Has It Really Been That Bad?

Arsenal Celebrate

By -Shaun- 

After our poor 2-1 loss at Stamford Bridge, many Gooners have left been understandebly feeling saddened at our current form that has seen our Premier League title hopes take a blow. However, why not look on the positive side?

I know its a bit early to be looking back at this season already, but I’m going to be very positive here, as I think sometimes on the back of a result we dont look at the bigger picture. The question is: Has this season really been as bad as where all making it out to be? For me I have thourougly enjoyed this one, I really am proud of every single Arsenal player. I dont think any of us here were expecting us to be pushing Man Utd and Chelsea all the way like we have been doing. We have had a great season, and really proved everyone wrong about us. The younger ones have had another season uder their belts and are sure to be even better next season as well! Game after game we’ve given it our all, and dug deep for good results. I dont think anyone here can seriously say that our season is a disaster, as it clearly isn’t. I thought this would be just another Champions League spot like before, or maybe even worse, some were tipping it. From day 1 we have been title contenders and we can all look back at this with pride.

I’m talking like the season is over, when actually in reality we still are contenders in 2 competitions, we still could end up with 2 trophies! I know the Premier League looks out of sight at the minute but the Champions League is within our distance, and maybe it is time for us to really focus on that and give it a good go. Even if we end up winning nothing, this season as an Arsenal fan has been one of the best ever for me, we have done great whatever anybody says. One things for sure, Wenger will look back with pride at his players.

Up the Arsenal.

25 Responses to Has It Really Been That Bad?

  1. michael says:

    This is a big club we are talking about???? We have to win something, all ese all we have done is for nothing. Yeah, another season, another valuable exprience for the kids but that is not good enough. We need to win something plus adding exprience and if we dont then this season will be nothing short as disastrous as the previos two seasons.

  2. Danish Gooner says:

    It hasnt been great !!!!!!!!! lets not hide from the truth like spurs used to do.Arsenal are not about fighting for the title for 90 percent of the season its all the way.And if you can look at yourself and proclaim that his has been a good season………………then excuse me sir you are a fool !!!!

    What worries me most is that we actually havnt progressed one bit from last season……………when we had to play those important games we absolutely crumled like five day old custard.Anyone remember those 11 days in march last season.

    We have a Manager that simply refuses to recognize our problems and refuses to remedy it by bying world class players.Refuses to go plan b when needed.Constantly gets his substitutions wrong and shows loyalty beyond what is reasonable(Eboue,Adebayor,Hleb,Rosicky).

  3. Danish Gooner says:

    Wenger is so stubborn it is starting to affect his judgement.Bendtner should have started instead of Ade,Walcott should have started instead of Eboue,Big Phil should have started instead of Toure

  4. James says:

    I think the early season success has lead some fans to believe that we would go on to win the title.

    You are right to reflect back on the comments made earlier in the season, where I remember they even tipped Tottenham to finally push the Gunners off 4th spot.

    So for Arsenal to be sitting in 3rd, behind Man Utd and Chelsea who are yet to play each other, it’s not a bad thing.

    There’s also Liverpool to play in UCL, and I think it’s very possible to overcome them in two legs.

  5. dave says:

    A mixture of bad luck and a slight bit of complacency may have cost us. Chelsea’s first goal was offside, I know people say these things even themselves out but at this stage of the season it is costly. Clichy’s mistake against Birmingham killed us, even though he got the ball when the penalty was given. I don’t know how Senderos found the near post against Villa, same shit with that guy.

  6. Farrukh says:

    Adebayor will never be dropped for Bendtner. He has something on Wenger which means he must play 90 minutes in every possible game.

  7. James says:

    Also @ Danish Gooner

    “Big Phil should have started instead of Toure”

    I don’t think it’s the wisest decision to put Senderos up against Drogba considering the history of the two!

  8. dagooner says:

    I for one was absolutely gutted with the result yesterday,we fought hard as you would expect,but let’s be real here, we have’nt looked like scoring goals from open play in our last five games!Our midfielders don’t score goals,hleb only shoots when he’s in the six yard box,Rosicky I feel is one of our best players but is always injured like RVP!Ade has great physical presence but so does Kevin Davies (exactly!). Do not get me started on Eboue as I may headbutt the monitor i am sat infront of,We need goals from midfield badly,I am sick of us being nearly men.We have no chance of silverware this year believe me.Our players look shattered,our squad is far to small and Wenger knows it. If we do not buy big in summer we will come up short again next year.

  9. El Tel says:

    Danish Gooner you are no Viking you sound like an imposter. It HAS been a good season and its you who has given up. I haven’t and neither have a few others, Why ? well a little history lesson my friend remember 1971, 1989 and numerous cup semi finals and finals. Well The Arsenal never give up. AW knows the history of this club and he is probably the biggest part of it. Yes we can win the title. Squeeky bum time is not an issue now. The refs probably doubt we can do it too and will take their eye off the ball (oops havent they done that to us all season) Our lads are sensational and that includes Eboue and especially Ade. AW has made mistakes, the squad has got depth but so many injuries at the same time is unacceptable. Fuck in hell when the Mancscum lost fat bollocks or the Wanker ( best player of all time) silly cunts. And the Chavs lost 2 key players they struggled too. It was worse for them and don’t they have massive squads. How many of them do we really want in our squad ? Thought so not many is there. A winger is what we need but most of all a goalkeeper who knows how to keep a clean sheet, our keeper is a clone of that fat English cunt up the road.

