We Have Officially Blown It

Sitting 5 Pts clear at the top and all going well. But after 4 draws in a row and picking up only 4 pts out of a possible 12 in the league I think can say we have officially blown it.

Utd now ahead of us level on games,Chelsea now only 2 points behind us. I am starting to think we wont even finish in the top 2. and if they beat us next week they will move above us into 2nd place.

Were did it all go wrong for us?

Its easy to point fingers but certain players have been come good at the key time of the season. Adebayor has not scored in the league since the Blackburn game in early Feb 😯 Hleb who had a great start to the season has dipped the most in recent games. Cesc has blown hot and cold over the past few weeks. And Almunia has only had a few things to do in recent games but yet everytime the other time hit the target they score ?

Yes we can blame injury’s, Pitches, Was he offside or not but the fact is this we have blown a 5 pts lead and taken only 4 pts out of 12. We can only blame ourself

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11 Responses to We Have Officially Blown It

  1. Pat Curtis says:

    I dont think it’s far to put much of the blame on Almunia in fairness. He has actually played well. I dont think any other keeper could have done much about the goals that we have conceded lately.

  2. adam says:

    exactly, I blame the rest of the chokers especially adebayor, hleb and fabregas.

  3. Aj says:

    The only blame that can be put on Almunia is Birmingham’s opener, he really should have saved that freekick from McFadden, otherwise he has been faultless..kept us in the game against villa without a shadow of a doubt.

    To sum it up, 3 poor performances and poor officiating in the birmingham and boro games have cost us our points cushion

  4. jamesl says:

    Cesc has been the biggest let down in that if he plays well, the whole team seems to go up a level; that allied with Adebayor’s poor touch of late has seen us lose points. It’s still not too late though but we need an absoulely resolute display from here on in

  5. El Tommo says:

    You know what I am incensed at the whole lot of them … fucking arrogant bunch of cunts! They spend too much time telling us how great / talented / wonderful / determined blah blah blah they all are but they have let a very comfortable lead fritter away like a bunch of fucking children – jesus they have earned the right to NOTHING. Bunch of fucking idiots.

  6. otariq says:

    Blame Almunia? He has been our most consistent player in this season. The goal yesterday has to blame on Kolo and Gallas who was caught sleeping.

  7. matt says:

    Chelsea are 3 pts behind us with their game in hand being played vs the spuds.

    Man u are playing bolton who beat them earlier in the season. On sunday they playing Liverpool who are on fire and wouldnt surprise me if they beat utd.. especially if they(united) dont take their chances like against Derby.

    United’s final games are vs: Bolton, Liverpool, Villa, Boro, Arsenal, Blackburn, Chelsea, west ham and wigan. Those arnt easy games… especially Liverpool, villa, blackburn, west ham and us

    Our final games are vs: Chelsea, Bolton, Liverpool, Man u, Reading, Derby, everton and sunderland. Those are alot easier than manure’s!! especially the last 4… If we can keep up with united untill then we still have a chance.

    I personally think its too early to be thinking about us ending up fighting for 2nd place with chelsea… i dont think John Terry is good enough manager to win games against the big 4, lol.

    So its not all doom and gloom for us, but we will rue our missed chances at the end of the season if we dont win it!

    Another worry of mine is if we dont win the title, will the likes of Cesc and Hleb stay or will they try thier luck elsewhere? What do the rest of you think??
    They’ve all seen that when players leave us, its never the same for them (Henry, Viera, Pires)

    IN the summer i think we really need to strengthen our squad, rather buy players that will be able to go straight into the 1st team… no more 18 year olds.

    If we don’t win it this year we will definatley win it next year, the likes of scholes and giggs wont be able to handle the premier league anymore and we will have had experience of being fully envolved in a title race.

    I honestly cant stop thinking about us throwing it away, we’ve come so far this season and to throw it away isnt good enough. It will also be a huge blow to our confidence.

    PS. Was great seeing Eduardo yesterday

  8. Danish Gooner says:

    This is exactly what is wrong.They talk and talk about how the are gonna acheive this and that while Man Utd and Chelski do it, we keep fannying about. If you could talk your way to the title we would be champions every year.

  9. Danish Gooner says:

    Blowing 8 points in 4 games when you are chasing the championship against very mediocre teams is almost unforgiveable.I wonder if Henry would have saved the team afterall ????

  10. Ole Gunner says:

    It’s not Henry we need it’s Danish Gooner to be the manager.

  11. Man U killa says:

    Am sorry to say this guys but i dont think we will win anything..We will just go cupless because we dont have reliable players.Ade is unreliable and the midfield provides no goals so what do u expect….another cupless season.

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