:

    Seriously, I have seen some really disgusting posts on the web today. That people can talk of firing Wenger despite how much he has done even this season makes me unproud to be a Gooner.

    That blog Le Grove or something is frankly disgraceful.

  4. tiny says:

    what im worried about is wenger saying hes not gonna spend in the summer…its blatenly obvious we need a bigger squad. our first team is better than uniteds and chelseas but not the bench…..if we do blow it this year and finish 3rd then there will still be positives to look at but if we dont improve the squad in the summer with some qaulity player then im sure some arsenal fans will be upset. in my opionin we should go for modric as cesc is being played too much and if he gets a injury whos gonna do his job plus another striker and a wide player….. i think senderos looks better this year and is good defencive cover.
    what do u think

  5. looneygooner says:

    We looked tired and drawn-out, mistakes are happening because of fatigue.
    Wenger’s reluctance to strengthen the side in Jan and letting Diarra go was a huge mistake.
    If this is how we are playing now, god help us when we play the Mancs,Chavs and Scousers(three times).

    The injury to Eduardo is still affecting the team as their tackling is appalling, they have simply lost their bottle.

    The title is the Mancs to lose, if we can’t beat Wigan,Birmingham,Boro then we don’t deserve it and the money Wenger has had belongs to the fans.

    We are the ones that are sick of hearing pretty football, one dimensional, this will be our fourth season without silverware.

    Wenger tends to lose more than win, he has been a great manager, but stalemate has crept in and once again we hear the spin from Arsenal.
    it’s an insult to the paying fans.

    I am gutted as we won’t win the league and in a season when we were thrashed by the Spuds and the Mancs

  6. looneygooner says:

    The reason so many Gooners are down is the fact Wenger could have bought or had on loan a couple of experienced players to help towards the final hurdle, as I said before, the team is shattered and none of them have had complete rests.

    Wenger has pushed them too far and given them too much to carry, the blame for any failure is Wenger’s.

    I am a season ticket holder and the players are beaten, our depleted squad is worse off than the lower teams in the PL and we are supposed to be the third most successful team in the PL, but we don’t act it, it’s all about money,money and Wenger’s obsession with the youth policy, he has become too blinkered.

    There were players we could have bought who would have made a difference, nope, skinflint Wenger wont spend, but Arsenal will hike up our ticket prices, who’s the mug now, it’s the paying fan again

  7. Sinbad says:


  8. GOAS says:

    In Arsene We Trust.

    I can’t believe the amount of negativity at the moment. Yes, something’s not quite right and the wheels need to be oiled, but it will come.

    I think that Eduardo’s injury has rocked the team massively; but they need to look past this and focus on their games *for* Dudu.

    All said and done, I do question Wenger’s loyalty to certain players sometimes when they don’t appear to be up to standard; Adebayor for one – since that haircut there’s been some substandard appearances. I’m pelased that RVP’s coming back; and after yesterday’s game he’s looking much sharper… but Ade and Bendtner just don’t play well together, and we need to find a combination of forwards that keeps us firing on all cylinders. I can hope…

  9. jason says:

    according to you weve had three years of success i hope we dont have another three years of success like this i dont count the last three years as success

  10. natsteel says:

    Jason: I’m not saying the last three years have been a “success.” I’m saying they were a necessary part of a rebuilding process that has brought us to the point of challenging for the next five years.

    looneygooner: How can you say “Wenger has lost more than he’s won.” The only manager who’s won more than him is Ferguson. His record at Arsenal is 380-114-162. If you’re talking about Cups then so has Ferguson. So has every manager who has ever managed a football team. But 99% of them don’t have a better record than Wenger.

  11. Ole Gunner says:

    I’d even say 99.9% of them.

    The club has been a success in the last 3 years actually. We might have won nothing but we have built a solid foundation from which to dominate England and Europe. We’re a big club in every sense now.

    And please 3 years is not such a long time so get some perspective. If all that mattered to us in those 3 years was to just win something, we could have and we’d be in a worse position as a club.

  12. Sinbad says:

    success ? Winning nothing and only just making it into the champions league?
    You are making us sound like a small club, We are Arsenal this is not good enough for us

  13. Robby says:

    Its understanable why we havnt won anything in 3 years. Look at the players that have moved on, Pires, Henry, Ljungberg, Bergkamp, Campbell and Viera just to name a few. And those players have been replaced by young players with little experience… and that was all part of Wengers vision and now its starting to take shape. The average age of our team is something like 24 and the likes of Gilberto and Lehmann probly leaving next season, the average will go even lower. Just look at the ages of some of our players. Senderos 22, Clichy 22, Fabianski, think hes also 22, Flamini 24, Fabregas, 20, Eduardo, 24, RvP, 24, Ade 23, Bendtner 20, Walcott 18, Traore 18, Djourou, think hes 21… We are still an extremely young side and if we continue as we are… who knows where we will end up???

    The last 3 years have simply been part of the building process and have been a sucsess, not in terms of silverware but in terms of the growth of our young team, our players are extremly lucky to be playing regular football at their ages.

    We have set ourselves up to be one of the biggest clubs in the world with our new stadium, our great manager who has been there for 11 years and counting, our young team and our financial status… it can only get better from now on… just have a little faith and patience and all will fall into place.

    Arsene Knows!

  14. nic2hotty says:

    Check this out, some Arsene Wenger banter in there:


  15. natsteel says:

    Don’t forget we’ve been to 3 Cup Finals in the last three years: Champions League, FA Cup, and League Cup. So it’s hardly like we haven’t challenged for any trophies. When was the last time Man U or Chelsea got to the Champions League final??

  16. Orson says:

    ohhhhhhh poooooooooooooooooooooo.
    woe is me.
    I love wenger, i just want him to provide me with a sharpe stick to poke in the eye of my manure and chelski fan mates/family (i.e a trophy)

    Still, we’ll probably do the p/l and c/l double now we have all given up hope.

    Viv la cheese eater!

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