  10. El Tel says:

    Farrukh my old mate do you see the big picture with Ade. Yes he looks jaded and I agree AW should have taken him off instead of RVP (AW mistakes) however he scares the fuck out of the defenders he plays against. It usually takes more than one to mark him which leaves space for others. The problem recently is the other teams camp in their own area Chavski included and hit us on the break. If our dynamic TV save keeper Coco was technically better we wouldn’t concede every game. Coco doesn’t know where to stand he has little presence, the defence tell him what to do not the other way round. (AW mistake dropping mad Jens) Yes Jens made mistakes but Coco the nice guy fucks up very game. They say he was our best player on Sunday. Every save he made was what Arsenal pay him for. He didn’t read what was happening for both the Chav goals and a weak hand for Drog shits 2nd. He makes Richard Wright look decent in my opinion and he will be the reason if we win nothing. The Mancscums best signing recently was Van De Sar. He makes the difference. Pay respect to Mad Jens we went unbeaten with that loon in goal.

  11. Mohd Hisham says:

    I think the problem is AW himself. He has bougt at the lowere end of the market
    thinking he could win the epl on the cheap. Those days,I’m,afarid are over.five years ago it was possible but now the epl is flush with cash all cuvs,repeat all clubs,are buying established players instead of buying teenage stars who miht fail to deliver later on.
    Furthermore the indirect route that is pass all day can be easily countered by having two lines of defences. That in a nutshell sums up what’s wrong with AW/Arsenal.

  12. El Tel says:

    We score in almost all our matches but why is it that we need 2 or even more to win. Yes you can look at all the defence and most agree its ok but in goal what a joke. Mancscum have Dutchi the Chavs have the man with the hat, Scousers have the Rainman and we have fucking Coco the clown. Why don’t a Spanish side tap him up, well because they know he is poor. Sorry Coco Canizares imposter, you really are a nice guy but not good enough for the Arsenal my friend.

  13. James says:

    No, the season has not been a disaster, there has been real progress. But I don’t think this Arsenal team as it stands now will ever win the Premier League and Wenger won’t win the Champions League because he’s tactically inept .

    We have to face it, some of the players won’t get that much better and simply don’t have it in them.

    Toure and Gallas are not babies, yet their defending was shambolic yesterday and all season long they have been troubled by long balls and crosses. How long as Toure been at Arsenal? And he’s still defending like he did yesterday – it’s not good enough and Senderos is no replacement. Clichy is NOT Ashley Cole, we all hate Cole, but Clichy is not half as good at defending as Cole was and is pretty ineffectual going forward too – he flatters to deceive and loses his head far too often. For me Hleb, is hopelessly inconsistent and ruins all our counter-attacking moves with his hesitancy. He only has 5 or 6 great games a season, not enough. Rosicky is another Ljungberg, made of glass – Van Persie seems to be going the same way. Eboue is a liability and it’s a complete joke that Wenger persists with a player as thick as him.

    The only real positives, apart from us punching above our weight is Fabregas goals, Flamini – who has been superb, and Adebayor’s improvement. Sagna has bee a super super buy.

    Personally I do not rate Diaby or Denilson, and Gilberto has collapsed. Walcott needs 2 more years to mature. Why Wenger bought and sold Diarra was a mystery – a great player gone because Wenger didn’t want to hurt Gilberto’s feelings – rank bad management.

    The team needs to be much stronger, new signings are required – not kids. We should have a bench of Lehmann, Toure, Walcott, Hleb, Eduardo – all fighting like hell to get in the team – not Fabianski, Senderos, Denilson, Diaby, Bendtner – that’s weedy rubbish. None of them can come on and change a game.

    Wenger needs to have a rethink and splash some cash for once – he doesn’t have to go mad – just 2-3 players, show some intent. Then we can win some trophies, at the moment we will always falls short,

  14. gt says:

    Let’s face it, it is a monumental collapse that we are witnessing now, and I will not call it “positive”. We have talked about gaining experience for the kids for over 3 years now. When will we see the product? And don’t forget Arsenal charges the highest ticket price in the PL, if not in Europe. The fans deserve something more than that. A lot more actually.

  15. Another Danish Gooner says:

    Danish Gooner – I think your stupidity is starting to affect you judgement…

    It’s interesting that it’s the latecomers like you that only started to follow Arsenal because of Wenger’s success who are the ones to criticise him.

  16. Frenchie says:

    A club that plays in a 60,000 seat stadium and charges as much for tickets as Arsenal do should be winning trophies, not puddling about in wholesale youth development projects. If this was a second tier Premiership outfit like Wigan or Birmingham this would be acceptable but not at one of the biggest clubs in world football. The manner in which Wenger pinches a penny you would think his life depended on it. He willingly disregards the two smaller cups in favor of bigger prizes except he doesn’t have the squad or the tactical nous for it. The bad news for fellow Gooners is that this whole scenario will play itself out all over again next season as long as Monsieur Wenger refuses to buy world class players.

  17. KL Gooner says:

    There were two refreeing decisions which i feel had affected the results of the last two games – the disallowed goal against Boro which should have stood and Chelsea not given offside in the lead up to their equaliser. Had the decisions gone our way, I believe we would have gone on to win both games and would be 1 point behind man u.

    The team selection, tactics, and the way we played would not have changed, but none of us would be saying that the season is a disaster.

    And I have not even included the dubious penalty given to birmingham.

  18. Bob says:

    If you think Bendtner is a better option than Adebayor I’m afraid it is you who is deluded.

    A run of bad luck over five games doesn’t make a season shit. Waa, we didn’t win anything! Go and support Chelsea.

  19. El Tommo says:

    I really am proud of every single Arsenal player.

    – you’re a wanker then … eboue is a disgrace not fit to wear the shirt – simple, hleb is a joker fkn luxary useless cunt

    From day 1 we have been title contenders and we can all look back at this with pride.

    – more out of ur arse BS – onlt the win will do twat … ffs we should have been 6 points clear after Boro away – u idiot, our side is weak and has no guts, standard wenger BS BS BS

    bunch of pussy twats

  20. ignatz says:

    I have no time for morons like El Tommo – “bunch of pussy twats”? Fucking miserable bastard, go support someone else. That goes for the other posters also. We don’t have a divine right to trophies, you have to fight for them and that’s exactly what we’re doing – and we’re doing it with class, style and courage.

  21. Ray says:

    I can’t believe you lot! The man is right. We cannot criticise what we have achieved this year. We were no hopers according to the media, finishing around 7th if we were lucky, without Messr Henry. Now that we have got this far, you dare to expect!! Wake up and smell the roses. We have a very thin squad, with talented youngsters breaking through. You cannot expect the manager to buy loads of tansfers that may work. That is not his style and you know that!
    I know that there are some players that I would prefer not ot play for us but we need them as squad players. We don’t know what the training sessions are like and how the players perform. Let Mr Wenger the manager decide. If you don’t like it F**k off down to Chelsea!!!
    What would you prefer, to be stuck in mid table mediocrity like Tottenham or trying to win something. I know what I’d rather.

  22. manny says:

    why do we have supporters who see no wrong with the team if we put out a team of stewards you would say they were good look at both sides of the team the good and the bad and there has been a lot more bad recently i have been looking back thru the season and note that Wenger has never changed a player unless he’s been injured never thru being off form surely he has got to change this attitude for next season although i don’t think he will i have no need to go into the glaring faults of certain players as so many have done it better than i could

  23. Steve D says:

    Totally agree with the writer.

    In 36 years of proudly supporting Arsenal, the football produced this year has been by far the best I’ve ever seen. I am proud of the team and the manager. I’ve also noticed that the anti-Arsenal brigade have shouted even louder this year and I get the feeling that we really have them worried for the future, with our current brand of football.

    If we can now add a bit of steel and experience like the 2004 team had, to add to the new brand of total-football, which hasn’t been seen since the Dutch national team decades ago, I feel we can dominate European football for years to come.

    I believe that AW has a plan, which requires players to be moulded from a young age and hopefully it works for him and for us supporters. Bringing in older established players and players who expect remuneration outside the wage structure, will destabilise the TEAM and defeat the object.

    It’s an exciting time to be an Arsenal fan but listening to a lot of you, you seem to only remember what we’ve achieved in the last 10 – 15 years. Think back a bit a you’ll remember why this is a great time to support Arsenal and why the reader fears the loss of AW – AS I MOST CERTAINLY DO!!!

    Arsenal for Ever

  24. Rich says:

    Sorry but although perhaps not as negative as some, I know I’ll look back on this season and remember only the 4-0 thrashing at Utd and the 5-1 beating at the Lane. The only positive game so far has been the San Siro match but even that melts away when we consider the position we were in and the capitulation that has followed. No, I’m afraid that unless something amazing happens, this season to me will be another right off. And for a club our size and money available – that is not acceptable!

  25. Jock says:

    Bendtner should not have started over ade. Theo over eboue, maybe. But i dont know if any of you noticed how un effective he was when he came on.. As for wenger I agree sometimes he needs to go to plan B.. All we had to do against boro was get the ball wide and put in some crossers. But no. Dont the middle again and again and didnt learn from out mistakes.

    But we should be proud because i think many of you forget how written off we were at the start. the boys will be better next season but WENGER NEEDS TO BUY A QUALITY WINGER. Quersma in my eyes.

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